Think global, act local - Philippines


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Presentation I gave to over 1000 Filipino college kids at "4th Annual Conference of Advertising, Marketing and Business Administration Students of the Philippines"

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Think global, act local - Philippines

  1. 1. think global,local think global / act act local how Filipino brands can keep up with the rapidly evolving digital worldRobin Leonard, CEOAllFamous Digital
  2. 2. Social Media is fundamentally changing how humans communicate globally
  3. 3. 150 million tweets in 16 days
  4. 4. results were broadcast on social media before TV
  5. 5. most retweeted post ever!
  6. 6. 10x Instagram pictures uploaded per second
  7. 7. ridiculously viral
  8. 8. are you going to be part of the social revolution? or become a dinosaur
  9. 9. My name is Robin Leonard introductionCEO, AllFamous DigitalI’m a kiwi, living in the expert in digital strategyPhilippines for 3 years We have run 3 demosMy professional background isvalue of getting into social… I believe we all agree themanagementin case you don’t agree But just consulting,marketing, CRM and contactcenter management at we are passionate about social
  10. 10. why is this important for me?
  11. 11. traditional advertising is dying a slow death
  12. 12. 2013 digital marketing budgets Digital marketing spend % of CMOs 49%up to 22% of CMOs will increase their digital marketing budget to 49% 24%up to 47% of CMOs will increase their digital marketing budget to 24% Source: 2013 Adobe Digital Marketing Survey
  13. 13. estimated worldwide spend on digital in 2013$50,000,000,000 Source: Forrester
  14. 14. Source:
  15. 15. there is over 100% increase in demand for digital marketers in 2013 skill needs
  16. 16. digital marketing is immature in Asia-Pacific37% of marketers in region spend less than10% on digital marketing Source: 2013 Adobe Digital Marketing Survey
  17. 17. out ofadult Filipinos are online
  18. 18. 69%of online Filipinos access the internet at an internet cafe
  19. 19. rapidly emerging middle class 43% of ABC households own a computerSocio-economic classifications Source: Economic Outlook and Philippine Consumer Trends (TNS 2012)
  20. 20. what do Filipinos do online?89% do social networking44% share content they create40% get news or current events37% get health information37% play online games Source: Social Weather Stations, 2011
  21. 21. Philippines Facebook usagecompared to other countries +
  22. 22. demographic of Filipino Facebook users
  23. 23. the most popular posts are from brands, not people
  24. 24. 3rd most popular post in 2012
  25. 25. 2nd most popular post in 2012
  26. 26. 1st most popular post in 2012
  27. 27. most socially devoted brands
  28. 28. we should look at the US to indicate the future of the Philippines vs.9x cheaper!6x cheaper!
  29. 29. Conclusions• Philippines is a highly social nation• Economy is forecast to continue growing at 7% in 2013• Philippines is just beginning an online revolution• Untapped goldmine of consumers just waiting to go online in the coming years
  30. 30. digital strategy is not rocket science
  31. 31. Google constantly updating algorithms to stop “SEO cheating”
  32. 32. …and Google is in charge right now
  33. 33. how does Google rank websites now? 1. Keywords 2. Freshness 3. Content interactionContent is King!
  34. 34. how does Google rank websites now? 1. Community 2. Social sharing 3. Engagement 4. TrafficSocial Proof
  35. 35. “good artists borrow, great artists steal” - Pablo Picasso
  36. 36. To be globally competitive, Pinoy digital marketers need to look offshore and steal ideas
  37. 37. how do you measure ROI from social media?ROI = ( Benefit - Cost Cost ) x100
  38. 38. Social Marketing ROI Impressions Interactions Fanbase Web Traffic Online Conversion
  39. 39. Social Customer Service ROI 41% cheaper than traditional customer service metrics • Increased FCR1. decrease call center costs • Decreased AHT • Decrease CPC • Increase average brand sentiment2. improve brand perception • Increase brand engagement • Increase positive branded UGC • Decrease sentiment drop3. mitigate crisis impact • Faster sentiment recovery
  40. 40. Community ROI benefits1. inter-community support • Call deflection • FoF impressions2. user generated content • New fans (earned media) • Engagement & Loyalty3. partner advertising • Advertising revenue
  41. 41. calculating ROI from social media is possible But also a mute pointin 5 years brands won’t have a choice
  42. 42. Careers Paths in Digital• Digital Project Manager• Content Manager• Community Manager• Content Artists• Content Writers• Analytics Experts• Business Analysts
  43. 43. intern programwe are seeking onlythe best interns• Professional Training• Exposure to international brands• International career Email your resume / portfolio to
  44. 44.