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General Info and images of Artist Robert McClintock

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Robert Mc Clintock Information Kit

  1. 1. ARTIST INFORMATION KIT robertmcclintock Artist Last update: September 22, 2005
  2. 2. Photograph by: Roy Cox robertmcclintock Artist –
  3. 3. robertmcclintock Artist Biography His work requires the eye of a photographer, the hand of a painter, and the heart of a visionary. It also calls for canvas or paper, a camera, various computer gadgets, and immense amounts of creativity and skill. But it doesn’t have a name and, to some experts, it isn’t art. Welcome to the world of Robert McClintock. Art lovers are buying Baltimore Artist McClintock’s work with great enthusiasm. His images are brilant in color, familiar, and meaningful. They connect with people in a down-to-earth way, invoking warm memories. As one buyer recently summed it up, “I like that you don’t have to get intellectual about it, it’s so vibrant and alive and makes you feel like you’re right there.” In simplest terms, McClintock’s work starts as original digital photography, moves through an intricate process of physical manipulation at the artist’s hand using various digital tools, then gets printed on canvas or paper as something called a giclée (pronounced zhee-CLAY). For his limited edition pieces, McClintock imparts further touches with acrylic gels (on canvas) or pastel pencils (on paper), adding yet another artistic input. “Like any artist, my work is just an expression of who I am and where I’ve been,” said McClintock. “The fact that it seems to be reaching people emotionally is really validating.” Growing up just south of the ski resort town of Mt. Snow, Vermont, McClintock got his first professional photo shoot with a local theater troupe while still in high school. After some travel and a long reincarnation as a starving artisit/waiter/bartender McClintock returned to his hometown of Brattleboro, VT and became a regionally acclaimed photographer. Shooting portraits, special events, and a variety of catalog and commercial projects, he learned early the importance of composition—from a variety of sources, including one that’s a bit unconventional. “My mother would be shocked to find out her 14-year-old was mentored by the local crime scene photographer,” said McClintock. “He was an artist with a badge, and he taught me how to be sure people’s eyes were drawn to the key elements in my photos.” But pure photography, even in his early years, was still a starting point for McClintock. With the advent of the Polaroid SX-70 1978, he chose to invest time he would normally spend in a darkroom embellishing his instant photos with an ink pen and pencil. During the first ten minutes after the photo emerged from the SX-70, the image would remain “soft” enough that McClintock could modify it to suit his fancy. After 10 minutes, he would turn to paints and markers. Little more than an adolescent phase, the practice Original Polaroid shot and contributed to his artistic development nonetheless. manipulated by McClintock But it’s the subjects that offer perhaps the strongest clues as to why his work touches so many people. McClintock’s art most often features landmarks in major cities (i.e. Baltimore, NYC, DC— including the restaurants, clubs, and bars that give place to a city’s nightlife—and people’s pet dogs and cats. McClintock, his wife Sue and 4 cats reside in Baltimore, Maryland. McClintock is in the process of publishing his first book. Studio & Gallery ♦ 1809 Thames Street♦ Baltimore, MD 21231 Page 2 P: 410.814.2800 ♦ F: 410.461.2609 ♦
  4. 4. robertmcclintock Artist Fact Sheet Artist: Robert McClintock, Fine Artist Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland (Historic Fell’s Point) Birthplace: Brattleboro, Vermont Marital Status: He and wife Sue have been married 15 years Family: Robert and Sue have 4 cats, no kids Medium: Hybrid mix, combing original photographs, hand manipulated painting using a digital palette and a digital brush. Media Pigment Prints on canvas Themes: Familiar City Scenes, Cats, Dogs, Popular Bars, Fire Houses & Fire Trucks. Influences & Similar Style: Mom and Dad, Commercial Advertising Work Market Strengths: ♦ Everyday people, not necessarily “art collectors” and city lovers, pet lovers ♦ Galleries, gift shops ♦ Mostly adult females ages 25-55 (cross cultural) Most Popular Paintings: ♦ Baltimore From Federal Hill (panoramic view of Inner Harbor) ♦ Charles North (yellow cab on N. Charles St, Mt. Vernon) ♦ Montage Series – The Bars of Baltimore ♦ All Cats & Dogs (dog and cat portrait series) Additional Data: Available for commission work, talks, panels, art shows, presentations Studio/Gallery: Robert McClintock Studio & Gallery, 1809 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD 21231 Contact: Carlos Diggs 410.461.0890 Studio & Gallery ♦ 1809 Thames Street♦ Baltimore, MD 21231 Page 3 P: 410.814.2800 ♦ F: 410.461.2609 ♦
  5. 5. robertmcclintock Artist • Cities: a collection of landmarks & community scenes in the city Themes • Pet Cats & Dogs: a collection of funny and familiar pet antics and expressions • Firefighter: a collection of various firehouses, trucks, and tributes to our heroes (a.k.a. Seen) • Visit for a complete list of 100+ paintings Studio & Gallery ♦ 1809 Thames Street♦ Baltimore, MD 21231 Page 4 P: 410.814.2800 ♦ F: 410.461.2609 ♦
  6. 6. robertmcclintock Artist Commercial Clients include: United States Postal Service, Outside Magazine, American Heart Association, Washington Post Magazine, Nabisco Foods, Planters Peanuts, JC Penney, Runner's World Magazine, Discovery On-Line, Fila Sportswear, Time-Life Books, Vanity Fair Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Dreamworks Pictures, HBO, Notable LG Electronics, Gateway Computers, and America On-Line. Client Project Description DreamWorks Film – “Head of State” Painting placement City of Baltimore Event - Mayor Dickson’s Inaugural Celebration 8 Paintings used for inaugural theme “Jewels of Baltimore” Warner Bros Film – “Invasion” Painting placement HBO TV – “The Wire” Painting placement HBO TV – “K-Street” Painting placement Buy Local Directory Cover Art Painting placement City Living Magazine Cover Art Painting placement Where Magazine Cover Art Painting placement Planters Peanuts Corporate Brochure Art Commercial Illustration Chesapeake Life Editorial Feature Solutions At Hand Editorial Feature City of Baltimore Promotional Collateral Art - “Monumental Occasion” Painting of the Washington Monument with Lights WJZ-TV “Coffee With” Marty & Don Painting of Marty Bass & Don Scott Mac World Finalist – International Digital Art Competition – 2004- Juan’s Bad Dog & Chrysler 2005 From Lex paintings WTMD 102.7 FM Radio – “First Fridays” Official art-work for the event WYPR 88.1 FM Radio – “Charles Street Station” Official art-work for station publicity Adams Morgan Art Festival Best of Show- “Toledo Tavern” Painting Michelle Taylor Gallery Washington, DC Gallery Featured Artist Artscape in Baltimore Baltimore, MD, Annual Festival Featured Artist Studio & Gallery ♦ 1809 Thames Street♦ Baltimore, MD 21231 Page 5 P: 410.814.2800 ♦ F: 410.461.2609 ♦
  7. 7. A Monumental Occasion The 36th Annual Lighting of Baltimore’s Washington Monument DECEMBER 6, 2007 5:30-7PM MOUNT VERNON PLACE
  8. 8. robertmcclintock Artist What People Are Saying About Robert McClintock quot;There is no mistaking a work by Robert McClintock. Every image that I've had the good fortune to see crackles with authenticity and generates more positive energy than a turbine. Robert and his art are true treasures of Baltimore.quot; – Mayor Sheila Dixon, City of Baltimore, MD quot;McClintock's work has been displayed in the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, and proceeds from some of his work goes to the Center's Patient and Family Services Program.quot; – Michael C. Hibler, MPA Sr. Associate Director of Development The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Robert and Sue McClintock have not only been great supporters of the Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association they are a true treasure to the city of Baltimore. Whenever we have asked of their time or asked to borrow a piece of his magnificent artwork that best depict the best of Baltimore they have been more than generous. It is our honor to have Robert McClintock studios as a member and supporter of our initiatives to make Baltimore a top destination. – Bon Whiting, Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Bureau Robert’s paintings brighten my day every time I go out to the reception area, and our clients enjoy them very much, too! They capture all the great features about cats- intelligent, cheerful and whimsical at the same time. – Jane E. Brunt, DVM, Director, Cat Hospital At Towson “Robert McClintock’s work captures the unique, quirky vistas that are uniquely Baltimore. His work is becoming part of the Baltimore fabric. Robert McClintock’s images of Baltimore capture what is truly great about our city – whether a simple streetscape or the highly recognizable Domino Sugar sign, his work reminds us why Baltimore is so great.” Studio & Gallery ♦ 1809 Thames Street♦ Baltimore, MD 21231 Page 6 P: 410.814.2800 ♦ F: 410.461.2609 ♦
  9. 9. robertmcclintock Artist What People Are Saying About Robert McClintock quot;Robert McClintock is a visionary for the region. His ability to capture the essence and energy of his subjects with a unique combination of painting and photography is unparalleled. We are fortunate to have this internationally renowned artist document the City's landmarks and call Baltimore home.quot; – Gail Smith-Howard, General Manager of the Hyatt Regency Baltimore “Digital artist captures pets’ personas with virtual brush.” – Heather Hatch, “A modern chronicler of Baltimore life, Robert’s artwork captures in vivid detail what’s wonderful about the city.” – David Carrodine, VP of Marketing, Downtown Partnership “Robert McClintock's digitally altered photographs showed a mastery of a new media and revealed the artist's love of Baltimore and his whimsical view of animals.” – Tony Walker, “New media masterpieces with digital art.” – Laura Fick, Maryland Daily Record Studio & Gallery ♦ 1809 Thames Street♦ Baltimore, MD 21231 Page 7 P: 410.814.2800 ♦ F: 410.461.2609 ♦
  10. 10. robertmcclintock Artist What People Are Saying About Robert McClintock quot;Want to export the spirit of Baltimore in an object d'art? If your recipients dig kitsch, they're guaranteed to appreciate such ready- made symbols as the Bromo-Seltzer Tower, the Shot Tower, a clipper ship, or a tugboat, ubiquitous on T- shirts, posters, and postcards. Digital photographer Robert McClintock, who we see at just about every festival and fair around here, shoots all that stuff, of course, but he widens his scope with scenes both more ordinary and more evocative: kids on a sodium-vapor-lamp-illuminated Hampden intersection, bocce rollers in Little Italy. He then romanticizes them with a painterly, expressive treatment so even clubs on the Block become saturated with color, dignified and timeless. For less than $100, you can show your loved ones how Baltimore kitsch can cross the border into fine art.quot; – Baltimore City Paper quot;Robert McClintock has the unique and uncanny talent of capturing images of Baltimore that illustrate its storied past, its charm and its endearing character. His works are truly reflective of Baltimore's history, its culture and its promise.quot; – Donald C. Fry, President & CEO, Greater Baltimore Committee “Through Robert’s eyes, familiar city scenes can take on an ironic beauty. A Formstone brick, or the old Shot Tower, take on an expressive, idealized quality that reflects the fondest parts of city’s our past and our hopes for its future.” – Andrew Buerger, CEO & Publisher Alter Communications Publisher of Baltimore Jewish Times Studio & Gallery ♦ 1809 Thames Street♦ Baltimore, MD 21231 Page 8 P: 410.814.2800 ♦ F: 410.461.2609 ♦