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How can the IBM Industry Models uncover your company's unique business DNA? Once revealed, how can you apply this insight to innovatively tackle complex business opportunities? The uses are endless, the value is real. Come to v-FS3 and see how your peers are making it happen!

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vFS3 - Detailed Agenda

  1. 1. Time EDT Type Industry Virtual Financial Services Solutions Symposium, April 23 & 30 Index Page # Insurance rd DAY 1: April 23 Banking Start End ***All sessions in Main Tent unless otherwise noted *** walk around the virtual environment – get acclimated – print the welcome packet *** 8:30 9:00 Wachovia: Case Closed – Exposing Tangible Value (Karen Macauley , VP Business Architecture and Renee 9:00 10:00 Grand 8 X X Sessions Crandall Jones, VP Strategic Initiatives, Wachovia, a Wells Fargo Company) Forrester: Business Architecture’s Time Has Come (Jeff Scott, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research) 10:00 11:00 4 X X IBM: Industry Models Product Strategy (Jamie Watters, Senior Product Manager, Banking, Insurance and FM 11:00 11:50 5 X X Industry Models and Stephan Zoder, Senior Product Manager, Healthcare, Telco and Retail/CP Industry Models) IMUG Greeting (Michael Daugherty, President, Industry Models User Group) 11:50 12:00 X X *** Chat with Wachovia and Forrester in the Networking Lounge*** 12:00 12:25 Chats X X *** Chat with Jamie Watters and Stephan Zoder in the Networking Lounge*** 12:25 12:45 X X *** Solutions exhibit open (staffed) until 8:00pm! *** 12:00 8:00 Westfield: Blended Family – Bringing IAA & SOA Home to your Legacy Environment (Joseph N Starwood & 12:45 1:45 General 9 X Sessions Nour Laaroubi, IT Architects, Westfield Group) BMO: Model Management – Industry Models and Associated Tools (Keith Enhagen, Sr. Data Architect, BMO 3 X X Financial Group) McKesson and IBM: Partner to Deliver BI/Analytics Leveraging IBM HPDM (Robert Franceschini, Associate 7 X Vice President of Enterprise Architecture and Technology, McKesson Corporation and Madhavan Vasudevan, Business Development Executive, Analytics, IBM Software Group) Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance: Change, Innovate and Produce! What CEOs and CIOs Should 1:45 2:45 General 8 X X Sessions Know (Tsukasa Makino, Manager IT and Corporate Planning, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. and Professor of Tsukuba Univ, Computer Science Department) IBM: Let's Build a Smarter Planet – Global Financial Services Industry POV (June Felix, General Manager, 5 X th IBM Global Banking and Financial Markets) *Insurance POV session on April 30 IBM: Proof of Value II – Justifying Industry Models Using a Business Value Assessment Workshop (John J. 2:45 3:35 Grand 4 X X Sessions Martin, Americas Insurance Leader, Industry Business Value Assessment) IMUG Close (Michael Daugherty, President, Industry Models User Group) 3:35 3:45 *** Chat with John Martin in the Networking Lounge*** 3:45 4:00 Chat X X Listen to as many breakout sessions as you can before April 30; abstracts available in the Welcome Packet. 4:00 on On Demand Post your questions in the forums, located in the networking lounge. Participate in the live open panel Breakouts discussions on April 30 to hear answers to your questions! 1 of 3
  2. 2. Time EDT Type Industry Virtual Financial Services Solutions Symposium, April 23 & 30 Index Page # DAY 2: April 30th Insurance Banking (Morning) Start End ***All sessions in Main Tent unless otherwise noted *** Solutions exhibit open (staffed) 6:00 – 11:00 and 12:30 – 3:00! *** 6:00 11:00 Silvermoon Open Discussion: Implementing IAA Location: Silvermoon Booth 6:30 7:30 Open Panel X *** Open Chat in the Networking Lounge*** 7:30 8:00 Chat X X Zurich: Strategies and Practical Steps (using IAA) to Achieving Service Reuse (Paul Sturlis, Data Architect, 8:00 9:00 General 10 X Sessions Group IT – Architecture & Strategy, Zurich Financial Services) ING Life Japan: Swallowing the Ocean II (Youngran Kim, Head of Technology Management, ING Life Japan) 7 X Ask the Developers – Insurance Process & SOA (Moderator: Ian Bowring, Sales Manager IBM Industry 9:00 9:30 Open X Panels Models; IBM Panelists: Sakae Iawasawa, Certified Consultant; Brigitte Hougardy, IT Architect; Didier Bruffaerts, Software Engineer; Oliver Koernig, SWG Industry Solutions; Patty Brooks, Senior Managing Consultant) Ask the Developers – Banking Process & SOA (Moderator: Joe O’Sullivan, IFW Sales Manager; IBM X Panelists: Brendan O’Sullivan , Technical Sales Specialist; Georgina Marimon, IFW Banking Models Specialist; Aidan Clarke, Architect; David Kearns, SOA Business Analyst; Robert Mooney, IT Architect) Ask the Developers – Insurance / Health Plan Data Warehouse (Moderator: Ian Bowring, Sales Manager 9:30 10:00 X IBM Industry Models; IBM Panelists: Johnny Amos, Technical Sales Specialist; Tom Hanks, Healthcare Industry Solution Executive; Sean O’Mahony, Industry Model Developer; Gabriel Tanase, IIW Lead Developer) Ask the Developers – Banking / Financial Markets Data Warehouse (Moderator: Joe O’Sullivan, IFW X Sales Manager; IBM Panelists: Neil Ryan, IT Architect; John Carney, Lead Designer – IBM Industry Models for Financial Markets; Pat O’Sullivan, IT Architect; Susan Cotter, IFW Banking & FM Models Specialist) Using Architecture to do More with Less (Moderator: Jeff Bell, Bank of America eCommerce) 10:00 11:00 X X Live IMUG Requirements Poll/Survey (Michael Daugherty, President, Industry Models User Group) 11:00 11:30 IMUG Poll X X 2 of 3
  3. 3. Time EDT Type Industry Virtual Financial Services Solutions Symposium, April 23 & 30 Index Page # th DAY 2: April 30 Insurance Banking (Afternoon) Start End ***All sessions in Main Tent unless otherwise noted Westfield: Genetic Family Planning – Using the IAA Business Models (Scott Meredith, IT Architect, Westfield 11:30 12:30 General 9 X Sessions Group) BMO: The IBM Banking Data Warehouse Model as the Nucleus in Your Data Warehousing Architecture 4 X (Kelly Pappel, Data Architecture Consultant, BMO Financial Group) *** Chat with BMO in the Networking Lounge*** 12:30 1:00 Chat X X *** Solutions exhibit open (staffed) 12:30 – 3:00! *** 12:30 3:00 IBM: Let's Build a Smarter Planet – Global Insurance Industry POV (Mark W Lewis, General Manager, IBM 1:00 2:00 General 6 X Sessions Global Insurance Industry) Barclays: Year 1 in the Life the IBM IFW Banking Data Model at Barclays (Dave West and Debbie Ogden, 2 X Group Data Architects, Global Retail and Commercial Bank – Technology, Barclays) Westfield: Beneficial Genes – Enabling the SOA Value Chain with IAA (Benku Thomas, IT Architect, 2:00 2:50 Grand 10 X X Sessions Westfield Group) IMUG Close (Michael Daugherty, President, Industry Models User Group) 2:50 3:00 *** Chat with Westfield Group in the Networking Lounge*** 3:00 3:30 Chats *** Chat with the IMUG Board Members in the Networking Lounge*** 3:30 4:00 All the v-FS3 content will be available to listen to “on demand” through the end of July! Live presentations will be augmented with 4:00 31 Everything! their Q&A segment and available by May 4. Stop back to download presentations, listen to a session you missed, review a July! session you didn’t quite understand the first time, research and download content from an exhibitor (without being pestered).. you get the picture! 3 of 3