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Digital Design Survey: Week 5 lecture
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Digital Design Survey: Week 5 lecture






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Digital Design Survey: Week 5 lecture Digital Design Survey: Week 5 lecture Presentation Transcript

  • Developing and Using theWebMMDP 101: Digital Design SurveyWeek 5
  • Goals for this Week• Understand some ways that the web haschanged the ways that we communicate• Understand recent trends in webdevelopment and design• Understand different career paths for aweb designer
  • Life Before the Web• Does anyone remember what life was likebefore the web?• In what ways do we now rely on the webto do things?
  • Group Activity: Web Time Machine• I want you to get with the person next toyou and visit– http://www2.warnerbros.com/spacejam/movie/jam.htm• List some characteristics of this websitethat seem “off” to you as a user
  • What do we expect from a websitetoday?
  • Visit evolutionofweb.appspot.com
  • Survey of the Job Market• Visit Craigslist – what kind of skills arepeople looking for in web developmentjobs• What are the different types of jobs thatexist in the market
  • Web Design as a Career
  • Latest Trends in Web Design• Responsive Web Design• Support for higher resolutions• Large photo backgrounds• Minimalist Websites• Use of QR Codes• Social Media Badges• Infinite ScrollingSource
  • Examples• Responsive Web Design:– Ryjohnson.com– Kerem.co• Big Photography– Blindbarber.com• Infinite Scrolling– Tumblr & Pinterest
  • Look at Web Designs on Behance
  • Code as a Literacy Movement
  • Exploration of Coding Tools• Explore the “Learn” section of code.org– Codecademy– Khan Academy– CodeHS
  • Using the web to develop a PLN• What is a PLN and why should we care?– Creates lifetime learners– Helps us learn answers to specific questions– Creates bonds and connections with industry• What are we doing now that is a part ofour PLN?
  • A Map of a PLN
  • Elements of my own personallearning network
  • Work for this Week• Week 5 Online Discussion – Classwide• Group Discussion – Find some initialexamples of portfolios• Lynda.com Mac Lessons 9 & 10