Yahoo Store SEO for 2009 Yahoo! Store Merchant Summit Presentation


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Rob's final slides. Audio coming ASAP!

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Yahoo Store SEO for 2009 Yahoo! Store Merchant Summit Presentation

  1. 1. … 7 MINUTE Yahoo! Store Search Engine Optimization Tips & Tricks by Rob Snell -- [email_address] SEO
  2. 2. homepage
  3. 3. Since 1997 this is click
  4. 4. track your converting keywords (how?)
  5. 5. Yahoo Search My dog’s feet hurt. I need to order Tuf foot for dogs
  7. 8. Yahoo Web Analytics Converting Keywords (Session) URL = page.html
  8. 9. top terms = 75% sales top terms = 75% sales tuf foot 38% tuff foot 32% tuff foot for dogs 5%
  9. 10. 39 terms = 25% sales 39 terms = 25% sales tuff pad for dogs, bonaseptic, tough foot for dogs, tuf foot for dogs, tuf foot ingredients, tuf foot treatment, tuff feet, blisters on dogs feet, buy tuffoot online, canine pads sore, discount tuf foot, dog sore foot pads, dogs feet, dogs with tender feet, hunting dog pad tuf, pad tuf, pad tuf for dogs, protect a pad tuff foot, protect dog feet, protect dogs feet, sore feet on dogs, tender paws treatment, tough foot bonaseptic, tough pad dogs feet, toughen dog foot pads, toughfoot, tuf foot bonaseptic, tuf foot dog, tuf foot for animals, tuf foot for humans, tuf foot free shipping, tuf foot liquid, tuff feet for dogs, tuff foot dogs, tuff foot bonaseptic, tuff pads dogs, tufffoot, where can i buy tuf foot, where to buy tuf foot
  10. 11. Put converting keywords in captions put converting keywords in captions put converting keywords in captions animals, blisters, bonaseptic, buy, can, canine, discount, feet, free, humans, hunting, i, ingredients, liquid, on, online, pad, pads, paws, protect, shipping, sore, tender, to, tough, toughen, treatment, where, with
  11. 12. write unique product descriptions write one new paragraph for every $10 in item price
  12. 13. Google loves unique content
  13. 14. don’t be lazy (like most retailers)
  14. 15. Tired of searching for your hunting dog in tall grass or dense cover? Now you can leave the hunting entirely to him. Introducing Astro, the first high sensitivity GPS-enabled dog tracking system for hunters and sportsmen. This unique system pinpoints your dog’s position and shows you exactly where he is, even when you can’t see or hear him. Attach Collar and Go -- The Astro system includes a bright color-screen handheld GPS device and the rugged, all-weather DC 30 collar. The collar has an integrated GPS transmitter and is specially weighted so the antenna will always point to the sky for optimum signal. To get started, just take Astro outdoors and turn on the handheld and transmitter to acquire GPS satellite signals. Then attach the DC 30 to your dog. Now you’re ready to turn him loose — no other setup required. Track Dogs in Dense Cover -- As often as every five seconds, your dog’s DC 30 transmits his position to your handheld, and you can see his current location and a trail of where he’s been on the Map page of your handheld. Switch over to the Dog Tracker page to view a compass pointing to your dog’s location as well as his current status: whether he’s running, sitting, on point or treeing quarry. Astro can also sound an alarm to let you know instantly when your dog goes on point.Astro boasts a high-sensitivity GPS receiver that can track your dog’s position even in the densest cover. You can track up to ten dogs at one time with Astro, at a distance of up to seven miles away (depending on terrain). The system transmits information by line-of-sight, so it reaches farthest in flat, open territory. Count Your Coveys -- After you’ve captured your quarry, mark the exact spot with Astro’s Covey Counter™, a special waypoint that tells you the exact location, time of day and elevation where you found your prey, as well as the number of birds you flushed and took from that location. Astro lets you save other special waypoints, such as "Truck" and "Lodge," so you can save the location of these places quickly and easily for each hunt. Astro also offers special waypoint icons to represent food plots, tree stands and other hunting-related points. Experience Full-featured GPS -- Astro shines when you’re out on the hunt, but it also excels in getting you back to your truck at the end of the day, or even back home again. In fact, the Astro handheld has all the features of Garmin’s top-line handheld outdoor devices, including a barometric altimeter, electronic compass, microSD™ card slot, celestial information, area calculator and rugged, IPX7 waterproof exterior. With optional detailed city street maps, you can search for over 6 million points of interest and create a route on roads with exact turn-by-turn directions. Due to varying international regulations, the Astro is approved for use only in the United States. Manufacturer’s product description:
  15. 16. 1-10 of 1770 Lazy And this
  16. 17. You are the expert (now what?)
  17. 18. create compelling content
  18. 19. want 50% higher conversions?
  19. 20. write buyers guides write buyer’s guides
  20. 21. Recommend products that solve your customer’s problems “ Tired of losing your dog? STEVE SAYS Buy this tracking collar!” :
  21. 22. more content drives more traffic opinions provided since 2003
  22. 23. tell shoppers what to buy Conversions go up
  23. 24. How to capture content The secret? Always be creating content
  24. 25. Record everything record everything
  25. 26. take pictures photograph everything
  26. 27. Transcribe everything transcribe everything Rob: How do you teach a dog how to sit? Steve: Well the simple way to do it is to start with a little bitty puppy. And when we are feeding a little bitty puppy, we don’t just put the food down and let him run up and eat. We start to teach patience and discipline. The simple way to do it is you set the food bowl down, take the puppy, and make him sit. You just physically take him by the collar. You put your hand on his back right below the tail and just force him into a sit. With an eight week old puppy it is a pretty simple thing to do. They are small and they are wiggly, but they can’t fight you. You make him sit there for about five seconds tops. All we are trying to do is get him in the position and physically make him understand that just because he wants to go, he can’t go. You do it real quick, like I said, five seconds, and then you release him. You release him with whatever command you want it to be. I use, “All right. OK.” Just be consistent with it. Rob: How long does it take him to learn? Steve: Not long. You usually feed puppies two or three times a day, so you are getting in little short training sessions. Each time you increase it a second or two. Now you have got him sitting there for 10 seconds or 15 seconds. Three days later he is sitting there for a minute. Pavlov man; that is all it is.
  27. 28. steal ALL manufacturer content *
  28. 29. > owners manuals liberate content in PDFs
  29. 30. transcribe DVDs & video
  30. 31. > Extract flash take text from Flash
  31. 32. > Box copy repurpose product packaging
  32. 34. search engine optimization elements ranking mostly 2 things:
  33. 35. title tags <title> keywords here </title>
  34. 36. text links <a href=“page.html”> keywords here </a>
  35. 37. SEO is easy! Remember: <ul><li>Put keywords in the NAME field </li></ul><ul><li>Write good page TITLES </li></ul><ul><li>Get more LINKS than the other guy </li></ul>Rob Snell [email_address] Y! SUMMIT BOSTON 2009