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The works inside were done by myself in a variety of media between the ages of 14 to my early twenties at UofT and O.C.A.D. . Some pieces are projects and others were done independent of school.

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Rob McDonald Visual Art Portfolio

  1. 1. Visual Art Portfolio 12 Pieces with information by Rob McDonald
  2. 2. Creation August 1995 Acrylic painting on canvas 6 ft. by 4 ft. Creation is an illustrative painting using a cool/warm colour scheme. The conceptual idea behind creation was a depiction of the creation of the universe. There was also an extensive summer sketch process leading up to this painting.
  3. 3. Battling Geometries 1991 Colour Pencil Crayon and India Ink Illustration on Paper 2 ft. by 20 inches This was my first full cool/warm colour illustration. The piece was inspired by lessons learnt in my first art classes. The image is a battle between two organic and cube shaped characters
  4. 4. Colour Rhythm 1998 Gouache Illustrative Painting on Art board 11 inches by 11 inches Colour Rhythm is an illustrative painting using expressive line and colour to represent rhythmical composition ideas.
  5. 5. Shapes 1998 Colour Pencil Crayon on Watercolour Paper 14 inches by 8 inches Shapes is a colour illustration using primary colours, fundamental composition and basic 3d forms.
  6. 6. Hands 1997 Gouache Paint on Art board 11 inches by 3 ft. 6 inches Illustrative gouache painting using a complimentary colour scheme. Hands was created as a part of a fundamental study in colour theory.
  7. 7. Eye 1992 Acrylic Painting on Canvas 29 inches by 29 inches on a 45 degree angle The quot;Eyequot; was my first colour painting on canvas. The multi layered cool/warm piece is the result of an early obsession with drawing images of the human eye.
  8. 8. Integrand 1993 Sculpture using Popsicle Sticks, Plywood, Varnish, Hot Glue and Sweat 4 ft. by 4ft by 4ft Integrand in French for Integration, which is the calculus principle this sculpture is based on. The piece was created for my OAC advanced visual art studio and application to university.
  9. 9. Perspective 1995 Diluted India Ink on Art board 40 inches by 20 inches on three panels Perspective is a triptych piece illustrated freehand using india ink diluted more or less to create a tonal scale. The three images illustrate one, two and three point perspective.
  10. 10. Hands Sketch 1998 Graphite Drawing on Paper 18 inches by 20 inches The Hands Sketch was drawn from observation of my own hand. The drawing was created as a part of a series of classes took in observational drawing. The illustrative concept is inspired by M.C. Esher.
  11. 11. A Beautiful Smudge 1998 Graphite Drawing on Paper 18 inches by 20 inches This piece is called quot;A Beautiful Smudgequot; because it was created by vigorously smudging and erasing graphite from the page. The drawing was created from observation of a mannequin during a truly inspired observational drawing class.
  12. 12. Focal Point 1998 Graphite Illustration on Paper 8 inches by 11 inches Focal Point was the name of the project that this piece was created for. The organic lines create form that flows towards the compositions focal point.
  13. 13. Spiral Photocopy Collage on Paper 1994 16 inches by 19 inches Spiral was a part of an extensive architectural photocopy collage project. The image is a photocopy of a photograph of a spiral staircase made to resemble a telephone cord.
  14. 14. Copyright - Rob McDonald 2001