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Ideaworks Game Studio Profile

  1. 1. IDEAworks Games studio Ideaworks Game Studio was founded on a passion and commitment to great gameplay experiences. We push art, design and technology to their limits making games people love to play. Based in London, UK and founded in 2005, we are an established developer for iPhone, high-end Smartphone and other digital distribution console platforms, with a strong technical pedigree and a track record of commercial success. Our goal is to develop compelling games of the highest quality for the digitally-distributed games market. Our teams have worked with world-leading games publishers and developers on flagship IP, creating multi-award winning games on multiple platforms.
  2. 2. Call of duty: world at war - zombies Released on Apple App Store. Became #1 Grossing App on iTunes within 2 Days in US & UK Developed in close collaboration with Treyarch's studio console game development team 4.5 out of 5 on iTunes consumer reviews
  3. 3. Ideaworks Game Studio provides high quality, cost-efficient and rapid development, creating the highest quality games for both established franchises and original IP. We can target both small and large projects, with project teams ranging from 15-20 delivering best-in-class AAA titles on iPhone. Our expertise is built on a deep understanding of Ideaworks proprietary Airplay SDK and mature Studio engine technology, tools and production pipeline allied to strong technical and creative expertise beyond typical mobile definitions. Studio Project Development Ideaworks Game Studio provides full cycle development for original projects alongside the proven capability to work with the premier games industry IPs, Publishers and Studios. Conversion and Porting Services Ideaworks Game Studio has experience in porting games from multiple sources to our propriety Airplay SDK, to enable deployment to multiple handheld and mobile platforms. This can include decreasing or increasing art assets as required. Supported Platforms Our development pipeline and engine now extends our core Airplay technology developed by Ideaworks Labs to a wider range of gaming formats. This includes DS and Sony PSP Go alongside development support for console based digital download formats such as Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare
  4. 4. The Key Benefits Proven track record of creating award winning and commercially successful games Proven performance engine and a highly optimised asset pipeline Best-in-class technical and creative development teams Experience of delivering highest quality products on rapid development cycles Maximise performance within a minimal memory footprint and device capability Optimise the gaming experience across many different device form factors and control schemes Develop creative solutions for constrained devices/platforms for digital distribution
  5. 5. back Breaker Tackle alley Released on Apple App Store. Became #1 Grossing App on iTunes within 3 Days in the US & UK High performance 3D graphics, sophisticated animations and addictive pick-up and play game mechanics Developed by Ideaworks and published by Natural Motion to showcase the full console game experience 4 out of 5 on iTunes consumer reviews
  6. 6. IGS Tech Platform Ideaworks Game Studio has invested years of development in its proprietary game engine, tools and technology libraries. This has been achieved over the course of many game productions, ranging from accessible 2D/3D casual experiences, to rich and detailed games featuring global brands like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy. Our cross-platform technology library, layered over the Airplay SDK from Ideaworks Labs, brings a range of advanced game tech modules which are optimised to scale seamlessly from the constrained environments of hand- held and next-gen mobile, up to the comparitively vast resources of current generation console platforms. This allows us to realise consistent, high quality experiences across a huge range of targets including iPhone, PSP, DS, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3: maximising tech and asset re-use to enable cost effective, low risk development. Our integrated build, deployment and asset conditioning tools complement Airplay's Director suite and makefile builder, to create a scalable and fully automated asset and build configuration pipeline, which we customise to fit each project. To see this in action, please visit:
  7. 7. Key Features A fully data-driven animation sequencing and playback engine, featuring blended transitions, Lua script hooks, which interlock tightly with our collision engine and dynamic LOD tech. This also integrates with NaturalMotion's Morpheme animation engine (featured in Grand Theft Auto IV), to deliver next-gen quality animated content - as seen in Backbreaker Football for iPhone & iPod Touch. A flexible scenegraph architecture, supporting swappable culling components, such as portals or PVS. This allows us to tailor render performance precisely to requirements dictated by individual device classes and game genres. A network abstraction layer providing platform-agnostic connectivity in both local and internet scenarios. This supports UPnP, Bluetooth and platform-specific features like Apple’s Bonjour discovery service and the iPhone platform APIs for Facebook and Twitter. A scriptable build configuration framework: the cornerstone of our rapid development process. This is an end-to-end pipeline, which automates the steps of exporting assets, converting them into optimised binary form, compiling executables and packaging into an installable binary. Multiple permutations of build/asset configuration (a classic stumbling block of cross-platform dev) are managed in a single auto- mated process. Other high-value components include an optimised collision engine, a low-bandwidth music sequencer, a runtime lua interpreter for in-game scripting, and a powerful cutscene engine, battle-tested in MGS and Resident Evil.
  8. 8. Our projects Call of Duty: Zombies - 2009 (Activision/Treyarch Studio) Backbreaker Football - 2009 (NaturalMotion) The Game of Life - 2009 (EA) Trivial Pursuit - 2009(EA) Resident Evil: Degeneration - 2008 Capcom (Japan) Metal Gear Solid Mobile - 2008. Konami (Japan) Mile High Pinball - 2007/2008 (Nokia) System Rush Evolution - 2007/2008 (Nokia) Need for Speed Most Wanted - 2006 (EA) Pandemonium! - 2006 (Eidos) Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus - 2006. (Square Enix (Japan) Need for Speed Undercover - 2006 (EA) Need for Speed Underground 2 - 2005 (EA) The Sims2 - 2005 (EA/Maxis) System Rush - 2005 (Nokia) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater -2005 (Activision) Colin McRae Rally - 2005 (CodeMasters) V-Rally Mobile Edition - 2005 (CodeMasters) The Sims Bustin' Out - 2004 (EA) Tomb Raider - 2002 /2003 (Eidos)
  9. 9. We at Ideaworks take great pride in our games and have been honored to receive multiple awards and nominations for the games we have developed over several years. winners Nominee Develop Industry Excellence Awards 2008: GSM Association Awards 2006: Best Made for ‘Best Mobile Studio’ Mobile Game IMGA Awards 2008: ‘Best 3D Game’ Develop Magazine Awards: Best Handheld/Mobile IMGA Awards 2008: ‘Operators Choice’ Studio 2004 BIMA Awards 2007: ‘Best Mobile Game’ MEF Mobile Entertainment Awards 2004 : BREW Developer Awards 2006: ‘Best 3D Game’ Best Contribution BAFTA Games Awards 2005: ‘Best Handheld Game’ to Mobile Gaming (Airplay) BAFTA Games Awards 2004: ‘Best Mobile Game 2003’ BREW 2005 Developer Awards: “Most Innovative Use Game™ 2004 Award: ‘Best Mobile Phone Game’ of Technology” Gamespot: Best N-Gage Game 2004 The Wireless Gaming Awards 2003: 3 “Mobies”, including top award for Best Mobile Game Mobil Magazine Award: Best mobile game 2003
  10. 10. games Technology
  11. 11. ideaworks game studio 31 St Petersburgh Place, Bayswater, London W2 4LA United Kingdom T: +44(0)8456 434 969 F: +44(0)8456 434 970 Commercial enquiries website