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Ep siz 1.1 answers

  1. 1. EPSizLove, Peace and Independence
  2. 2. 1• Born as Harikrishna Giri Goswami, in Abbottabad, a town of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, now in Pakistan, his last appearance in movies was the 1995 movie Maidan-E-Jung. His trademark gesture in movies has been popular as well as the source of controversy. Identify.
  3. 3. Manoj Kumar
  4. 4. 2• Nicknamed the Schindler of his domain of business, he established what was called the ______ Freedom Train, a covert means of allowing Jews to leave Germany to the various sales offices of his firm around the world. Each new employee of the firm arriving on the New York pier would have around his neck a _____, a symbol of freedom from the Nazis. Name him and the brand he pioneered
  5. 5. • Ernst Leitz II
  6. 6. 3• The biggest company of the B.M. Khaitan Group, this was originally called Union Carbide India Limited, but changed to its present name in 1994. Identify the company, whose flagship product’s logo commemorates the ‘fact’ that a cat has nine lives.
  7. 7. Eveready
  8. 8. 4Complete the list• 2003: The American Soldier• 2004: George W. Bush• 2005: The Good Samaritans (Bono, Bill and Melinda Gates)• 2006: ?• 2007: Vladimir Putin
  9. 9. YOU• All winners of ‘Time Person of the Year
  10. 10. 5• Originally, this is a Greek word meaning ‘dwarf’. If you’re a Star Trek fanatic, you’ll think of the communications officer on the Enterprise if I utter this word. A year or two back, a random person would think of music if I said this word, but now her/his mind will go into a completely different direction. Which word am I talking about?
  11. 11. NANO
  12. 12. 6• The fountain is located at the Warner Ranch at 401 N. Hollywood Way, about a half mile from the studio in Burbank, California. In the center of the fountain four large fish surround the base of the platform, their tails soaring upward as to hold the large circular dish from which the water squirts skyward. It was also used prominently in the finale of the Charlton Heston classic, The Omega Man, and in the film version of the Broadway musical, 1776. Apart from this, something famous was shot there, at about 4:00 in the morning while it was extremely cold. What?
  13. 13. The fountain in the title sequence of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  14. 14. 7Masterplan for which Indian city
  15. 15. Auroville
  16. 16. 8. Identify
  17. 17. Leela Naidu
  18. 18. 9• It arose from Vaishnava devotees dancing to dancing to the episodes from Krishna's life. Originally a Northern Indian temple dance, it was transformed to a court dance in the Mughal era. The new Muslim influence brought with it certain changes to the dance form: what had been a largely devotional practice now became more a courtly entertainment. Identify the dance form?
  19. 19. Kathak
  20. 20. 10• After Independence who was the first woman on an Indian postage stamp?
  21. 21. Meera Bai
  22. 22. 11. Identify
  23. 23. M.S. Subbalakshmi
  24. 24. 12• A lifelong Gandhian, he allowed bacilli from a leprosy patient to be injected into him to prove that leprosy was not contagious. Who?
  25. 25. Baba Amte
  26. 26. 13Who was gifted with all these sobriquets:• Muffakir-e-Pakistan ("The Thinker of Pakistan"),• Shair-e-Mashriq,• Hakeem-ul-Ummat ("The Sage of Ummah") ?
  27. 27. Md Iqbal
  28. 28. 14.• Whose autobiography is “Freedom in exile “ ?
  29. 29. Dalai Lama
  30. 30. 15• Mitrabhed, Mitrasamprapti, Sandhi, Vigraham and Apareekshitkarakam. These are parts of what?
  31. 31. Panchatantra
  32. 32. 16• He was born in 1945 at Vaidipur, a village in the Ghaziabad District of Uttar Pradesh, to an armyman. His birthname was R. Prasad Singh Vidhudi. What surname did he adopt before joining politics ?
  33. 33. Pilot
  34. 34. 17• This is the structural formula of a mechanically interlocked molecule. The molecule is a linear catenane. It was synthesized and named by Stoddart and coworkers in 1996. However, it was not actually made for any purpose but as a tribute and was thus named after it. What was it a tribute to?
  35. 35. Olympidane
  36. 36. 18
  37. 37. Lennon’s Wall
  38. 38. 19Rates vary in different parts of the country and barring the online portals it can also be purchased from a state government authorized dealer at Faridabad. WHAT?
  39. 39. Gangajal
  40. 40. 20Identify
  41. 41. UNIX
  42. 42. 21• According to one version, the 50-ton magnet on top of this structure was removed by the British as it was disorienting the compasses of approaching ships and led to many wrecks.Id
  43. 43. Konark
  44. 44. 22• During the 2nd WW X joined the Royal Indian Air Force eventually becoming head air transport command. He also played a crucial role in the Indonesian independence struggle as he braved all hazards and flew a Dakota to and brought Sultan Sjahirr from Java to India and ultimately allowed the Sultan to form international opinion against the Dutch leading to Indonesian Independence. For this, X was given honorary citizenship of Indonesia and awarded Bhoomi Putra, the highest Indonesian award and a rare distinction ever granted to a foreigner.
  45. 45. Biju Pattnaik
  46. 46. 23This object has one of the strangest originspossible - in a magazine cartoon by GeorgeMoore on January 7, 1903. Within threeweeks, a patent was granted to W. J. Grahamof Graham Brothers, in Enfield, Middlesex. InIndia, most of its production is carried out by acompany called Cozy. Identify this object,which has a special place in Indian cinema.
  47. 47. Motorcycle/Scooter Sidecars.
  48. 48. 24• Identify the Comic
  49. 49. • Amitabh Bachchan
  50. 50. 25• Identify the Issuing Bank of this note
  51. 51. • Azad Hind Bank
  52. 52. 26• Identify the Movie Poster
  53. 53. • Pather Pachali
  54. 54. 27As a teenager, he was fascinated by physics. Although he planned topursue an undergraduate degree in that subject at Delhi University,where he was accepted to the B.Sc. Physics Honors course, his brothertalked him out of the idea.His brother told him that that he would end up “selling bananas” if hecontinued toward his projected goal of getting a Ph. D in physics.Instead, his brother said ” You should study engineering — specificallyelectrical engineering — a subject that was then growing more andmore important “.He went on to become one of the most famous electronic chipdesigners of all time. Who?
  55. 55. • Vinod Dham
  56. 56. 28• _____________ also plays a small part in the Mahabharata although he is an important character in one of the other epics. Yudhisthira crowned himself as the Emperor of Indraprastha and began preparations for a Rajasuya sacrifice. He sent Sahadeva to the southern kingdoms to subjugate the rulers to his authority and supremacy. Sahadevas men reached the tip of the mainland, wherein Sahadeva stopped and sent his messengers to ____________ kingdom. _____________accepted Yudhisthiras authority and regarded it as "an act of time".• Who are we talking about?
  57. 57. • Vibhishana
  58. 58. 29Connect
  59. 59. • Pandit GANGAdhar VIDYAdhar MAYAdhar OM karnath Shastri aka SHAKTIMAAN!
  60. 60. 30Identify the character whois shown driving the car onthis poster
  61. 61. • Stacy’s Mom