Unit testing in iOS featuring OCUnit, GHUnit & OCMock
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Unit testing in iOS featuring OCUnit, GHUnit & OCMock






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Unit testing in iOS featuring OCUnit, GHUnit & OCMock Unit testing in iOS featuring OCUnit, GHUnit & OCMock Presentation Transcript

  • Unit Testing in iOSfeaturing OCUnit, GHUnit & OCMock works for OS X too! @hpique
  • The sad fate of developers who don’t write unit tests
  • Agenda• Unit testing• OCUnit• GHUnit• OCMock• Profit!
  • unit test =code that tests a single unit of code
  • Hey look! A unit test!- (void) testColorFromPointAndSize_SizeZero{ // Prepare input CGSize size = CGSizeZero; CGPoint point = CGPointZero; // Do something UIColor *color = [_viewController colorFromPoint:point andSize:size]; // Validate output STAssertNil(color, @"Color must be nil when size is zero");}
  • Reasons not to unit test
  • ...
  • ReasonsExcuses not to unit test
  • Excuses• “I don’t need it”• “Deadline is too tight”• “It’s not applicable for this [project| class|method]”• “Unit testing in Xcode sucks”
  • Reasons to unit test• Fix bugs early• Refine design• Easier to make changes• Instant gratification :)• Useful documentation• Reduce testing time
  • quality code and testable code are best buds
  • When?• After writing code• Before writing code (TDD)• After fixing a bug
  • Definitions Test Suite SetUpTest Case Test Case Test Case TearDown
  • Agenda• Unit testing• OCUnit• GHUnit• OCMock• Profit!
  • OCUnit• De-facto unit testing framework for Obj-C• Xcode provides native support
  • +N
  • #import <SenTestingKit/SenTestingKit.h>@interface HelloWorldTests : SenTestCase@end@implementation HelloWorldTests- (void)setUp{ [super setUp]; // Set-up code here.}- (void)tearDown{ // Tear-down code here. [super tearDown];}- (void)testExample{ STFail(@"Unit tests are not implemented yet in HelloWorldTests");}@end
  • Writing tests with OCUnit• Each Test Suite is a class that inherits from SenTestCase• Each Test Case is a method with prefix test• setUp & tearDown are optional
  • +U
  • Console output2011-12-09 12:43:01.394 HelloWorld[2858:fb03] Applications are expected to have aroot view controller at the end of application launchTest Suite All tests started at 2011-12-09 11:43:01 +0000Test Suite /Users/hermespique/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/HelloWorld-ezilismrgmrzecbbsndapbyeczre/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/HelloWorldTests.octest(Tests) started at 2011-12-09 11:43:01 +0000Test Suite HelloWorldTests started at 2011-12-09 11:43:01 +0000Test Case -[HelloWorldTests testExample] started./Users/hermespique/Documents/workspace/HelloWorld/HelloWorldTests/HelloWorldTests.m:33: error: -[HelloWorldTests testExample] : Unit tests are notimplemented yet in HelloWorldTestsTest Case -[HelloWorldTests testExample] failed (0.000 seconds).Test Suite HelloWorldTests finished at 2011-12-09 11:43:01 +0000.Executed 1 test, with 1 failure (0 unexpected) in 0.000 (0.000) secondsTest Suite /Users/hermespique/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/HelloWorld-ezilismrgmrzecbbsndapbyeczre/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/HelloWorldTests.octest(Tests) finished at 2011-12-09 11:43:01 +0000.Executed 1 test, with 1 failure (0 unexpected) in 0.000 (0.000) secondsTest Suite All tests finished at 2011-12-09 11:43:01 +0000.Executed 1 test, with 1 failure (0 unexpected) in 0.000 (0.001) seconds
  • OCUnit MacrosSTAssertEqualObjects(a1, a2, description, ...)STAssertEquals(a1, a2, description, ...)STAssertEqualsWithAccuracy(a1, a2, accuracy, description, ...)STFail(description, ...)STAssertNil(a1, description, ...)STAssertNotNil(a1, description, ...)STAssertTrue(expr, description, ...)STAssertTrueNoThrow(expr, description, ...)STAssertFalse(expr, description, ...)STAssertFalseNoThrow(expr, description, ...)STAssertThrows(expr, description, ...)STAssertThrowsSpecific(expr, specificException, description, ...)STAssertThrowsSpecificNamed(expr, specificException, aName, description, ...)STAssertNoThrow(expr, description, ...)STAssertNoThrowSpecific(expr, specificException, description, ...)STAssertNoThrowSpecificNamed(expr, specificException, aName, description, ...)
  • Most used macrosSTAssertTrue(expr, description, ...)STAssertFalse(expr, description, ...)STAssertNil(a1, description, ...)STAssertNotNil(a1, description, ...)STAssertEqualObjects(a1, a2, description, ...)STAssertEquals(a1, a2, description, ...)STFail(description, ...)STAssertThrows(expr, description, ...)
  • Let’s see some code!github.com/hpique/Unit-Testing-in-iOS-Sample-Code
  • Agenda• Unit testing• OCUnit• GHUnit• OCMock• Profit!
  • GHUnit• The other Unit Testing framework for Obj-C• Open-source: github.com/gabriel/gh- unit• GUI!• No Xcode native support• Compatible with OCUnit
  • #import <GHUnitIOS/GHUnit.h>@interface ExampleTest : GHTestCase@end@implementation ExampleTest- (BOOL)shouldRunOnMainThread { return NO;}- (void)setUpClass { // Run at start of all tests in the class}- (void)setUp { // Run before each test method}- (void)tearDown { // Run after each test method}- (void)tearDownClass { // Run at end of all tests in the class}- (void)testFoo { NSString *a = @"foo"; GHAssertNotNil(a, nil);}@end
  • If you’re into macros...GHAssertNoErr(a1, description, ...) GHAssertEquals(a1, a2, description, ...)GHAssertErr(a1, a2, description, ...) GHAbsoluteDifference(left,right)GHAssertNotNULL(a1, description, ...) (MAX(left,right)-MIN(left,right))GHAssertNULL(a1, description, ...) GHAssertEqualsWithAccuracy(a1, a2,GHAssertNotEquals(a1, a2, description, ...) accuracy, description, ...)GHAssertNotEqualObjects(a1, a2, desc, ...) GHFail(description, ...)GHAssertOperation(a1, a2, op, GHAssertNil(a1, description, ...)description, ...) GHAssertNotNil(a1, description, ...)GHAssertGreaterThan(a1, a2, GHAssertTrue(expr, description, ...)description, ...) GHAssertTrueNoThrow(expr,GHAssertGreaterThanOrEqual(a1, a2, description, ...)description, ...) GHAssertFalse(expr, description, ...)GHAssertLessThan(a1, a2, description, ...) GHAssertFalseNoThrow(expr,GHAssertLessThanOrEqual(a1, a2, description, ...)description, ...) GHAssertThrows(expr, description, ...)GHAssertEqualStrings(a1, a2, GHAssertThrowsSpecific(expr,description, ...) specificException, description, ...)GHAssertNotEqualStrings(a1, a2, GHAssertThrowsSpecificNamed(expr,description, ...) specificException, aName,GHAssertEqualCStrings(a1, a2, description, ...)description, ...) GHAssertNoThrow(expr, description, ...)GHAssertNotEqualCStrings(a1, a2, GHAssertNoThrowSpecific(expr,description, ...) specificException, description, ...)GHAssertEqualObjects(a1, a2, GHAssertNoThrowSpecificNamed(expr,description, ...) specificException, aName, description, ...)
  • GHUnitAsyncTestCase#import <GHUnitIOS/GHUnit.h>@interface AsyncTest : GHAsyncTestCase { }@end@implementation AsyncTest- (void)testURLConnection { [self prepare]; NSURLRequest *request = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"http://www.google.com"]]; NSURLConnection *connection = [[NSURLConnection alloc] initWithRequest:requestdelegate:self startImmediately:YES]; [self waitForStatus:kGHUnitWaitStatusSuccess timeout:10.0];}- (void)connectionDidFinishLoading:(NSURLConnection *)connection { [self notify:kGHUnitWaitStatusSuccess forSelector:@selector(testURLConnection)];}@end
  • Configure GHUnit1. Create target2. Add GHUnitiOS.framework 2.1.and QuartzCore.framework!3. Modify Other Linker Flags4. Change AppDelegate
  • 1. Create target
  • 1. Create target
  • 2. AddGHUnitiOS.framework1. Download from github & unzip2. > cd gh-unit/Project-iOS3. > make orDownload the latest stable framework fromgithub downloads
  • 3. Modify Other Link Flags• Add -all_load• Add -ObjC
  • 4. Change AppDelegate 1. Remove default AppDelegate 2. Modify main.m:int main(int argc, char *argv[]){ @autoreleasepool { return UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil,@"GHUnitIOSAppDelegate"); }}
  • +B
  • Let’s see some code!github.com/hpique/Unit-Testing-in-iOS-Sample-Code
  • OCUnit vs GHUnit OCUnit GHUnitXcode integration Built-in Manual Console Console Results Contextual GUI More macros Development GHAsyncTestCase Everything, Execution Everything selection or failed
  • Using OCUnit tests in GHUnit target 1. Add OCUnit tests to target 2. Add tested files to target 3. Add SenTestKit.framework 4. Add this to Framework Search Paths (order matters):$(SDKROOT)/Developer/Library/Frameworks$(DEVELOPER_LIBRARY_DIR)/Frameworks
  • Agenda• Unit testing• OCUnit• GHUnit• OCMock• Profit!
  • mock object =simulated object thatmimics the behavior of a real object in controlled ways
  • When to mock an object?• supplies non-deterministic results (ie: sensors)• has states that are difficult to create or reproduce (ie: a network error)• is slow (ie: database)• does not yet exist or may change behavior• to avoid writing “test code”
  • OCMock• De-facto mocking framework for Obj-C• Open-source: github.com/erikdoe/ ocmock• mock objects on the fly via the trampoline pattern• Complementary with OCUnit & GHUnit
  • Hey look! Mock objects!- (void) testHandleGesture{ // Prepare input and state id viewMock = [OCMockObject partialMockForObject:_viewController.view]; CGRect viewFrame = CGRectMake(0, 0, 320, 480); [[[viewMock stub] andReturnValue:OCMOCK_VALUE(viewFrame)] frame]; _viewController.view = viewMock; UIGestureRecognizer *gesture = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc] init]; id gestureMock = [OCMockObject partialMockForObject:gesture]; CGPoint gesturePoint = CGPointMake(viewFrame.size.width / 2, viewFrame.size.height / 2); [[[gestureMock stub] andReturnValue:OCMOCK_VALUE(gesturePoint)] locationInView:[OCMArg any]]; // Do something that changes state [_viewController handleGesture:gestureMock]; // Validate state UIColor *expectedColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.5 green:0.5 blue:0 alpha:1]; UIColor *color = _viewController.view.backgroundColor; [self assertEqualsColor:expectedColor toColor:color];}
  • Let’s see some code!github.com/hpique/Unit-Testing-in-iOS-Sample-Code
  • Thanks! @hpique