2013 02-21 the-true_meaning_of_being_an_entrepreneur


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2013 02-21 the-true_meaning_of_being_an_entrepreneur

  1. 1. The True Meaning of Being an Entrepreneur…http://www.empowernetwork.com/d1biz stop/blog/the- true- meaning- of- being- an- entrepreneur March 21, 2013Are YOU Truly an Entrepreneur?According to Dictionary.com and Wikipedia.com, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.An investigation of the etymology of the word entrepreneur, reveals that it embodies a sense ofself -mot ivat ed, self -assumpt ion of business responsibilit y.Does that sound like you?Are YOU prepared t o assume ALL t he risks and rewards of business ownership?Are YOU are self -st art er, wit h an int ernal drive f or success?Not Every “Entrepreneur” is an EntrepreneurThere are some who call themselves entrepreneurs but their motivations and actions proveotherwise.In the article “Are you a Wantrepreneur? – What’s the difference between that and being anEntrepreneur?“, Lindsay of Brilliance Enterprises presents this definition of a wantrepreneur: a person who dreams of leaving their corporate job or present circumstance and starting his or her own company with an idea they have been kicking around for several years. The only difference then between a Wantrepreneur and an Entrepreneur is that the entrepreneur DOES SOMETHING!So, by definition, an ent repreneur is a self -mot ivat ed act ion-t aker!In August 2012, MaryEllen Tribby of WorkingMomsOnly.com wrote an article titled, “SuccessIndicator“. In it she revisited a blog post she’d done a year or so earlier about t he dif f erencesbet ween t he charact erist ics of successf ul people vs. unsuccessf ul people. Below you’ll finda couple infographics inspired by these articles.
  2. 2. Fixed Mindset vs. Growth MindsetMindset is a set of belief s, assumpt ions, and/or a way of t hinking t hat def ines an individual(who you are and what you can do), and af f ect s one’s ment al at t it ude, out look (of self andof t he world), and behavior.A person’s mindset is not fixed. No one is born with a set of beliefs, assumptions or a way ofthinking. We develop those as we go through life.A close look at the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful people indicates that there is adifference in mindset between these two groups.Successf ul people have t he right mindset – a GROWTH mindset .
  3. 3. So, my friend, if you truly believe that you are an entrepreneur, then let your actions ring through.Develop t he mindset of successf ul people, and let t hat change f low int o your lif e. Beforelong the results you desire WILL come forth!If you’d like some help in developing the success mindset, check out the Inner Circle Mast erminddownloadable audios. Among many other things, you learn of The St range But True St oryAbout How [One Individual] Re-Programed [His] Brain For Massive Success And Went FromZERO To $25,000.00 In 90 Days.========================================================================About The Author: DahliaDahlia Lamy is a mathematics instructor at a university in South Jersey. Dahlia wasborn and raised in the Caribbean...in the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago.Born to ambitious and hardworking parents, Dahlia has always been a go-getter.Moved to Chicago in 2000 to further her education and stayed to take advantage of theopportunities available in the US. After allowing life to have its way with her, Dahlia has finally(Sept 2012) decided to take control of her destiny (financial and otherwise).