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FCO Think Tank 1.10.09


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FCO Think Tank presentation 1.10.09

FCO Think Tank presentation 1.10.09

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  • 1. we are social
  • 2. we are a conversation agency
  • 3. We help brands Listen Understand Conversation audit Interpretation & insights Ongoing monitoring Influencer segmentation Measurement Sentiment and issues analysis Engage Social media strategy, consulting & training Reputation management, conversation response Corporate blogs, community management Advocacy and influencer campaigns
  • 4. We are a new kind of agency
  • 5. We believe That engaging in honest and meaningful conversations:
  • 6. Diverse clients
  • 7. we are social
  • 8. What we do for Skype
  • 9. The voice of the brand
  • 10. The voice of the brand
  • 11. Starting conversations
  • 12. Starting conversations
  • 13. And responding to them
  • 14. And responding to them
  • 15. Responding • Identify negative issues and open questions as they arise in social media • Log them in ticketing system, assign tags • Perform “triage” on these issues – determine potential negative impact of issue – determine the best way of dealing with issue • Left as is • Dealt with publicly or privately by We Are Social • Passed on to internal client team (e.g. customer service, corporate comms) to promptly deal with publicly or privately • Management overview and detail provided through respond dashboard • Review monthly – identify key triggers that cause negative issues so that they can be dealt with • Reduce negative word of mouth and gain competitive advantage
  • 16. Responding Identify the most important communities and Make sense of the conversation - filter for individuals to monitor, set up keyword alerts for items we can meaningfully respond to, remove the wider internet spam, tag and categorise each item Review Assess the most appropriate response (eg. leave, monthly via respond publicly, respond privately, escalate). management Assign responsibility via online ticketing system dashboard for topline insights. Longer term, identify trends to help guide future strategy
  • 17. Respond process Targeted Keyword filter Contact Communities & process Client The The Wider Wider No Web Web Yes Can we give Can be Client a relevant Assign dealt with No reply? ticket internally? reply End End Yes We Are Social post reply Yes Need End End followup? Update ticket No
  • 18. Even in times of crisis…
  • 19. Supported by paid search
  • 20. Within 24 hrs
  • 21. What we do for Ford Fiesta Influencer Campaign
  • 22. Ford Fiesta This is Now Social Media Campaign
  • 23. Ford Fiesta This is Now • Part of the over-arching Fiesta This is Now Pan-European launch activity • We created a pan-European social media campaign encouraging the public to submit their own definition of ‘now’ to the This is Now Flickr group • To activate it, we outreached to hundreds of influential bloggers from across Europe
  • 24. Starting with marketing bloggers to get the news out
  • 25. Then within the art, design, photography, fashion, film and music communities
  • 26. We used both Twitter and a Facebook page to extend the conversation
  • 27. Guest blogging • We’ve also given bloggers the opportunity to share their vision of ‘now’ by guest editing the blog
  • 28. This is Now Results • 50 guest bloggers have contributed to the blog • 150 blog posts have been published about the campaign, with an estimated reach of 1,050,000 people all over Europe • 40,000 images and videos have been submitted to the Flickr group
  • 29. This makes it the second biggest sponsored group on Flickr
  • 30. Social Media & Metrics
  • 31. COI’s present metrics
  • 32. Do these metrics work for the social web?
  • 33. COI’s present metrics
  • 34. Do these metrics measure behaviourial change?
  • 35. Forrester Technographics
  • 36. Technographic metrics • Reach of message Spectators • Sentiment of message • Positioning of message • Levels of engagement – signed-up to initiative Critics – Have they shared, tagged or rated content – Have users commented on content • Have users recommended specific action Creators • Or created their own unique content as a result of the campaign
  • 37. New suggested measures… • “These measures must be sourced using the same industry bodies as other media disciplines” - COI
  • 38. “Industry Standard” • IAB UK developing “industry standard” • But… – “The problem faced by companies working with social media is that many of the influential sites within niche communities are not large enough to be registered with the proposed measurement tools.” • Will the COI’s HEI solve the problem?
  • 39. Thanks. For further conversation