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Be sure to visit the following exhibitors at the v-FS3 conference! Without their support, there would be no conference. In addition to demonstrating their solutions and services in the exhibit area, Without their support, there would be no conference. Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsors will be offering on demand breakout sessions that you can attend at your leisure.

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vFS3 Exhibitor Directory

  1. 1. DNA for Your Business! EXHIBITOR DIRECTORY Be sure to visit the following exhibitors at the v-FS3 conference: http://events.unisfair.com/rt/vfs3~2009! Without their support, there would be no conference. In addition to demonstrating their solutions and services in the exhibit area, Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsors will be offering on demand breakout sessions that you can attend at your leisure. Thank you Platinum Sponsor: Thank you Gold Sponsor: Standard Silver Gold Platinum IBM InfoSphere www.ibm.com/software/data/infosphere IBM InfoSphere delivers market-leading solutions to critical information intensive business problems, allowing customers to achieve new levels of innovation through best of breed Industry Models and Accelerators, Information Integration and Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities. Whether you are looking to accelerate your corporate standardization, business process modeling, core system renewal, service-oriented architectures, consolidated reporting or enterprise data warehouses investments, IBM InfoSphere is able to help. TM • IBM® InfoSphere Master Data Management Server manages critical master data across customer, product and account domains. It provides the strategic architecture companies need to solve critical enterprise MDM issues by managing customer, account and product data centrally. • IBM InfoSphere Information Server is a revolutionary new information integration software platform from IBM that helps organizations derive more value from the complex, heterogeneous information spread across their systems and ensure the information can be trusted. • IBM Industry Models encapsulate deep industry expertise and best practices in a form useable by both business and IT communities for faster project requirements analysis and solution design with reduced risk. The IBM Industry Model portfolio includes financial services offerings such as the Information FrameWork (IFW) for Banking, Insurance Application Architecture (IAA), Financial Markets Industry Models and Health Plan Data Model. Breakout Sessions: Please refer to the welcome packet for the numerous breakout sessions offered by IBM InfoSphere. As of April 17, 2009 Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. Silvermoon Business Systems www.silvermoongroup.com Uncertain times bring new challenges - an expected sharp tightening of regulation and increased reporting requirements, expenditure constraints, need for operational streamlining and consolidation. Yet there will be relentless pressure for growth which involves finding new business, innovating new products and entering new markets. A key to success in meeting these challenges will be an integrated view across the business. IAA provides that integrated view. Silvermoon's IAA compliant components provide a fast track to implementing this integrated view across all solution areas, product lines and geographies. In our experience, delivering business value early is a critical success factor. Working with a large insurer, Silvermoon delivered solutions for Policy Admin, Billing and Collection, Claims and Commissions in a three year phased initiative, shutting down the legacy environment. This initiative using Silvermoon's IAA components resulted in significant new business opportunities. It slashed IT costs by reducing code by 90%. It also provided product flexibility across all lines of business, increased the business agility in response to new market conditions, and more. We understand the industry is grappling with significant issues and look forward to engaging in a dialog at vFS3 about your particular challenges and interests. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with you as you strive for a flexible, agile and affordable operational environment. Breakout Session: Enabling Smart Insurance (Harsh Davé, Senior Solutions Architect, Silvermoon Business Systems, Oliver Koernig, Senior Solutions Architect, IBM Software Group, Koen De Maesschalck, IAA architect and Director of Silvermoon Business Systems) The Silvermoon Breakout Session is presented jointly with IBM. Oliver Koernig, Executive Consultant from IBM describes an SOA-based Silvermoon Deployment leveraging Silvermoon Components. This work was done jointly by Silvermoon and IBM at the IBM Global Solution Center in Dallas. Koen De Maesschalck, Silvermoon Director and Chief Architect, describes how Silvermoon recommends going from IAA Models to solution. We cover how Silvermoon expertise, accelerators and components can accelerate solution development initiatives and provide a brief update to the PPS story as they go from strength to strength. Silvermoon and IBM invite FS3 attendees to collaborate, taking IAA implementations to the next level. Look forward to interacting with you at FS3! Join us at one of our open forum discussions taking place via Webex at the Silvermoon booth on April 30, 6:30-7:30 and 16:30-17:30 EDT. As of April 17, 2009 Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. IBM Rational Software www.ibm.com/software/rational In today's economic downturn, financial services institutions (FSIs) are forced to drive out cost and risk from the business while improving profitability and enhancing customer satisfaction. These goals become even more daunting to achieve in light of the fact that most FSIs have rigid infrastructures, silos of core systems aligned by different LOBs, significant investments in aging applications and resource skills, increasing costs of regulatory compliance and ineffective software delivery processes. Transforming any of the aforementioned components can be a risky proposition. If not approached systematically, it can disrupt operations resulting in client dissatisfaction and ultimately, a devastating impact on the bottom line. It is recommended that FSIs invest in modernizing existing technologies, and optimize IT processes in a stepwise and methodical manner to minimize cost, risk, and potential project or operational failure. To help keep financial services organizations competitive and nimble in today's rapidly changing market, IBM Rational provides the essential frameworks to accelerate the delivery of financial applications and services, innovate new products, and optimize distribution channels, while ensuring compliance with an increasing number of regulations in the industry. Breakout Session: Industry Model Driven Development, Management, and Governance with IBM Software and Industry Models (Nick Norris, Solution Architect, IBM Rational Software) Enterprise modeling is a key aspect of Enterprise Architecture, SOA, and Model Driven Development. This session uses the concrete example of IBM’s banking and insurance models – a set of re-usable enterprise assets interrelated business, software, and data models – to illustrate IBM’s support for enterprise model driven development, management & governance. This session includes lessons learned from the world’s largest financial institutions’ experiences using, managing, and governing enterprise model driven development with IBM software; the documented methods and tools used; and related product demonstrations. Session attendees will learn about important aspects of IBM’s solution that implements each of these key components and enablers, and how to use them together to achieve the needed business and technical results, specifically: • IBM Banking & Insurance Industry Models (IFW & IAA) • IBM Software (Rational Software Architect, RequisitePro, Asset Mgr, and UCM ClearCase/ClearQuest; InfoSphere Data Architect, Business Glossary; WebSphere Business Modeler) • Cohesive, integrated usage scenarios: Develop with & Customize Industry Models; Govern and Manage Model Driven Development with Industry Models; and Govern and Manage Re-Usable Enterprise Model Assets. As of April 17, 2009 Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. ILOG, An IBM Company www.ilog.com ILOG, An IBM Company, was acquired by IBM's Software Group in January 2009, bringing over 3,000 customers, 850 employees and operations in 30 countries around the world to the IBM family. Already a long-term partner of IBM, ILOG adds significant decisioning technology to the IBM BPM portfolio, delivering improved rules and business optimization for WebSphere and Information Management offerings and better visualization for WebSphere, Lotus and Tivoli products and solutions. Used extensively in financial services applications to bring speed, efficiency and better decisions to critical operations in retail and commercial banking, securities/capital markets and insurance segments, ILOG's business rules and optimization technologies enable dramatic cost cutting and outstanding productivity gains in areas like risk management, compliance, CRM and fraud prevention, as well as hundreds of other mission-critical applications throughout the enterprise. Breakout Session: Quick ROI Successes with Business Rules – Case Briefs in Financial Services Applications (Panelists from ILOG - an IBM Company: Brett Stineman, BRMS Product Marketing; Bruno Trimouille, Director Field Marketing Americas; Wee Seong Yeo, Banking Industry Practice Leader, Maneeza Malik, Financial Services Industry Practice Leader) BRMS product and financial services domain experts review several case briefs on the use of business rules in banking, insurance and capital markets, for operations including up-selling and cross-selling, commercial lending approvals, charge calculation, centralized accounting, underwriting, trade matching, portfolio optimization and inkinding. Applications and before/after metrics are presented, along with an overview of the impact of BRMS on agility and quick response to change. IBM Lotus Software www.ibm.com/software/lotus Collaboration - the key to working smarter In a world where business conditions change daily or hourly, your organization can't afford to sit still. You need to be agile and adaptable. Strengthen relationships and leverage the power of participation in order to find information and ideas, wherever they may reside. And do it all in a more cost-effective way. Collaboration can help you work smarter - together. With IBM Lotus® software, we are helping organizations around the world work smarter every day. With Lotus software, you can find the answer to a question in seconds, from an expert halfway around the world. You can share and edit documents with colleagues in real-time, over the Web, as if you were in the same room. You can mash together application components to make faster business decisions. You can use the Web as your operating platform. You have the potential to erase boundaries and build relationships. Save money. Beat the competition. Take responsibility. And create the future. It all starts here. As of April 17, 2009 Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. IBM WebSphere Software www.ibm.com/software/websphere IBM's dynamic BPM powered by Smart SOA capabilities help Financial Institutions expand regionally and globally through standards-based, loosely coupled connectivity. This type of responsive and flexible environment allows automation of critical business processes to meet new efficiency objectives. It also keeps costs at an optimal level through reuse of existing assets while allowing a deeper level of personalized experience for customers. Additionally, to ensure corporate and regulatory compliance, this environment provides process monitoring and governance which is also business-centric allowing a quot;sense-and-respondquot; business architecture to facilitate change and react to unpredictable business events. Breakout Session: Dynamic BPM to Optimize Cost and Innovation for Financial Services (Sanjay Motwani, Senior Product Manager, WebSphere BPM, IBM Software Group) Insurance carriers are becoming increasingly customer-focused. With tight competition for premium dollars, it is crucial to provide agents and customers with the service levels they expect. In the banking industry, timely execution of transactions is paramount. Today’s insurance and banking payment operations are often fragmented, complex, inflexible and costly. Innovating new methods for processing payments and transfers is hampered by the need for guaranteed uptime. And new regulatory requirements add further complexity. It’s clear that the need for change is the only constant in business. Yet most organizations are unable to effectively manage the processes that underlie even modest business changes, much less to plan for responses to the whirlwind of external and internal mandates. The good news is that business process management (BPM) offers a cohesive set of capabilities and best practices that can help swing the pendulum in the other direction. Although traditional approaches to BPM can yield strong business results through speed and efficiencies, advances in dynamic process management, which leverages service oriented architecture (SOA), can spur a quantum leap in your ability to respond quickly and effectively to change and business needs, resulting in an agile enterprise. IBM’s dynamic BPM powered by SOA capabilities let you harness the power of change by enabling you — continuously and dynamically — to optimize your business processes. It also helps you better align IT with the business, by sharing, discovering and reusing business processes. And you can get started even quicker with IBM’s Industry Content packs. It contains a variety of prebuilt assets, with extensive, industry-specific best practices content designed to further accelerate deployment. As of April 17, 2009 Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. IBM System z www.ibm.com/systems/z/solutions Concerned about growth, financial pressures, and competition, CEOs are making fundamental changes to the business to innovate and differentiate as key ways to keep pace with change and deal with thinning margins. CIOs are making investments in technology initiatives that provide a scalable, reliable, and secure foundation for business innovation. Banks, Insurers and Financial Markets firms are turning to the IBM System z platform as the base on which to build innovative and differentiated strategies. The new IBM System z10 Enterprise Class mainframe delivers breakthrough performance, extreme efficiency and low cost through virtualization, unmatched resilience, and quality of service. The newest IBM mainframe provides a highly integrated system optimized as the enterprise backbone of a data center. IBM System z enables innovative approaches to meet the business objectives of growth, resilience and efficiency demanded in the financial services industry. As of April 17, 2009 Page 6 of 6