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Some networking tips

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Networking Tips

  1. 1. Networking andPersonal Branding By Robin low
  2. 2. networking• Networking is the process of intentionally meeting people, making contacts, and forming relationships in hopes of gaining access to such business-related benefits as career advice, job leads, business referrals, useful information and ideas, and emotional support.• It’s more than just socializing and making friends
  3. 3. benefits of networking• Three main benefits of networking: referrals, relationships, and leads.• Networking also increases visibility.• Visibility creates opportunity.• It is the number one business building tool.
  4. 4. value• Why do people want to know you?• What value(s) can you provide?• What can you contribute to the relationship?• What are the shared competencies?• What makes you unique?
  5. 5. weak ties• (acquaintances; not our close friends and family) offer resources and perspectives we do not tend to get from our closest friends.• Weak ties tend to add diversity to our life while networks of strong ties ate classically homogeneous.
  6. 6. weak ties• Weak ties are great for spreading ideas quickly (especially bridging weak ties which help ideas move from one network to the next)• Weak ties are great for helping ideas reach distant targets (far outside our network of strong ties)• Weak ties are great for episodic information flows• Weak ties support innovation by helping ideas flow from one discipline or network to an entirely different one.
  7. 7. favors• What is the right way to ask for a favor?• Do you need to earn it?• What’s earning the right to ask for a favor and to do business.
  8. 8. being professional• It is not right to judge a person you don’t know by their looks.• Get to know them before you make any judgments.There are only tow kinds of people– those we know and those do not know yet
  9. 9. networking done right“It’s not who you know but who knows you that matters”
  10. 10. create new connections• Be social, go to events and meet people.• Do not be shy or have low self esteem, believe in yourself.• When you go to networking events, seminars, tradeshows, alumni gatherings, etc., prepare a 1 minute pitch to pitch yourself.• It is about getting to know people, and finding ways to help them.
  11. 11. build social capital• Be a resource.• Organize events.• Volunteer and hold positions in clubs.• Mentor someone.• Join or start a cause.
  12. 12. maintain your network• Have a schedule of maintaining your network.• If you visit a country, check to see if you have people in your network to meet.• Send birthday greetings.• Comment and respond to questions on social networks.
  13. 13. strategic networking• Earn the right to ask for favors• Do not be a “taker”• Strong bonds for formed with mutual benefits.• Earn the right to do business.• Focus on win-win situations.• Give before taking.
  14. 14. For more information and tips, please visit and Follow us on!/robin_low
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