Unlimited Profits and Think and Grow Rich Training


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Our first training call slides for Unlimited Profits.

We covered the first chapter of Think and Grow Rich then we went on to discuss Craigslist ads.

If you are in Unlimited Profits or any kind of business opportunity you should definitely follow us.

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Unlimited Profits and Think and Grow Rich Training

  1. 1. Chapter 1: Thoughts Are Things • Elements of Success: – What do you really WANT? – Build your Passion for it. – Never give up (even when it is difficult or seems impossible)
  2. 2. Vacation Responder Technique for Craigslist You Need: • Craigslist Account • Dedicated Gmail Account • Your Ad – Be Honest
  3. 3. Be Honest in Your Ad What is Unlimited Profits at its Core? • It’s a training system. • Your Ad should reflect that this is for training. • Short Subject or Headline relating to training.
  4. 4. Where to Post? Post almost anywhere. • Jobs – customer service, marketing, sales • Services – computer services, small biz ads, lessons • Resumes • Gigs offered
  5. 5. How to Make Your Ad? • Short, to the point, catchy subject line • Start with a question – Million Dollar Question or another question that relates to a problem earning money on the internet • Offer the solution • Tell them what’s required – computer, internet, etc • They must be trainable • Include your email address for your vacation response account
  6. 6. Sample Ad Subject: Get Trained How to Earn Money Online Message: Who do you know right now who can use extra money? Does earning money online confuse you? Let us show you how it’s done. You must have: a computer and reliable internet access You should have: social media experience You must be: trainable and able to follow instructions For more information send your request to: csjobs@gmail.com
  7. 7. What Countries to Post? Best places to post: 1. United States (certain cities are much better than others – experiment) 2. Canada 3. Mexico and Latin America 4. Philippines 5. Australia, New Zealand 6. Europe – Germany is a good market, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy 7. Indonesia 8. Asia is not typically very good nor is Africa
  8. 8. Gmail Vacation Responder Setting up your Vaction Response • Click the Gear Icon • Click Settings -> General • Turn on Vacation Response • Do not set an end date • Subject – relate to training • Response – short relating to training, include your affiliate link
  9. 9. Sample Response Subject: Re: Business Training Request Message: Thank you for your interest in receiving the free business training from Unlimited Profits. Click the link below and fill out the online form to get started: http://unlimitedprofits.com/sp4/index.php?ID=18167 You will get instant, life-time access to the website and hundreds of hours of training. As well, you get 30-days to try our business building tools and lead manager. If you wish to continue using the lead manager after 30-days, you will have to upgrade. Keep in mind, there is no obligation to upgrade. If you wish to just use the free training, again you have free, life-time access to the training. If you have any questions, get in touch with me. My contact information is in the website (phone, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, email) Lastly, I am here to help you become successful so dont be afraid to ask for help at anytime. Robert Schulz UnlimitedProfits.com
  10. 10. Sorting Not Convincing Sort the interested from those who are not. • Present the opportunity • They enter your back office • Then begin to work with them • Never try to convince because it usually fails – Everyone dislikes salespeople.
  11. 11. Don’t Give Everything Away Like any good book or movie, you never give away the plot or the ending. • Pique interest with a taste of what’s to come • Create mystery • Point, Guide and Direct
  12. 12. Final Thoughts • Set goals – Get in profit first • Pros need: 2 pro upgrades or 14 standards or 1 pro and 7 standards • Standards need 3 upgrades – Upgrade to pro if you are standard – Get 10 pros – bonus check matching kicks in here
  13. 13. Call Times Every Friday at 6pm EST/3pm PST Join on Skype call by adding to your contacts Robert: robert.joseph.schulz Jun: myganocafe
  14. 14. Follow UsWebsite: http://www.successmafia.comSMblog: http://www.smgroupblog.comFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/successmafiaTwitter:http://www.twitter.com/successmafia