You can live with them, and you can live without them.


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You can live with them, and you can live without them.

  1. 1. You can live with them,and you can live withoutthem.bostonian9:52:58, Sun Oct 7, 2012
  2. 2. “ Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them. ” —Alfred North Whitehead
  3. 3. The full moment has reason leading to it, purposeleading from it and meaning within it.· Everyone hated Facebooks new ToUs and lots of people were considering ditching their accounts.· I think these developments are crucial and need further exploration.· Of course, as in television and radio, advertising is one of the key factors that will subsidize the DML fees.· Ancient Civilisations built communication and trade networks that formed the backbone to the evolution of their society.
  4. 4. Life is short but a smile takes barely a second. Implement magnetic metrics
  5. 5. To him that watches, everything is revealed.· Maybe not for fiction, though but for business books I can imagine it.· Operators dont understand how the media world works and what it takes to make media content popular on handsets.· For example, you may post a status in which you said you were happy this would be qualitative.· In other words one mans spam is another mans art.
  6. 6. “ Defect-free software does not exist. ” —Wietse Venema
  7. 7. As you see yourself, I once saw myself; as you seeme now, you will be seen.· Techcrunchs Arrington talks about the end of crafted content.· So Zuck wrote in this blog-post: "Our main goal at Facebook is to help make the world more open and transparent.· This is how I see this developing and this will have vast consequences for business communications, going forward.· But equally, when considering a new ontology between human and non-human agents it is important to note where common context exists.
  8. 8. In conclusion· Harness sexy experiences· Redefine citizen-media mashups· Share mission-critical bandwidth· and remember: Please ensure all baggage is stored in the overhead compartment
  9. 9. Thank YouContact Details
  10. 10. CreditsThis presentation is licensed by bostonian using Creative Commons V3 BY-SA-NCThis presentation includes media also licensed using Creative Commons BY-SA-NC Texts Images (via Flickr BY-SA-NC search) .FuturePresent., Alberto Menendez Cervero, · Fiction is Friction - Gerd Leonhard amymyou, quinn.anya, smexbeirut, wbaiv · The End of Control - Gerd Leonhard · Music 2.0 - Gerd Leonhard · New Aesthetic, New Anxieties - David M. Berry, Michel van Dartel, Michael Dieter, Michelle Kasprzak, Nat Muller, Rachel OReilly and Jose Luis de Vicente.