Easy Image Ads Exposed!


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Ever wonder how people get those image ads on Craigslist and other advertising websites? Here's the basics.

This presentation has a supplementary video that shows how you can actually host your images on a remote server for your image ads. The video is on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGjgS2-RVyE&feature=share&list=UUxt2eDniJzDWX-mtg3pU8YA

This training is directed to Unlimited Profits members, to better help them with their advertising efforts. Success Mafia works with Unlimited Profits group members and others regularly to help them achieve their goals.

If you want to join us feel free to enter your information at http://unlimitedprofits.mixedcoffee.com

Have a great day!

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Easy Image Ads Exposed!

  1. 1. Image Ads Exposed!Creating Clickable Ads for Craigslist
  2. 2. What do I need? You need to have the following to post your image ads: • An image hosted on a remote server • A destination URL for your visitors That’s basically all you need but it’s a bit more complex than it appears.
  3. 3. How to Make an Image • Create your own image from scratch using Photoshop – can be difficult and expensive if you don’t have PS • Create your image using your default image editor on your computer – can be difficult but basically free • Have an image created by someone else – easy but can cost money (try fiverr.com to outsource this if you want) • Make your ad on a word processor and add clip art or theme backgrounds and different fonts – easy and basically cost free There are many different options available
  4. 4. How to Hosting an Image To place an image ad you must have your image hosted on a remote server. Free options include: • Wordpress.com • Screencast.com • And more
  5. 5. How to Make Your Link Simply copy your desired link from your destination website and paste it on a note pad or word processor page
  6. 6. How to Make Your Image Ad Code This is a bit of a difficult step. But if you’ve got your image hosted it’s really just a matter of copying and pasting to get the HTML code you need for your ad.
  7. 7. HTML Code You need: • Your destination website URL (http://YourDestination URL.com) • Your remotely hosted image URL (http://YourImageURL.c om)
  8. 8. HTML Code To make an image ad now you need to put these URLs together using some HTML code. <a href=“http://YourDestinationURL.com”> <img scr=“http://YourImageURL.com” /> </a> Copy and paste your links in the appropriate locations and save in your notepad.
  9. 9. Placing Your Ad • Copy and paste all of your code in the message editing section of the advertising website • Also place some type of text like a quotation after the code – use a different quote with each ad to keep the posts unique
  10. 10. An Example Ad Code: <a href=“http://unlimitedprofits.mixedcoffee. com”><img scr=“http://mixedcoffee.files.wordpress.co m/2012/10/click-apply.png” /></a>
  11. 11. Final Points • Subject or headline is extremely important to attracting viewers to your ad • Category is important as well – most people check out jobs • Don’t use the same headline or exact same ad and quote combination more than once
  12. 12. Happy Posting • If you need help, email us at: support@successmafia.net • Find us on the internet at: http://www.SuccessMafia.com and http://www.SMGroupBlog.com • We can also design an image or QR code (small cost is involved for this service)