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Facebook & Privacy 2010
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Facebook & Privacy 2010


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a presentation about social media, privacy & digital identity, focusing on facebook. January 2010 prior to Facebook interface changes (2/2010) by robin fay,

a presentation about social media, privacy & digital identity, focusing on facebook. January 2010 prior to Facebook interface changes (2/2010) by robin fay,

Published in: Technology
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  • 1.  
  • 2. Robin Fay, January 2010 Find me at, facebook, twitter, linkedin, blogger, slideshare, etc. Aka georgiawebgurl I blog at
  • 3.
    • Uses of facebook
    • Privacy issues/concerns/control
    • Your digital identity
    • Netiquette for social media
    • Everything available at
    Robin Fay, October 2009
  • 4.
    • Uses of facebook
      • PR (Groups, Fan pages)
      • Share links
      • Blog
      • Discussion groups
      • Email / IM
      • Read blogs /get news
      • Network /recruit/ headhunt
      • Play games
      • Learn
      • Genealogy
      • Organize events
      • Create a digital identity
      • Share photos/video (image gallery)
    Robin Fay, October 2009
  • 5. Robin Fay, October 2009 Viral marketing!
  • 6. Robin Fay, October 2009
  • 7.
    • Facebook is the no. 1 website for college students.
    • 300 million users.
  • 8.
    • How Universities are using Facebook
    • Career services: help alumni / students find jobs
    • Student services / groups
    • Fundraising
    • Alumni relations
    • Student recruitment
    • IM/Contact info
    • Outreach & PR
    • Faculty “office hours” via Facebook
    Robin Fay, October 2009
  • 9. Robin Fay,, 2009/10
  • 10. Robin Fay,, 2009/10
  • 11.
    • Unfortunately Facebook is also used:
      • As a screening device (in employment, among others)
      • To harass and bully others
      • To Spam
      • As a employment tool (firing over inappropriate conduct, etc.)
      • As a way to spy
      • Even insurance companies are using Facebook.
    Robin Fay, October 2009
  • 12.
    • In short:
    • You (and we as a University) should be using social media.
    • However, we need to be smart about how we use it.
    • Remember, if you do not build your digital identity, someone else (or someone with the same name) will build one for you.
    • Not having a digital identity is not the answer. If you are in higher ed, or a member of the IT profession, you should have a professional digital identity online.
    • Your digital identity = YOUR BRAND.
  • 13.
    • Smart uses of social media:
      • Read the TOS and Privacy statements. Yes, they are boring and confusing… .and they sometimes change.
      • Always doublecheck preferences or options in any social media site.
      • Think about the information you give away. Use a “throwaway” email address if possible.
      • Don’t make your private life public (unless that is your goal). Be aware of social networking etiquette.
      • ..and always be aware of UGA Computer usage policies.
  • 14.
    • You can control who some of the information that others see about you; however, I decided if I didn't want people to read my feeds, then I shouldn't "friend" them. I use this rule for other social media sites, too.
    • I keep part of profile public, so that those I meet at conferences or events can find me.
    • I don't 'friend' anyone I supervise or any students from one of my workshops/presentations, but if they friend me, I accept the friendship.
    Robn Fay,, 2009/10
  • 15.
    • I do think about what I write and if I wouldn't say it in public, it doesn't go on Facebook.
    • I don't friend (or accept friend requests) from strangers unless they have a very good reason (which they explain) for friending me.
    • I mostly watch my language. If I don't want my mom to read it (and she does), then it doesn't go on Facebook.
    • Only a few people can see my family photos and some notes. Everyone can see my artwork, blog posts, the majority of my notes.
    Robn Fay,, 2009/10
  • 16.
    • I do not post any photos or video of my family without permission. I expect them to do the same.
    • I use Facebook for networking, promotional, and professional development. I push out technology posts and art updates. I follow several colleagues and artists who send me wonderful links and readings through facebook.
    • I don't spy using facebook.
    Robn Fay,, 2009/10
  • 17.
    • I accept that my family, friends & colleagues use Facebook and unless they post something really inappropriate (like they were going to bring a gun to work tomorrow or they enjoy stealing from the company), then I wouldn't call them out on it. I may not agree with their politics or personal beliefs or work habits, but I understand that we are all human and have the right to our thoughts. It is really about respect. However, if I discovered that anyone I knew were abusing the internet (regardless of website), then I would question that.
    Robn Fay,, 2009/10
  • 18.
    • I use it in place of email for almost all non-official email. If I need to archive or I need the email to represent me in an official capacity, then I use an "official" email address.
    • I don't let it interfere with my work, be it at home or here at work.
    • I turn off the services I don't use in Facebook, like IM. Sorry, message or email me instead.
    • Remember if it is on the WORLD wide web, it’s out there somewhere.
    Robn Fay,, 2009/10
  • 19. Update your settings as needed. Everyone now means = on the web NOT on facebook
  • 20. Decide how much info is ok for your profile and who can see it.
  • 21. Use Facebook appropriately.
    • Page:
      • Pages represent a public figure, artist, brand, business or organization and are generally not a discussion oriented. 
    • Group:
      • Groups can be created by any user and are for shared discussions, generally on a specific topic or interest.
    • Causes:
      • Causes represent advocacy groups and/or online campaigns used to raise money, raise awareness, etc.
    • Events:
      • Events are generally one-time happenings such as parties, gatherings, etc.
    • Profiles:
      • Individual personal space.
  • 22.
    • Most importantly:
    • Cultivate and protect your digi-cred
      • Turn off FriendFeed in facebook
      • Create lists of users
      • Doublecheck your application settings – you need to do this every time you take a quiz or add an application!
  • 23.
    • Google yourself and cultivate your web presence. Remember, you are your brand.
    • Use digital identity services like claimID and openID.
    • Do own your domain namesake (if that is important to you).
    Robn Fay,, 2009/10
  • 24. Robin Fay, October 2009
  • 25.
    • Social media is an amazing tool, but it brings together all aspects of our lives in one spot. Considering that, use it effectively, yet don’t be afraid to use it.
    • Just be safe.
    • I’ll go through settings and show you my application and privacy settings.
    • All materials available at
    Robn Fay,, 2009/10