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pitchwork picked up for j kimmel fantasy football.

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  1. 1. What if
  2. 2. the guys from Entourage
  3. 3. had a Fantasy Football League
  4. 4. and you got to be a part of it?
  5. 5. What if you and Trevor from accounting got to tellAdam Corolla and ESPN columnist Bill Simmons who to pick up in the draft?
  6. 6. What if you got to follow them throughout the season? Watch games with them?And what if you got to sabotage their trades?
  7. 7. The Ultimate Fantasy Football League will make those fantasies a reality. In the UFFL, America will be ableto watch as their favorite celebrities and athletes draft and maintain their fantasy teams.
  8. 8. Every week the show will feature pre-produced packages of theowners getting together at different exciting locations to watch their teams battle it out.
  9. 9. Camera crews will follow the ownersthroughout the week as they prepare for the games. They will capture the owners as they interact with their co-owners online,research the upcoming week and handle the fallout from their decisions and trades.
  10. 10. Throughout the season you get to see the real drama. The drama that unfolds off the field—the drama within the league! You get to see all the in-fighting,the strategizing, and the inevitable apologies to significant others as they try to explainwhy theyre spending so much time on their fantasy league.
  11. 11. The best part of UFFL is that Americawill not merely watch as spectators.
  12. 12. Every football fan will get the chance to help manage one of the 8 UFFL teams by becoming a “co-owner” of their favorite celebritys team.
  13. 13. Before the NFL season starts, The UFFL will announceits owners comprised of 7 celebrities and 1 “Average Joe”through online and social networking sources,viral videos, promos, and network cross promotion.
  14. 14. Each owner will have their own team page witha link to a fantasy football league powered incooperation with an existing league such asYahoo, CBSSportsline and ESPN.
  15. 15. The UFFL season starts one week before the NFL’sopening day with a 2 hour draft special completewith a live audience and ends with the crowning ofthe UFFL Champ on Super Bowl Sunday in a seasonre-cap and clip show.Each week of the season the fantasy owners willplay in head-to-head matchups.At any time from the NFL pre-season to theSuperbowl, viewers can become co-owners andweigh in on the all of the owners decisions.”
  16. 16. At the end of the NFL’s regular season, the ownersof the top four UFFL teams will then re-draft fromthe pool ofNFL players whose teams remain in the playoffs.The owner whose players score the most pointsthroughout the playoffs and the Super Bowl will winthe UFFL championship.
  17. 17. This weekly LIVE 30-minuteinteractive show will combine the competitive tone of CelebrityApprentice with the quick pace of ESPN’s Around the Horn, plus the instant interactivity of the web.
  18. 18. Every week the fantasy owners willgather live in studio and via Skype to recap their fantasy team’s resultsthat week with video tape packages of and by debating, joking, strategizing and of course— smack-talking to the other owners and viewers.
  19. 19. Segment 1•In the first segment 4 of the 8 owners (2 of the previous week’s matchups) will appear live or via Skype on large screens a la “Around the Horn”.•After a video packaged re-cap of NFL highlights and how they impacted the UFFL’s results and current standings, our host will then serve as referee as the owners joke, celebrate and lament their team’s performances.•Each owner will have a 20 second opening statement to justify their choices that week.•The host will then run through specific topics which are listed in a graphic down the side of the screen along with a clock.•Each owner has 60 seconds to weigh in. Other owners can jump in after 30 seconds if they want.
  20. 20. Segment 2•It’s the 2nd group of teams’ turn to discuss the past week.
  21. 21. Segments 3 & 4•In the final segment(s) all the owners have a minute to propose trades to other owners.•Co-owners and viewers will be encouraged to email, text and twitter comments and questions live during the show.•The host will solicit questions for the owners during the week.If there are particularly good questions, viewers will have the chanceto ask their question live via Skype.•Owners can inform their co-owners what they’ll find on their team pagesthat coming week such as live blogs, videos, polls and discussions.•Finally, the show ends with predictions for the week ahead, some more smack talk, and finally goodnights.
  22. 22. UFFL Program Viewers
  23. 23. Each week co-owners of teams that won that week will be eligible forsponsor-supplied prizes announced at the end of each show.• The celebrity champion wins $50,000 for the charity of their choice and is crowned the Ultimate Fantasy Football League Champion.• The first 2000 people who become co-owners of the team that goes on to be crowned UFFL Champion will receive a free UFFL Championship T-shirt and winners package.• 1 lucky co-owner of the UFFL Champion team will win 4 tickets to the 2012’s Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.• AND 2 Lucky Co-owners will win ownership of the UFFL’s 2 “Average Joe” teams in 2011.
  24. 24. Owners and co-owners will be truly connected 24/7. Through email,instant message, Skype, Twitter andother social networking sites owners will provide trade information with his or her co-owners.
  25. 25. Each team page will not only serveas the roster page, but as the home for his or her co-owners to find owners blogs, videos and teammerchandise created and designed by the owners themselves.
  26. 26. The UFFL is not just about football, the UFFL format can be duplicated for every sport and season: Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, College Sports. Live draft specials and live finale specials with musical performances, celebrity appearances and awards for every new season and sport.Widgets, Apps, Mobile and On Demand Applications.
  27. 27. International Fantasy Soccer Leagues formats for every country.Partnership with a global online platform for International Fantasy Leagues.
  28. 28. An International Fantasy SoccerLeague tie-in with the World Cup for a multi-national television series A multi-national live draft special and live finale with musicalperformances, celebrity appearances and awards.