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for the thinking practitioner

for the thinking practitioner



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  • The ascent of humanity has been driven by curiositycuriosity is the moment where the world gives me a piece of dataCuriosity is trying to find answers to the whys that we've asked and continue to ask. It's never having to grow up
  • Openness is the key to personal transformation
  • Baseball story: One day the teacher asked Johnny a question.“Johnny, the baseball game last night started at 8:00 and ended at 10:43, how long did it last?”“That’s an easy one,” Johnny said excitedly. “I watched the game. It lasted nine innings.”Johnny was quickly diagnosed with ADHD, but at last report he is now doing much better.
  • By ten to eleven years old they’ve pretty much stopped asking
  • declining curiosity is an initial sign of neurological illness and declining health
  • How important is curiosity? (Wagner)the seven survival skills are critical thinking and problem solving; collaboration across networks and leading by influence; agility and adaptability; initiative and entrepreneurship; effective oral and written communication; accessing and analyzing information; curiosity and imagination.

Curiosity Curiosity Presentation Transcript

  • Thomas Edison
  • Curiosity is anaturalinquisitivebehaviour thatengendersexploration, investigation andlearning
  • Curiosityis Curiosity is the thedriving force driving behind lifelongforce learningbehindlifelonglearning
  • Curiosityshapes ourABILITIES, and ourIDENTITIES
  • If you tellme thatcuriositykilled thecat…
  • I would sayCURIOSITYwas framed!
  • ..becausecuriositycreateslearning
  • Curiosity builds upon curiosity,allowing our minds to open up
  • They have anunrestricted desire to understand Robert Henman 2009
  • Apple….
  • ...a design companymasquerading as atech company?
  • Steve Jobs-He became sosuccessful becausehe was so curious…
  • Throughout humanhistory CURIOSITY has continued to definegreat learners
  • “I have no specialtalent. I am onlypassionatelycurious”Albert Einstein
  • However,curiosityseldomsurvivesintoadulthoodSam Keen; Apology for Wonder 1973
  • At five years of age 98% ofall children have no problemthinking divergently
  • By ten to elevenyears of agethey’ve prettymuch stoppedasking
  • Sadly,by theage oftwentyfive…
  • …only 2% can thinkoutside the box
  • They say you can…judge a man by hisquestions ratherthan his answersVoltaire
  • The importantthing is not tostop questioning
  • They don’t stop asking questions because they lose interest
  • It’s the other wayaround!
  • They loseinterestbecause theystop askingquestions
  • Who has ownershipof learning in yourclassroom?
  • As educators we havea direct impact onstudent performance
  • To what extent do we offer;INTENTIONAL PERSUASIONSNOT TO BE CURIOUS? Robert Henman 2009
  • Are we guilty of unintentional neglect?
  • More often we need toadopt thinking aroundindividual learners andactive listening
  • You are all highly valuedknowledgeprofessionals, you cancreate incredible learningfor others
  • As youngchildren,we arewonderfullycuriousabout many,many things
  • As we growup, we startbelieving theare moreimportantthan the
  • If we want toimprove thequality of ourthinking…we must learnto improvethe quality ofour questions
  • ClassroomHands up...strategy...onlyif you havea questionto ask
  • Are you driven bythe unrestricteddesire tounderstand……because ourstudents are!
  • And when youinstill curiosity inour students, youfurther encouragetheir desire tolearn
  • maintaining agenuine attitude ofexploration anddeep interest ineverything, waysof thinking andbeing
  • Thanks for Listening