Event Planning Post Workshop


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This is the presentation that I used to teach my Event Planning 101 Workshop! Contact me with questions! Thanks! Robin

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Event Planning Post Workshop

  1. 1. General Overseer of Details – Robin M. Ware, CMP
  2. 2. Why Be An Event Planner  There are few jobs that offer so many benefits.  As an event planner (also known as a special events planner, meeting planner, events coordinator, or events organizer) you will have a job that is fun, interesting, and rewarding.  No special education or experience is necessary to break into event planning and succeed.
  3. 3. There’s enough business for everyone! Types of Events to Plan  Inaugurations  Film festivals  Academy Awards  Grand openings  Award events  Holiday events  Board of directors meetings  Meetings  Book launch events  Music festivals  Car rallies  Neighborhood block parties  Charity fundraisers  Parades  CD release parties  Political rallies  Children's festivals  Product Launch  Client appreciation events  Restaurant openings  Conferences  Social events  Employee/Volunteer recognition  Seminars events  Sports events  Exhibitions  Store grand openings  Fashion shows  Trade shows  Fairs  Other types of events
  4. 4. Why Be An Event Planner?  Event planners are needed for all of these events.  There are tons of opportunities! Event planners also work on thousands of smaller events.  You may become a niche planner. I specifically handle the faith based market. You may want to handle high end baby showers or bridal events.
  5. 5. What type of clients exist?  Churches  Caterers  Corporations  Convention centers  Country clubs  Non-profit  Theme parks organizations  Hotels and resorts  Event planning firms  Cruise lines  Casinos  Professional Sports  Ad Agency’s Team  Media Outlets
  6. 6. Pricing  Hourly or Billable fees  Flat fees (or project fees)  Cost-plus (charging clients a fee based on the cost of the event)  Per-person fees  On-site event management fees only  Commissions paid by vendors
  7. 7. Traits of a Great Event Planner  Organized  Analytical  Detailed – the devil is in  Generous the details…  Savvy  Creative  Determined  Resourceful  Protocol  Staff (min. Graphic  Etiquette Designer/Publicist/Assis-  Well Read tant)  Database (Constant  Technical (Smart Contact) Phone/Internet Savvy/Microsoft Office  Use Autoresponders
  8. 8. What We Do?  You will need an Agency Scope.  I have titled mine, What We Do…  It includes all of my pricing…  It includes all of my “specialties”  Wisdom – master something well versus being average at a lot of things.
  9. 9. Deciding What Clients to Assist:  Ask tons of questions.  Be persistent until you get the clarity you need.  Take plenty of notes.  Check references.  Ask for expectations in writing.  Ask for monthly assessments.  Be clear on who you are reporting to and or ultimately working for.  Put EVERYTHING in writing.  Copy EVERYONE on emails.  Do not enter in vendor contracts on behalf of your client. Put all vendor contracts in the name of your client.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck! Believe people for who they tell you they are. If someone tells you they are type A personality and you know you don’t work well with that type, then believe them and be very prayerful before you decide to take them on as clients.
  10. 10. Now You Are Hired as the Event Planner! Here are your first steps:  Step 1: Determine the objectives of the event.  Step 2: Sketch out a program.  Step 3: Establish a Budget. Step 4: Perform a Site selection.  Step 5: Read contracts.  Step 6: Fine-tune the budget.  Step 7 Market your event/meeting.  Step 8: Pay attention to details. Step 9: Be alert!  Step 10: Review what happened.
  11. 11. Inviting and Hosting Special Guests  Follow Protocol – send requests in writing. Business is business.  Obtain the Rider or Hosting Information Sheet.  Detailed samples are in my book, Hosting Church Folk.
  12. 12. Bishop John Doe Ministries PO Box 5643 ~ Silver, MD 44528 ~ 555.555.1234 ~ 555.555.1234 fax HSOTING INFORMATION SHEET FOR BISHOP JOHN DOE Date: February 6, 2008 To: Guest Church EVENT DATE: Sunday April 27, 2008 Re: Anniversary Services Attn: Robin Ware  Attendants: Bishop John Doe and Clyde Jones (musician and armor bearer)  ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE DATES & TIMES: (Will be forwarded to you)  Our office will arrange our travel with our personal travel agent. Upon completion your office will be contacted to secure the payment of the travel within 24 hours. Failure to do so, may result in an increase of fares.  TRAVEL / GROUND TRANSPORTATION:  Bishop Doe’s office will review and forward selected travel itineraries to you. You would be responsible for securing two airline tickets [one (1) First Class for Bishop Doe and one (1) Economy Class for Bishop’s travel companion]. Confirmation numbers should be forwarded to Bishop Doe’s office as soon as possible.  Please arrange for limousine transportation along with a representative from your ministry to greet Bishop Doe and travel companion at the airport. Please provide Bishop Doe’s office with the name and contact number of the person that will be greeting him. Also provide any additional details he might need to know in order to expedite his pickup.  HOTEL ARRANGEMENTS  We ask that your office provide hotel accommodations in an area and facility of premium quality, such as the Four Seasons, Renaissance, Westin, JW Marriott etc. Please advise if these options are not available. Bishop Doe reserves the right to select a hotel that meets these standards but may not be located closest to the venue. YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR (1) KING SUITE and (1) KING NON-SMOKING ROOM for BISHOP & HIS ASSISTANT. Please have room checked in and room key available prior to greeting Bishop Doe at the airport.  .
  13. 13.  HONORARIUMS  Bishop Doe typically receives $2500 - $5000. He trusts and believes that those who have extended an invitation to him will be led by the Holy Spirit in their giving. Please make all honorariums payable to JOHN DOE MINISTRIES.  FOOD & BEVERAGE REQUESTS:  Bishop Doe prefers not eating heavy prior to ministering. Fruits, salads, and light finger foods are sufficient. He enjoys chicken, fish and most vegetables. Drinks: Coke and water. When Ministering he drinks room temperature water.  AUDIO & VISUAL REQUESTS  Please provide Bishop Doe’s travel companion with one (1) video/DVD and one (1) audio cassette of the service(s).  A small quantity of books and tapes will be sent ahead. It would be most appreciated if your office could arrange for someone to handle the sale of these materials. Funds collected and remaining product should be mailed or given to Bishop Doe’s traveling companion at the end of the evening.  We agree to allow the Host to “sell” the audio and video tape of Bishop Doe. However, all master rights belong to Bishop Doe and Host understands that all sells may only be done the night of the ministry engagement.
  14. 14. Itineraries  Prepare personal itineraries for each guest.  Personalize them.  Cover every hour of the day.  Here’s a copy of an Itinerary I prepared for a recent event:
  15. 15. Welcome to Pastor Lisa Scott * * * * * * william h. murphy, iii (lead Pastor) And The Entire dReam Center church family welcomes you!!!!!
  16. 16. ITINERARY FOR Pastor Lisa Scott ON THE OCCASION OF HER VISIT ON Friday, April 24, 2009 as we host our “Leadership Retreat ” Hosted at The dReam Center church of ATLANTA 661 Rockbridge Road Lilburn, GA 770.396.9884
  17. 17. Apr 23, 2009 Apr 23, 2009 528 San Antonio Texas DFW Dallas/ Fort Worth AMERICAN AIRLINES 08:30 AM 01:50 PM Apr 23, 2009 Apr 23, 2009 AMERICAN AIRLINES 1490 DFW Dallas/ Fort Worth ATL Atlanta 04:00 PM 07:10 PM 8:30am Depart San Antonio, TX – AA #418 1:50pm Arrive in Dallas 4:00pm Depart Dallas to ATL – AA #1490 7:10pm Arrive in ATL Elder Jane Smith and Elder Scott Harrison will be at the top of the escalator at the entrance of baggage claim to receive Pastor Scott. They will have signage that reads “the dReam Center church of ATLANTA welcomes Pastor Scott” 8:00pm Arrive at the Westin Perimeter Atlanta 7 Concourse Parkway, Atlanta GA, Friday, April 24, 2009 6:15pm Transport to the dReam Center church by Elder Jane Smith and Elder Scott Harrison 7:30pm Worship Service begins 7:45pm Pastor Scott ministers for 60 minutes 8:30pm Worship Service concludes with Pastor Murphy closing out 8:45pm Worship Service ends 9:15pm Transport back to the Westin Perimeter by Elder Jane Smith and Elder Scott Harrison
  18. 18. Saturday, April 25, 2009 6:30am Transport to Atlanta Airport by Elder Jane Smith and Elder Scott Harrison 7:35am Depart to Cincinnati via AA #2081 - 9:40am Flight Arrives in Cincinnati, Oh IMPORTANT INFORMATION Ground Transportation Elder Jane Smith and Elder Scott Harrison 770.396.9884 Event Contact Numbers director of Helps Ministry Robin M. Ware 678.618.6264 Transportation Scott Lone 770.396.9884 dReamStore Lisa Jones 770.396.9884
  19. 19. Weather 77 degrees – high 52 degrees – low 20% chance of rain Accommodations The Westin Perimeter Atlanta Hotel 7 Concourse Parkway Atlanta, Ga Attire Business Attire On behalf We say THANK YOU!!!!
  20. 20. Celebrities  Is it worth it to invite Oprah to your event?  Is it worth it to invite President Obama to your event?  Is it worth it to invite Chaka Khan to your event?  Is it worth it to invite Tina Marie to your event?  Understand that when you invite celebrities, it is going to cost you more than travel, accommodations and an honorarium. Let’s discuss what’s entailed:
  21. 21. Pay Scale  What is a suitable honorarium.  Please refer to Chapter 6 page 26 of Hosting Church Folk.
  22. 22. Team Organization  Once the Pastor shares a Audio Office of the Senior Pastor guest is confirmed, the Visual Finance event becomes official COO/Chief Music Of Staff Dept and Special Events manages it. SPECIAL Marketing/ Bookstore Communication  They are responsible for EVENTS Dept EXCELLENCE in Office of the Security planning. First Lady Dept  Poor Communication Transportation Food Service Hospitality/ Dept yields chaos! Ushers/ Greeters
  23. 23.  Assign Captains for each area.  Each Captain should coordinate their area and their team.  Each Captain reports to the Event Planner.  All Captains should understand that they are Event Planners too.
  24. 24. Event Planning Assign Captains for:  Vendors  Hospitality (gifts, courtesies,  Hosting – adjutants, airport Green Room, catering- all meals, drivers, reserving of rental cars, beverage stations and personal items requested by guests)  Ground Transportation, Security -  Marketing - flyers, billboards, parking, personal safety, finance) internet, website, Social  Bookstore (product for guests, Networking, radio, tv and print CD/DVD Sales) media  Finance - budget,  Pastoral Care – maintenance of reimbursements, offerings, the vision and Special Guests registration monies, product  Music – pre, during and post sales, insurance  Audio Visual – graphics, lighting,  Sponsorships sound  PR/Media Relations
  25. 25. Timeline for a Conference Event Timeline created by Robin M. Ware, CMP  12 - 9 months- Contact local CVB to secure space in host city. Confirm dates, city & state, hotel availability & confirmation of speakers, program projection/outline, budget projection, and form conference teams. Update church calendar of events on website. Create sponsorship levels and forms. Hold staff and team meetings monthly.  8-6 months - Select registration system and set up system; Brochure draft; notify state & city officials, identify host church to work with if event is out of state; confirm volunteer needs; set up banking/registration movement of monies; follow-up/speakers for confirmations; program follow-up; volunteer, report of all conference teams. Identify team captains. Request proclamation or key to city if event warrants; establish marketing plan  5 months - Registration opens, implement marketing
  26. 26. Event Timeline con’t:  4 months - Begin meeting with team captains monthly and plan 1st volunteer meeting; budget projection updated, follow-up on registration, update on speakers. Mail 1st advertising campaign. Hold staff and team meeting bi weekly.  3 months - Hold 1st volunteer meeting. Order materials, supplies, registration bags, etc. Contact of conference information mailed, confirmation of travel and lodging of guest, report from all conference teams. Internet marketing should begin. Billboards should go up. Hold staff and team meeting weekly.  3 months - Hotel & registration monitoring; volunteer count, 2nd mailing of advertising; commercial, media & news advertisement; finalizing all travel & lodging of special guest, completion of program movement w/confirmation of all program participants, confirm and follow-up of all ordering; report of all conference teams.  2-1 month - 3rd volunteer meeting., team conference call, monitoring of hotel count and registration; completion of registration bags (etc), heavy rotation of commercials, media etc., review of program movement, participants, final walk-thru of conference venue, final report w/detailed information of all team areas, confirmation with finance & administration; local television advertising should be in heavy rotation
  27. 27. Event Timeline  1 month -Visit local churches to advertise. Do radio blitz with live interviews with speakers and or host pastor. Solidify budget. Final confirmation with vendors what services you need from them. Send deposits to vendors  2 weeks - Complete Itineraries for guest speakers and send to their offices including their accommodations, ground transportation, adjutant name and contact and schedule while your guest. Purchase gifts for speakers. Live radio interviews take place with host and key speakers. Email event script and timeline to staff and vendors. Meet with staff and team leaders daily.  1 week -Host Pastor records welcome message on CD to be played in car while transporting guest to host hotel. Create welcome packet to give to guest upon arrival. Get certified checks for guests/artists that request. Cut honorarium checks for others. Secure VIP parking with hotel or venue for special guests  Day Of - Check in each guest room. Have welcome gift placed in each room along with Welcome Packet from church. Secure VIP parking for guest or limo service. Once at event, present honorarium check to guest before or after they minister. Confirm return time to hotel.  Two Days after Mail thank you notes to special guests and vendors  7 Days after -Report final budget and attendance numbers  14 Days after - Have recap meeting with volunteers and staff to review the good, the bad and the ugly  30 Days after - Pay all vendors that were net 30
  28. 28. Hosting Etiquette Pre-planning  Book the travel according to the agreement.  Are you booking coach, full coach or a first class fare?  When booking a group consider group travel – min of 10.  Verify the number traveling for ground transportation purposes.  Rent a van if necessary for luggage.
  29. 29. Working with Venues  Negotiation 101  Arrive with a wish list.  Do not bring your committee. Bring one other person maximum.  Know your event history (room block pick up numbers and space used) and your clients payment history.  Know your client’s reputation. The event world is small.  The first person to speak loses! State what you want and then be quiet. Silence is golden. Typically the first person to speak concedes.
  30. 30. The Fine Print  Exercise – we will review the contract in your folder for this exercise.  1. What budget would you quote your client budget if you were to use this venue?  2. There are 8 negotiation points in this agreement. List them.
  31. 31. Online Event Registration Systems  Pay Pal – works for “quickie” events that don’t require a lot of fanfare. Use this if you just need a quick payment option for a simple event.  Reg Online – great for more formal events. If you want to present a more professional image, use this option. It has a lot of bells and whistles! This is my personal favorite. Contact me to get more info on this system. I’m a retailer for this product.  CVENT – works well for large events. Very pricey though.  ACTEVA – works well for educational type events.  EMS – works well for churches to use to manage their event space.
  32. 32. Question and Answer  Review questions that were turned in at the beginning of the session.  Contact info  The Ware Agency ATLANTA  P.O. Box 673692  Marietta, Ga 30006  678.618.6264  robin@thewareagency.com