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Socialmedia 4 success - best practices for facebook, twitter, linkedin, and other social media
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Socialmedia 4 success - best practices for facebook, twitter, linkedin, and other social media


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slides to accompany social media 4 success presentation. Presentation was an intro to social media including best practices, social media policies, usage, etc. by robin fay,

slides to accompany social media 4 success presentation. Presentation was an intro to social media including best practices, social media policies, usage, etc. by robin fay,

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • There are also many younger users on Facebook, too, although Facebook’s TOS state that you must be 13. If you work with younger users such as the YA (Young Adult) population, make sure to stay aware of potential issues related to age.
  • We will undoubtedly see the age of the average Facebook user rise as we continue to see Boomers retire and certainly once the social media heavy GenX generation begins to retire.
  • We will undoubtedly see the age of the average Facebook user rise as we continue to see Boomers retire and certainly once the social media heavy GenX generation begins to retire.
  • Lists are extremely important. Remember, “Friends” in Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean a real life or close relationship. Facebook uses “Friends” as a term for a network member. On that note, never feel pressured into excepting a friendship request or friending a Facebook member.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media 4 SuccessSLIDES AT SLIDESHARE.NET/ROBINFAY
    • 2. Social Media 4 SuccessWe’ll cover:Social media  What it is  Why it is important  Best practices  Privacy in a social world  Tools to streamline your time Robin Fay,
    • 3. Social Media 4 SuccessWhat is social media? Social media (also social networking) is a term used to describes websites where users connect and share with each other. Users generally create an account through which they communicate with a network, sharing photos, video, stories, documents and links to other websites. Gaming and commerce (such as groupon) are increasingly becoming part of the social media landscape. Robin Fay,
    • 4. What is social media? Although Facebook and Twitter are 2 of the biggest social media websites in the U.S., there are many social media websites. Some are more niche oriented (Flickr for images; Youtube for video; MyArtPlot for artists). Content may be personal, professional or a combination depending on the site and also how the user chooses to use the site.If you are doing social media on behalf ofyour company, organization, or institutionsyou should be aware of any existing socialmedia policies or IT usage policies. Robin Fay,
    • 5. a visual… Robin Fay,
    • 6. Social Media 4 SuccessA few stats…  Two-thirds of online adults (66%) use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or LinkedIn.  Among internet users, social networking sites are most popular with women, young adults under age 30, and parents. Young adult women ages 18-29 are the power users of social networking; fully 89% of those who are online use the sites overall and 69% do so on an average day.  But…. Robin Fay,
    • 7. Social Media 4 Success  Most notably is the rise in age of Facebook users:  It’s no secret that Facebook, which started as a networking playground for college kids, is graying, and that the percentage of active members who are over 25 years old and out of school has risen to some 40 percent of the overall population of about 45 million. (New York Times)  And the average age has risen to 38. (Pew Institute)Robin Fay,
    • 8. Social Media 4 SuccessSo, why is this important? Our colleagues, friends, employers, employees, patrons, customers (if a business) and families are likely using social media. Social media can be a way to develop a professional presence without learning how to code a website. A communication tool with few barriers. Some have said social media will be the next digital divide – you are either there or you are not. It’s not about being hip or “with-it”, it’s about having the necessary skills for this information age. We will look at the Big 3: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the new player Google+
    • 9. Social Media 4 SuccessTwitter  Either private or public  Posts limited to 142 characters  Can create reading lists  Ability to private (direct) message (DM)  Can participate in trending topics and learn about realtime news  Conversations are harder to follow unless using a 3rd application (seesmic, tweetdeck)  People will often follow you on twitter who would not facebook or email you  Twitter can be used to pull into facebook, blogs or other resources Robin Fay,
    • 10. Social Media 4 SuccessTwitter  is good for finding communities and professional networking  following trending topics and realtime news  PR  Sharing information  Following or participating in conferences and workshops  Getting answers to questions  Can be customized and is searchable  Potential for “viral” Robin Fay,
    • 11. Social Media 4 SuccessTwitter is not good for  refined privacy settings  long posts or conversations  archiving (although Library of Congress has archived some tweets)  sometimes can feel like shouting into the wind or walking into the middle of a conversation  can be used professionally or personally but need separate accounts to truly separate identities (can use software like seesmic to manage) Robin Fay,
    • 12. Social Media 4 Success Let’s look at twitter Robin Fay,
    • 13. Social Media 4 SuccessLinkedIn  More of a resume/CV site but expanding  You control how much info is displayed  Can pull in feeds, subscribe to list  Email contacts/network  Import/suggest from email or networks
    • 14. Social Media 4 SuccessLinkedIn is good for  Professional networking/ professional work  Finding colleagues and professional peers  Finding or starting professional discussion groups  Job recruitment/consulting work  Building a professional presence  Job seekers, mentors/mentees, etc. Robin Fay,
    • 15. Social Media 4 Success Robin Fay,
    • 16. Social Media 4 SuccessLinkedIn is not good for  Blogging  More personal interactions  Truly focused on professional activity and presence  Standard interface; little customization or personalization  PR – really not designed for PR  Image sharing or sharing across other social media sites – although it has some features, limited Robin Fay,
    • 17. Social Media 4 SuccessFacebook  Mix of personal and professional depending on user  Somewhat complicated privacy settings but some parts (interests, etc.) are public info  Can have a public account which users can subscribe to  Standard interface; little customization  Very hard to find older information  Pages may be a better way to connect professionally Robin Fay,
    • 18. Social Media 4 Success Every Facebook item is tied to an account. An admin is the user who sets up a particular type.Facebook types:Pages are profiles for businesses, entities, institutions, artists and more – content (discussion, images, video, posts) can either be from the organization or group, or a mix. Pages support a stronger design, a categorical listing of pages, ability to link to similar pages, statistics, and more. Browse pages at Robin Fay,
    • 19. Social Media 4 SuccessFacebook Pages features subscribable! provide tools such as widgets to use on your website are publicly indexed on the web can be shared with others outside of Facebook can be designed using Iframes and widgets to provide a more customized interface help establish identity and brand can be a centralized presence more control in terms of users statistics
    • 20. Social Media 4 SuccessFacebook types: Events are a single event (for now); private (invitation only) or public (shared with others). Depending on how the admin sets up the event, attendees can share images or video. Groups are generally discussion oriented (think forums, messageboards), often organized around a cause or topic. Groups can be private or public. Group members create the content which is presented as a threaded list. Groups can include images and video.
    • 21. Social Media 4 Success
    • 22. Social Media 4 SuccessA few uses of facebook PR (Groups, Fan pages) Share links  Blog Discussion groups Email / IM Read blogs /get news Network /recruit/ headhunt Play games Learn Genealogy Organize events Create a digital identity Share photos/video (image gallery)
    • 23. Social Media 4 SuccessA few Facebook pointers: Ifyou are doing outreach or using social media for your own work (or networking) use lists to determine who can see what (photos, video, posts, & more). And perhaps, more importantly, if you are doing social media on behalf of your institution using a Page is a good idea, vs. your own personal account. Control what you need to (commenting, etc.) but remember, social media is about community and dialogue.
    • 24. Social Media 4 SuccessGoogle+ (June 2011 launch) Incorporated into Google Uses circles to control user groups – can be as granular as you want Posts similar to twitter or facebook; images through picasa web albums  Still new – lots of changes on the way  Started out as invitation only; very tech heavy  Pages for businesses in previous few months, but not originally supported
    • 25. Social Media 4 SuccessGoogle+ Not many tools to help with posting, but some addons for Chrome It is growing, but future is somewhat uncertain, given how new it is
    • 26. Social Media 4 Success
    • 27. Social Media 4 SuccessBest practices: Read the TOS and Privacy statements. Yes, they are boring and confusing….and they sometimes change. (pinterest just did) Always doublecheck preferences or options in any social media site especially privacy. Think about the information you give away. Use a “throwaway” email address if possible. Don’t make your private life public (unless that is your goal). Be aware of social networking etiquette. ..and always be aware of your institution’s or organization’s computer usage policies or social media policies.
    • 28. Social Media 4 SuccessTips for professional networkingDevelop your community:Search for colleagues you already know and respect.Search their friend/follow lists to see who they follow.If using twitter, watch the #FF or #followfridayIf using a service with groups (such as linkedIN) join groups that fit your professional development needs.Always include a personal message when sending a friend/follow/network request.Discuss, communicate & participate.Use tools to help manage your time.
    • 29. Social Media 4 SuccessA tiny bit about privacy:Google yourself. Regularly. Use to notify you of new content about yourself.Create your own digital identity using social media and other tools.Always check privacy settings. Default is often public. Robin Fay,
    • 30. Social Media 4 SuccessSpeaking of tools Focus on automation Automatically send blog posts directly to a twitter account> Selectively send twitter to post as facebook status: selectivetweets app in fb ; then add #fb to the end of a tweet Automatically send blog posts to facebook> Use networkedblogs app in facebook (need to setup account at networkedblogs, too) Robin Fay,
    • 31. Social Media 4 SuccessSpeaking of tools Focus on batch processing Batch work: Schedule tweets ahead of time (,, or, seesmic – manage multipe accounts,too!) Schedule blog posts – use the post date to schedule posts ahead of time Use picasa or flickr to batch process images Robin Fay,
    • 32. Social Media 4 SuccessBe a social media Robin Fay,