Ageing is morethan skin deep!Br Bro churr e   oc hu e
contents     contents     1     Contents                         10 Questions and Answers cont     2     Introduction     ...
introduction   introduction         No injections No toxins No Surgery                             No Risk   For more than...
The Science    Research has proven that varied levels of frequencies and stimulation methods are necessary            to t...
The DesignC leo Q h as been d esi g n ed t o be as us er f ri en dly as po s si b leFeatures:                             ...
The REAL cause of ageing!    There are many factors that contribute to the ageing process    We are all aware that externa...
Ageing is MORE than skin deep!The effects of ageing can ONLY be tackled by taking action where it matters                 ...
What can Cleo Q do for me?    The C leo Q facial program works on all the muscles of the face and neck toning and lifting ...
Cleo Q is for men too!    Starting to notice lines and wrinkles? Worried about getting older but want to       stay lookin...
Questions & Answers    Q Can the frequencies do me any harm?    A The frequencies are powered by x AAA batteries which are...
Q Loose skin laughter lines and wrinkles aren t they just a sign of growing older?A We do not pretend that Cle o Q can mak...
Real People                                                    Before and After                          Before using Cleo...
Customer Reviews                                                                          “I have been with Cleo for 9 yea...
Media Reviews                                               Magazines                                               Brand ...
Media Reviews                                         Newspapers & TV                                                   Bu...
Not only for the Face; a complete Body Treatment System!     Body Areas                                                   ...
!   Our Guarantee to you    The Cleo Q MultiGym System comes with a FREE year manufacturer s warranty* giving you full    ...
How to Order                                              Products                                                        ...
Finance Application Form                        O          Interest With                                      Finance     ...
‘The Thinking Woman’s Face Lift’                     KayCo Ltd                      Cadman Court Chartists Way            ...
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Cleo Q Brochure

  1. 1. Ageing is morethan skin deep!Br Bro churr e oc hu e
  2. 2. contents contents 1 Contents 10 Questions and Answers cont 2 Introduction 11 Real People Before and After 3 The Science 12 Customer Reviews 4 The Design 13 Media Reviews Magazines 5 The REAL cause of ageing! 14 Media Reviews Newspapers & TV 6 Ageing is MORE than skin deep! 15 Not only for the Face; a complete Body Treatment System! 7 What can Cleo Q do for me? 16 Our Guarantee to you 8 Cleo Q is for men too 17 How to Order 9 Questions and Answers 18 Finance Application Form Probably the best investment you’ll ever make to achieve a new younger looking you. To Order: Call now on: Credit debit Card Finance Interest Quote Ref: Q Brochure Visit our website: www club cleo com www1
  3. 3. introduction introduction No injections No toxins No Surgery No Risk For more than years men and women from all walks of life including celebrities and even Royalty have been using Cleo successfully to enhance their looks and keep their muscles toned and healthy With hundreds of thousands of customers in more than countries across the globe Cleo is established as the market leader in home use electronic stimulation with a reputation for providing excellent quality innovative products that bring REAL RESUL TSOur Objective As brand leader our aim is to stay ahead of our competitors by offering the very latest technological advancements to meet the fast changing needs of the consumer Seven years ago we embarked on an intensive research and development programme to manufacture a product of superior design and performance which gave greater results in less time than any other available home use or salon treatmentThe Result The Cleo Q MultiGym System; a safe & effective non invasive natural alternative to other often risky and expensive cosmetic proceduresOur History Cleo was originally developed from a pioneering medical breakthrough by distinguished British scientists to treat facial paralysis and other forms of muscle injury The results achieved by the medical profession on damaged muscle were so astonishing that the treatment was made available to people with healthy muscle to combat the signs of ageing Cleo has transformed considerably in years; due to the high demand from customers to attain the same rejuvenation on other body muscle the original CLEO I Facial Toner was developed into C LEO II a more advanced unit incorporating the option to treat several body areas Now with Cle o Q we ve refined the process further offering a more sophisticated system with added treatment options improved comfort and flexibility with outstanding BENEFITS The World’s Best Selling Face & Body Stimulator The Cleo Q System comes complete with everything you need to get started including: Cleo Q Control Unit User Guide x AAA Batteries Neck Strap Pads Leads & relevant supporting products for your selected treatment 2
  4. 4. The Science Research has proven that varied levels of frequencies and stimulation methods are necessary to treat different muscle areas in order to provide long term improvement Other home use and salon treatments offer only method of delivery generally using a single impulse frequency for all muscle types giving only temporary benefit How does Cleo Q differ from standard electronic stimulation? We ve introduced two unique developments exclusive to Cleo: Cumulative Charge Stimulation Technology CCST with a Bi Polar Migration System Combining these new technologies to our already pr ove n STNS multi sequential frequencies means Cleo Q treatment is far ahead of the competition The Cleo Q MultiGym System is the most revolutionary progression in electronic muscle stimulation for more than years! The Method Historically the only method used to electronically stimulate muscle was to build up a large charge of energy and deliver it by various pulse forms The problem with this method of delivery was that the muscle was unable to cope with the surge and so the majority of the energy was lost Imagine……someone thr ew a bucke t of wate r at y ou and you remained still Some of the water would make contact but the majority would bounce off and be wasted This is similar to what happens when a large charge of energy is delivered into the muscle A powerful jet of water concentrated on the target would be more effectively absorbed Our scientists have developed a method of converting that same amount of energy into thousands of small packets of energy then releasing them in a rapid stream of pulses that can be absorbed more efficiently…… this is known as Cumulative Charge Combine this method of delivery with B i P ol a r mi g r a t io n transmission and recovery from both poles causing the frequencies to travel across a wider area of muscle giving an estimated increase in absorption This distinctive method of delivering pulses by CCST & Bi Polar Migration means you have a stimulation benefit far superior to anything else!3 Order Line: www club cleo com
  5. 5. The DesignC leo Q h as been d esi g n ed t o be as us er f ri en dly as po s si b leFeatures: Benefits:Intelligence Results Fully pre programmed microprocessor with an Cle o Q delivers energy and inbuilt timer to treat: Face results quicker more Chest Arms Hands Pelvic efficiently and effectively floor Abdomen Buttocks than anything else currently Cellulite and Legs available Control Panel Look Younger One press control buttons Regular use of Cl eo Q will for ease of operation lift tighten and firm muscles keep them strong & healthy and slow down LCD the rate at which you age The inbuilt LCD shows you exactly what is happening during treatment and prompts you for any necessary action Portability Improved complexion The unit is compact lightweight small enough to During stimulation blood fit in the palm of your hand flow increases the body s and when you attach the production of naturally neck strap it can be occurring collagens elastins carried around the neck like and other vital nutrients to a pendant so shouldn t the epidermis interfere with your daily routine! Minimal Time commitment Maintenance Programs start from as little as minutes for the face Powered by x AAA and minutes for body batteries the unit is of areas giving you more ergonomic design requiring FREE time only a wipe clean with a dry just damp cloth to keep it free from dust Treatment you know will work… from a trusted brand! Invest just minutes a day Gain Back Years! Order Line: www club cleo com 4
  6. 6. The REAL cause of ageing! There are many factors that contribute to the ageing process We are all aware that external influences can speed up ageing of the skin such as: smoking poor diet lack of exercise stress sun exposure and environmental toxins but the REAL cause of ageing is generally less known As we age natural atrophy or wastage occurs and all our body s muscles weaken so the signs of getting older become outwardly visible Ageing is most noticeable on the facial area due to the fact that the face is the only area of the body where skin is directly attached to muscle Facial muscle is made up of types: Whit e fast t wit ch fibr e approximately surf ace muscle which we use whenever we cause facial movement It produces no oxygen or nutrients and is fed by the underlying postural muscle Red s low twitch fibre approximately post ural muscl e which is held in a permanently contracted state by brain to nerve signals holding the foundation muscles in position and also through the blood stream feeding oxygen and other vital nutrients such as collagens elastins and essential vitamins to the epidermis making our skin soft and supple and keeping the surface muscles firm tight and lifted Postural muscle is the scaffolding that holds our facial features in place unmaintained it collapses During our teenage years the brain signals that keep our muscles tight gradually start to weaken causing the red slow twitch fibres to relax become less contracted and lose firmness This slowing down of postur al muscle activity demands less blood flow diminishing oxygen supply to the surface muscle thus reducing the body s capability to supply sufficient nutrients to the dermis and epidermis therefore our skin becomes less nourished our facial contours lose definition our skin becomes duller thinner and eventually starts to sag…… All signs of ageing TheeFFace The unique frequencies developed by Cleo actually replicate the natural brain to nerve signal of a healthy year old re educating the muscles into a previous condition! Th ace ad s e e ey e no s ch e f or e n l k ks he ec s ip5 Order Line: www club cleo com
  7. 7. Ageing is MORE than skin deep!The effects of ageing can ONLY be tackled by taking action where it matters underneath the surface!As the skin is a waterproof membrane creams can only act as a barrier protecting the skin fromexternal aggressions not hing more!Fillers toxic injections and surgery merely tighten the skin and temporarily restore a youthful lookbut do nothing to get to the root of the problem or prevent further muscle deterioration PLUSthere s the riskUn toned facial muscle results in: hooded eye lids droopy cheeks jowls wrinkles crows feet baggy puffy eyes poor skin condition a dull complexion and dehydration of the skinRegular exercise of facial muscles can dramatically slow down the rate at which you age and you canprevent further deterioration well into your later years Just as exercising your body at a gym can keep your body healthy and well toned the same principle applies to the face Facial Muscle Map Muscles of the forehead loss of tone here gives a furrowed brow and hooded eye lids The circle of muscle around the eye loss of tone here causes fine lines or crows feet Poor lymph drainage and loss of tone here produces dark circles puffiness and bags Chee k muscles loss of tone here makes the cheek droop Muscle s of the m outh loss of tone here thins the lips and causes bleed lines Chin muscles loss of tone here causes the lips to pull down emphasising a miserable expression Neck muscles This muscle easily loses tone creating drooping jowls and sagging skin Cleo Q can target each of these specific problem areas allowing you to improve your weakest areas Cleo Q puts you in full control! Facial Fitness = Youthful looks Order Line: www club cleo com 6
  8. 8. What can Cleo Q do for me? The C leo Q facial program works on all the muscles of the face and neck toning and lifting them back into shape By mimicking the brain to nerve signal that keeps your muscles young and healthy regular use of C leo Q can re train your muscles and rejuvenate your skin making you look years younger! C leo Q revives the foundation muscles by increasing the supply of essential nutrients which feed the skin to diminish the appearance of those stubborn lines and wrinkles With regular activity you can actually keep them in good condition and slow down the rate at which ageing occurs We all have a particular hang up about one part of our face or body more than any other As well as giving the full face a workout Cleo Q can target specific problem areas to suit your needs C leo Q can boost your confidence and relieve tension Improving your appearance makes you feel better about yourself especially when you receive compliments on how well you look No Surgery, No Toxins, No Implants ..........Just natural beautiful skin Cleo Q can…… Lift your eyebrow shape to give you a more youthful and alert look reduce the appearance of frown lines and furrows and lift hooded eye lids Assist with lymph drainage removing metabolic waste from under the eyes reducing puffiness and dark circles Lift and shape the cheek muscles adding definition and features to individual beauty Restore lip fullness and shape and remove tiny bleed lines Tighten the jaw line and neck resulting in the disappearance of jowls and loose skin Improve complexion due to increased blood flow and the boost of vital nutrients to the epidermis Aid relaxation and de stress the body due to the release of endorphins into the blood stream Boost your confidence: all our customers have commented on the compliments they ve received on how well they look even from close friends and family!7 Order Line: www club cleo com
  9. 9. Cleo Q is for men too! Starting to notice lines and wrinkles? Worried about getting older but want to stay looking young? Lacking motivation or energy to workout in a gym? Then Cleo Q is for you!Increasingly men are giving women a run for their money when it comes to spending on looking goodand are no longer embarrassed to admit they use a wide variety of products to enhance theirappearanceUntil recently the vast majority of men considered personal grooming as unmasculine yet with a widerrange of male products being made available men are becoming more conscious of theageing process and the importance of taking steps to prevent itThis new awareness and acceptance that men can be as concerned as women about keeping theiryouthful looks is encouraging more men to try new things with increased confidence! Cleo Q is one revolution which offers men the full package!FaceIt helps to maintain and control the signs of ageing reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesdefining your features and giving you great looking skin! A seperate routine for each area of the faceputs you in controlBut what about your body? Would you like to burn off that flabby tummy? Tone your abs lift your pecs and firm your buttocks without working up a sweat?ChestA crucial part of your body s contour Effective toning of the pectoralmuscles using Cleo Q s chest program can help you achieve a firmand shapely chest Just a couple of millimetres natural uplift can makea huge difference and boost your confidence!AbdominalsA complete work out for the stomach! Just as your gym instructorwould give you several types of sit ups including side crunchesCleo Q is the only abdominal toner to offer three separate routinesensuring maximum effect!Not only does Cleo Q give you a fantastic looking stomach it alsostrengthens the abdominal corset which supports your everymovement protecting your back against injuryButtocksThe most difficult area to exercise yet Cleo Qmakes it all incredibly easy and achievable Thebuttocks program tones the muscles which supportand shape your bottom not only strengthening thehips but giving you a smooth firm and roundedcontour In the comfort & privacy of your own home Order Line: www club cleo com 8
  10. 10. Questions & Answers Q Can the frequencies do me any harm? A The frequencies are powered by x AAA batteries which are quite harmless Cle o Q simply mimicks a natural brain signal to stimulate the muscles This treatment has been thoroughly researched and tested Q How long and how often do I need to use it? A Muscles lose their tone gradually over a long period therefore they have to be re trained to keep in shape However by using the programs on a regular basis they will bring results As with all exercise programs it is best that they are not interrupted for extended periods The program timings are dependent on the area you wish to treat and the level at which you set as a target however they start from as little as minutes for facial areas up to a maximum of minutes on some body areas The treatment is safe to use daily We recommend that you use the program times a week to see noticeable results Q How long until I see results? A Muscle tone can be improved with regular activity As we all respond differently to exercise visible differences in your muscle tone would depend on where you are starting from i e your current level of muscle tone diet and general health Muscles lose their tone gradually over a long period therefore they have to be re trained to keep in shape again over a gradual period it will not happen overnight Q Is it easy to use? What do I do if I need advice? A The computerised programs do all the hard work for you leaving you to simply place the pads on the relevant area switch on and relax The comprehensive user guide shows you where the pads need to be placed and how to operate the unit as well as providing you with suggested routines and tips We also operate a helpline during normal office hours where you can seek assistance should you require Q Can men use the Cleo Q ? A Yes men and women of all ages can receive the benefits of C leo Q stimulation In fact in recent years more and more men are taking care of their appearance wanting to look younger and we have seen some fantastic examples of just what can be achieved when Cle o Q is used regularly!9 Order Line: www club cleo com
  11. 11. Q Loose skin laughter lines and wrinkles aren t they just a sign of growing older?A We do not pretend that Cle o Q can make you younger but it can make you look and feelyounger and the familiar signs of ageing can be reduced with regular use Loose skin around the chineyes and mouth can be made taut and as Cle o Q improves the skin s hydration many of those linesand wrinkles can dramatically be reduced or may even disappear This treatment can also improvecomplexion by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to the epidermisQ What about other machines?A The Cleo Q has been developed with Cumulative Charge Stimulation Technology CCST whichdelivers its energy as a chain of small packages instead of a single large delivery that is found with allother conventional stimulators It has been developed to offer a greater and wider degree ofstimulation while maintaining a high level of comfort to the user This means that large and wholemuscles can be stimulated resulting in the most efficient treatment availableQ I already visit a gym can Cleo Q do anything more for me?A Yes even if you take regular exercise Cleo Q can work alongside the benefits gained at a gymNo exercise routine can offer a facial workout and it may be more convenient for you to usesomething at homeQ I ve had surgery can I still use Cleo Q ?A Yes Surgery only really tackles the problem of ageing temporarily as it generally involvestightening stretching the skin back and does not actually prevent further ageing therefore it isnecessary to still exercise the foundation muscle to slow the ageing process furtherQ I ve had Botox or similar invasive procedures; can I still use Cleo Q ?A We would never recommend these types of procedures as the long term effects have not yet beenestablished For those people who have tried something of this nature it is perfectly safe to use Cleoproviding you have had a week settlement period after the procedure Of course once you see theamazing results that Cleo can bring you wouldn t need to consider repeating an alternative process Order Line: www club cleo com 10
  12. 12. Real People Before and After Before using Cleo Dear Cleo "I thought you might want to see physical proof of just how good your product really is! Here is a photo I took a year ago (the same week I started using Cleo) and here is proof that Cleo DOES work after just 18-months use. Not only is my skin tone hugely improved but youve quite literally taken 15 years off me!" Some people who have not seen me for a while reckon Ive had a face lift and my 18 year old son reckons Im a mature babe :-)" months later Cindy-Lou Dale - Age 43 (Belgium) “I’ve been using the Cleo facial system since 1995, and first tried it when a girlfriend of mine shared the experience with me on a trip. I immediately found the facial programme so relaxing, I decided to buy it for that reason alone. At first, I Before using Cleo admit I was actually sceptical about it being able to really lift and improve my facial muscle tone, but as the experience was so enjoyable, I decided to just wait and see. I used to be in the airline business, and had a very hectic life with a lot of jet lag. I have been using Cleo for some 13 years now, and can honestly say it has really helped me to both look and feel young, as well as actually maintain my facial muscles, and be an experience that I enjoy every time. I’m delighted that we men, too, can now have something which is completely natural with none of the risks or dangers of plastic surgery. What’s more, Cleo doesn’t only do wonders for your face and neck – it’s also brilliant for the hands too. August All I will say is the proof is in the pictures, and thank you, Cleo! Cleo user since 1995 – present. Charlie Napier - Age 46 (Luxembourg) “Hi, Im Jenny aged 49. I upgraded a year ago to the new Cleo ‘Q System and havent looked back. This new system is smaller and a lot more easier to carry around. I find this new system gives a lot faster and a more efficient workout with results that show immediately. My family and friends all comment on how well I look for my age and what is my secret”. Jenny Burrows - Age 49 (UK) We recently asked our customers to complete a survey The Results speak for themselves of Cleo Q users reported salon & invasive treatments hadn t worked of Cleo Q users had previously used creams without success of Cleo Q users saw a significant improvement within month said they would recommend our products or already have11 Order Line: www club cleo com
  13. 13. Customer Reviews “I have been with Cleo for 9 years and wouldnt be without it. The benefits are amazing. It even comes on holiday with me!” “Hi , I have been using Cleo for 11 years now. I got my first one when I was 39 it was a Mrs Clare, Warrington CLEO I, then when I was 40 my partner bought me the Cleo II, the whole system. I am now 51. I have been highly delighted with both the machines I’ve had and have now bought a Cleo ‘Q’. I like the idea that the Q is quicker . I go out socializing regularly and I like all the nice comments from people who tell me I never seem to age so thank you so “I am nearly 50 and I get comments on how I still much Cleo. I can’t imagine my life without it”. look better than most women years younger than myself, needless to say many friends and colleagues will definitely be joining you very soon, Sandra Gardener (51) from a customer who will be with you for life”. Mrs King, Merseyside“After years of the Diana treatment at Salons, I feel that the Cleo ‘Q’excels in performance, results, time and money”Mrs Blower, Stockport “I have used Cleo since it was first introduced, updating my units as new ones were introduced. I would recommend it without hesitation”. “Lovely piece of equipment, see results using facial already after just a few days. Highly Anne Stewart, Doncaster recommended to anyone young or old!” Carole Shaw. Beverley“I’ve been using the Cleo face system now “Excellent product, been using now for 15 yearsfor 5 years. There is no doubt it helps to and people never guess my true age. It iskeep my skin taut and smooth and gives an probably the most effective anti ageing productoverall glow to the face. I feel it helps me to I have ever bought or will ever need. If for anystay younger looking. I am very pleased reason I’ve stopped using my Cleo for a shortwith it and manage about 4-5 sessions per time, when I start up again the results areweek. I LOVE MY CLEO”. immediate”.Mary Morrisey, London Ann Mathews, Doncaster “I really love the Cleo System, when people “I’ve been using Cleo for 7 years and everyone says started to comment on how well I looked I that I look at least 10 years younger than my age. thought they were just being polite. However Brilliant. I am currently 47 and it’s such a good several years and grandchildren on they are still feeling to be told that I look so much younger. Cleo saying it. I am now 51 and can honestly say I is one of the best purchases I have ever made!” would not be as confident as I am now without the Cleo, thank you for such a wonderful Karen McIntyre, Canterbury product”. Mrs. Medcalf, Taunton, Somerset “I have been using Cleo for about a week now and have noticed a slight difference believe it or not, I was complimented on my skin today and it looks like its working”.“I think it’s wonderful. I am 72 and been told i’ve been Mrs Berladyn, Cramlingtonmistaken for 57-60 which is very nice. I think it’s great”.Mrs Hayes, Southampton To read more customer comments on our service Cleo Q and other products in our range please visit our website @ www club cleo com Order Line: www club cleo com 12
  14. 14. Media Reviews Magazines Brand New You June The key to a perfect smile is to keep the face toned and sculpted so exercise is super important Cleo s Q facial exerciser is an in home treatment that keeps facial muscles fully toned and enhances your appearance TAKE NOTE: Originally developed by British scientists for treating Bells Palsy a form of facial paralysis the Q is a neat battery powered anti ageing treatment that bypasses injections As with any exercise programme it s putting in the effort that can really make the difference Beauty Re defined Shape Magazine Cleo has the effect of returning the foundation muscles to a more youthful tone giving you the same control over your facial fitness and appearance as you have Cleo is able to give amazing results simply sit with your body back and relax and allow Cleo to lift tone and SHE Magazine smooth your face M Magazine Wrinkles and jowls reduce in appearance and sometimes disappear as the skins elasticity and nutrition is regained Good Housekeeping The Best Kept Secret in Show Business Famous model high flying executive or a busy mum you all want to get in shape for summer Well Cleo can help you achieve your goal Face stomach bust buttocks hands and even your pelvic floor Cleo allows you to work on the part of your body you want to change in the comfort of your own home putting you in charge of the image you want to create Use Cleo as a relaxing daily treat to indulge yourself in while improving the tone and appearance of Amazing results: crows feet and laughter lines have disappeared your face and body cheekbones give more definition fuller lips and firmer neck and jaw OK Magazine Executive Woman13 Order Line: www club cleo com
  15. 15. Media Reviews Newspapers & TV Bust Programme The Cleo incorporates a special bust programme designed to provide a non surgical lifting by targeting the root cause of the problem Lifting saggy pectoral muscles to your natural bra shape sending electronic impulses to your muscles Daily Express People can spend a small fortune on anti wrinkle creams but may feel disappointed if the goods don t live up to the claims made The reason the creams may be thought to have failed is that they are tackling the result of ageing wrinkly skin rather than the actual cause of the problem which is poor facial muscle tone One solution is Cleo a device that electronically stimulates the foundation facial muscles re educating and rejuvenating them effectively turning back the hands of time Regular use of Cleo for just a few minutes each day can lift tone and strengthen facial muscles and dramatically improve one s complexion by increasing blood flow and bringing the body s collagens elastins vitamins and other vital nutrients to all skin layers A safe non invasive non toxic treatment cleo is a natural alternative to costly and potentially risky cosmetic procedures to keep you looking young Daily Express March Unlike the fast frequency salon treatments Cleo uses a slower pulse that penetrates much deeper into the face so it s not just the skin that improves Watch those lines and wrinkles disappear Daily Star C The CLEO itself is very easy indeed it s a question of plugging yourself in and off you go it DOES make a difference BBC Television Watchdog There are a number of electrical face toning treatments available at the moment it s important to realise that there are two kinds of therapy available The type offered by many beauty salons uses fast frequency micro current to treat the superficial layers of the facial muscles You get an instant result but it only lasts a matter of hours This guarantees the salons repeat business The other uses slower frequency pulses and stimulates the deeper layer of facial muscle You have to use it for longer to see results but the effect is more lasting because as well as toning the face s foundation muscles deep treatment improves the nourishment of the over lying skin The only machine on the market that does this is the Cleo Cleo does not have any side effects Dr Alison Lyon Yorkshire Eveining PostIn a recent independent survey of Health & Beauty editors who tried Cleo said they would recommend it to their readers Order Line: www club cleo com 14
  16. 16. Not only for the Face; a complete Body Treatment System! Body Areas Saggy arms can be unsightly and are Cleo Q is programmed to work on your body to tone generally unavoidable for most women even those who regularly exercise in a those stubborn areas Cleo Q works just like going to the gym! gym toning your arms chest abdomen hands buttocks By using this program you can start to legs cellulite affected areas and pelvic floor tone the upper arm into shape and stimulate the muscles to aid with the breakdown and removal of fatty No effort required! deposits that accumulate in this area Arms Hands Our hands are the most hardworking and exposed parts of our body and one Body of the main neglected areas Abs Buttocks and Chest Cleo Q By being robbed of essential nutrients can be used by males and females to and hydration our hands can quickly tighten tone and firm the body become dry rough and wrinkled without the sweat and pain of the gym By improving circulation C l e o Q rejuvenates the hands restoring It tones the pectoral muscles to lift mobility and encouraging healthy nail and support the chest Firms the growth! muscles that support and shape the buttocks giving you a smoother more This program can also aid against the rounded contour The abs program symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism offers options strengthening the abdominal corset to: Pelvic firm and flatten the tummy Childbirth hormonal changes during accentuate the waistline menopause excessive physical activity increase support of the spine to and ageing are a few of the causes of a improve posture weak pelvic floor Stress urge even stool incontinence and lack of enjoyment during intimacy are Cellulite some of the warning signs that you need Celluite is something that exercise to strengthen this area and diet alone cannot remove It is C l e o Q can provide up to sometimes an inherited condition contractions in just session something and can affect anyone even very impossible to match by traditional and slim people outdated squeeze and release techniques Cleo Q targets specific problem The medically recommended daily amount is a areas! Combined with expert minimum massage techniques it works with your body to de stabilise the stubborn fatty deposits that build Cl eo Q Di screet i s a CLASS I I a medical device recognised to meet up removing them via your the standards of the MDD EEC natural lymph drainage system to treat problems associated with bladder weakness A healthier lifestyle will assist the benefits of this program Legs This program shapes and tones the calf muscles to give you a leg profile to be proud of Used on a regular basis it will increase stamina improve circulation and aid lymphatic drainage removal of toxins ! Everyone can benefit from this program15 Order Line: www club cleo com
  17. 17. ! Our Guarantee to you The Cleo Q MultiGym System comes with a FREE year manufacturer s warranty* giving you full protection for repair or replacement should your system develop a fault Cleo Q Systems are manufactured to the highest specification and although we would expect you to have many years of trouble free use it would be prudent to protect your investment further With our unbeatable value Year Extended Warranty Cover we can offer you the opportunity to have total peace of mind for years SPECIAL DISCOUNT Normally priced at if you take out the year extended warranty package NOW or up to days after delivery you pay only ! SAVING YOU ! OUR SERVICE TO YOU! Our dedicated helpline offers expert technical advice where many problems can be resolved by one of our trained consultants Open Mon Fri am pm In the rare event of you experiencing a problem we offer a swift repair service avoiding long interruptions to your treatment If we can t repair it we ll give you a brand new one! Please Note: Any mis use or interference of the equipment will invalidate your warranty Take out your Year Extended Warranty now and receive a DISCOUNT OFF NORMAL PRICE ear 3 Y on For cti * Warranty covers the Cleo Q control unit electrical er rote 43P P component parts ONLY P LY ON Week! * Warranty does not cover consumables accessories or accidental damage Terms & Conditions: Distance Selling Regulations 2000 1) Cancellation Rights: Refunds are accepted and given subject to compliance with the agreed terms & conditions. 2) Notification of Cancellation: Must be provided by legible medium: post, fax, or e-mail within 7 days from the date of delivery, OR verbal communication by obtaining a Returns Authorisation Number from KayCo Ltd within 7 working days from the date of delivery. Written confirmation will be sent to the customer within 3 days & title of the goods will be returned to KayCo Ltd. 3) Return of Goods: goods must be returned to the registered company address in a reasonable condition. The consumer is liable for the cost of return postage, if necessary, insuring the parcel against loss or damage in transit. Product returned damaged or tampered with will not entitle consumer to full cancellation rights. (regulation 8(2) (b) (ii)) 4) Returned Of Used Product: the consumer is under duty to take reasonable care of items in their possession. replenishable items must be unused for refund. If goods are returned used or not in a reasonable condition, the consumer loses their right to cancellation of those items. Any refund is given subject to replacement / re-stocking costs chargeable to the consumer. (regulation 12(1) (c)) 5) Purchase Incentives/Offers: All items offered as purchase incentives form part of the whole purchase, and must be returned complete and unused to qualify for refund. Any items not returned will be charged for at the recommended retail price shown on the most up to date price list. 6) Postage & Packaging: Where postage & packaging is charged or applied as an additional service, it becomes non-refundable upon cancellation of the order under the agreed Terms & Conditions. 7) Any goods purchased on finance will be subject to a £10.00 cancellation fee, which is payable prior to termination of the contract. Please Note: This information is provided here, (the pre-purchase information brochure), our website and on the customers copy invoice at the time of delivery and is legislation set down by the Trading Standards Authority & the OFT, by which we are legally bound to comply, KayCo Ltd. Order Line: www club cleo com 16
  18. 18. How to Order Products Code Price Qty Cost Cleo Q Face System QSSelect the products you would like to order Co mpl et e Q Mult iGy m Sy st e m Discounted QS Cleo Q Face System Pelvic Upper & Lower Body Modules Additional Modules Upper Body Module Arms Chest & Hands QMUB Lower Body Module Abs Buttocks Cellulite & Legs QMLB Pelvic Module QMPEL Year Extended Warranty QEW Cut Here Cleo Active OFF when ordered with Cleo Q RRP SA Cleo Q Discreet SDQ p&p to mainland UK Outside mainland UK prices vary please call for cost Total Order Value If ordering by phone please quote: Q Brochure Please make cheques payable to KayCo Ltd *Please allow days extra for delivery to allow for cheque clearance* Delivery Date: d d m m Preferred date to sign for delivery Prices listed are inclusive of VAT Tax will be deducted at point of processing for all orders delivered to VAT exempt regions Title: Mr Mrs etc Name: Address:Personal and Card details Postcode: Tel: compulsory for delivery Delivery Address: If different from above Postcode: Tel: Card Type: Maestro Visa Mastercard Visa Delta Issue No: Card No: Maestro only Valid From: - Expiry Date: Security No: digits on signature strip ways to order last CC Finance International: Complete this order form & finance form if applying for an installment plan and return to: KayCo Ltd FREEPOST RRGT RCCT JTGA Leeds LS RX 17 www Online @: w ww club cleo com
  19. 19. Finance Application Form O Interest With Finance UK Residents ONLY Subject to status Apply by phone : or online at www club cleo com Personal Details: Employment Details: Title: Mr Mrs etc Status: Employed Self Employed First Names: Retired Homemaker Disabled Surname: Other Please Specify Mothers Maiden Name: Time in current Job: Years Months Full Time Part Time Date of Birth: Occupation: Day Month Year Employer: Employer address: Address: Postcode: Postcode: Business Tel: Time at this address: Years Months Tel: Landline ONLY Bank Details: Tel: Mobile ONLY Customer name on Account: Email: Sort Code: Previous Address: Account No: if less than yrs at current address Time at Bank: Years Marital Status: Postcode: Married Divorced Separated Time at this address: Years Months Single Widow er Co Habiting Residential Status: Please complete all fields to avoid Owner Council Tenant delays in processing your application Private Tenant Living with ParentsCut Here Please include a recent utility bill No of Dependents: Please Note: A processing fee is payable on acceptance Signature To avoid disappointment please be aware that Finance is not available if you are a student employed less than hours per week or unemployed 18
  20. 20. ‘The Thinking Woman’s Face Lift’ KayCo Ltd Cadman Court Chartists Way Morley Leeds LS RX UK Sales Enquiries: Fax: International Sales Enquiries: Fax: Email: info@club cleo com www club cleo com Information correct at time of going to press The company reserve the right to vary details without prior notification CLEO