vFS3 Best Of 2008 Mini-seris


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You can never get enough of a good thing - right? If you missed these top notch user experience presentations in 2008, or could use a refresher course on proving the business value of the IBM Industry Models - check them out at this mini-series!

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vFS3 Best Of 2008 Mini-seris

  1. 1. DNA for Your Business! “BEST OF 2008” MINI-SERIES! You can never get enough of a good thing – right?! If you missed these top notch user experience presentations from last year, or could use a refresher course on proving the business value of the Industry Models – check them our at http://events.unisfair.com/rt/vfs3~2009! PPS: Through the Looking Glass (David Gnodde, COO, PPS and Heather Williams, Silvermoon) What is the world like in which IAA is fully implemented? This world looks very different! While some business challenges have been conquered, new challenges present themselves in areas that were previously hidden to us. IAA delivers on all its promises but challenges the Business to know its business! The product and legacy conversion challenges are now addressed and no longer haunt PPS. IAA offers several solutions from which to choose to address these now resolved problems so that you can implement the most appropriate to your business. However, the silo departments that supported the business for so long now need to be rethought and also need to adapt to a fleeter and more efficient solution for managing products. The roles from policy administration through to credit control have changed. We present a view from several successful project implementations. We will also share the Claims experiences on IAA, along with some solutions chosen to solve our legacy book. Wachovia: So Why Should the Business Care About Industry Models Like IFW or IAA? (Christee King, Senior VP Retail/Small Business, Wachovia Bank) Christee King, an influential leader within Wachovia's Retail and Small Business segment, will present her experiences and viewpoints on driving business value by leveraging the IBM Industry Models. Topics Christee will cover include: - How to realize a more consistent customer experience by adopting a process modeling approach to drive channel and product consistency. - How changes in the environment are best viewed from a process perspective to fully understand impacts and to uncover opportunities. - How starting with business process modeling ,independent of IT solutions, can achieve a better end product .. avoiding the trap of investing in just a pretty picture that covers your legacy system and mimics its functions. Hear a pure business perspective on how the IBM Industry Models can help solve business issues. ING AP: Swallowing the Ocean (Shannon Murphy, Regional Chief Technology Officer, ING Insurance and Investment Management, AP) Continuing from the ING Asia Pacific story from last year, learn how a loosely-organized collection of businesses organized themselves, optimized themselves, and began rolling out the first standardized solutions based upon IAA. This is about the change program, a sometimes unconventional use of IAA, Six Sigma, and common architecture. ING Asia Pacific was able to change its governance structure and began a regional standardization program based upon the opportunities that came out of this program. Physicians Mutual: The Evolution of Data Governance and Adoption of IAA by Business Leadership at Physicians Mutual (Steve Konnath, VP & Market Segment Manager; Chairman of the Physicians Mutual Data Governance Board) Steve will review the history, current state, and future of data governance at Physicians Mutual. This will include a review of our understanding and adoption of control structures, business and IT processes, key data roles, as well as other key concepts such as data quality, the difference between data ownership and stewardship, etc. We'll also talk about the adoption of IAA by the “business side” at Physicians Mutual – their expectations of IAA and IIW, their understanding of IAA and its various components, and how all of this aligns with our understanding of data ownership and stewardship. As of April 17, 2009 Page 1 of 1