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Digital Design Survey: Week 4 lecture
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  • 1. Week 4: Trends in GraphicDesignMMDP 101: Digital Design Survey
  • 2. Goals for this Week• Understand possible career paths ingraphic design• Understand the recent trends in the designfield• Identify tools that you can use for designinspiration• Begin building a solid portfolio
  • 3. Job Search: Identify the marketplace• Do a search on Craigslist or Indeed. Whatkinds of jobs do you see?• Find a job that interests you. What kindsof things are the employers looking for?
  • 4. What are the trends that wesee?
  • 5. Conversation with Jon and Cole
  • 6. Exploration of Career Options
  • 7. Steven Bucher: Print Designer
  • 8. Typographic Design
  • 9. Interactive Book Design
  • 10. What skills does it take to do thesejobs?
  • 11. Job Search• Where are designers working?• What are the benefits of working for abigger company?
  • 12. Recent Trends in Design1. Typography2. Illustrations3. Photography4. Minimalist Design5. Vibrant and Bold Colors6. Patterns and Texture7. Infographics8. Motion GraphicsSource
  • 13. Examples of current work
  • 14. Matt Stevens
  • 15. James White
  • 16. Charles Williams
  • 17. Bluerock Design
  • 18. Capturing Inspiration
  • 19. The Old School Method• Designers would created mood board /vision boards• Helps them establish palettes andinspiration for future projects
  • 20. The New SchoolSocial BookmarkingTools
  • 21. Social Bookmarking• In what ways do these differ?– Delicious and Digg– Pinterest– Social readers like Zite and Flipboard– Ffffound.com– Behance– Dribbble
  • 22. Discover a DesignerAssignment
  • 23. Building a Solid Portfolio
  • 24. What do you think is important inbuilding a portfolio?
  • 25. Pro Tips for Building a Portfolio• Include Appropriate Examples• Provide Context to Your Work• Non-client work is acceptable• Constantly revise it• Index / Organize your Portfolio• Photograph printed work• Create a blog
  • 26. Work for this Week• Week 4 Online Discussion: Find 3designers whose work inspires you• Update your website with Portfolio material• Adobe Bridge Videos and Quiz• Adobe Bridge: Extra Credit Activity