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    Networking Networking Presentation Transcript

    • Networking concepts
      • By
      • Robin Kapoor, 47
      • Sourabh Garg, 60
    • Meaning
      • Connection between two or more things is known as networking
      • Connection between two or more computers is computer networking
      • Computer networks also involves other electronic and digital devices
    • Networking Benefits Networking Enables: Information Sharing Hardware and Software Sharing Centralized Administration and Support
    • Roles of Computers in a Network Mail Server Database Server Database Fax Server File and Print Server Directory Services Server Client Computer Mail Server Database Server Database Fax Server File and Print Server
    • Types of Networks Peer-to-Peer Client-Server
    • Scope of Networks Local Area Network Wide Area Network
    • Local Area Networks
      • Bus topology
      • Ring topology
    • Metropolitan Area Networks
      • A metropolitan area network based on cable TV.
    • Wide Area Networks
      • Relation between hosts on LANs and the subnet.
    • Wide Area Networks (2)
      • A stream of packets from sender to receiver.
    • Wireless networks
    • Wireless Networks
      • Categories of wireless networks:
      • Wireless LANs
      • Wireless WANs
    • Wireless Networks (2)
      • (a) Bluetooth
      • (b) Wireless LAN
    • Topologies
    • Bus Topology Terminator Segment Terminator
    • Star Topology Hub
    • Ring Topology
    • Mesh Topology
    • Hybrid Topologies Star-Bus Bus Star-Ring
    • Devices for networking
    • Ethernet Collision Detection Carrier Sense Multiple Access Detects signal Transmits signal Collision detected Characteristics Description Access Method CSMA/CD Transfer Speed Standard Ethernet – 10 Mbps Fast Ethernet – 100 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet – 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps)
    • Network Cables Types of Cables Coaxial ThinNet ThickNet 10Base2, 10Base5 Fiber-Optics Twisted-Pair Unshielded (UTP) Shielded (STP) 10BaseT
    • Wireless Communication Devices Wireless Communication Devices Narrowband Radio Transmission Infrared Transmission
    • Repeaters and Hubs Repeater Hub Repeater Transmits data to all connected computers Hub Transmits data to all connected computers in a star topology
    • Bridges Bridge
    • Switches Switch
    • Routers Router Router Router Router
    • Gateways Gateway Ethernet Token Ring
    • Infrared Data Association (IrDA) Wireless Communication by Using IrDA Windows Client Mouse Laptop
    • Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model Application Layer Presentation Layer Session Layer Transport Layer Network Layer Data Link Layer Physical Layer
    • Some other facts about networking
    • IP Address Classes w x y z Class A Network ID Host ID Class B Network ID Host ID Class C Network ID Host ID
    • IP Addresses Host ID Network ID IP Address
    • The Internet Client Connection Using TCP/IP Protocol Server Text, Audio, Video, and Graphics Data Internet
    • Internet Services
      • Electronic Mail (e-mail)
      • World Wide Web (WWW)
      • Chat
      • Internet News
      • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
      • Telnet
    • Intranets Intranet Extranet Internet
    • Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
      • URL (
        • Protocol used (http://)
        • DNS address (
        • Path on the server (/tutorial/default.html)
      http:// / tutorial / default.html
    • Internet Protocols
      • HTTP
      • HTTPS
      • FTP
      • SMTP
      • HTML
      • DHTML
      Server Data Client Connection Using an Internet Protocol Internet
    • Proxy Servers Proxy Server Authorized Web Site Restricted Web Site Internet LAN LAN LAN
    • Firewalls LAN LAN LAN Internet Firewall Authorized User Unauthorized User
    • Thank You