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Why The Humble Forex Trader Robot Is King
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Why The Humble Forex Trader Robot Is King

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In the high volume, fast-paced, dog-eat-dog currency market, any edge you have will vastly increase your ability to multiply (and protect) your ...

In the high volume, fast-paced, dog-eat-dog currency market, any edge you have will vastly increase your ability to multiply (and protect) your

investment. The professionals know the importance of using a forex trader robot and it was their best kept secret until recently. Let's assume you're good at trading in the forex markets; remarkably good even. Still, many questions remain...

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  • 1. By Kenneth Sutherland www.robotsforforex.org
  • 2. In the high volume, fast-paced , dog-eat-dog currency market, any edge you have will vastly increase your ability to multiply (and protect) your investment. © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 3. Even the experts know there is a limit to what one person, one workforce, one finite group of humans can do. These experts have banks of computers, swathes of bandwidth and "proprietary automated trading systems" running their entire operation. © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 4. The fact that there are loads of such systems promising everything and delivering nothing at all is not helpful at all. Happily for you, I'm here to help you demystify this mysterious world... © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 5.
    • Let's assume you're good at trading in the forex markets; remarkably good even.
    • Still, many questions remain:
    • How many currencies can you trade?
    • How many currency pairs can you trade?
    • Are you willing to make the hundreds of decisions to be made everyday?
    © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 6.
    • Do you have the time to make these moves?
    • Do you have the skill?
    • Can you weigh all the factors that need be considered per trade?
    • Can you approach the next trade with sustained efficiency, not affected by the success or failure of the last trade?
    © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 7. Even if you're successful at trading alone, you need a forex trader robot because it will expand your skills and increase your returns (providing, of course, that you've acquired a good robot). Period . If you're not, and you're looking for a way into the big bad world of forex wealth-generation, an automated forex trading robot will change the odds in your favor . © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 8. When you're trading without a forex robot, it's like coming to a sword fight with a nail file - especially if you have very little financial knowledge or training . The market is going to clean you out in no time, leaving you high, dry and out of pocket. Making the right plays is not straight forward... © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 9. Why the Forex Robot Is King A good forex trader robot is a simple, automated system that helps you leverage your position. It’s timely, accurate and, if it's a high quality one, nearly unfailing in its dealings. © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 10. Of the $4 trillion or so traded everyday in the forex market, $1.5 trillion of it is done in spot transactions, the part of the market where traders speculate purely for profit. Such high volume, high risk trading takes place faster than most people can keep up with. © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 11. As a small fish in a very large ocean, it's tough being a serious trader - making substantial profit - without using some kind forex robot to help you out. © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 12. An example of this is James Simons of Renaissance Technologies , owner of one of the largest and most profitable hedge funds on the planet: he uses serious math geeks and some hardcore computer systems to make the kind of money some small countries describe as their GDP, year after year . © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 13. Unfortunately, these are the people we compete with in the forex market! Most investment houses trading forex have robots or computer-based software designed in-house, supported by a dedicated IT department full of highly paid industry-experts. © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 14. Others depend on their high-level traders with their years of experience and a pool of financial knowledge to trade. By using a forex trader robot, the questions I posed earlier no longer become an issue because you can program your robot to control the execution aspects of your trading strategy. © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 15. Much like in a business where the owner hires employees to do the "grunt" work, your robot frees you up to select the times you feel you want to participate in the market, (this is critical as the markets are open 24hrs a day ), which currency pairs you want to trade, how much capital you want to risk. © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 16. This means you can dedicate more of your time to educating yourself about the fundamental aspects of forex and economics as a whole, whilst knowing that your forex ‘bot is trading on your behalf, multiplying your investment. © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 17. The time you are able to dedicate to learning will enable you to pick out other opportunities available in the market you may not be actively trading in and therefore open up further avenues for profit production . © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 18. Anyone can make money with forex, but what's important is realizing the nature of the beast you're fighting. You need to put down the nail file, grab a big old machete and hack your way through to massive riches . © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org
  • 19. Here’s The Next Step…
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    • This 100% FREE Report will show you how you too can build the life you've always wanted using forex trader robots !
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    © Kenneth Sutherland · www.robotsforforex.org