A Social Media Report on Mobile Networks in the Philippines


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We used Radian6 which is an enterprise grade social listening, analytics and engagement platform to perform this research.

Our approach was to setup several Topic Profiles (keyword structures) around the telecommunications industry within the Philippines.

After doing a basic scan of all 5 major telecommunications companies including mention volume and sentiment, we focused on the top 2 and performed a deep dive study to find out what people have been saying about these brands over the last 30 days.

We took into account language, price, call quality, reception, mobile internet, payment methods, service suspensions and customer services.

The sentiment is derived automatically using Radian6 algorithms, however it is expected there is approximately a 15% margin of error.

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A Social Media Report on Mobile Networks in the Philippines

  1. 1. A Social Media Report on the MOBILE NETWORK INDUSTRY in the Philippines June 21 – Aug 21, 2013 Author: Robin Leonard
  2. 2. 2 Copyright  ©  2013  AllFamous  Inc.   METHODOLOGY   We  used  Radian6  which  is  an  enterprise  grade   social  listening,  analyKcs  and  engagement   plaLorm  to  perform  this  research.     Our  approach  was  to  setup  several  Topic  Profiles   (keyword  structures)  around  the   telecommunicaKons  industry  within  the   Philippines.     ATer  doing  a  basic  scan  of  all  5  major   telecommunicaKons  companies  including   menKon  volume  and  senKment,    we  focused  on   the  top  2  and  performed  a  deep  dive  study  to   find  out  what  people  have  been  saying  about   these  brands  over  the  last  30  days.     We  took  into  account  language,  price,  call   quality,  recepKon,  mobile  internet,  payment   methods,  service  suspensions  and  customer   services.     The  senKment  is  derived  automaKcally  using   Radian6  algorithms,  however  it  is  expected  there   is  approximately  a  15%  margin  of  error.   Radian6   screenshot  of   AnalyKcs   Dashboard  for   Mobile  Networks   Radian6   screenshot  of   AnalyKcs   Dashboard  for   Globe  vs.  Smart  
  3. 3. 3 Copyright  ©  2013  AllFamous  Inc.   INTRODUCTION   Social  media  empowers  the  public  to  have  their  say  on  brands   they  buy  from,  or  have  an  experience  with.    Using  Radian6  we   scanned  over  10,000  social  menKons  for  the  top   telecommunicaKons  companies  in  the  Philippines,  over  the   last  30  days.     FINDINGS   Globe  had  the  greatest  share  of  voice  (48.9%)  across  all   mobile  networks,  second  was  Smart  (30.1%)  and  third  was   Sun  (8.7%).     The  most  posiKvely  talked  about  brand  was  Smart  (13.8%   posiKve  menKons),  then  Sun  (12.6%),  then  TM  (11.7%).     PLDT  was  the  most  negaKvely  talked  about  brand  (10.1%  of  all   menKons  were  negaKve),  Globe  was  second  (9.2%)  then  TM   (4.8%).     Globe  had  three  noKceable  spikes  in  menKon  volume.    These   were  caused  by:   •  Globe  provided  free  internet  at  an  Ironman  event  (4  Aug)   •  3G  outage  (9  Aug)   •  Globe  announced  hicng  a  new  subscriber  record  (9  Aug)   •  Globe  has  beder  mobile  internet  coverage  than  compeKtors  during  storm  (19  Aug)   •  Globe  provide  free  mobile  hotspots  for  flood  evacuee  vicKms  (19  Aug)   Smart  had  three  noKceable  spikes  in  menKon  volume.    These   were  caused  by:   •  Smart  released  Prepaid  LTE  SIMs  (15  Aug)   •  Smart  provided  free  Tweets  during  Tropical  Storm  (19  Aug)   •  Smart  provided  free  call  and  SMS  staKons  for  flood  vicKms  (20  Aug)   Smart  had  a  higher  raKo  of  people  talking  about  service   suspension  or  running  out  of  load.     Twice  as  many  people  menKoned  that  Smart  was  more   affordable,  or  cheaper  than  Globe.     Smart  had  double  the  raKo  of  posiKve  menKons  relaKng  to   mobile  recepKon  than  Globe.    Globe  had  the  highest  volume   of  negaKve  menKons  relaKng  to  service.    However,  Globe  had   only  a  third  of  menKons  regarding  dropped  calls  than  Smart,   indicaKng  that  generally  Smart's  recepKon  is  beder,  but  there   are  three  Kmes  more  instances  of  dropped  calls  than  on   Globe.     Almost  a  third  more  people  talked  posiKvely  about  Smart's   mobile  internet  speed  and  service  than  Globe.  Both  shared  a   similar  raKo  of  negaKve  menKons  relaKng  to  mobile  internet.     Overall  the  Mobile  Network  industry  is  highly  compe::ve   on  social  media  as  the  major  players  offer  customer  service   on  Facebook  and  Twi?er.    It  is  clear  that  share  of  voice  is   drama:cally  impacted  by  offline  events  and  news.               Most  Talked  About  Mobile   Networks  in  the  Philippines   Most  Posi:vely  Talked  About  Networks   Most  Nega:vely  Talked  About  Networks  
  4. 4. Mobile  Network   Men:ons   Share  of  Voice   Sen:ment     2,789       48.9%     10.1%  (+ve)   9.2%  (-­‐ve)     1,748       30.1%     13.8%  (+ve)   4.5%  (-­‐ve)   4 Copyright  ©  2013  AllFamous  Inc.   FOCUS  STUDY  OF  THE  TOP  2  NETWORKS   Because  there  were  a  lot  of  results,  the  remainder  of  this  report  will   focus  on  the  top  2  networks,  based  on  menKon  volume.  This  is  Globe   (2,789)  and  Smart  (1,748).   Marriot   Intercon:nental   WHERE  ARE  THE  CONVERSATIONS?   Facebook  was  the  most  commonly  used  plaLorm  (31%)  for  discussing   mobile  networks  in  the  Philippines.    This  number  is  expected  to  be   significantly  higher  because  of  user  privacy.     Twider  came  in  a  close  second  with  29.9%  of  mobile  network  traffic   happening  there.     Blogging  was  also  a  very  popular  channel  with  22.5%  of  all  menKons.   Globe   49%   Smart   31%   Other   20%   LANGUAGE   People  mostly  spoke  about  Smart  in  English  (11%  more   than  Globe).    Almost  one  out  of  five  people  speaking   about  Globe  online  did  so  in  Tagalog.   Mobile  Network   English   Tagalog   Interna:onal     91%       7.5%     1.5%     80%       18%     1.9%     One  out  of  five  people   speaking  about  Globe   online,  did  so  in  Tagalog.   “ ”
  5. 5. 5 Copyright  ©  2013  AllFamous  Inc.   30  DAY  MENTION  TREND   The  most   SPIKE  1  (4  Aug)   On  4th  August  2013,  Globe  supported   IronmanPH  by  providing  free  internet  at  the   venue.  This  caused  a  spike  of  posiKve   menKons  as  Ironman  parKcipants  and   spectators  thanked  Globe  using  the  hashtag   #GlobePowersIronManPH   Spike  1   Spike  2   Spike  3   SPIKE  2  (9  Aug)   On  9th  August  2013,  Globe  experienced  a   spike  in  menKons  mainly  due  to  their   announcement  that  they  have  reached  a   record  number  of  subscribers.    There   was  also  a  3G  outage  on  the  same  day   that  caused  a  number  of  complaints.   SPIKE  3  (19  Aug)   On  19th  August  2013  there  was  a  spike  in   menKons  for  various  reasons.  The  main  one   being  service  issues  due  to  the  weather,   however  Globe  received  a  lot  of  posiKve   menKons  because  their  3G  worked  beder   than  other  networks,  plus  free  calls/SMS   were  provided  to  evacuees  in  Marikina.  
  6. 6. 6 Copyright  ©  2013  AllFamous  Inc.   30  DAY  MENTION  TREND   The  most   SPIKE  1  (15  Aug)   On  15th  August  2013  Smart  received  a  spike  in  posiKve  menKons,  due   to  their  launch  of  the  Smart  LTE  Prepaid  SIM.   SPIKE  2  (19  Aug)   On  19th  August  2013,  during  the  Tropical  Storm  #MaringPH,  Smart  offered   free  tweets  to  all  of  its  customers  so  they  can  stay  in  touch  during  the   storm.   Spike  3   Spike  2   Spike  1   SPIKE  3  (20  Aug)   On  20th  August  2013,  received  a  posiKve  menKon  spike  because  they  setup   free  call  and  SMS  staKons  in  evacuaKon  centers  for  flood  vicKms.  
  7. 7. 7 Copyright  ©  2013  AllFamous  Inc.   CONSUMER  PRICE  PERCEPTION   Both  brands  received  a  similar  raKo  of  customers  saying  they   are  expensive,  however  there  was  a  significantly  higher  raKo   of  people  that  consider  Smart  to  be  cheaper  or  more   affordable  (21%  of  all  menKons),  compared  to  Globe  (10%)   SUSPENDED  SERVICE   Smart  customers  had  a  higher  raKo  of  menKons  (4.2%)   related  to  service  suspension  or  running  out  of  prepaid  load,   followed  by  Globe  with  3.6%  of  all  menKons.   There  was  a  significantly  higher   ra=o  of  people  that  consider  Smart   to  be  more  affordable  than  Globe   “ ” Smart  customers  had  a  higher  ra=o   of  men=ons  related  to  service   suspension  or  running  out  of  load.   “ ” MOST  POSITIVE  CUSTOMER  SERVICE   Out  of  all  the  menKons  of  customer  service  on  social  media,   Smart  received  the  highest  raKo  of  menKons  with  posiKve   senKment  (17%)  compared  with  Globe  who  only  received   posiKve  menKons  for  10%  of  service  related  posts.     Both  brands  were  equal  with  negaKve  service  related  menKons   (18%).         Smart  received  the   highest  ra=o  of  posi=ve   men=ons  rela=ng  to  their   customer  service  “ ” Sofitel     Peninsula   Shang   Mobile  Network   Expensive   Affordable     5.2%       21.0%     4.5%       9.8%  
  8. 8. 8 Copyright  ©  2013  AllFamous  Inc.   BEST  MOBILE  RECEPTION   Smart  had  the  highest  raKo  of  menKons  (23.9%)  relaKng  to   coverage  with  posiKve  senKment.    This  is  mostly  due  to  how   Smart  had  beder  internet  and  coverage  during  the  recent   Tropical  Storm.     Globe  had  the  highest  raKo  of  negaKve  menKons  relaKng  to   coverage  (16.5%)   LEAST  DROPPED  CALLS   Although  people  speak  more  posiKvely  about  Smart’s   coverage  (as  above),  they  also  talk  about  Smart’s  dropped   calls  almost  3  Kmes  as  much  as  Globe.     Globe  had  the  lowest  raKo  of  dropped  call  related  menKons.   BEST  MOBILE  INTERNET  SERVICE   Smart  had  the  highest  raKo  of  posiKve  menKons  (16.9%)   relaKng  to  mobile  internet  service  and  speed,  compared  to   Globe  (10.4%).    Both  had  a  similar  raKo  of  negaKve  menKons.                 Smart  had  the  highest   ra=o  of  posi=ve  men=ons   rela=ng  to  coverage   “ ” Globe  had  the  lowest   ra=o  of  dropped  call   related  men=ons   “ ” Smart  had  the  highest  ra=o  of   posi=ve  men=ons  rela=ng  to   mobile  internet  service  and  speed   “ ” Mobile  Network   Posi:ve   Nega:ve     23.9%       11.9%     13.2%       16.5%   Mobile  Network   Posi:ve   Nega:ve     16.9%       18.3%     10.4%       18.7%  
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