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The year ahead
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The year ahead


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Education, school leadership, setting the scene for the year ahead, motivation

Education, school leadership, setting the scene for the year ahead, motivation

Published in: Education
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  • 1. We deal with a spectrum of ability
  • 2. This is a high performing school
  • 3. We strive to Achieve Excellence Together
  • 4. Excellence is Demanding!
  • 5. We pay attention to the well being of each individual student
  • 6. We pay attention to the progress of each individual student
  • 7. We support our students as learners and people, people with immense potential
  • 8. Every educator here is tasked with facilitating great learning in active, vibrant learning environments with an emphasis upon:
  • 9. •Discovery learning •Inspirational teaching •Inquiry based learning •Individualised instruction•.
  • 10. Our students are actively encouraged to take responsibility for their learning
  • 11. We emphasise outcomes based learning- we assess we monitor we set targets.
  • 12. Teaching is responsive to the individual student…. ALWAYS!
  • 13. In tracking student performance: we intervene, we remediate, we motivate, we challenge!
  • 14. Standardised external tasks are valued as indicators alongside rigorous internal assessment and moderation
  • 15. To assure the growth, development and success of every student in safe secure, yet challenging environment.
  • 16. To increase the provision of the highest quality education and experience for every individual student
  • 17. To strengthen confidence in us as a world class school and a centre of excellence
  • 18. Our leadership will use expert theoretical and practical knowledge to develop effective practical policies to meet the developmental needs of all learners
  • 19. A great school pays attention to quality teaching: to students, to teachers and to whole school performance
  • 20. A great school pays attention to its students as happy, content, challenged and focused learners.
  • 21. As a high performing school we directly influence student achievement: EVERY DAY
  • 22. Becoming the Best!
  • 23. Continually rethinking who we are
  • 24. We will meet the challenge, the flowing balance between the task of growing potential in every student…
  • 25. … and continually lifting and measuring student achievement
  • 26. Give a lot Expect a lot.
  • 27. Clear, agreed high standards Focus on students as learners and people
  • 28. Continually find ways to celebrate their success
  • 29. Expect a lot, Give a lot.
  • 30. “It’s no use saying ‘we are doing our best’. You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary”. (Sir Winston Churchill)