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Robinson Landscape UK Profile

  1. 1. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space” “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  2. 2. Welcome to this brief introduction to Robinson Landscape which I hope provides a taste of our ability to provide excellent landscape design to compliment and bring value to your development. What these pages cannot do is introduce the staff which is essence of our practice. We would therefore welcome the opportunity of meeting with you and discuss direct how we can help deliver your specific project aspirations and requirements Clive Horsman – Director Robinson Landscape is a registered practice with the UK Landscape Institute “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Robinson Landscape is a registered landscape architecture practice. We are part of Robinson Design Ltd in the UK, a multi-disciplinary company which includes architects, civil and structural engineers, environmental engineers, interior designers and 3D computerisation modellers, employing over 100 staff in both our UK and China offices. The Robinson group was established in 1947 by Jack Robinson and it remains a family led company with his grandson James Robinson now Chairman. Robinson Landscape was formed in 2005 through the merger of landscape practice Horsman Woolley, with Director Clive Horsman bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience. Robinson Landscape have been supporting our China architectural joint-venture company Robinson-JZFZ in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, on a variety of projects since 2005 for both private and Government clients. We have also worked on projects independently in China and recently in Simon Jersey, Accrington Kuala Lumpur. We continue to give a personal service to our clients around the world and with our first class reputation we can provide a refreshing approach to the landscape design of projects. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION Design excellence and the celebration of place are at the heart of Robinson Landscape’s ethos. Central to this are the core values of teamwork, service excellence, creativity and the ambition to provide our Clients with solutions which suit their needs. Our core services include: • Landscape Architecture • Urban Design and Masterplanning • Planting and Hard Works solutions • Visual Impact Assessment • Landscape Management • Design for Sustainability St Georges Close, Sheffield ~ Opal Property ,Group • Bio-diversity and Ecological Principles Through our close working relationship with fellow consultants we can also offer ecological surveys and BREEAM reports, tree surveys, geo-technical surveys, 3d computer imagery and facilitate public art – essentially a one- stop-shop for the external environment. We believe our strength lies in our staff: their knowledge, experience and commitment to deliver both large and small-scale projects with equal enthusiasm. We aim to generate value for clients by early involvement in a project, through an ability to manage projects from inception to completion, through flexibility and by learning to understand our client’s needs. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES Robinson Landscape’s key objectives are: To bring added value to a project through the following means: Developing a relationship ~ with client and design team Listening ~ to what the client wants Removing problems ~ being pro-active Adding £’s through good landscape design ~ creating a setting, improving rent or selling values, increasing the perceived profile of the company Creating Image ~ for the public, visitors to site or employees Getting involved with the project at the right time ~ see the ‘Route Map’ which follows “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  6. 6. ROUTE MAP TO A SUCCESSFUL PROJECT We are familiar with the required input for all RIBA Work Stages and the importance of achieving outline and detailed planning. However, we can also bring benefits to the project by being involved at the earliest opportunity, such as pre-purchase of the site and exploring site options, as we can use our experience to help identify and mitigate potential site and planning difficulties and, if necessary, bring in complimentary expertise through our close working relationships with ecologists, arboricultralists and geo-engineers. We can bring added value to a scheme at a variety of important stages: through pre-development audits; visual impact assessments; formulating landscape strategies and bio-diversity action plans; gaining BREEAM credits; assisting and which may be necessary procurement of appropriate plants and materials to ensure the best outcome at completion; provide site inspection of work being carried out to ensure specifications are being adhered to and providing long term management plans for effective aftercare and successful maturing of the scheme. We also bring a passion for good design and relish working with visionary design teams. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  7. 7. PROJECT EXAMPLES “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  8. 8. Gateway West, Newburn Riverside, Tyneside – BREEAM excellent rating Completed May 2009 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  9. 9. St Georges Student Housing, Sheffield – courtyards and extreme access requirements Completed Autumn 2007 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  10. 10. Derby Road Offices Phase 1, Chesterfield - Completed Spring 2008 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  11. 11. Whitehall, Leeds – Public Waterfront Leeds Architectural Award for Open Space 1997 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  12. 12. Manor Mill, Mixed Use Development, Hull – planning application Public Realm Courtyard Performance Space Water Feature “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  13. 13. York St John University ‘Centre for Excellence’ – paving and access details completed 2008 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  14. 14. The Grammar School at Leeds - extensions, access and courtyards completed Summer 2008 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  15. 15. Whitehall, Leeds – Public Waterfront RICS Award for Public Open Space 2003 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  16. 16. Edlington Health and Community Centre – new town centre masterplan “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  17. 17. Hope Academy, St Helens – new school bid success, April 2009 Currently on site “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  18. 18. Mossley Hollins High School, Thameside – successful BSF bid currently on site Main entrance access concept Entrance plaza and outdoor dining space “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  19. 19. Ferrymuir Business Park, Edinburgh – masterplan and detailed design 2001- 2008 Infrastructure planting Sustainable Computer image for planning Dakota Hotel drainage “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  20. 20. Office Developments “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  21. 21. Novotel, Leeds – roof garden construction – completed 2003 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  22. 22. ‘The Tramways’ housing apartment courtyard, Guiseley – completed 2006 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  23. 23. Chettles Yard Student Accommodation, Nottingham – student + public spaces Completion 2010 Public Realm Corten Steel features “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  24. 24. Great Horton Primary Care Centre, Bradford - completed 2010 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  25. 25. A64 Road Junction Improvements, Copmanthorpe, York – completed 2002 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  26. 26. International Car City, Shanghai – masterplanning “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  27. 27. Kang Jun Ao`shi Door Apartments, Chendgu, China – Glass bridge “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  28. 28. Planning Exhibition Centre, Xindu, Sichuan, China Completed 2009 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  29. 29. Khalifa Park, Abu Dhabi Masterplan and concept design The practice was invited to join a UK team to masterplan a new park in Abu Dhabi. As well as contributing to the overall layout, Clive Horsman was particularly responsible for the designs of the three Islamic gardens on the Grand Avenue. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  30. 30. Yubei International Plaza and Culture Park, Masterplan and concept design Chongqing Airport, China Culture Park masterplan Plaza Gateway concepts International Plaza concepts “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  31. 31. Mixed use, residential, hotel and commercial development, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – masterplan and detail design Masterplan Sales gallery “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  32. 32. Sustainability Robinson Landscape are becoming increasingly involved in various aspects of sustainable development including SUDS, bio-diversity issues, roof gardens and BREEAM type applications. We are becoming particularly adept in providing landscape designs which maximise Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM credits especially within the ecology (ECO) section of the Assessments. We can provide a complete service for this element in conjunction with our partnering consultants Ecology UK or work with the clients appointed ecologists. Sustainable Drainage principles Wild Flower Translocation “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  33. 33. DETAILED CASE STUDIES “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  34. 34. CASE STUDY 1 Yubei District Government - Proposed Public Square & Park Chongqing, China 计设观景场广共公府政区北渝市庆重 计设观景场广共公府政区北渝市庆重 计设观景场广共公府政区北渝市庆重 计设观景场广共公府政区北渝市庆重 Robinson Landscape were commissioned by the Yubei District Government to design a new public square in a parkland setting in advance of their new offices, public administration building and conference centre planned for the site. The site is located in the Yubei High Tech Industrial Zone north of downtown Yubei, a government district of the municipality of Chongqing. The site is approximately 5 hectares in size with approximately a third allocated to the public square and the remainder to a lake and landscape setting. The scheme has been designed using contemporary European design principles such as clean simple lines in a minimal setting which in turn emphasises the scale of the Square and its grandeur creating an impressive public statement. The scheme will form the catalyst for the re-development and economic growth of Yubei District as an important modern, high tech centre for international business and commerce. The project was completed in May 2007 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  35. 35. Design concepts The early site and office development scheme prepared by Robinson Architects focused on the arrangement of modern buildings and landscape around the image of a hand – with the fingers as government offices and the palm of the hand as the public areas – illustrating the ‘government embracing the people’. Taking this analogy further, by connecting the north- west and south-east corners of the site a ‘lifeline’ across the ‘palm’ seemed a fitting gesture of people and government connected. This line has manifested itself as a black granite wall, symbolising strength and permanence . The wall forms a divide on the north side of the main pubic square and the adjoining area associated with the conference centre. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  36. 36. Design concepts To the south and west of the main square – a change in levels dictates the need for steps which create the boundary to these sides. The podium is located in the south-east corner along a secondary line from the wall and conference centre up to the high point at the south- west corner of the site. The main vehicular entrance for public visiting the proposed public administration building and VIP’s visiting the government offices breaks the public square with a less formal park which rises up to the south-west corner. The lake sits in the centre of the overall site at a lower level to the square. The Square has been design to give a clear space of approximately 55 x 70 metres which, with additional surrounding smaller spaces to be adequate for a wide variety of uses from small exercise groups to large scale gatherings for Government speeches or concerts. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  37. 37. Masterplan 1 5 KEY 2 1. The Teahouse Area 2. The Public 3 3 Square 3. The Lakeside Terrace 4. The Park Entrance 5. Conference Centre 7 6. Administration Building 7. Government 6 Offices 4 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  38. 38. Masterplan 7 6 4 KEY 3 1. The Teahouse Area 2. The Public Square 3 3. The Lakeside Terrace 4. The Park Entrance 5. Conference Centre 6. Administration 5 Building 2 7. Government Offices 1 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  39. 39. Masterplan images “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  40. 40. The Black Granite Wall – the lifeline The Black Granite Wall The Wall – the ’lifeline’ of the scheme - extends across the square towards the south-east corner of the site. The top of the wall is at a constant level approximately 3.5 metres above the square. Where it reaches out over the lake, the change in level introduces a dramatic height of 7 metres. The square terminates around the wall as a viewing point looking over the lake with extensions of the Wall stepping into the water framing an imposing flight of steps down to a water side terrace. In line with the Wall is a single jet fountain in the lake rising to over 10 metres in height. On the opposite side of the lake, a short section of black wall, incorporating a water feature, rises out of the water and creates the setting for a small glass pavilion and terrace. The Wall is constructed using black polished granite with stripes of unpolished black granite to provide interesting contrast. Around the base are coloured neon lights set under frosted glass at pavement level. In order to move between the different spaces, sections of Wall have been removed. However, these are relocated in different places and linked with the neon lights to provide the impression that they have been broken and pushed out of the wall, yet are still part of the Wall within the square. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  41. 41. The finished scheme – the Granite Wall Lifeline “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  42. 42. The finished scheme – the Public Square “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  43. 43. The finished scheme – the Light Wall “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  44. 44. The finished scheme - features The Teahouse The Lakeside Terrace and planting The Park Entrance “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  45. 45. CASE STUDY 2 Emei Shan (Qi Li Ping International Mountain Tourism Resort, ) ) ) ) Sichuan, China ( 村假度游旅 坪里七 山眉峨 村假度游旅 坪里七 山眉峨 村假度游旅 坪里七 山眉峨 村假度游旅 坪里七 山眉峨 ) Robinson Landscape were commissioned in 2008 by the Sichuan Development of the masterplan and the detailed design of phase 1 Golden Cup Group, Leshan, to develop the landscape masterplan required attention to carefully integrate tourist activities and and detailed design to phase 1 of the 9km2 proposed Qi Li Ping destinations such as a golf course, hotels and hot spring spas, Mountain Tourist Resort. villas and apartments, commercial centres, culture museums, outdoor activity and visitor centres. Added to this were the The site is situated in the shadow of the World Heritage Site of Emei environmental developments such as new lakes as features and to Shan (Mt Emei) and surrounded by natural beauty – deep river provide water, habitat creation to enhance the local bio-diversity, gorges, tree clad mountains, tumbling rivers and streams – a wide providing opportunities for the locals to gain financially with their variety of wildlife and plants and within the setting of a rich and produce and culture and developing a landscape strategy to utilise valuable local rustic culture demonstrated by the generations of the natural environment as a selling point for the lifestyle on offer. people living in the region. The scope of work included land planning, legibility through the site, As landscape architects within the design team our principle aim was iconic structures such at the entrance bridge over the Qi Li Ping to help achieve the economic success of the development at the river gorge, imaginearing of appropriate tourism destinations and same time as preserving, enhancing and utilising the distinctive championing sustainable and eco-friendly design solutions. environmental quality of the locality. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  46. 46. Landscape masterplan Entrance Bridge PHASE 1 DEVELOPMENT (DETAILED EXAMPLE) Discovery Centre NORTH LAKE DEVELOPMENT (SCHEME EXAMPLE) “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  47. 47. Masterplan extract – North Lake Development 1: Bar Street 街吧酒 情风 2: Cultural Buildings Museum Cluster 群集筑建 化文 3: Ecological Fishing Centre 心中钓垂 态生 4: Wildlife Centre 心中物植动 生野 5: Hotspring Hotel 店酒 泉温 6: Car Park 场 车停 7: Track to Forest and Lake 路小 的区湖和林森 向通 8: Proposed Lake 区湖的 划计 “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  48. 48. Masterplan extract – Planting Concepts The philosophy towards the planting was to utilise natural occurring species, and to transplant where possible from areas of development. Ornamental plants, where required, were chosen predominantly from the range of coloured azaleas and rhododendrons which are local to the region. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  49. 49. Masterplan extract – Entrance Bridge Concepts The bridge at the entrance of the site over the Qi Lii Ping river gorge was designed to provide an iconic structure and sense of arrival to the development. The desire was to provide a structure which ‘lightly touched the landscape’ and which took design cues from the local culture and environment. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  50. 50. Phase 1 Detailed Design - Planning “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  51. 51. Phase 1 Detailed Design – Discovery Centre “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  52. 52. Phase 1 Detailed Design – Discovery Centre Discovery Centre Amphitheatre “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  53. 53. Phase 1 Detailed Design – Images Outdoor hot spring spas New Lake Outdoor hot spring spas Natural environment to housing “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  54. 54. Phase 1 - Site progress “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  55. 55. KEY PERSONNEL “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  56. 56. CLIVE HORSMAN Dip LA, CMLI Director : Landscape Architect Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute RESUME: SUMMARY: QUALIFICATIONS: A Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute (MLI) and having nearly 35 years experience as a landscape architect, Clive commenced his career in CMLI Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute : 1986 1974 with Kirklees Metropolitan Council in West Yorkshire, working on Dip.LA Diploma in Landscape Architecture : Leeds 1984 education, housing, key projects such as civic square and town centre Landscape Institute Part 2 : 1980 developments, the Council’s land reclamation programme and providing an Landscape Institute Part 1 : 1976 advisory role in the planning department. NVQ Level 2 Interior Planting : 1996 EXPERIENCE: In 1988 Clive formed his own practice gaining further experience working 2002 Director of Robinson Landscape on a number of prestigious projects including banking HQ’s, business 1996-2002 Co-founded Horsman Woolley Landscape Architects parks and leisure schemes and in 1996 created the partnership Horsman 1988-1996 Founded Clive Horsman Design Studios – Halifax Woolley which continued to produce award winning projects. 1984-1988 Landscape Architect with Kirklees Metropolitan In 2002 his practice became a subsidiary of Robinson Design Group, and Borough Council was re-branded to the current name of Robinson Landscape. He is 1974-1983 Landscape Assistant with Kirklees Metropolitan currently leading urban design, masterplan and tourism projects both in the Borough Council UK and in China where he has gained extensive experience since 2005. AWARDS: 1991 BALI Award – Arlington Centre, Leeds Clive has presented at many seminars in the UK and China and has 1997 Leeds Architecture Awards – Phase 1 Offices, Whitehall, Leeds contributed to a number of publications in magazines and books. 2003 Ripon Civic Trust Award – Ripon Canal restoration and Marina 2003 RICS – Open Spaces Award – Whitehall, Leeds “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  57. 57. Clive Horsman Whitehall, Leeds Bradford & Bingley Building Society Whitehall, Leeds Office Courtyard HQ Keighley Whitehall, Leeds “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  58. 58. Clive Horsman Delivering a lecture on working in China to British Businesses, UK Meeting the delegation from People’s Government of Chenghua and Sichuan Provisional Investment Promotion Bureau at CBBC, London, UK Delivering seminars on Delivering a lecture to students at Regeneration at Guangzhou Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu and Chongqing With Group MD Tony Mobbs receiving a UK award for work in Some of the publications which have China featured the work of Clive Horsman and Robinson Landscape “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  59. 59. CHRISTOPHE WATIEZ BA (Hons), DipLA, CMLI Senior Landscape Architect Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute SUMMARY: Christophe has gained valuable experience working on a wide range of Health care, educational, housing schemes, master planning . RESUME: In 2002, Christophe joined DLA Landscape & Urban Design, where he undertook work on a wide range of development including public QUALIFICATIONS: realm projects. His roles included taking projects from initial inception CMLI Chartered Member of the Landscape Institue: 2004 right through to site implementation and project management. Also Dip LA Leeds Metropolitan University: 2001 Christophe gained valuable experience undertaking several BA (Hons) Leeds Metropolitan University:1999 Environmental Impact Assessments, working on larger scale Landscape architecture and garden design: ISICF Gembloux, Belgium 1993-95 Industrial and Leisure Schemes. Horticulture: ISICF Gembloux, Belgium: 1995-1996 ISICF Christophe joined Whitelaw Turkington in 2005 as a Senior EXPERIENCE: Landscape, he took over the project management role for local 2006 Robinson Landscape (Senior Landscape Architect) developments and some large scale residential developments in 2005 - 2006 Whitelaw Turkington (Senior Landscape Architect) Dublin, Ireland. He also gained valuable experience in team 2002 - 2005 DLA Landscape & Urban Design (Landscape Architect) DLA management and participated in various design competitions. 2001 - 2002 Popplewell Associates (Landscape Architect) Popplewell 2000 HLM Architects (Landscape Assistant) HLM Since joining Robinson Landscape in 2006, Christophe has worked on a wide range of schemes including residential developments, projects AWARDS: in the educational and health sector, as well as commercial 2003 ‘People’s award for Architecture’ Leeds Architecture Awards: developments and town centre regeneration. BBC/College of Music, Leeds Also Christophe is involved with large scale developments in China including Residential developments and Public Realm improvements. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  60. 60. Christophe Watiez Brewery Wharf, Leeds BBC/Leeds College of Music “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  61. 61. MICHELLE NEWTON Dip LA, BA(Hons), CMLI Landscape Architect Chartered Member of the Landscape institute RESUME: SUMMARY: An Associate Member of the UK Landscape Institute Michelle QUALIFICATIONS: commenced her career in landscape architecture in 2003 with Horsman Woolley Landscape Architects (now called Robinson CMLI Chartered Member of the Landscape Institue: 2008 Landscape) as a landscape assistant working alongside the Dip.LA Diploma in Landscape Architecture (Distinction): Leeds 2004/06 landscape team on a wide range of projects including housing, education and health care developments. BA (Hons) Garden Art & Design : Leeds Metropolitan University 2003 HND Design Crafts : Cumbria College of Art & Design 2000 HND Michelle graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design: Cumbria College of Art & Distinction in Landscape Architecture whilst continuing working Design 1998 at Robinson Landscape gaining valuable experience and EXPERIENCE: knowledge covered in her Urban Design electives. She has worked on both large and small scale urban regeneration, public 2004 Robinson Landscape (Landscape Architect) realm and master planning projects; residential and student 2003 - 2004 Horsman Woolley Landscape Architects (Landscape Assistant) accommodation, education developments within the UK. In China she has worked on the successful Yubei Public Square in AWARDS: Chongqing as well as residential and master planning projects. 2003 Royal Horticultural Society: Chelsea Flower Show , London (Silver Gilt Award) Michelle won a Silver Gilt Award for her garden design with fellow students at Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show in London in 2003. “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  62. 62. Michelle Newton ‘Chic Garden’ Silver Gilt Winner, RHS Chelsea Flower Show “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”
  63. 63. CONTACT Robinson Landscape 1-2 Merchant’s Quay, Ashley Lane, Shipley West Yorkshire, BD17 7DB United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)1274 534140 Fax: +44(0)1274 534000 E-mail: “Bringing flair & creativity to the outdoor space”