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2011 Annual Report Final main version 2011 Annual Report Final main version Document Transcript

  • 2011 ANNUAL REPORT You’re Invited 24th Annual Meeting May 10, 2012 – Kittansett Club, Marion Details inside cover
  • FROM THE PRESIDENT AND CHAIR 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Buzzards Bay Coalition by a dedicated group of citizens spanning the Bay from Woods Hole to Westport. They were brought together by the loss of shellfish beds to contamination from sewage, by the ongoing threat of oil spills from barges, by toxic pollution in need of cleanup in New Bedford and at Otis, and by the spread of sprawl development and loss of open space throughout the watershed. In 1987, these problems were reaching an all-time peak and the Bay’s citizens came together to create a new future for our region’s environment. They believed that local citizens from all watershed towns should work together; for they had the most to gain from the Bay’s preservation and the most to lose by its degra- dation. They created the Buzzards Bay Coalition to carry forth that mission. So a sign was hung on a donated cadets room at Mass Maritime, a phone line estab- lished, and from the keys of a typewriter, the Bay Coalition began its work to build a citizens movement to clean up the Bay. The accomplishments in this 2011 Annual Report speak volumes about how far we’ve come as an organization and how the challenges facing our Bay have changed in the past quarter century. But one thing that remains as true today as it was in 1987 is that people are the engine of the Buzzards Bay Coalition. Our members and generous sup- porters who volunteer their time, money, and ideas are at the heart of our efforts and make our work possible. And, as our 2011 State of Buzzards Bay report documents, the challenges ahead are daunting. The continuing spread of nitrogen pollution is affecting every corner of our region and altering the Bay ecosystem in fundamental ways. Caused by inadequate wastewater treatment and poorly-planned development throughout the watershed, it is the driving force behind nearly all the Bay Coalition’s advocacy, education and land protection efforts today and our efforts are already yielding results. It is our pleasure, then, to present the challenges and victories highlighted in this Annual Report. We hope you are proud of what we are accomplishing together and that you’ll encourage your friends and family to join us. Thank you! Sincerely, Mark Rasmussen Tom Gidwitz President/Buzzards Baykeeper Chair, Board of DirectorsThe Buzzards Bay Coalition invites you to our: of our accomplishments in 2011, election of Board24th Annual Meeting Members, and presentation of the 2012 Buzzards Bay Guardian Awards.at the Kittansett Club – 11 Point Road Marion, MAMay 10, 2012 The meeting will also include a talk and discussion with Dr. Joe Costa, Executive Director of the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program since 1989,The evening will begin with a Reception for who will discuss how the effort to Save Buzzards BayMembers at 6pm, followed by the Annual Meeting has changed over the past 25 years and the impactat 7pm. The meeting will include a discussion of today’s expanding nitrogen pollution problem.
  • 2011 STATE OF 2011 STATE OF BuzzARDS BAYBuzzARDS BAY nitrogennitrogen Pollution Prevents Pollution Blocking Progress 45 Out OF 100Improvement in 2011State of the Bay ScoreEvery four years the Buzzards Bay Coalition leads a comprehensive review of the health of Buzzards Bay. Developed in collabo-ration with scientists and land use experts and using the best available current and historical information, the State of BuzzardsBay report provides an important tool to assess the effectiveness of Bay cleanup and protection efforts and to guide our work incoming years.In 2011 the State of the Bay Score, a summation of nine different indicators of the health of the Bay and watershed, did not changesince the last report in 2007. While that fact may suggest stability, the State of Buzzards Bay is in fact changing dramatically – inboth positive and negative ways.the greatest gains in the health of Buzzards Bay in recent years have been in the slow cleanup of“Old Pollution” sources – like bacteria and toxics - and the impact of that ongoing success story isevident in the State of the Bay report. But these improvements, while enough to prevent the overallState of the Bay score from falling this year, were not enough to overcome the expanding sources of“new Pollution” – nitrogen - and its impacts.Nitrogen discharges, from poorly-planned development, are worsening water quality and degrading habitat in all corners ofBuzzards Bay. The consequence is a slow suffocation of the Bay we all cherish and the significant declines in the Nitrogen,Eelgrass and Bay Scallop scores in the report are all related to this problem.We are very proud to have played a part - along with dedicated town officials, state and federal agencies, and citizens - in theongoing cleanup of the “Old Pollution.” However, what the 2011 State of Buzzards Bay report makes clear is that the “New Pol-lution” has the potential to undo many of these achievements. For this reason, as you will see in the pages that follow, our worktoday is focused on the greater challenge ahead – managing wastewater and watershed development while increasing commu-nity stewardship in order to reduce nitrogen pollution.To learn more and download a copy of the full report go to www.savebuzzardsbay.org/StateOfBuzzardsBay 2003 2007 2011 POllutIOn Nitrogen 59 56 53 Bacteria 59 57 62 Toxics 45 47 52 WAteRSheD heAlth Improvement Forests Decline 76 75 79 Streams 68 67 71 Wetlands No Significant 60 60 60 lIvIng ReSOuRCeS Change Eelgrass 34 25 23 Bay Scallops 12 10 3 River Herring 5 1 1 OveRAll SCORe 48 45 45 2011 ANNUAL RepORT | 1
  • Baykeeper® AdvocacySolid science and comprehensive advocacy are core elements of the Bay Coalition’s efforts torestore clean water throughout the Bay and watershed. In 2011, with two decades of bay healthdata demonstrating the growing threat, we continued to attack nitrogen pollution at all levelsand across the watershed while securing important protections against oil spills and serving as awatchdog for toxic waste clean up. The seriousness of the nitrogen pollution problem has While pushing for comprehensive solutions for nitrogen been documented by extensive bay health data collect- pollution, the Bay Coalition also took action on behalf of ed by our nationally-recognized Baywatchers volunteer individual harbors and coves. In Marion, we led an in- water quality monitoring program, which celebrated vestigation that found nitrogen pollution leaking from its twentieth sampling year in 2011. Over half of the sewage lagoons at the town’s wastewater treatment plant. harbors and coves in Buzzards Bay suffer from nitro- In Wareham, we built on momentum from the Wareham gen pollution. That fact demands action and the Bay Nitrogen Consensus by helping the Board of Health draft Coalition continued our work to stop nitrogen pollu- regulations to reduce nitrogen pollution primarily from tion throughout the Bay. new development. If passed by the town, these regula- tions will help protect Wareham’s previous investments To advance the cleanup of Cape Cod’s waters, we took in wastewater infrastructure and continue moving the additional legal action against the US Environmental town towards clean water. In West Falmouth, we mobi- Protection Agency (EPA) in a lawsuit that calls on the lized members and supporters and filed a legal appeal to EPA to approve an annual Action Plan for cleaning up prevent the issuance of an insufficient discharge permit Cape Cod’s waters, a requirement of the Clean Water for the town Wastewater Treatment Plant. Act that has gone unfulfilled since 1978. This suit builds on earlier action to require the EPA to properly identify While our work on nitrogen pollution builds, we main- septic systems, stormwater, and wastewater treatment tain our diligence to eliminate toxic pollution in Buzzards plants on the Cape as sources of pollution that can be Bay and scored a big victory when the First Circuit Court properly regulated. These cases, which have gained of Appeals found that the US Coast Guard failed to do the national attention, are fundamental to restoring clean required environmental review in passing rules that were water on Cape Cod. weaker than the MA Oil Spill Prevention Act (MOSPA). The ruling lifted an injunction on MOSPA which means We also highlighted a missing link for that the Bay is now guarded against oil spills by the strict, attacking nitrogen across the region, smart regulations outlined by MOSPA such as require- by asking what has happened to the ments for escort tugs and local pilots. long-delayed Massachusetts Estuaries Project reports that seek to identify how Finally, we responded to the EPA’s decision to change much nitrogen is too much for the Bay. its plan for disposing of toxic sediments in lower New Seven years of delays have stalled action Bedford Harbor by launching a detailed technical review to clean up many of the Bay’s harbors of the proposed project. and coves, particularly on the western shore of the Bay. Director Of Monitoring Programs Tony Williams trains some of the 750 Baywatchers who have volunteered over the program’s 20 years. Excessive algae blooms from nitrogen pollution suffocate West Falmouth Harbor for much of the summer. 2011 Annual Report | 3
  • Watershed ProtectionWhile nature endowed the Buzzards Bay watershed with all the forests, wetlands, and streambuffers it needs to keep its waters healthy, it is up to us – the Bay Coalition and its partners – toprotect the watershed lands that are most important to Bay health and restore the natural areasthat have been degraded from human action. In 2011, the Bay Coalition made huge gains towardsprotecting drinking water in the Mattapoisett River Valley, advanced a comprehensive land pro-tection and restoration vision for New Bedford Harbor, and continued our restoration and stew-ardship work across the region. In 2011, the Bay Coalition protected 200 acres along No corner of Buzzards Bay has suffered more damage Tripps Mill Brook, a tributary of the Mattapoisett River than New Bedford Harbor but in 2011 the tide is turning Valley, an important achievement for several reasons. for the estuary. At the head of tide in the harbor, con- Not only will it be the site of an extensive wetland struction equipment could be found deconstructing the restoration that will improve water quality on the remaining structures at the Bay Coalition’s Acushnet Mattapoisett River and in the drinking water aquifer, Saw Mill complex in the latest phase of restoration but it is a cornerstone in completing an ambitious effort at that site. The Bay Coalition is also working with by the Bay Coalition to protect 500 acres of land in the the City of New Bedford to support funding to restore Mattapoisett River Valley. This initiative, launched in Palmer’s Island at the mouth of the harbor. These 2010, is part of a partnership with the four surrounding two projects, coupled with the Bay Coalition’s work to towns and the regional Mattapoisett River Valley Water restore Marsh Island in the center of the harbor, mean Supply Protection Advisory Committee to protect drink- that over 40 acres of coastal habitat will be restored in ing water and reduce pollution entering Buzzards Bay. the coming years. When added to previously conserved land, reaching this At the same time, we took further steps towards pro- goal will mean almost 1,000 acres in the Mattapoisett tecting the largest remaining undisturbed coastal land River Valley have been permanently protected due to in New Bedford Harbor. The Bay Coalition acquired Bay Coalition efforts. 11 more acres of waterfront property along the upper While this major project was taking significant steps Harbor to continue making strides toward a long term forward, we continued to tackle land conservation goal of a 50+ acre Acushnet River Reserve. and stewardship work across the watershed, includ- In addition, the vision for restoration of the Sippican ing protecting 54 acres along the Little River estuary River took shape as the Bay Coalition reached an agree- in Dartmouth, 48 acres along the Weweantic River in ment with Beaton’s Inc to work together in the coming Wareham, 22 acres in Rochester, and 31 acres in the years on efforts to restore the River while securing a great South Meadow Cedar Swamp of Carver, while also sustainable water supply for the company’s cranberry caring for conserved properties all across the watershed. bogs. In the short term, the agreement will permanently protect 10 acres on the river, create public access to hun- dreds of acres of conserved land, and lead to improvements in fish passage with the Palmer’s Island construction of a new fish ladder to pass Marsh Island Hathaway Pond Dam. It also lays out a clear path for finding a sustainable water source for Beaton’s Inc’s cranberry bogs Acushnet River Reserve and completing the full restoration of the Sippican River. Acushnet Saw Mill Bay Coalition-led restoration and conservation LaPalme Farm projects stretch the length of New Bedford Harbor. Conservation Project 2011 Annual Report | 5
  • EDUCATION AND PUBLIC ENGAGEMENTAll our work to Save Buzzards Bay can only be sustained by an engaged and active citizenryserving as stewards of the region’s environment. In 2011, our work to educate and engage thecommunity expanded across the watershed - through our learning centers, field-based educa-tion programs, and decision-maker workshops - reaching over 3,500 people in the first year. In 2010 we celebrated the opening of the award-winning It wasn’t just kids who were discovering Buzzards Bay Buzzards Bay Center including the dynamic Richard C. in a new way during 2011. In the summer we offered Wheeler Bay Learning Center in New Bedford. With Bay Adventures for the general public with two trips to over 1300 adults, families, and school children visit- Pekinese Island. Over 35 adults and children explored ing last year the center is quickly becoming the starting this pristine part of Buzzards Bay, studying water qual- point for discovering Buzzards Bay and its watershed. ity, exploring the shoreline, and learning about oyster aquaculture. With the success of these programs, Bay On the eastern shore of Buzzards Bay, 2011 marked the Adventures around the region are planned for every opening of a redesigned Woods Hole Outreach Center - month in 2012. a seasonal learning center in the heart of the scientific and maritime community of Woods Hole. With colorful In addition to our long-term investment in Bay stew- exhibits and a touch tank filled with animals right out ardship among youth and the public at large, we also of Buzzards Bay, the center was an instant hit drawing focused on engaging today’s decision makers in govern- over 1500 guests in its first season. ment and business whose work impacts the health of Buzzards Bay. The 2011 decision-maker workshop series In 2011, we also launched our field-based learning pro- focused on reducing nitrogen pollution from wastewa- grams for youth. These hands-on programs are designed ter in both large scale municipal wastewater treatment to create a sense of pride and shared responsibility facilities and in on-site treatment systems like septic towards the Bay and watershed through exploration, ex- systems. The two workshops in March featured presen- perimentation, and action. In an exciting collaboration tations by experts from around the northeast on existing with YMCA Southcoast, we helped 1400 youth explore and innovative technologies for reducing nitrogen pollu- their Bay at Camp Massasoit in Mattapoisett and Camp tion and field visits to see the technologies in action. The Fredrick Douglass in New Bedford. Campers from age audience of 50 included municipal officials, wastewater 6-14 explored salt marshes and shorelines, measured engineers, and conservation professionals from across weather and water quality, and gave back through a the watershed and many commented that these were shoreline cleanup of their camp. among the most helpful trainings they had attended. Our innovative vision for connecting the region’s youth with Buzzards Bay was recognized when the Bay Coalition was awarded a highly com- petitive grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to provide after- school and summer programs to 6000 youth from New Bedford to Wareham in the next two years. We got right to work last fall working with 75 youth in afterschool programs in New Bedford, Mattapoisett, and Wareham. Students from Nativity Prep in New Bedford study the water quality of the harbor during an Learners of all ages take part in a Bay Adventure afterschool program. to Penikese Island. 2011 Annual Report | 7
  • Supporters The Gosnold Society recognizes individuals who support the ongoing programs of the Buzzards Bay Coalition with annual gifts of $1,000 or more. Gifts and The pledge payments of $1,000 or more to the Campaign for Buzzards Bay during Gosnold calendar year 2011 are also included in the Gosnold Society and denoted in Society italics. We thank these leadership donors for their generosity and commitment to our work, and invite others to join them in supporting the preservation of Buzzards Bay. President’s Circle Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Cope Robert G. Morse Fred Danforth & Carlene Larsson $10,000 or more Bob & Vickie Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. C. Walter Nichols, III John C. Decas Christopher M. Demakis Tom & Linda Mae Ohaus Joseph S. Deitch Michael & Margherita Baldwin & Vincent N. Cragin The John & Mary Pollis Family Richard B. DeWolfe Diane & Norman Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fallon Deborah C. Robbins Annette U. Ewing John & Romayne Bockstoce Fearons Family Fund Mr. James Shachoy & Rosemary & Stephen Fassett Hans & Susan Brenninkmeyer Sam & Gerry Gray Ms. Laura Ryan Shachoy Mark & Martha Fishman Darryl & Janet Buckingham Rev. Brendan Griswold* & Steven & Ginny Spiegel Mrs. Marguerite P. Foster David & Victoria Croll Mrs. Adelaide Griswold Stephen & Alicia Symchych Peter D. Franklin, M.D. Larry & Atsuko Fish James N. Heald, 2nd Peter Wheeler & Elizabeth Munro Tom & Jill French John & Natalie Garfield Lucius T. Hill III & Wendy Y. Hill Anonymous Frisbie Family Foundation Dr. Gail Davidson & Tom Gidwitz Russ & Wendy Keeler Frederic Gardner & Marjorie & Nick Greville $1,000-$2,499 Fred & Louise Makrauer Sherley Gardner-Smith Gary P. Johnson & Luana Jøsvold Elise & George Mock Joel Alvord & Lisa Schmid Alvord Seth & Dorothy Garfield George & Helen Keeler Laura & Ken Morse Marie & Mike Angelini Nelson S. Gifford Rusty & Betsy Kellogg Helen & Peter Randolph Talbot Baker, Jr. Arthur & Trudy Golden Nancy & Ted Kurtz Louise C. Riemer Benjamin & Deborah Baker Ed & Alice Grayson Larry Stifler & Mary McFadden Gale Runnells Joseph & Pamela Barry Roger Greene Kate & Al Merck Geoff & Judy Swett Wally & Roz Bernheimer Jayne Hanley Ambassador & Mrs. Richard Tom & Robin Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Bernstein M. E. H. Lees Morningstar Anonymous David Berwind Julie & Jordan Hitch Susan & Chip Morse Genie & Bob Birch Jim & Bess Hughes Jonathan O’Herron $2,500-$4,999 Peter & Betsy Block Heidi & Arthur Huguley James Rathmann & Anne Rex & Ellen Adams Rid Bullerjahn Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Huntington Noonan - The Rathmann Constance Bacon Gary Borisy & Sally Casper George Hurd Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. David A. Barrett Jack & Nancy Braitmayer Elizabeth & Woody Ives Margaret & Dick Rhoads Charles & Christina Bascom David & Judy Brownell Mike & Gail Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Roger Servison James & Connie Bevilacqua John K. & Laurie Bullard The Fannie Cox Foundation Norman & Maryellen Boyce - Pitcairn Family Peter & Erin Burlinson Dr. Amy Johnson Sullivan Shachoy John & Tess Cederholm Mrs. Beth Campanella Leonard & Patricia Johnson Jay & Nancy Smith Maureen Coleman & Thomas Harris Susan Emmons Cheever Mr. & Mrs. Ted Knopf Sharlie Sudduth Delia Flynn Betsey & Ken Cheitlin Mary A. Lapointe Mr. & Mrs. Frederic F. Taylor Jeremy & Hanne Grantham Mr. & Mrs. James M. Clark Margaret M. Lilly Sidney J. Weinberg Jr. Foundation Daniel & Mary Gregory Elizabeth Colt The Lombard Family Anonymous (2) John H. & Corbin Crewes Harwood Mary Coolidge Pete & Vicky Lowell Associates Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hollis III Molly N. Cornell D. Lloyd Macdonald & $5,000-$9,999 Dr. Chris & Elizabeth Hunt Mr. Barry C. Cosgrove Michele Taipale Bill & Noelle Locke Mrs. Gertrude S. Crittenden Peter L. Macdonald Betsy Heald Arthur Florence F. Locke* Douglas & Cindy Crocker Martha Maguire Mr. & Mrs.* Russell Beede Tim Mahoney & Pam Donnelly Mrs. Norman C. Cross Carmine & Beth Martignetti Mike Bingle & Eryn Ament Bingle Barbara Ann Markel Jane & Brian Crowley Lucinda Martin Estate of William K. Bradshaw Ian P. & Catherine McDonald Molly & Chris Cutler Camilla B. Mathews Blair & Carol Brown8 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  • All of the Bay protection, restoration, and education achievements featured in this Annual Report were madepossible through the generosity of the Buzzards Bay Coalition’s members – individuals, families, foundations, busi-nesses, and organizations that support our work on behalf of the Bay and its watershed. The Board and Staff of theBuzzards Bay Coalition extend our deepest appreciation to everyone who joined us in Saving Buzzards Bay in 2011.Joan & Bob McLaughlinColin & Anne McNayLinton & Jane MouldingCharles & Louise NadlerMr. & Mrs. George A. NeedhamMr. & Mrs. R. Henry Norweb IIIPeter H. PartridgeMs. Dorrie Pizzella & Mr. Charles BakerJohn PriceMr. & Mrs. Lewis I. ProutyMark RasmussenNeal ReadyJohn & Rebecca ReevesJohn Sherburne ReidyMr. & Mrs. G. Herbert RepassMr. Karl D. RiemerDana & Alison RodinTheodore Romanow & Kim RedfieldMr. & Mrs. John Drake RossJim & Carolyn RubensteinKissy RussellPeter B. & Nancy SholleyJames Robert Silver Leave a LegacyMr. & Mrs. Hardwick Simmons Buzzards Bay will always need a voice. Bequests and other planned gifts support theEsther Simon Charitable Trust Buzzards Bay Coalition’s work to protect and restore Buzzards Bay for the long term,Kerner & Patty Smith leaving your children and grandchildren the legacy of a cleaner, healthier Bay.Jay Stein & Gretchen Fox SteinDola Hamilton Stemberg A planned gift can help you meet current and future financial goals—and can help youMr. & Mrs. Edward Stimpson contribute more than you might have thought possible to support the Bay you love.Galen & Anne Stone Most simply, you can include the Buzzards Bay Coalition in your will or living trust.Mrs. Margot StoneDavid & Patricia Straus Planned gifts also can provide significant tax advantages, or income, for you and yourJames W. Swent, III family, including opportunities to:Mrs. Walter H. Trumbull • Designate the Buzzards Bay Coalition as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, lifeJoan Underwood insurance, or insurance annuity assets;John Vasconcellos & • Make a gift that provides tax advantages now, and pays you or your beneficiaries William Barr income for life, such as a Charitable Gift Annuity or a Charitable Remainder Trust;Anne & Dick Webb • Receive significant tax benefits through a Charitable Lead Trust that supportsMr. & Mrs. H. St. John Webb the Bay Coalition for a set number of years but retains the principal for you orNeal Weiss & Marjorie Waite your heirs.Richard & Sandra WheelerRobert & Marina Whitman Donors who make a planned gift are recognized in the Buzzards BayHarry W. Wilcox Legacy Circle. If you have included the Buzzards Bay Coalition in your estateRhonda & Michael Zinner plans, or would like more information about planned giving, please contact MaureenAnonymous (2) Coleman at (508) 999-6363 ext. 202 or coleman@savebuzzardsbay.org. 2011 Annual Report | 9
  • $500-$999 Elizabeth Makrauer & Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Bosworth Ms. Kate Kramer Mr. Nathaniel Ross Kyle Johnson Nils Bruzelius & Lynne Weil Paul Krause & Teri Bernert Drs. Jen & Greg RussellBen & Julie Allen J. Greer & Elizabeth Ben & Melissa Bryant Jay Lanagan Michael RussellDr. Thomas Altshuler McBratney Amy & Andy Burnes David Lapalme Jeffrey & Jennifer RyanNicholas J. Baker John & Mary Ellen McCooey Bob Busby & Maureen Conte Kenneth Lauderdale Mr. Patrick W. Ryan, Jr.James T. Bartlett Mr. & Mrs. Peter H. Mrs. Ann M. Butler Charles & Judith Laverty Walter & Marjorie SalmonHugh Bolton McCormick Robert & Jocelyn Carey Ed Lazowska & Raj Reddy Tony SapienzaChristine Botica Jim McEleney & Melissa Mr. & Mrs. Edward Carlson Jack Leary & Joanne Heather & Kitt SawitskyStan Bratskeir Gordon Dexter E. Cate & Rhea E. Lukaszewicz Mark & Suzannah SchroederJacob F. Brown, II Mr. & Mrs. Dexter Mead Teves-Cate Sara & Paul Lehner Beverly L. SchuchGioia Thomas Browne Nawrie Meigs-Brown & Russell Cavanaugh Russ Lemcke Bill & Dedee ShattuckJohn Burman & Daina Stinson David Brown Mr. & Mrs. David R. Chipman Mona Levenstein Mr. Harris ShenkerJeffrey & Jennifer Collins Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Mellon Jon & Lydia Christensen Lennart & Ann Lindberg Constance C. ShepardMr. Arthur Conro & Faith & Charlie Paulsen Claude & Donna Cobert Steven Locke Mary-Ellen Shervo Ms. Tina Varzeas Korrin Petersen, Esq. & D. Jarrett Collins William & Winnie Mackey Robin & Tim ShieldsCharlie & Dianne Cosman Brian Petersen Mr. & Mrs. James B. Conway Diana & Bruce MacPhail Larry & Louise ShwartzKevin & Candy Crowley Mr. & Mrs. Leo W. Pierce, Jr. Gloria J. Cookingham Peter Makrauer Helen F. SilvaRon & Alice Curtin Christopher Reddy Mr. & Mrs. John W. Corcoran John Mannix Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. SmithMrs. Rose P. Cutler Gretchen A. Reilly Mr. Paul Costabile Donald E. Marcus W. Mason SmithBruce T. Dalzell Crystal & William Ribich Jim & Cathy Crabtree Marion Mariner Mary SmoyerJudith & Murray Danforth Mrs. Anne W. Sawyer Loretto & Dwight Crane Ted & Karen Martin Mr. & Mrs. Albert StonePeter & Patricia Dean Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Scott Thomas Cullinan Jacob & Elizabeth Martin Susan P. Davies &Linda A. Deegan & Christopher R. Sherwood Jennifer Dahill Anthony & Christina Mason Richard W. Talkov Christopher Neill & Patty White Maureen & Allen Decker Damon May & Elizabeth Mr. Saul TannenbaumMichael & Jane Deland Mr. & Mrs. Steven L. Shuster John & Thomasin Desmond Coughlin Dr. D. TerzopoulosDr. Stephen Dempsey John Sigel & Sally Reid Mary S. Driver Mr. & Mrs. Damien McCann Janet & Noah TottenPeter DeWalt Steve & Maria Smith Debbi & Erik Dyson Brendan McCarthy & Eric TrudeauLincoln & Ruth Ekstrom Sarah & Mark Snyderman Paul Elias & Marie Elise Bilodeau Roswell UnderwoodMichael A. Esposito & Thomas G. Stemberg Lossky-Elias Joe McDonagh George & Dagmar Unhoch Cynthia A. Redel Kristian J. Stoltenberg Frederic A. Eustis III Evelyn McFadden & John J. ValoisJames & Kathy Feeney Dr. Jennifer P. Stone & Helena K. Evans Bill Simmons Andy & Debbie van DamHenry & Lois Fernandes Mr. Jonathan Green Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ferri Jeremy & Dana Mcknight Capt. Clinton WalkerBruce & Elizabeth Figueroa Lisa & Gregg Stone Edward T. Fish Joanne & Mike McSherry Mr. Edward Westrick &The Fine Family Lisa Torchiana Jim & Ida Fitzgerald Mr. Paul Mooney Mrs. Judith WestrickWyatt & Rachel Garfield Greg Torres & Betsy Pattullo Mr. & Mrs. Eugene P. Flynn Gerard Nelson Mark WhalenMr. John A. Garraty, Jr. Fred W. Trezise & Joan Drs. Ken Foreman & Joanna & Jack Nelson Jessica & Phil WhittakerGeorge & Suzanne Gebelein Gerster Anne Giblin Deirdre Nicholson Alice Hunt WilliamsVera Converse Gibbons David C. Twichell David B. Foynes Sam Ogle & Deborah Smiley Catherine WilliamsRobert & Jane Gleason Dr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Mr. & Mrs. JW Freiberg III Jeff & Hillary Olsen Toffer WinslowJennifer & Rupert Grantham Vineyard Will & Laura Gardner Peter J. OuelletteJack & Amy Haley $100-$249 Stephen & Nancy Weinstein Mr. & Mrs Wyatt Garfield Robert OuimetteJan & Toby Hall Judith Whiteside Steve & Cindy Gormley Suzannah Parker Magnus & Cindie AadlandSusan & Gib Hammond Dr. Jeffrey S. Wisch & Will & Marguerite Graham Christine W. Parks Robert AckermanRichard & Johanna Ms. Cindy Crofts-Wisch Frederic & Jocelyn Charles & Sandria Parsons Guilliaem Aertsen Harrison John & MarDee Xifaras Greenman Eric M. Pauls Robert & Ann AllenReed Harwood Neil & Deborah Greenspan Gerry E. Payette Lavinia C. AlmyRichard A. Heald and $250-$499 Jayne & L. David Hanley Dr. Elisabeth A. Pennington Karen Althammer Eileen M. O’Brien Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Brad & Priscilla Hathaway Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Alex & Tricia AltschullerJulie & Bayard Henry Aisenberg Michael Hoare Perkins, Jr. Mr. Steven AlvesMichael & Deborah Hood Scott & Kate Anderson Paul & Patricia Hogan Dr. Alan Poole Sharon & Chris AndersenClaude, Lyn & Nathaniel The Porter Family Anne E. Hough William Poole Nancy V. Anderson & Hoopes Skip & Peggy Annett Carol Houghton Arvidas Poshkus Vincent A. DroserHope & David Jeffrey John & Nancy Arcuri Robert Jacobs Jahn & Renee Pothier Dick & Dana AndersonAdele Franks & Steve Jones Mr. & Mrs. Ray Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Jeffrey Robert M. Pozzo Brendan & Anne AnnettDavid & Jennifer Kaiser Sandy Bailey The Johns Family Barbara Purser Kathleen AnthonyKeith & Mary Kauppila Hope L. Baker Myla & Jon Kabat-Zinn Ms. Christine Quallen Paul & Ruth Devine AnthonyMr. Kevin Kavanagh Witt & Maria Barlow Clarke & Cathie Keenan Helen Tod Randolph Mr. Norm AppelMark & Polly Kisiel Murray Beach Atty. Michelle Keith Kinley T. & Bonnie S. Reddy Lucy AptekarMr. & Mrs. Bourne Knowles Jean & Arthur Bennett Hod & Mary Kenney George S. Reichenbach Miss Amy AraujoJonathan & Deborah Kolb Charles Bergmann David & Jean Kibbe David M. Richards & Martha ArrudaDrs. Donald & Joan Korb Nina & Don Berk John & Laurie Kinney Elizabeth T. Gibson Dennis & Karen ArsenaultMr. & Mrs. Jack Langford Allen Berry Charles & Deborah Klotz Owen & Dorothy Robbins Mr. Richard Arthur &Edith Lauderdale Tom & Michelle Blumetti Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Knowles Bryan Robertson & Patricia Ms. Sally FallonJim Lovell Robin Bodeau Kate & Bill Koch Garrahy-Robertson Allen & Karen AshleyJohn & Doris Ludes10 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  • Sarah E. Ashley Michelle G. Brewster Elizabeth Craig Christian A. Farland, P.E. Mr. & Mrs. Charles GoldbergHope Atkinson Ms. Elizabeth Brinkerhoff Diane Cramphin Mark D. Farrell Judith N. GoldbergDr. & Mrs. Karl R. Audenaerde Mr. Stephen Brockman The Creevy & Durkee Families John Farrington Edward A. Gonet, Jr.John L. Aumann & Anna Dana Brooks & Sandra Cramer Frederick G. Crocker, Jr. Stephen & Judy Fasciana Evelyn Goodhue Surma Cathryn F. Brower Nancy Crosby Kitty Fassett Peter & Marne GoodrichDr. Robert Baarsvick, D.D.S. Clint & Judy Brown Chris & Betsy Crowley Mr. & Mrs. David Faus George & Lois GraboysDr. & Mrs. David S. Babin EB Brown Carl & Gabrielle Cunningham Julius & Mette Feinleib Robert & Barbara GraciaBev Baccelli & Liz DiCarlo John & Sally Browning Ken Curchin Kate & David Fentress Dr. Jeffrey GrahamRobert D. Bach Robert C. Bruce Ms. Brenda R. Curry-McKeon S. Warren & Elaine Ferguson Ms. Monica H. GrahamAlfred Bahnson Andrew H. Bryant Ms. Margaret E. Curtis Ms. Erika Fernandes Mr. Paul A. GrahamJames Bailey & Alexandra Claire Bryant Richard D. Cutler Michael Fernandez Shelley B. Granger Callen Jeff Bryant James & Lorraine Cutone Ms. Cheryl Ferrara John B. & Virginia H. GrayIan Baldwin Robert Bryant Jonathan Cyr Frank & Nancy Ferreira Drs. Michael Green &Rose W. Baldwin Sarah Bryant Bethany Daniels Ms. Kathy Fidalgo Maria ZappDonald Bamberger Carolyn Bunker John Darwin Philip Field Peter & Katherine GreenleafMr. & Mrs. William N. Doris Burford Mr. Joe Daverna Margaret Theroux Fieldsteel Cathy Greenspan Bancroft Mrs. Ann M. Butler Julian & Dorothy Davies Anita Fiorillo Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. GreggDavid B. Barker Dr. Dana Caledonia Thomas G. & Liddy Davis Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Fitzgerald Marvin & Avis GrossleinRobert H. Barker Jr., Mr. David C. Cameron & Mr. & Mrs. Jack Dean Jim & Janet Fitzgibbons Rick Guidelli Amanda & Naomi Barker Dr. Joanne Cameron Ms. Sarah Decas Mr. David Fitzpatrick Adam GuildBenjamin A. Barnes Ms. M. Laurie Cammisa Eileen & Edson deCastro Maureen Fleming Mr. Terrence GuineyDavid & Nancy Barry Mrs. Crystal C. Campbell John R. Decker & Mr. & Mrs. Martin W. Flinn Amie GulaNeal & Susannah Bastek Ms. Francine Campbell Sherry Showell Alice & Jonathan Flint William & Eleanor W. GuralJoMarie Battle Ms. Kristen Campbell Leslie & Helen DeGroot Margot Flouton & Valerie & Insan GurdalMr. Grover G. Baxley Mr. Remly Campbell & Mr. Jeffrey Deitz Robert Barnes Alan Hagyard &Nat & Julie Beale Ms. Sarah Christopher Charles Deknatel Mrs. Benjamin B. Fogler Christine AndersonRobert & Virginia Becher Mr. Mark Canha Dan & Christina Delianedis Janine Fontaine Brent & Serena Davis HallNate & Alice Bekemeier Capt. Van Cantor David J. Demello Eben I. Forbes Mr. & Mrs. Eldon C. HallDouglas Bellow Ms. Kathleen Carey Roger & Sally Demler Margery Forbes Cynthia HallowellArthur Benner Ben Carlson Philip Y. DeNormandie Chris & Holly Ford Jane HallowellJohn & Kerry Bennett Dr. Eleanor Carlson Gail & John Densler Donald* & Joan Forte Samuel H. Hallowell, Jr.Stephen Benoit Jackie & Rob Carmichael Arthur Densmore Peter & Jennifer Francis Bill & Susanne HallsteinKaren Augeri Benson, Esq. Robert & Elizabeth Caron Teri Desautels Mr. & Mrs. Alan Frohman Ms. Amy Hamilton &Eric & Grethe Berg Frank & Sheila Carotenuto Dana Desnoyers Sarah Frost Mr. Jim HamiltonMelinda & Bill Berg Mr. Stephen E. Casey Mr. Al Dias John & Avery Funkhouser Elizabeth & R. BarryRobert Bergeson Fritz Casselman & Samuel & Doris Dickson Drs. Bruce & Barbara Furie HamiltonLisa & Gene Bergson Susan Ashbrook Bill & Cindy Dillon Gregg Lawrence Furie Hilary HamlinSteve, Eliza & Aviva Ruth & Dick Cederberg Bill & Ellen Dingwell Dr. John Furrey & George & Barbara Hampson Beringhause John & Cindy Chambliss Estelle Disch Mrs. Pat Furrey Robert & Gwendolyn HancockMs. Michele Bernier Peter Chandler William Donkin, III Laurel Furumoto Megan HannaTimothy Bertrand Mrs. Judy Chatfield Mr. Robert Dorfman Dr. Francis & Joyce Gallagher Richard Hardaway &Lina Bey Mr. Dominique Cherau Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Dorr Joan N. Gardner Lee HardawayMs. Ilene Bezahler Mr. & Mrs. David Chiavaroli William Dorry Horace & Marla Garfield Bob & Judy HardimanLawrence & Wendy Bidstrup Michael Christopher James R. Dorsey Joanne Garfield Fred HareSteve & Lynne Bishop Suzanne Church Jill Downing Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Penelope S. HarePeter & Colleen Bisi Bill & Maggie Churchill Thelma Drake Garfield, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel HarpleMs. Carolyn Bitetti Rachel & Tom Claflin Susan Dropo Jeff & Betsy Garland David HarringtonKaren & Paul Bitterman June Clay Ian & Kathryn C.B. Duff Harley & Amy Gates Anne R. HarrisDonald Blanchette Mr. David Clott & Donna Dunbar Henrietta Gates Scott Harris & Karen HorschDr. Andrew Blazar & Mrs. Jo-Ann Clott Ms. Lisa Duncan Dr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Geagan William Harris Dr. Beverly Blazar John B. Coffin, Jr. Thomas Dunlop Jr. John & Alison Geddes Chris & Jennifer HartMr. Peter Bloom Stephen Cohen & James & Katherine Dunphy Kenneth & Barbara Gee Seth HarveyCapt. Sean Bogus Mary Akerson Mr. George DuPaul Mrs. Juliane Gerace & George & Priscilla HaseltonCharles & Nancy Boit Betty Slade & David Cole Celia M. Echave Mr. Ronald Gerace Mr. & Mrs. Craig HattabaughPeter & Susan Boni John Colella Janet S. Egan Captain John M. Gibbons Dr. Timothy Haydock &Ken Book Mr. & Mrs. Charles Collis Oliver W. Egleston Darron & Lisa Gibson Barbara MossMichael & Cheryl Botte Ms. Sarah Colt Dan & Daneen Ellertsen Ms. Barbara Gilliam A. Lee HayesNorm & Lena Bourque Eugene & Mary Connolly William & Deborah Elfers Ray Gilligan Channing W. HaywardCharles & Priscilla Bradley Ms. Patrice Cooper Padraic & Ann Elliott Benjamin & Susan Gilmore John L. HeathEdward C. Brainard, II Burton & Kate Corkum Raymond & Jen Emerson Dennis & Deborah Giokas Joe & Elizabeth HebertEric Braitmayer & Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Costello Christine Emrod Dr. & Mrs. Robert Giordano Mr. Ralph Helmick & Jack H. Haney Mr. Philip N. Cox David Ennis Ms. Ulla Gjorstrup Ms. Nan NilandMr. & Mrs. William Braucher Nancy Coykendall Bernadette Ericson Arthur Gold Mr. Russell Hensel &Olga R. Bravo Daniel & Madlyn Coyne Ann & Bob Espindola Ms. Amy Goldberg Ms. Karen Quigley 2011 Annual Report | 11
  • Ted & Judy Herlihy Mark Kearins & Family Patricia Levesque Nuno & Christine Medeiros Paula PaceDeborah Herring Michael B. Keating Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Levine Peg Megowen Brett PachecoH. James & Carol Herring Janice & Paul Kechijian, MD Mr. & Mrs. Terence Lewis Sr. Charles Mello Miss Kathleen A. PallatroniAl & Kathy Herzog Mr. & Mrs. H.R. Keene, Jr. Ken Lipman & Evelyn Baum Curtis J. Mello David & Lois ParkerRobert E. Hicks Mr. Jon Keeter Mr. Michael Lipp Pilar Meltze Ann ParsonCile & Bill Hicks Elizabeth R. Keith Dr. & Mrs. Paul D. Lipsitt Richard & Alma Merians Peter & Gretchen PartridgeJoyce V. Hiller Lyn Keith Deborah Locke Ms. Victoria Merrick Pasco-Anderson FamilyJohn & Peggy Hilsabeck John D. Kelleher & Mr. Michael Lokitis Charles & Lucy Metcalf Davison & Lauren PaullEric J. Hintsa & Wei Wang Viki A. Fowler Curtis L. Lopes Kent Metcalf Richard Payne &Sandra Taven & Mr. James F. Kelley Helen Lozoraitis Kimberly Meyer Pelletier Deborah Siegal Dr. Ronald Hirschberg Kristen Kelley Michael & Beth Luey Vinny & Noreen Michienzi Janet S. PercivalSusan Hirshlag Emily & Josef Kellndorfer Dr. & Mrs. Edward G. Lund, Jr. Timothy Milbert Mr. & Mrs. William C. PercivalHeather Hobler-Keene Nancy Kendall John & Martha Lynch Arthur Milliken Ms. Deborah L. PereiraChris Hoffman Mr. Robert Kennedy Tom & Lois Lynch John & Nancy Mills William & Maura PerkinsBob & Susan Hoffman Kevin & Patricia Keppler John E. & Vivian Macedo Frances Y. Milotte Daniel & Susan PerryMr. Gordan Hoffstein & Jason & Mary Kew Dick & Brenda Macedo Bobbie & Rich Miner Gilbert Perry & Donna Sachs Ms. Joanna Hoffstein John & Joan Kimball Richard R. Mack Jon Mitchell & Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Perry Jr.Arthur & Susan Holcombe Mr. & Mrs. Andrew King D’Arcy G. MacMahon & Ann Partridge, M.D. Jim Persons & Carla HatfieldJalien Hollister Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert King, Jr. Ivy Smith MacMahon Ms. Mariah Mitchell Sandy & Arne PetersonMary Jane & Brian Holmes Samuel G. King William F. Madden Mr. Tom Modica & William E. & Phoebe T.Sandra Holmes Mr. Terry Kiser John Magnan Mrs. Donna Modica PetersonJames & Beth Ann Holzman Dieter & Jacqueline Klein Mark & Kathryn Mahoney Dr. John F. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Kirk PhelpsJames & Marianne Honohan David Kleinschmidt & Bettina Borders & Marian Moore & Susan Natalie C. PhillipsFrederic & Johanna Hood Katherine L. Olney Victor Mailey O’Connor Richard & Eleanor PhillipsDaniel & Theresa Hopkins Mrs. Eliot Knowles Mr. Will Makris Suzanne Moot & Peter Jones Mack & Cathy PhinneyTimothy Horkings Mary Ann Kopydlowski Ms. Kelly Manchester Dane & Alice Morgan Ms. Marcia PicardMr. & Mrs. William Hough David C. Korb Robert & Theresa Manning Richard Morse Ms. Margaret PierceTim & Joy House Sir Hans & Lady Kornberg Peter Mansfield Tony & Dorothy Morse Gerald & Janet PietschMrs. Robert S. Howland Mr. Robert S. Kretschmar Paul & Jane Marantz Mr. Christopher Morss Allan & Mary PinedaMargaret Howland Nobuko Kuhn Ron & Barbara Marcks Mr. & Mrs. Morgan Mowbray William & Sarah PinneyAustin & Felicity Hoyt Peter Kurze Andrea Marcovici John F. Mueller, MD Ms. Emily PitmanDrs. Edward & Susan L. Ms. Katharine Kush Anthony & Judy Mark Ms. Claire Muhm Shel Pitney Hughes & Family Steven & Louise Kusleika Marilyn Marquardt Mr. Joseph F. Murphy John & Susanne PottsJohn Hughes Mr. & Mrs. E. Richard Lacerda James Marshall Ryan Murphy Fran & Michele PowersPaul, Beth & Moses Hughes Rob & Beth Ladd Ms. Michele Martin Maggie & Brendan Murray Matthew & Erin PoyantCharles & Patricia Hulley Christy & Wayne LaGue Florence Martocci Jonathan Mussellwhite Charles & Joan PrattKimberly Fletcher & Stacy & Marcus LaiFook Edward Mascioli & Fred Muzi Frank Press John Hussey Paul & Susan Lambert Barbara Weinberg Mark & Sarah Najarian Paula Press & John RosenthalDavid Hutchings Robert & Linda Lane Dr. Herbert Mathewson David Nanian Gordon A. Price, O.D.Ted & Donna Ingalls David E. Langford Carl & Sharon Matuszek Bob Nealon Charles & ChristaMr. Charles Jacintho Emily & Larry Langford John Maurer Mr. & Mrs. George R. Nelson PrimmermanVincent & Pauline Jacintho Paul & Joanne Langione Sam Mawn-Mahlau Catharine & David Newbury Doug & Diana PrinceMs. Marcy Jackson Christopher T. Langlois Patricia McArdle Capt. James Newman & Mr. & Mrs. Thomas PrzystacRichard Jackson Louis & Camilla Larrey Debra McCarthy Ms. Deb Coulombe Karen Quigley & RussellSusan & Timothy Jackson Ray & Muriel Larson Peggy Bacon & Jack McCarthy Kent Nicholas HenselMr. Tim T. Jackson Ms. Rebecca Lash Kevin McCarthy Peter & Diana Nicholson Hon. Regina QuinlanMrs. Mary Janney Ms. Pamela Lasher William P. & Jane K. Ms. Mary J. Nickerson & Dr. & Mrs. Mitchell RabkinDavid S. Jenney Robert Lasher McCarthy Mr. Alan Pelan Mrs. Miriam RagsdaleMr. Alden Johnson Randy & Marijean Lauderdale Skakel McCooey Ann Niederkorn James Rakowsky &Barbara & Bill Johnson Andrew Lavoie Eileen McCormack Bouke Noordzij Denise MenganiMs. Janis Johnson Jeff & Craig Lawrence Margaret McCormick & Ms. Alexandra C. Norkin Frank M. RapozaJohn & Andrea Johnson Robert Lawrence & Andrew Solow Bruce Novis Naomi Rappaport &Michael & Lisa Johnson Alicia Crabbe Kathleen McDonald Eric & Claudette O’Brien Kevin BrownPatricia P. Johnson Anna Lawson Dr. Richard B. McElvein Allison Oishi Beverly RasmussenPeter Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Ms. Margaret McGetrick Mr. Glenn Oliveira Susan RauShephard & Elizabeth Johnson Leach, Jr. Robert McGuire Kathy Olney Winthrop C. RayCliff & Betty Jones John J. & Eileen M.* Leary Nancy McHale & Lars & Ruth Olson Bill & Karen ReamanE. Owen Jones Mr. Pete A. Lebish Kathleen Pappalardo Ms. Nancy Olson Skott RebelloCapt. Barney Jones Ms. Sally Ann Ledbetter Ms. Nicole McLaughlin James & Andrea O’Neil Chuck & Heidi RedingtonGary & Nancy Juvinal Albert E. Lees III Kate & Hugh McLean Jay & Marilyn O’Neil Mr. Penn ReeveSteve Kanovsky & Dix & Roxy Leeson Ms. Maggie McNally Alexander T. Orr Terrence & Barbara Reideler Polly Wood Kanovsky Kenneth & Ardelle Legg Kirtland & Susan Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Shelley ReimerEdward & Adele Kaplan Michael & Sarah Lemelin Eldredge Mead Osenkowski Mr. & Mrs. John ReynoldsDennis & Mary Kasper Polly & David Leshan Douglas & Sue Medeiros Julie Ouellette Karen Reynolds12 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  • Carl & Leslye Ribeiro Victor & Kathy Simas Anne J. Thruelsen Harvey J. Wolkoff Christie AnderbergRachel Rich Kevin Simon Emil & Elanor Tietje Mr. & Mrs. Lee Woltman Charis AndersonSusan Rich Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld James H. Tietje & David & Lee Ann Wood Mr. & Mrs. AndersonAnn-Margaret Richard Mr. Howard & Sharon Willner Mrs. Katharine Workum David Anderson &Philip & Judith Richardson Dr. Nancy Smith Mr. & Mrs. Edwin P. Tiffany Sherbie & Tom Worthen Phoebe GirardFrances D. Ricketson Kalen Smith Shari Tishman Mary & Redwood Wright Elizabeth AndersonCarol & Bill Rieken Mr. Mark Smith Jay Torborg Mr. & Mrs. John Wylde Forbes & Candace AndersonMr. & Mrs. Edward J. Ritter Dr. Nancy J. Smith David & Lynne Toth Mr. Chris Yard Ms. Laura AndersonDouglas C. Roberson Charlotte & Ray Smith Peter & Ann Tower Stephanie Yesner & Nancy & William AndersonRoy Roberts Renny Smith Larry Treleven Maura Russell Mr. Robert AndersonMr. & Mrs. Philip S. Robertson Mark Snyderman Jane & Bradford Tripp Isabel C. Yoder Ms. Susanne AndrewsMs. Beth Roche Mr. Andrew Solow Sonia, Gil & Curtis Turek Robert & Judith Yorke Michelle AngelidesDr. Denise Rollinson & Mr. J. D. Somerville Peter & Libby Turowski William & Julie Young Lea Anthony Dr. Kenneth Sassower Carol Sorterup Eric & Seannine Tveit Lynn Youngen Luean AnthonyMrs. Marilyn Root & Zack Sousa David C. & Nancy P. Twichell Adrian & Mary Zaccaria Ms. Nancy Anthony & Mr. Robert Root Mr. Paul Sowizral George & Maura Tyrrell Ms. Elaine Zellen Mr. Stephen KleinowskisTed & Wendy Rose Jeffrey & Gail Spear Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ullian Fred & Jane Zimmerman Paul & Louise AnthonyRoger C. Rosen, M.D. John & Susan* Spooner Alex & Marilyn Urquhart Peter & Heather Zine Tom & Kim AnthonyWilliam & Paige Roth Susan B. Spooner Jacques & Christiane Ginia & Peter Ziobro Elizabeth & Eugene AntonellMs. Janine Rouse John K. Spring, Jr. van de Kerckhof Cate & Timm Zolkos Diane AntoniettaTanya Roy & Samuel Liss Philip Stanton Ashley Vandiver Anonymous (6) Suzanne ApellanizPerry Russell & Leo Pierre Roy Ron & Sandy Stapleton Arthur A. & Dolores M. Charley Appleton $1-$99Richard Sailor & Mary Janet D. Steele Vasconcellos Ron April Johnston Mr. Ben Stefanski Christopher Verni Ingrid Aadland Ms. Mahin ArastuDavid Salesin & John & Valerie Stelling Mr. & Mrs. Bob Vessels Lloyd Aadland Judith & Willie Archer Andrea Lingenfelter Mary Ellen & Ralph Stephen Lewis S. Victor Dr. & Mrs. G.H. Abbot Philip Arcouette, Sr.Morton T. Saunders Tom & Judy Stetson Sam & Hilary Vineyard Bonnie Abernathy Lee AriettaMr. Robert Schisler Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Stewart Joseph & Sara Volpe Ms. Mary Adams Thomas & Nancy ArmstrongPaul & Tina Schmid Robert Stewart Ken Vona Susan S. Adams Ms. Andrea ArnoldFrederick Schnure Clay & Clara Stites William & Heather Vrattos Billy Adams & Sarah David ArrudaDr. Rick Schnure & Eric & Amy Stoermer Henry & Marion Wainer Mahoney-Adams Lawrence & Lorraine Art Ms. Christina Hutton Benjamin B. Stone Bradford B. Wakeman & Luis & Pat Adao Martha M. AsendorfMr. Steven Schrader David M. Stone Wendy Darwin Wakeman Nicole Adriance Ms. Cheryl Ashley-SerafineSally Schriner Albert Strange, Jr. Jeff & Jeanine Wales Chris Aguiar Irving AsserDr. Jonathan Schwartz Mark & Nancy Strickland Daphne Walker Mr. Robert Aiguier DJ AtkinsBeth Schwarzman Rachael Kolb & Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Paul Walsh Gene Aillery Ms. Nancy AubinRobert & Kathleen Scott Stritter Kathleen Wanat Mrs. Mark Aimone Dongwook AudenaerdeFrederica See Mr. Jay Stroud Sharon McCarthy & Jim Ware Joan Akin Ms. Kristine AudetteMr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Seeley Garrett Stuck & Pamela Rebecca & Ethan Watters Sally M. Aldrich Rosalind & Rolf Augustin, Jr.George & Kellie Serbedzika Coravos Mr. & Mrs. David W. Webster Tiina Aleman Mr. Dan AungstMs. Joan Shafran & Peter Sturges & Sasha Barbara K. Welling Gilbert A. & Sondra I. Robert J. & Claire M. Averill Mr. Rob Haimes Lauterbach Eleanor Wendell Alexander Deanna AveryDr. & Mrs. Gilbert L. Shapiro Lewis A. Suber Jay & Melinda Whalen Ms. Mabel C. Alexander Melisa AvilaAnn Sharp Ms. Nancy Sullivan Ms. Jessica Wheeler Brett Alger Andy AylwardEdwin Sharp & Cheryl Burtis Nicholas & Deborah Sullivan Hester H. Whitcher Anne C. Allen John & Karen BabbittGus & Ellie Shaver Paul R. Sullivan Anne & Alec White Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Allen, III Katheryn L. BabbittMs. Laura Shear Robert E. Sullivan & Benjamin V. White III Ms. Judy Allen Mrs. Debora BacchiocchiDaniel & Deborah Shearer Linn M. Sullivan David & Elizabeth White Ms. Karen Allen Pearl BacdayanMatt Shenker Joan Sully Frank White Kori Allen Alice BachantDr. & Mrs. Mike Shepard Lori Sweeney Judy & Harvey White Mr. Leo Allen Danielle & Paul BachiniRichard Shepard & Mr. Gerald J. Swift Alex Whiteside Sue Alley Glenn Bachman Samina Quraeshi Mr. & Mrs. David Sylvain Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Anne T. Almy DoDi & Bruce BackeMr. & Mrs. Thomas Shire, Jr. Anne C. Symmes M. Whitney Mr. Peter Alpers Richard & Denise BackusDr. & Mrs. John J. Short Peter & Jane Talbot Bobby & Laurie Wilkey Mrs. Lynn Alpert Louis M. BadweyRichard Shriner Bernie & Julie Talty Ms. Laura Williams Teri Alphonse Sally B. BaerMrs. Kimberly Shute David A.Tatelbaum S. Jeffress Williams & Mr. Ethan Altshuler Nicole BaggettaMr. & Mrs. Ted Shwartz David & Linda Taylor Rebecca Upton Ms. Katherine Amaral David & Linda BahnsonSue & Calvin Siegal Carol & Scott Taylor Milt & Sue Williamson Ms. Madison Amaral George BaierleinAlbert & Joyce Signorella Ted & Charlotte Teplow Mr. John Willoughby Mr. Mark Amaral Benjamin & Nancy BaileyMarcia Joslyn Sill Rob & Kama Thieler Charlie & Carol Wilson Ms. Maureen Amaral Gay Blair & Jessica BaileyBrett & Kelly Silva Robin Lepore & Andrew Allan Wing Robert & Alison Ament Mr. Donald BaileyMs. Caroline Silva Thomas Margot & David Wizansky David K. Ames Robert & Susan BaileyMr. Brad Silverberg Julie Thompson John H. Wolff & Helen Tim Amos Ms. Sarah BaileyBonnie & Louis Silverstein Mary Thorne A. Berger Kate Anatone Toni Bailey 2011 Annual Report | 13
  • Bee Baker R. Bermudez Nehemiah & Frances Boynton Mr. & Mrs. John Butler Dawn A. CheekCarole & Peter Baker Cristina Bernal Joanne Bracken Shirley Butterworth Sally CheekMr. Edward B. Baker & Patricia Bernard Mrs. Renee Bradshaw Nathan Byrnes Miss Jessica Cheitlin Dr. Anna van Heeckeren Damaris & David Berner Maddy Bragar Elizabeth Cabral Russell & Julie CherryMr. Michael Baker N. Bernier Mrs. Jane Bragdon Father Jeff Cabral Harneen ChernowMichael Ball Dale Berry Amy Bratskeir John & Lisa Cabral Ron & Lu ChevrierMr. & Mrs. Stephen Ballentine Robert T. Bertrand Elizabeth Braun David & Suzanne Cadge George L. ChimentoMr. Fred Bamber Mr. William Bertrand Joan Breiner Admiral Floyd Cadge Mr. John ChmuraHoward & Margarit Baptista Diane A. Berube Ms. Maisiei Brennan Barbara Webster & Barbara ChristianMr. Joel Baptista Melanie Berzon Theresa Brennan Kevin Cadieux Derek & Katie ChristiansonStephan & Renee Baptista James & Susan Besse James & Melissa Bride Dr. Steven Cadrin Jean & Ed CiarpellaBryan Baranick Russell & Claire Bessette Warren Briggs George & Yara Cadwalader Jessica, Nathan &Caitlin Baril Fred Best & Frances Best Mrs. Jennifer Brightman Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cairns Julian CinefroAdam Scott Barkley Chuck & Jan Bichsel Jason Brilhante Peter L. Callagy Ms. Frieda ClaesBrenda Barkley Mr. David Biggers Mr. Dean Brior Ed & Gerrie Callahan John & Jeanne ClarkGeorge Barlow John & Jane Bihldorff Gale & Patrick Broderick Richard & Lorinda Callahan Ms. Katherine ClarkAnne Barnes Paula A. Billard Lynne E. Brolly John & Sylvia Camacho Mark ClarkGregory W. Barnes Kathleen Billings & Ms. Anna Brookes David R. Campbell, M.D. Patrick ClarkRichard Barnett & Debra Gill Hal Oringer James & Betty Broome Meriweather Campbell Peter ClarkMr. Alan Barney & Stephen & Barbara Billings Richard L. Brosky Ms. Barbara C. Canavan Mrs. Tucker M. Clark Mrs. Donna Barney Jeanne Bird Bob Brousseau Ms. Anne G. Cann Elizabeth ClayMs. Mae Barrett Elisa Birdseye Bruce & Nancy Brown Mrs. Donna Cannone R. Clemments & Dr. HumeKenneth Barron Kol Birke Catherine L. Brown James & Heather Caplan James Q. ClemmeySam Barrows Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bishop Charles & Carol Brown Jeanine Cappuccino Mr. & Mrs. Leo CliffordMark Barry & Joan Karl Bissinger Eric Brown Mr. Paul J. Carchidi Richard Clow Hartnett-Barry Jonathan & Nancy Bixby Mrs. Travis T. Brown Timothy Cardiasmenos Ms. Marcy CockrellThomas Barry Linda M. Black-Jones Ms. Diane Brown-Couture Biagio & Nadia Caretti Mr. & Mrs. Donald A.Virginia Barry Kathleen Blaha Judith Brown-DuPaul Christopher W. Carey Coehlo, Jr.Patrick K. Barter Hugh Blair-Smith Mr. Ed Browne James J. & Mary M. Carey Mrs. Christine CoelhoCarol Barton June Blaise Larry & Sally Brownell Attorney William H. Carey Kerri CoffinMr. Kevin Bartsch Shannon E. Blankenship Richard Bruce Julie Carlson Anne M. CogginsMelissa Bastan Mary Jean & Bill Blasdale Mr. Mark Brule Ms. Mary Carlson Ms. Susan CohanMs. Jacqueline L. Batcheller Ms. Faye Blazar Kathleen M.A. Brunelle Morgan Carlson Laura CohenMr. & Mrs. David Bates Cornelius N Bliss Ms. Christine Bruno Michelle Carnevale Lisa CohenJohn Battey Brian & Janet Blowers Mr. & Mrs. William Bruno Ms. Carole Carnovale Lynn & Jan CoishMichael Bean Jonathan & Heidi Blythe Erin J. Bryant Linda S. Carpenter Lois A. ColbyWallen & Christine Bean Ms. Heidi Bobo Helen Bryant Arnold Carr Mr. Stephen ColdwellJames A. Beaudin Bocconcelli-Sayigh Family James Bryant & Stuart Sadick Mr. Erich Carroll Mira ColemanMaureen Beaudoin Phillip & Sarah Bodenstab Timothy & Maryann Bryant John G. Carroll Florence Chase ColesMr. & Mrs. Clement Beaulieu Morene Bodner The Bucchere Family Richard & Carolyn Caruso Tena ColeyPhilip & Kate Beauregard Gary Boehk Donald J. Buckley Ms. Cindy Carvalho William CollearyMr. & Mrs. Charles E. Mr. Jamie S. Bogart Ms. Meredith Buckley Corinne Carvalho Ms. Bobbie Collins Beckman Paul & Caroline Bolick David & Janet Buehler Suzanne Cashman Christiane C. CollinsBryan Becotte Rosemary Boling Ruth Buell J. Sally Cassells Joseph W. CollinsMr. Alan Bedard Jane Bolinger Thomas & Sally Buffinton Ms. Jacqueline Cattani Kay CollinsFrederick & Barbara Belanger Ms. Sue Bolton Jean E. Bullard Jennifer P. Cavallaro Stephen A. CollinsGil & Judy Belaval Thomas & Elizabeth Bolton Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bullard Phillip Cavallo Mike & Deborah CombsRobert & Linda Belenger John & Nancy Bonell Peter & Tia Bullard Joseph Cavicchi Joanne M. Comcheck BlakeMr. Robert Bell & Mr. Paul Bonin Ms. Elizabeth Bullock Ms. Gina Caycedo Mrs. Carol Comstock Ms. Joan Cody Andrea Bonsignore Ms. Martha Buma Ms. Louisa Celebrezze M. ComtoisStewart & Jill Bell F.J. Whitmore Boogaerts Ms. Britty Buonocore Mr. Peter Cerilli Sally ConkrightMs. Susan Bellavance & Carolyn Almy Ms. Roberta Buratti-Aikey Aurore B. Chace Ms. Margaret ConnollyDavid Belluche Mr. John Booker Jim Burden Janet & Tom Chadie Peter & Susan ConnollyEllie Bemis Mrs. Lee Bordas Rachael Burger Barbara A. Chadwick Lynn ConnorAlbert & Monica Benac George J. Borden Brenda J. Burke Barbara Chadwick Meghan ConoverMrs. Kathy Benevides George W. Borden Ms. Linda Burke Christopher & Anne Chan Mr. H. Calvin CookCarol Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Fred Borges William Burke Mr. Daniel Chandler Ms. Jessica CookMs. Margery Bennett Ronald & Annette Bouchard Mr. Richard Burnes Suzanne & James Chandler Don & Maggie CookFrances H. Benton Mr. Gerard Boudreau & Jeffrey Burnett Mr. Randall Chaput Dan CooneyNathan Beraha Ms. Debra Boudreau Mr. Chris Burnham & Karen M. Charette Ed & Betty CooneyGunnar V. & Martha A. Berg Timothy Bourgeois Mrs. Christina Burnham Marjorie Charney Ms. Sherrill Cooper-HollarFredrick M. Berk Theresa Bousquet Mr. Gary Burns Ms. Lori Chase Alice CoopersteinJoel & Barbara Berler Mary Bowker Capt. & Mrs. Thomas L. Bushy Mr. Phil Chase Katharine CopeRichard & Myrna Berman Peter S. Boyce William S. Butcher Jennifer Chasse Ms. Annie Copps14 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  • IN MEMORIAM Donald Forte Barbara Ready J. Thomas “Tom” WestIn 2011, the Buzzards Bay Coalition received Anne C. Allen Camp Avoda Carole Carnovalegifts in loving memory of the following Lavinia & Robert Almy Ms. Lisa Duncan Barbara A. Chadwickpeople listed in bold. James & Kathy Feeney Kathy Fidalgo Diversified Financial Richard & Eleanor Hoehn Janine Fontaine Management, Inc.Robert Edward Barry John Rogers Louise C. Riemer Ms. Diane Patrick Ruth Durkee Thomas Barry Mike Shepard Jim & Carolyn Daniel & Dorothy Ready Gabriel Mandel Ms. Barbara Tatro Rubenstein Neal Ready Sampson Family FundMargaret “Jill” Brainerd Unitarian Universalist Mr. J. D. Somerville David & Elizabeth Small June Clay Society of Fairhaven George H. Whitney Jr. Mary T. Franklin & Family George & Dagmar William Talbot Alice Hunt Williams Matthew Drazba UnhochDavid N. Chatfield John H. & Caroline Gazaway Lemar L. David Hanley W. Reardon Melinda Berg Crittenden, Jr. Eldon C. Hall Reardon Brothers Trust John Butler Mrs. Gertrude S. Jayne Hanley Barbara Chadwick Crittenden Jacob & Elizabeth Martin Judy Chatfield IN HONOR OF June Clay Don Davies Paul & Joyce Nardella Gifts were also made in honor & celebration Stephen Coldwell William & Nancy Knowles John R. O’Connor of the following people/events listed in bold. Patrice Cooper Anonymous friends of James Dewitt Decker II David Hanley Kitty Fassett James Mendes A.M. Daley Remly Campbell Eric Trudeau Jessica Eisenhauer Madeline Drew Sarah Jackson The Hossfields James Dickson Art & Dot Meyer The Olney Family of John & Rebecca Reeves Nancy Kimon Elise Coyne Jennifer Meyer-Feeney Peases Point Douglas Livolsi Samuel & Doris Dickson Florence F. Locke Ben Carlson Judith Livolsi Hope L. Baker William Locke Milton & Catharine Gibbs Mary S. Driver Bobbie & Rich Miner Susan & John Potts Robert Marcella Joan L. Hutchings Jane Hallowell Lucy Aptekar Mr. Christopher Morss James Pickett & The Makrauer/ Shirley Pearson Andrea Kollar Barbara J. Sullivan Jamey Shachoy & Johnson Wedding Point Connett Winthrop C. Ray Hester H. Whitcher Laura Ryan Shachoy Elizabeth Makrauer & Associates, Inc. Kyle Johnson Jennifer RyanKim Corazinni Dr. Geoffrey Cowles Mr. Jerome Cura Mr. Rich D’Amour Ms. Marianne F. DeCostaJeffrey Cormier Art & Mary Cox Nicholas Curcio Terry & Barbara Dane Gabriella DeeMs. Kimberly Cormier Ms. Elizabeth Coxe & Heather & Michael Cushing James Daniels Mrs. Jane DegnanDavid H. & Linda Cornell Mr. G. David Forney Rebecca Cushing Carol R. Darcy Ms. Mary-Catherine DeibelMr. & Mrs. Robert Corraro Collette Coyne Jerry Cushman Robert & Susan Darnton Kerry E. DeJesusMs. Lorraine Correia Elise Coyne Cindy Cusic Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Ms. Lynn DekarskiMrs. Amanda Cortes Dr. Alicia M. Crabbe Ginny Cutting Daskalakis Mrs. Elizabeth deLacy-AlmeidaEllie Costa Julianne & Jonathan Craig Mr. & Mrs. Jann Czarnetzki Michelle D’Auteuil John DellaMorteMr. Jeff Costa Ms. Linda Craugh Lisa K. Czekanski Christopher Davies Isa DelogeMs. Jennifer Costa Miss Leila Crawford Walter Czerny, Jr. Christopher Davis Robert DemancheMs. Karen Costa Dr. Maurice Crawford Claudia da Costa Joel & Ruth Davis Annette DembyRachael Costa Dr. & Mrs. William R. Creevy Mr. Emmanuel da Costa Mrs. Katherine Davis Rhet H. & Cynthia K. DenaultRevel Cotsford Ms. Anita Croft Mr. Daniel Dabbelt Steve Davis Marsha DenhamMr. F. Richard Cottrell Diane Croft Fred & Kate Dabney Judy Davison Gail DenzerMr. Graham Cottrell Ms. Elaine Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Lewis S. Dabney Ms. Margaret A. Dawe David DepatieMargot & Tom Cottrell Ms. Karen Cronin Debra & Ralph Dagwan Holliday & Ben Day Ms. Debbie DePietroMike & Gretchen Coughlin Ms. M. L. Crook A.M. Daley Ms. Kathryn Day Robert J. DermodyDeborah Coulombe Mary Crooks Ms. Diane Dalmeida Josh Dayton Andrea L. DesjardinsMr. Alden W. Counsell Nan Crossland James & Deborah Dalton Mr. Ricardo de Aguiar Douglas & JacquelineCarole Courey Howard Crow & Jane Downing Ms. Jocelyn DaLuz Robert H. De Vries Desjardins & FamilyJames & Leslie Cousens Ralph & Joan Crowley Mr. Brendan Daly & Barbara E. Porter David & Patricia DeSouzaGabriel & Patricia Coutinho Mr. Jeff Crystal Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Daly Rick Deacon Greg DesrosiersLinda Coutinho Ms. Britt Cumiskey Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Ms. Winna Dean Dr. Kathleen DevaneyJim Covel Mrs. Denise Cumiskey Damon, Jr. Deborah Debiegun Diane M. Di StolfoMs. Linda Coventry John & Cornelia Cummings Mr. James D’amour Mr. Daniel Debrosse Stephen J. DiasMercedes Cover Denise M. Cuneo Mr. Phillip D’amour Beverly Decas Mr. & Ms. David DibiasioRay & Ruth Covill Chris & CC Cunningham & Mrs. Jane D’amour Karen Deckman Douglas Dick 2011 Annual Report | 15
  • Carl Dierker Blair Dubak Mr. Ryan Farias Brianna Fortin Nathan GarnerBeverly A. Dietlin Joey & Clark DuBois The Farinon Family Mr. David Fortin Craig GaspardCarol & Jim Dildine Mary Jane Ducharme Elizabeth Farnham Eric & Andrea Fortin Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. GauvinJanet Dillon Kathleen Duffy Peter & Jessica Farrelly P. Brett & Heather Fortin Mr. Paul GayPaula & Seymour DiMare Mary Duffy Paul Fathallah Mr. & Mrs. Robert Foster Ms. Constance B. GeeMr. Andrew Dimmick Bill Dugan Temple Fawcett Bruce Foucart Grantland W. GeletteDavid & Frederica Dimmick Benjamin S. Dunham & Andrew Faxon Michelle Fournier Lucille T. GelinasTod & Jen Dimmick Wendy H. Rolfe-Dunham Mr. G. Abbott Fay Ann C. Fox & Leo Brautigam Christina & Tom GelsonDan Dimpfl Ms. Dawn M. Dunleavey George & Irene Fearing Ms. Erika Fox Mike GemalyDennis & Sally Dinan Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dunn Marjorie Feeley Mr. & Mrs. Francis H. Fox Arthur & Joan GerardMs. Elizabeth Dinsmore The Dunn Family Jennifer Feeney Greta & Tim Fox Dan & Roberta GermanoEllen O. Dion John Dunphy Robert B. Feingold Ann Fragale Laurene GerriorMary Dionne Diane Dupere, CSC Mr. Mark Feinstein Cary & Helen Francis Mr. Paul M. GerriorMs. Serena Dionysus Ms. Jeanne L. Dupre Gerald & Judith Feldman Deborah Francis & Mr. Samuel GerstenMr. & Mrs. Jonathan DiPaolo Renee P. Dupuis Emily L. Ferguson Eric Kampf Dr. Joseph GerstmannMr. & Mrs. Anthony Disalvo Ms. Ruth Durkee Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fernandes Peggs Francis Cathy GervelisMs. Debra A. Dixon Robert & Margaret Dwight Ms. Genevieve Fernandez Mr. Jose Francisco Mr. Conrad GeyserHelen Dixon Ms. Ana Dyer Jesse Ferreira & Bridget Eva T. Frank Ms. Sheila W. GiancolaJohn B. Dixon C.C. Dyer Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Frank Dr. & Mrs. JosephMs. Capri Djatiasmoro Hugh N. Dyer, III & Family Sill & Ann “D” Ferreira Ms. Abigail Franklin GiangrassoRichard & Dolores Dobbyn Timothy H. Dyer Mrs. Bethany Ferrell Mary T. Franklin & Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph GianiJanet & Kingsley Doe Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Eades Arthur & Cynthia Fertman Rabbi Wayne Franklin Jim & Laurel GiarussoThomas Doeppner Mr. Nicholas Earhart Mr. James W. Field Ms. Colleen Frawley Milton & Catharine GibbsKaren & Chip Doherty Aucoot Earles Bill & Liz Field Ms. Nancy Fraze Paul D. GibbsBetsey & Kenneth Doherty Ms. Sally Easton Mr. & Mrs. David Filipek Edmund & Claire Freeman Mr. Jeffrey GiddingsMr. & Mrs. William J. Ms. Rebecca Eaton Mr. Craig Filkins Dr. Curtis Freese Ms. Lauren Gidwitz Doherty Anatol & Carolyn Eberhard Jessamyn Finneran Robert French Mr. Christopher GiffordMs. Amy D’Olympia Joan Eccleston Mr. Richard Finnin Ms. Kathy Frey Douglas L. GiffordChuck & Judy D’Olympia George Eckstrom Ms. Emily Fish Ms. Joanne Friar Diane GilbertElizabeth Grant Donley Helen E. Ederer John Perry Fish Dr. & Mrs. Robert Friedman Steve GilhoolyCarol & Joseph Donnelly Mr. William Edgcomb Ernest Fisher & Ruth Furman Thomas & Pamela Friedman Miss Chelsea GilliamMark & Lauren Donnelly Deborah L. Egan Jackie Fisher Mrs. Janice Frohner Andrew GillieJohn Donohue Jack Eiermann & Jeri Peirce Peter Fishman David & Patricia Frothingham Ms. Elizabeth GillisLynn Donohue Jessica Eisenhauer Ted Fitzelle Ms. Susan Funk Caroline GilmoreDeborah Donovan John & Ruth Elander Margot Fitzgerald Suzi Funnell Dr. Meredith GilsonPaul & Ruth Doran Ms. Diane Elander-Keys Ms. Joan Fitzsimmons Ruth Furman William & Joyce GindraJane Dornbrook & Mr. Ronald Keys Ms. Susan Fleischmann Andrew Gabor Andrea GirardDave Doucett & Diane Mr. Bruce H. Elgin Craig & Susan Fleming Mike & Bridget Gabriel Mr. Greg GirardLeith-Doucett Mr. Louke Ellenbrock Carol Fletcher Debbie & Steve Gabriel Ms. Jennifer GirvinGary Doucett Mrs. Ann M. Lacasse Elliott Ms. Kimberly Fletcher Mrs. Pamela Gabriel Ms. Tania GodboutMr. David Douchkoff Edward Elliott & Mr. John Hussey Stefan & Marya Gabriel Philip A. GoddardVivian I. & Richard W. Bill & Lisa Elliott Rene Fleurent Ms. Greta Gabriels Harvey Goldman & Douglass Pamela Ellis Mrs. Brenda Floyd Sean Gaffney Debby CoolidgeJohn & Zelinda Douhan Tomas Elphick Mr. & Mrs. William Floyd Kathleen E. Gage JoAnne & Lee GoldmanTad & Karen Dourdeville Ms. Desiree Elsevier Ms. Connie Flynn Mr. Don Gagnon Dr. Lionel GoldringPaul L. Dow Mrs. David Emerson Fred Flynn Arthur G. Gaines Michael GoldringPatricia Dowd Ms. Lauran Emerson Peter Flynn Mr. David Gaines The Golen FamilyJudith Downing Polly, David & Sophie Emilita Robert Foglia John K. Galbraith Livia & Donglai GongCarolyn & Steve Doyle Rob & Pat Engel Leanne Folan Robert Gallagher Brent GonsalvesJenny Doyle Anne Erde Jennifer Foley Alex Gallant David & Rachel GonsalvesMr. & Mrs. Leo R. Doyon Mr. Harry D. Eshleman Ms. Jody Foley John & Christine Gallant Jeffrey GonsalvesEstelle Drake & Ms. Barbara N. Peters Mr. & Mrs. Richard Follett Jim R. Gammans Mr. Victor GonsalvesRobert & Anne Drake Matthew Esposito Anthony Forbes Debra J. Gammerman Caryl & Jose GonzalezMr. Jonathan Draxton Marie Esten B. Jacki Forbes Mr. Satish Gandhi Deb GoodwinMatthew Drazba Robert D. Eustis Mr. & Mrs. James Forbes Robert M. Gaouette Mr. & Mrs. Winthrop GoodwinLee Dreisbach Mr. & Ms. David G. Evans Tally Forbes David & Andrea Garber Sarah R. GorhamMs. Madeline Drew Nicholas & Nancy Everett Wendy Forbush David Garboczi Ms. Hannah GossnerJulie Drezner Mr. Michael Fagan Billy Ford Mr. & Mrs. E. Robert Garde Thomas GotterupDavid & Elizabeth Driscoll Frances Fahey Bruce Ford Ms. Emily Gardel John & Lyn GouldAlex Dropo Miss Shannon Fain Deborah Forter & Francis & Susan Gardner Mr. Zachary GouldRich Droser Joseph Falconeiri Ben Hansbury Joshua Gardner Dr. & Mrs. David F. GouveiaRodney & Carol Du Bois Mr. & Mrs. George F. Fardy Susan Forti & Robert Jay & Brooke Garfield Noe & Janet GouveiaTed du Moulin Mr. & Mrs. Samuel L. Fardy, Jr. Houlihan Rebecca Garfield Gershon & AndreaDorothy Duarte Beth Farias Ms. Catherine Fortier-Barnes Tom & Debbie Garfield Gouze-Levine16 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  • Lee & Debbie Gove Bill & Deborah Handschin Elizabeth T. Hnitecki Kim Hyland Edie JonesJames & Sara Gowing Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Hanks John & Olivann Hobbie Dr. Karen Hyun Janet JonesSister Germain Goyette, CSC Janeen S. & Steven W. Hansen Mr. & Ms. Edward S. Hochuli Josef Idoine & Wendy Bone Jim & Faith JonesJeff C. Graber Florence Harding Mr. Nelson Hockert-Lotz Mary Igo Mrs. Nancy H. JonesCynthia & Nicholas Grace Robert Hargraves Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Hodges Mrs. Ruthanne Igoe Philip JonesMr. & Mrs. Joseph Gracia Ms. Heather Harley Richard & Eleanor Hoehn & Mr. John Igoe Margie JosephMr. Brian R. Grady Joseph & Helen Harrington Pamela & Edward Hoffer Donato Infante, III Mrs. Diane JoubertRobert & Rita Grady Linton Harrington Kenneth Hoffman Mr. Alden Irons Dave JudelsonMr. George M. Graham, Jr. Ms. Patricia Harrington The Hoffmeisters Mr. Richard Irons Mary JuliusMs. Victoria Graham Alan & Jessica Harris Ms. Fiona Hogan Stephen Irons Mark & Teresa KaeterleJudy Graham-Garcia Mr. Joshua Harris Mike Hogan Eric Iskin & Leslee & FamilyMr. & Mrs. Chris Granger Kathleen Hart Alix Hogu Fiorella-Iskin Mr. & Mrs. George KaitinNancy & Jerry Granshaw Amy Hartley-Matteson Nancy J. Holland Susan Israel Architects Pam Kaitin-MillerWilliam F. Grant & Ms. Joan Hartnett-Barry Mrs. Mitzi Hollenbeck Mr. Edward Ivers Georgia Kakoulaki Kat Brennan & Mr. Mark Barry Scott Holliday Erin Jackson Paula A. KandarianUrsula Gray Ms. Pamela D. Harvey Belva Holman The Reverand Philip C. Jacobs Joshua KaneElaine Cook Graybill Ernest & Helen Hassey Michael & Carolyn Holmes Jake & Karen Jacobsen Douglas & Joy KantGaelen Green Mr. Richard Hatfield Mr. Mike Holmstrom Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rabbi Raphael KanterLinda Green David Hathaway Mr. Gerald Holton & Jacobsen The Kantner FamilyMargot Green Jane Hathaway Mrs. Nina Holton Ms. Jordana Jaffee Bruce KantorPaul & Marcia Greenberg Joshua B. Hathaway The Pereira-Honohan Family Mrs. Rachel Jakuba Ethel A. KantorHildegarde F. Greene Mrs. Nicole Hathaway Mara T. P. Honohan Merry James Ms. Lore E. Kantrowitz &Mr. Benjamin Greenspan Mr. & Mrs. Warren Hathaway Ms. Deborah Hood Daniel T. Janis Mr. Charles P. AshdownJames & Lynne Greenwood John & Jessica Hauser Cathleen & Tucker Hood James & Shari Jankowski Carol KarafotisBarbara D. Gregg Justin Hauser John A. & Sally T. Hopkins Oliver J. Janney Ms. Karen KarlssonThomas & Virginia Gregg Mr. Peter J. Hawes Julie A. Hopkins Trintje Jansen Jamie Katz & Cynthia PiltchKimberly Griego Mr. Tom Hawkins Ms. Kelsey Hopkins DSA & K Janss Ms. Sally KatzJames Griglun Mr. Jaren Hawxwell Ms. Laura J. Hopkins Mr. Laurence W. Jaquith Rabbi Alvan Kaunfer &Mr. & Mrs. Paul Grillo Sandra & Jack Hawxwell Audrey Horetzke Mrs. Sandy Jarjoura Mrs. Marcia KaunferMrs. Helena Grima & Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hays Dan Horne Gary Jaroslow & Nancy Mr. & Mrs. James F. Mr. Steven Grima Wayne Hayward Ms. Cheryl Horwath Parmentier Kavanaugh, Jr.Ms. Nancy Griswold William & Catherine Heald The Hossfields Ms. Diana Jaynes Russell KeaneMr. Cody Grodzki David & Jane Heard Kristopher Houle & Mr. Hunter Jeffrey Mr. Kerry KearneyKimberly, Richard & Margaret Hebert Abby D’Ambrosia Kristine Jelstrup Ms. Anne Kearns Evan Grodzki Roy & Clare Heffernan Mike & Carol Houle Mr. & Mrs. George Jenkins James E. Kearns, D.M.D., P.C.Edward S. Gross Carl Hefflefinger L. Damon Howard III Suzanne L. Jenkins Max KearnsMr. & Mrs. John Groulik Sarah Heil Selena T. Howard George A. Jennings Nate KearnsMs. Joanna Grunin Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Heisler Marian Howell Mrs. Julia Jennings Barrett KeatingRene & Karen Guenette Ann & Jerry Heller Amy Howland Andrew Jensen Patricia KeatingJessie J. Guest Joanne Hellested Jane Howland Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Jensen Whitney & Fred KeenJonpaul Guinn Laurie Hellstrom Mr. Paul Hoxie Samantha Jensen Claire KeeneMs. Eileen Gunn Bette & Bob Helm Ms. Catherine Hubbard Don & Dee Jepson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L.Mrs. Lulu Gustavsen Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hempel, II Mr. Steven Hubbard Wendy & Ken Joblon Keith, IIIBeth Gustin & Clayton Fuller Jane & Bart Henderson Martin & Diane Hudis Emily Johns Barbara & Tom KeithStephen Guthrie Tess Henderson Fotheringham Eric Hudson Shirley D. Johns Timothy & Kelly KelleherMaurice & Maria Gutierrez Norman & Eleanor Hendricks George Huey, Jr. Carolyn Johnson Mr. Michael KelleyCarlton & Dorothy Hack Tyche Hendricks Georgette Huff Charles A. Johnson, Jr. Beth & Bob KelleyMr. Andrew Hadley Ralph E. Herbst Carol & Robert Hughes Cynthia Johnson Joseph & Susan KelliherKim Hadley Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Herlihy David Hughes Ms. Cynthia Johnson Jerry & Beth KellyMary & Mark Hadley Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Munro Mr. Jacob Hughes Darren Johnson James & Julianne KellyJonathan P. Hagenstein Herman Paul & Diana Hughes Gordon & Lois Johnson Thomas & Anne KellyJackie Haines Suzanne & Fred Herriman, Jr. Peter & Mimi Huidekoper Greg & Nancy Johnson Garland KemperRebecca A. Hajjar James & Kathy Herring Al & Joanne Humphrey Judy Johnson Miss Brigid KennedyDonald B. Hall Mr. Adam Herzlich Bob & Pam Humphrey Kathy Johnson Judith L. KennedyMr. & Mrs. Howard Hall Dr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Hewes Jenny & Gregory Hunt Mary Jane Johnson Claire V. KenneyLinda Hall Wendy & John Hickey Richard & Barbara Hunt Nancy Johnson Ellen KenneyLisa Halvorson Ms. Dorothy Higano Stephen Hunt Paul & Judith Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas KenneyMs. Julie Hamel Judy Higbea Ms. Dawn Hurley Robert Johnson Ms. Jennifer KentMs. Christine Hamlin Mr. & Mrs. Fred Higgins Michael Hurley Mr. Steve Johnson Ms. Patricia KentTeresa Hamm Jason Highley Joan L. Hutchings Susan Johnson Mary KentrosDavid Hancock & Sheldon & Elizabeth Hill Ms. Sue Hutson Traci Johnson Joe & Ellen Keogh Bernardo Medina Ms. Kenley Hiller Ms. Jean Hutter Pam Johnston Barbara L. KeoughMr. David A. Hancock Charlie & Penny Hiller Peter Huybers Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jolliffe Rebekah Kepple & Dr. Lua Hancock Frank Hitchens Ms. One Hwang Barbara Woll Jones Ms. Penny Kern 2011 Annual Report | 17
  • On a crystal clear July morning, 216 swimmers dove intoBuzzards Bay to demonstrate their support and appre-ciation for a healthy Bay. They came in droves to kick offthe July 4th weekend by taking part in the 18th AnnualBuzzards Bay Swim and raising over $113,000 for the BayCoalition.Registration for the 1.2 mile open water swim surged tonew records with the help of a motivating challenge fromlong time Bay Coalition member and swimmer Larry Fishof West Falmouth. The challenge was to register over200 swimmers and raise over $75,000. Those goals wereeclipsed with 230 registrations and over $88,000 in do-nations to which Mr. Fish added another $25,000. A record 216 swimmers raced across the Bay in the 18th Annual Buzzards Bay Swim.Fifteen-year-old Nathan Garner of Nashua, NH led thecrowd across the course reaching the finish line in 20minutes and 56 seconds. He was part of a team from their 10th Buzzards Bay swim. Cambridge restaurant own-Lawrence Vocational Technical High School, who won the er, Steve Johnson, led in individual fundraising, gatheringQuicks Award and $1,000 as the fastest high school team. over $5,000 in donations for Buzzards Bay Coalition. AllMorgan McCarthy of Orleans, MA was the top female fin- of the money raised in the event goes to support the edu-isher in a time of 22:17. cation, research, conservation and advocacy work of the organization.The Bay Coalition also showed their appreciation forveteran swimmers and top fundraisers. Sarah Frost of The 19th Annual Buzzards Bay Swim will be held onNewport, RI and Chris Parks of Fairhaven, MA completed Saturday July 7, 2012.Buzzards Bay Swim Emily Chandler Robert Fallon Jessica S. Harris Richard R. Mack Bobbie Collins Paul Fathallah Amy Hartley-Matteson Andrea MarcoviciSwimmers Jeffrey Cormier Lawrence Fish Tara Beth Hawxwell Jonathan MarinerRobert Aiguier Jennifer Costa David Fitzpatrick Jaren Hawxwell Morgan McCarthyJudy Allen Graham Cottrell Kimberly Fletcher Joe Hebert Dan McCarthyCharis Anderson Linda Coventry Bruce M. Ford Laurie Hellstrom Kathleen McDonaldLea Anthony Mercy Cover Bruce Foucart Mara T. Honohan Molly McglaughlinAmy Araujo Jeff Crystal Abigail Foucart Kelsey Hopkins Douglas McKellMartha Arruda Rebecca Cushing Pamela Friedman Amy Howland Nicole McLaughlinSarah E. Ashley Phillip D’amour Sarah B. Frost Steve Johnson Frank McQuigganDJ Atkins Amy D’Olympia Pat Furrey Max Kearns Douglas MedeirosSusan Bailey Claudia da Costa Nathan Garner Jon Keeter Kyle MedeirosBryan Baranick Bethany Daniels Thomas Gelson Kristen Kelley Max MedinaAdam S. Barkley Joe Daverna Chelsea Gilliam Brigid Kennedy Kendra D. MedinaGrover G. Baxley Andrea L. Desjardins Andrew Gillie Kevin Keppler Tia MeyerRobert T. Bertrand William Dorry Amy Goldberg John Kinney Jocelyn MitchellPeter Bloom James R. Dorsey Michael Goldring Audra Kinney Mariah MitchellJoshua Borden Paul L. Dow Marne Goodrich Anand Krishnan Smoky MoakGeorge J. Borden Alex Dropo Paul A. Graham Peter Kurze Dirk MurphyGeorge W. Borden Rich Droser Jeffrey Graham David Lapalme Keith NadeauOlga R. Bravo Dawn M. Dunleavey Benjamin Greenspan Marc E. LaPlante Bruce NovisLynne E. Brolly Thomas D. Dunlop Neil R. Greenspan John J. Leary Megan O’BrienRobert C. Bruce Helen E. Ederer Cody Grodzki Diane Leith-Doucett Heson OhKathleen M. Brunelle Diane Elander-Keys Adam Guild Michael Lipp Donna OkaJim Burden Randall H. Elgin Julie Hamel Ann Lovely Douglas OlneyDavid Cadge Ann Espindola Charlotte Hamlin William Luderer Catherine OlsonStephen E. Casey Matthew Esposito Alan P. Harris David Lyons Molly Olver18 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  • Kelly Onanian Bryan Robertson Ruth Tannert Kayakers William JenneyAlexander T. Orr Laura Robertson Joshua Tavares Thomas Anthony Kristen KelleyBenjamin J. Ostiguy Sarah Robertson Alexander Teixeira Andy Aylward Robert KennedyBrett Pacheco Beth Roche Rob Thieler Robert Bailey Alyson MandelTara Pacheco Denise Rollinson Emilee Towle Robin Bodeau Charles F. NadlerBrian Paiva Tanya M. Roy Kerin Towne Paul Bonin Richard PelletierChristine W. Parks Patrick Ryll Leslie Trott Timothy Bourgeois Lewis I. ProutyAnna Pauls Erica Sahlin Stephanie Trott Greg Butterfield Christine QuallenEric Pauls Louis A. Sardelli Roswell Underwood Elizabeth Caporelli James ReardonEric M. Pauls Douglas Sayles Ashley Vandiver Claude Cobert Marianne ReardonPatty Pauls John Schrader Daniel Vasconcellos Tena Coley Widar SahlinGerry E. Payette Lynn Scornavacca Lewis S. Victor Lynn Connor Michael SchenaLori W. Peixoto Robert Scott Hilary Vineyard Letitia Costa Christopher R. SherwoodKim Pelletier Maia Shenker John W. Wainwright Gil Costa Deborah E. SistareCaroline Pierce Matt Shenker Kathleen Wanat Michael Cross Deborah SullivanAllan Pineda Soraya Shenker Dana Weaver Tracy Cunningham Mark TeixeiraEmily Pitman Aaron Shute Judith Westrick Lou daSilva Elmar ValdrizMatthew A. Poyant Larry Shwartz Mollie Westrick Karen DeBrum Sam VineyardMichelle Prevost Lynn Simpson Richard Wheeler Ian Dobson Edward WestrickJennifer Prouty Tyler Sjahfiedin Patricia J. White Bob Espindola Mark WhalenRichard Prouty Nancy J. Smith Bobby L. Wilkey Jared Espindola Bobby L. WilkeyCarley Przystac Donald Sorterup Laura Williams Andy Fitzpatrick Laurie A. WilkeyMarianne Reardon Zack Sousa George Wright Will G. Gardner Tony WilliamsCharles Redington Margaret Stack Megan Wyatt Patricia Garrahy-Robertson Warren WindersSarah Renaud Richard Sterling Juliet D. Xifaras Richard Golen Scott ZolkosKaren Reynolds Page Stites Chris Yard Peter GoodrichLynne R. Ribeiro Mary-Jane Strom Elizabeth Youngblood Marcia HathawayJohn Rider Matt SylvainJudy & Kevin Keymont Mrs. Kathleen Knutsen Mary Ann Lambert Wayne & Debra Legacy Dr. & Mrs. Lewis LipsittMr. Larsen Keys James* & Harriet Koch Ms. Cindy L. Lamberta Dawna Leger Phillips Stanley & Martha LivingstonRonald & Carol Killian Wayne Koles Helen Lamborghini Esther Leidolf Douglas LivolsiJamie Kilty Ms. Anna Koon Leo J. La Montagne Mr. Douglas Leith Judith LivolsiMrs. Peter M. Kimon Mr. & Mrs. John Kopaczewski Paul Lamoureaux Helen Lemay Mr. Andrew LizakBeverly & David King Ms. Ruth Kositsky Mr. George Landers Dr. & Mrs. John F. Lentini Jennifer LoboBetsy King Andy Kotsatos Christopher Landrigan Bennet Leon Clayton & Elizabeth LockeDick & Reta King Suzanne Kowal Ms. Ellen Landrigan Holly Leon Mr. Dirk LockwoodMs. Robin King David Koza Ms. Marisa LaPalomento John Lesage Ms. Susan LockwoodTrudy Kingery Mr. & Mrs. Karl Kozak Mr. Jerry Laperriere Ian M. Leslie William & Linda LockwoodEdward Kingsbury Shriram Krishnamurthi Marc & Suzanne Laplante Cynthia Letourneau Bethany R. LoescherEllen Kingsbury Anand Krishnan Ms. Melanie Larsen James Levesque Ms. Carol LongMs. Audra Kinney Mimi Kugler Kirsten Larsen-Silva Jonathon Levi Mr. Christopher LongJohn Kinney Mr. C Kummer Bruce & Tina Larson Dr. & Mrs. Clinton Levin Carolyn LoonanMs. Carolann Kinzel & Barbara Kurz Ms. Nancy Latham Father Edward Levine Jonathan Lopes Mr. Ezra Lipp Toby Kyle Tom & Jinny Latham Mr. & Mrs. Paul Levine Lindy LopesDr. Gary Kirsh Stephen Kyros Mr. & Mrs. G. Lauderdale Tony & Rachel Lewis MaryJo LopesPaul H. Kirshen & Michael & Sarah Labossiere Vance & Diane Lauderdale Mr. & Mrs. George Lewis Mr. Lionel Loranger Bettina Burbank Mr. Jason Labrie Mr. Mack Laudom Gerald & Maureen Lewis & Ms. Lydia LorangerAmy E. Kitson Ms. Karen Lacasse Mary Laughlin Catherine Liarikos Robert & Mary LorenzoNoel & Pam Klebaum Jim & Nancy Lacerda Ms. Nicole Lavery Leah Light Mr. & Mrs. Bob LoringMr. Bernard Klim Helen Ladd Mr. Glenn Lawler Thomas L. Ligor The Rev. Richard T. LoringKlem Klimek Mr. Matthew Ladzinski Paula Lazaroff Jim Limperis Joan N. Louden-BlackJanet Kluever Mr. Henry Lague & Mr. & Mrs. Bob Leach Alice Lincoln Mr. Kyle LovelandJanice Knight Ms. Alice Lague Lucille Aptekar & Dr. Christina Lindan Ann LovelyMr. & Mrs. Lawrence David Laidlaw Gerald C. Leader Edward & Nancy Lindholm Ms. Christina Lovely Knowles, Jr. Tammy Lajewski Sandra LeBlanc Teril Lindquist Melissa LovequistWilliam & Nancy Knowles Holly Laliberte David Lee, CFP Dean Lindsley Mr. William LudererMr. & Mrs. Richard C. Mark Lally Lindsay Lee Ronald Linhares & Mrs. Vicky Luderer Knowlton Mrs. Debra Lambalot Jeffrey Leech Mae Lipp Ms. Claudia LudwigBill & Deb Knowlton Mr. Paul Lambalot Lynn Lees Mr. Don R. Lipsitt Karen Lundgren 2011 Annual Report | 19
  • Ms. Gabriela Lupulescu Mr. Stephen Martin Meg McKeon Ron Moniz Richard MurrayChristine Lutts Mr. Charles Martineau David & Leslie McKinley Ms. Deborah Monosson Creighton G. MuscatoRichard & Hila Lyman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Martyna Mr. Donald G. McKinley Ms. Maria Montaruli Nicole MusheroChad Lynch William & Katherine Marvel Win McLane Marilyn Monteiro Donald MyersEleanor Lynn Don & Lee Marvin Anne McLaughlin Ms. Paula Montgomery Suzanne MyettArthur & Kathleen Lyons Sally S. Mason Ms. Vanessa McMahon Rita Ann Montrone Carol A. Nadeau & FamilyMr. & Mrs. David Lyons Mrs. Katrina Masse Cynthia S. McNaughten Sydney A. Moody Keith NadeauMrs. Joan Mabie John R. Masson & Michel Charlie McNeil William Moonan & Johannes & Ria NagtegeaalLillian MacCaull J. Jodoin Mrs. Sue McNeil & Mr. Carol Amick Paul & Joyce NardellaRobert MacCaull Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Matelski Theophilus Freitas Ward K. Mooney Elizabeth NeaveMs. Robin Maccini Douglas W. Materne David & Barbara McPhelim Maggie Mooney-Seus Mr. William H. NeebB. Lane & Wendy MacDonald Natalie Mather Frank McQuiggan Laurel Moore Ms. Janet Nehms-MarshallDavid MacDonald William & Kristina Matsch Mary Anne McQuillan & Michael & Hannah Moore Eric NelsonPaula Macgregor Mr. Gregory Matuszek Mr. Fred Sterner Mr. Philip Moore Leslee M. NelsonMr. & Mrs. Robert Ms. Susan Maurer Bryan McSweeny Robin Moore Pamela Nelson & A. MacGregor Joe Mawn George & Beverly McTurk Mr. Joseph Moore-Costa Christopher OlmstedMargaret-Mary Maciel Donna H. Maxfield Kyle Medeiros Councilor Linda Morad Brook Nelson-Caesar &Russell Mack Mr. & Mrs. Alec May Louise Medeiros Susan Moran Rick CaesarAnn Marie MacKinnon David May Darryl Medina & Sara Dickson Anne Morgan Ms. Lori NeryMr. Donald MacLean Michael May Frederico R. Medina, Jr. Elizabeth Moritz Charles & Fern NessonMs. Anna Macleod Sheila R. May Kendra D. Medina Mr. & Mrs. Alfred T. Morris Mr. Dennis NevalaMr. & Mrs. Norman MacLeod Walter May Max Medina Dana P. Morris & Marta NevalaMs. Barbara Macneil Charles Mayhew Mary Jane Medved Cheryl Andrade Ann Newbury & Mr. Louis Pires Marilyn Mazer Gretchen Megowen, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Morris Cori NewcombCarlton & Alice Macomber Steven Mazza Jonathan & Jane Meigs Robert Morris Mr. Daniel R. NewmanRichard & Leedia Macomber Ms. Martha McAfee Dr. John T. Mello Sally Morrison Gary & Susan NicholsJames Madden Cara McAteer Michael C. Mello & Ms. Joyce Morrison Brolly Mary NicholsMaureen Magan Ms. Caitlyn McBride Joan Thomas-Mello Julie Morse Nancy NicholsDavid D. Mahoney Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. McCarley Mr. Peter Mello Ms. Sophie Morse Mr. Gabriel NicolauDodi Mahoney Susan McCarter Samuel Mello Greg Morton & Charlotte Mr. Carmelo NicolosiMr. & Mrs. Paul Mahoney Mr. Dan McCarthy Stephen & Molly Mello Hamlin Dr. Ian NisbetMr. Michael Maier Edwina McCarthy Nicholas & Janet Memoli Stan & Julia Morton Teodor NituWendy Malaguti Gloria McCarthy Seth & Alice Mendell Paul Moses Prof. Dennis K. NixonThomas Malcolm Mr. Kristopher McCarthy Ms. Nancy Menzel Barry & Lois Motta Ms. Felisa NoblesC. Michael Malm Miss Morgan McCarthy Myrna S. Merback Kathie & Day Mount Bruce & Marilyn NogueiraMr. Gabriel Mandel Suzanne McCarthy Eve Mercier Jennifer Moura Lori & Chris NolinMiriam Mandell Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Rami Merlin Mr. Stephen Moylan Melissa NolteMary & Hubert Mandeville McCarthy, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michel G Methot Liz Muir Cynthia Clair NorkinPaul & Janice Mandeville Phyllis M. McClain Mr. Michael Metzler Dr. & Mrs. William Dick & Kathy NortonEunice Manduca Mr. Alan McClennen, Jr. Erica Meyer Muldoon, Jr. Mr. Russell NortonDennis Maniatis Sarah McColloch Tia Meyer George & Rachel Mullen Peter NourjianAllen & Nancy Manley Dana L. McConnell Jim Milkey Rachel Mullen Ellesse NunesMr. & Mrs. Charles Mann Mr. Charles McCullough Mr. Darren Miller Michael & Elizabeth Mulroy Ms. Maureen NunezKaren Leavitt Manning Ms. Jeanne McCullough Joanna Miller Mr. & Ms. Muniz Jean D. NymanAru Mantique Mark & Susan McCusker Susan & Terrence Milligan Ken Munney Mary M. NymanDr. Greg K. Maravelas Andrew M. Higgins & Alan L. Minard Mr. Hugh Munro & Mr. David ObrienMr. & Mrs. Robert Marcella Anne McDermott Ms. Kelly Miranda Mrs. Barbara Munro Marjorie & Frank O’BrienJulie Marchetti Derek & Nancy McDonald Ms. Jannine Mitchell Mark Munro George & Jan O’BrienMs. Sandi Marcil Peter Converse McDonald Jocelyn Mitchell Charles & Caroline Murphy Kevin O’BrienNancy H. Marcoux Denise & Francis McDonough Kevin Mitchell Mr. David Murphy Kevin D. O’BrienMs. Cathy Mariner Holly & Joe McDonough Merle Mizell Dirk Murphy Construction/ Ms. Megan O’BrienDr. David Mariner Mr. Dave McElroy Ms. Smoky Moak & Murphy Family Patricia O’BrienJonathan Mariner Timothy W. McEnerney Ms. Eileen Melancon Heike Murphy Stuart O’BrienErica Marino Mr. & Mrs. Peter McGee Frederic & Cindy Mock Kathleen Murphy Patricia O’Brien-MullinsMike & Josie Marino Molly Mcglaughlin Ms. Bunny Mogilnicki Mr. & Mrs. Neal Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E.Vincent Marino Ms. Jade McGleughlin Ms. Rita Mohr Ms. Pamela Murphy O’ConnorJanet R. Markel Mr. Joseph McGonagle Susan Moir R & K Murphy John R. O’ConnorMr. & Mrs. John Markey Mr. Ian McGonnigal Susan Moitozo Stephanie Murphy Kathleen E. O’ConnorMr. Doug Marlow Julie McGrath Dr. & Mrs. Samuel Molind Susan Murphy Katie O’DonnellMs. Ljuba Marsh Ian McHugh & Liz Garvey Elizabeth Molodovsky Betts Howes Murray & Catherine OffingerJenny Marshall Renee McInnes Elizabeth Moncure F. Wisner Murray Heson OhNan Starr & Philip Marshall Theresa K. McKee Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Moniz Ms. Kathleen H. Murray George O’HaraKayley E. Marsh-Haupt Mr. Douglas McKell & Mr. Ralph Moniz Lois Ann Murray Ms. Jennifer O’HaraMr. Anthony Martin Mrs. Bernadette McKell Randy Moniz Ms. Maureen Murray Carol O’Hare20 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  • Gray skies gave way to sunshine as 116 riders began theBuzzards Bay Coalition’s 5th Annual Watershed Ride onSunday, October 2nd, 2011. Pedaling through the bucolicback roads of Westport and Dartmouth, the beaches Cyclists hit the road at the start of the 5th Annual Watershedand working waterfront of New Bedford, the bike paths Ride in Westport.of Fairhaven and Mattapoisett, the farmland and bogs ofRochester and Wareham, and the coastal roads of Bourne at Dexter’s Recreation area in Rochester and followedand Falmouth, cyclists and volunteers were on the road to the second half of the course to the finish line at Quissettsupport and celebrate the Buzzards Bay watershed. Harbor.Cyclists raised over $55,000 this year to support the Bike mechanics provided on-the-road support and overadvocacy, research, education and conservation efforts 70 volunteers helped ensure the success of the event byof the Bay Coalition. Leslie Knowles of Dartmouth and safely guiding cyclists to the finish line where cheeringCindie Aadland of Rochester were the top fundraisers, fans awaited the riders and volunteers to celebrate witheach raising $1,800. food, music, helmet decorating contests and smoothies made from a bicycle-powered blender.The 75-mile route took riders past many of the places thatbenefitted from the work of the Bay Coalition. Over 20 Join us for the 6th Annual Buzzards Bay Watershed Rideriders took advantage of the 35-mile option that started on Sunday October 14th, 2012.Watershed Ride John Chambliss Lyn Hoopes Marion Mariner Laura Ryan Shachoy Claude Cobert Carol Houghton Beth Martignetti Gerge SerbedzikaCyclists Donna M. Cobert Erin Jackson Damon May Jamey ShachoyCindie Aadland Lynn A. Coish Robert Jacobs Suzanne McCarthy Mary-Ellen ShervoEthan Altshuler D. Jarrett Collins Alden Johnson John McCooey Larry ShwartzThomas Altshuler Lynn Connor Gary P. Johnson Mary Ellen McCooey Brett SilvaBrendan Annett Charlie M. Cosman Leonard W. Johnson Skakel McCooey Mark SnydermanKarl R. Audenaerde Dianne Cosman Wendy Keeler Margaret McCormick Sarah SnydermanSandy Bailey Thomas Cullinan Clarke Keenan Joe McDonagh Eric N. StoermerJoMarie Battle Andrew Dimmick Jason Kew Jeremy Mcknight Geoff SwettDonald Bishop Ian Duff David Kibbe Richard Morse Ilonka TumelairePatricia Bishop Genevieve Fernandez Leslie Knowles Louise Nadler Roswell UnderwoodRobin Bodeau Jesse Ferreira Mary Ann Kopydlowski Gerard Nelson Andy van DamAmy Bratskeir John P. Fish Paul Krause Amy E. Nevala Kellie WatsonStan Bratskeir Gregg L. Furie Sharon LaCroix-Andersen Ann Niederkorn Karen WheelerMarilyn Brown Samuel Giancola Jay Lanagan Glenn Oliveira William WhitmoreBenjamin Bryant Tom Gidwitz James Levesque Jeff Olsen Phillip WhittakerErin J. Bryant Jane Gleason Kenneth D. Lipman Gerry E. Payette Harry W. WilcoxJeff Bryant Amie Gula Pete Lowell Shelton Pitney Tony WilliamsMelissa Bryant Eileen Gunn Victoria Lowell Dave Prentiss Christopher WinslowGianni Cavallo Robert D. Hancock Bruce MacPhail Mark P. Rasmussen Harry WittNathalie Cavallo John H. Harwood Frederick Makrauer Laurie A. Raymond Tad WollenhauptPhillip Cavallo Michael Hoare Peter L. Makrauer Roy RobertsRussell Cavanaugh Claude Hoopes John Mannix Paige J. RothJames O’Hare Mr. Paul O’Keefe David & Margaret Olney Deborah Olver Barbara O’NeillPaula Ohlandt Thomas Olival Douglas Olney Ms. Molly Olver Mr. John O’RourkeMs. Cate O’Keefe Linda Oliveira Mrs. Catherine Olson Mr. Scott Onanian & Mrs. Carolyn OrrMr. John O’Keefe Richard & Mary Olmsted Robert & Pamela Olson Ms. Kelly Onanian Ms. Valerie Ososky 2011 Annual Report | 21
  • Benjamin J. Ostiguy Theresa & Christopher Ms. Carley Przystac John & Christine Rider Kelsey A. RoyClaudia & Nelson Ostiguy Peterson Mr. Thomas Puckett Christopher Riely Mr. Michael RoyOlivia Ostiguy Mrs. Robert C. Pettway John & Mimi Putnam Marshall A. Ries Maria H. RuaTom & Mina Otis Doug & Alice Pfeninger Mrs. Timothy Putnam Paul V. Riffin & Natalie Mr. & Mrs. Andy RubinoAlice Ouelette Mike Phelan Mrs. Frances Putnoi N. Riffin Don & Susan RudnickPaul & Kate Ouellette Mrs. Natashia Phelan Bryan Radliff Dody Riggs & Pat Kelly William & Andrea RughMr. & Mrs. Lloyd Outram Sue Phelan Mr. David Radochia Marysarah Riggs Ms. Jenny RussellMichelle A. Owens Mr. Bruce Phillips Dr. Alvan W. Ramler & James & Marilyn Riley Dr. John RussellMs. Tara Pacheco Eric & Gail Phillips Mrs. Leslie Ramler Dr. Johanna V Riley & Emily Russell-RoyDeborah Pacini Mr. Robert F. Phinney The Ramsdell Family Mr. Jeffrey Riley Paulo RussoMs. Karen Page & Mr. James Pickett & Andrea Kollar Jessica Ramsey Ms. Virginia A. Riley Elaine Ryan Andrew Dornenburg Joseph Pickett & Jane Dickson Jennifer Randall Fred & Lois Rioles Tanja Ryden & ThomasDanielle Pahud Caroline Pierce Kim A. Randall William & Kyle Riseley J. H. PeirceCapt. Brian Paiva Joan W. Pierce William Rankin Daniel P. Ristuccia Mike & Sandy RyerMr. Chase Palmer John Pietruszka Ms. Mary Rapoza Jacquelyn Rivollier Patrick RyllMs. Karen Palmer Rev. David Pignato Michael A. Rapoza Thomas Roach Sheila & Paul SabourinMrs. Patricia Palombo Carl P. Pimentel Mr. Sonny Rapozo Richard & Janice Robbins Ms. Erica Sahlin &Christine Panaise Mr. Bob Pingeton Chris Rappley Ms. Gail Roberts Mr. Wes SahlinMichael Papetti Mr. Dave Pinto Vibeke Rasmussen Noel & Ann Roberts Mr. Steve Saint-AubinMr. & Mrs. Ronald Paradis Dorothea Piranian Karen Rathbun Anne E. Robertson & Ms. Cynthia PoyantMr. & Mrs. Albert Pare Suzanne Pisinski Laurie A. Raymond Laura Robertson Ms. Sara SalemBruce & Pattie Parker Jill Pitman Mr. & Mrs. John P. Re Sarah Robertson Charles A. SalisburyMrs. Pauline Parker Paul Piwko Mrs. Robert Reade Suzanne Robertson Mr. & Mrs. Irving C. SalleyPaul Parkosewich Gene & Susan Pizzolato Daniel & Dorothy Ready Laurie Robertson-Lorant Bob Sances & Bing BroderickAnn Parks Mr. & Mrs. George L. Place Dr. & Mrs. Frank R. Reale Ms. Deb Robi Bob & Barbara SandersonN. Gorham & Pauline Parks Colleen Platt Ms. Marianne Reardon Mr. Eric Robillard Mr. & Mrs. Charles E.Gary & Pamela Parsons Lawrence Plavnick & Mr. James Reardon Thomas & Johanna Sands, Jr.Carolyn P. Partan Richard A. Pline Robert & Elizabeth Reardon Robinson Louis Sardelli & Liz HolstienMs. Joan S. Partridge Ronald S. Plourde James Reber Mr. Charles Robison Vincent & Julia SardelliMs. Theresa A. Pasley Al & Maren Plueddemann Carol L. Redfern Bob Rocha & Kristen Leotti Ms. Betsy P. SargissonDavid & Sally Patrick Mrs. Martha Plummer Corky Reed Mr. Thomas Roche Kristen & Zakary SarkaratiMs. Diane Patrick Bonnie & Steve Pohlig Janet & Richard Reed Ms. Marlene Rockmore Ms. Donna SawyerJim & Joyce Patten Al & Pam Poitras John Reed & Helen Ana Lucia Roda Lima John & Patricia SawyerBob & Martha Payne Sister Elaine Poitras, CSC Hollingworth Ann M. Rodrigues Ms. Nancy SawyerMs. Trinity Peacock-Broyles Dr. Ralph Pollack Mary E. Reed Ms. June Rodrigues Stephen & Ann SawyerShirley Pearson David Pollitt Bill & Martha Reed Manny F. Rodrigues Douglas SaylesMr. Marco Pedulli Christopher & Pamela Polloni Shruta Rege Mr. Andrew Rogers Benjamin L. ScaifeDouglas & Marianne Peebles Alison Pomerantz Shaun Rego Carole A. Rogers Eliza SchachtLori & David Peixoto Mrs. Elsie Ponte Ms. Katherine Reid Darlene Rogers Mr. SchaeferMr. & Mrs. Manuel Peixoto Mr. Jeremy R. Pontes Daniel Renaud Mr. John Rogers Richard & Loretta SchaeferMs. Wanda Pelfrey Jeff Pontiff Sarah Renaud Linda Roistacher Mr. Mat SchafferSusan Pellerin Mihai Popa Mr. Elizabeth Reph Mary & Stan Roller Scott SchavrienMr. & Mrs. Richard Pelletier Mr. & Mrs. William Popik Tyler Requejo Ms. Jacqueline Rolnick Merry B. Schlamowitz-BurkeMr. Tim Pelletier Ms. Priscilla Porter Avery Revere Mr. Dudley Rood Helen Chin SchlichteStephen & Star Pelsue Mr. Stephen Porter Jack & Cynthia Reynolds Ed Rooney & Bette Ann Low Debra SchlossbergMs. Judy Pemstein Dr. Aubrey J. Pothier, Jr. Mrs. Jane Reynolds Jennifer Rose Ms. Cathy SchmidNancy Pendleton Mr. & Mrs. William H. Robert & Kristine Reynolds Mrs. Melissa Rose David SchmidtMichael Pentony Potter, Jr. Mr. Richard Rheaume Michael Rose Carol SchneiderDavid & Joan Pepin Mrs. Jacqueline Potvin Ms. Robin Rheaume Roy & Rachael Rose Julie SchneiderRosemary Pereira & Robert Powel Family Donald & Christy Rhoads Theresa Rosen Sharon Schneider David Gibbs William Powell Lt. Carl Rhodes Mr. James C. Rosenfeld Schofield FamilyElizabeth F. Perkins Stasia & Sean Powers Ms. & Mr. Lynne R. Ribeiro Ms. Dora Rosenfield Marion & Shirley ScholesRichard S. Perkins, III Sheila Powers-Converse Anne Ricardelli Dr. M.C. Rosenfield Mr. John SchraderJohn & April Perkoski Danielle Poyant Joshua Rich & Kate Felice Joy & Daryl Rosenthal Ann SchroederLaura & Frank Perrine David Prentiss Christine Richard John Rosinski Gale SchultzDerek Perry Capt. Paul R. Prentiss Mary Jane Richard & George Perry Ross Ms. Susan SchultzMr. Matthew Perry Robert & Ruth Prentiss Jack Nelson Jessica Ross Elizabeth A. SchultzeCynthia Peters Mr. & Mrs. William C. Mr. Matt Richard Mary J. Rothwell Peter SchulzJanice R. Peters Prescott Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mark H. Mr. & Mrs. James J. Carol Q. SchwambMr. & Mrs. Joseph Peters Ms. Michelle Prevost Richardson Rourke, Jr. Nancy & Ron SchwiesowNancy Peters Richard & Carolyn Price Mr. & Mrs. Paul Richardson Stacy Rowe Lynn ScornavaccaStephen & Janet Peters Florence D. Prince Philip & Patricia Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Lewis P. Anne K. ScottAnne D. Peterson Stephanie & Robert Prior Thomas & Elizabeth Rowland, M.D. Mr. Dave Scott Mr. Richard Prouty, Jr. Richardson Jonathan A. Roy22 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  • Ms. Elizabeth Scott & Jane Siebert Barry & Susan Smith Julia Stack Mr. & Mrs. F. Bradley Mr. Larry Bradley Mr. Jon Siegel Mr. & Mrs. Christian Smith Margaret Stack Stumcke, Jr. Jane Scott Jules & Carol Siegel David & Rosemary Smith Paul & Tammy Staiger Elizabeth Sturcken Janice Seidman Ms. Liz Sikes David A. Smith Craig & Kathleen Stalk Mr. Benjamin Suddard Admiral Paul Seiffert Mark Silberstein E.M. Smith Ms. Marianne Stebenne Barbara J. Sullivan Martha Seigel Ms. Susan Silbey Ms. Ellen G. Smith George Steblovsky Ms. Karen Sullivan Ms. Margot Seligman Cynthia Silbor George & Joyce Smith Amy Steeves Marie L. Sullivan Ms. Ellen Semonoff Ted Silva Gloria A. Smith Mr. Jason Stein Mary Sullivan Christina Senra Jack Silva James Smith Ms. Jenny Stein Maura L. Sullivan, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Howard Senzel Ryan Silva Martin A. Smith Antoinette Steinacker Ms. Sarah Sullivan The Frances K. Shabica Trust Anne D. Silveira Philip Smith & Lisa Bright Nancy Sterling Scott & Lee Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shanley Augustine & Beverly Silveira Robert Smith Mr. Peter J. Sterling Dr. & Mrs. Harry Sultz Jane Shapira Bonnie Silverhaus Susan Smith Richard Sterling Peter & Nancy Summers Mrs. Elizabeth Sharf Linda Silvers Mr. Peter Smola Judith & Robert Sterns Ms. Kathleen Sutcliffe Nikki Sharon Carl Simmons Richard Snipes Mr. Lewin Stevens, Jr. Margaret Sweet & Virginia Shaughnessy Gary & Therese Simmons Mitchell L. Sogin & Dr. Barbara Stewart Bernard Giroux Martha Shay Lynn Simmons Laurel Miller Jessica Stewart Jone H. Swift Diane Shea Lynn Simpson Kata Solow Mr. Russell Stewart Mr. Sam Swift Ms. Moira Shea & The Sinagra Family Donald Sorterup Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Ian & Jennifer Swope Mr. William Wittman Bud Siroonian Ms. Lynn Sorterup Stickney Bruce Sylva Mr. Daniel Shedd Deb Sistare Mark & Doris Sottnick Page Stites & Sara Kelly Mr. Matt Sylvain Caroline Sheehan Ronnie Sjahfiedin Conee Sousa Roseann & Steve Stoehr Sarah Sylvain Peter Kyle Sheffield, III Mr. Tyler Sjahfiedin Gary Sousa Kristine Stoller M. Carmen Sylvia Mr. Kevin Sheldon Mr. Charlie Skeele James M. Souza Ms. Lara Stone Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Sylvia Miss Maia Shenker Judith B. Skillman Michael J. Souza Peter & Amanda Stone Mr. & Mrs. Peter Szala David & Marilyn Sheprow Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Sklut Randall Souza, Esq. Ms. Susan Stone Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ms. Donna Sherman Jesse Sklut Ellen Sowa Mr. Paul Stouber & Deanna Szymczak Brownie & Pam Sherman Scott & Peggy Slade Ms. Katherine Sowers The Stover Family Dr. Jonathan Talamo Dr. Ted Sherman & Tom Slaman & Ken Stone Mrs. Jody Spark Penelope Straker William Talbot Ms. Diane L. Taylor Alan & Sandra Slavin Michelle Sparks Martin Douglas Strange Ms. Sheryle Tamagini G. Hen Sherrerd Ms. Mary Sloan Ms. Kathy Spaulding William Straus & Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. Mr. Evan Shervo David & Elizabeth Small Deputy Chief Sandy Spencer Kerry Shortel Ms. Ruth Tannert Richard & Janet Sherwood Mrs. Robert W. Small Pete & Cindy Spengler Mr. Joseph A. Strazzulla Ms. Patricia Tapper Janet Shing Alfred J. Smialek Mr. & Mrs. Peter Spilka Ms. Mary-Jane Strom Niko Tarini Harry & Anne Shoemaker Walter Smietana & Peter B. & Nancy E. Spindler Ms. Beth Strubeck & Paul & Vilma Tassopoulos Patricia Shoyinka Wanda Francis Mr. Michael G. Spoor Mr. W. Douglas Strubeck Ms. Barbara Tatro Sharon E. Shustack Mr. Alexander Smith Mrs. Toby Sproch Mr. William Stubler Edmond & Olga Tavares Mr. Aaron Shute Ms. Alison Smith Nicole & Marc St. Pierre Victor & Karen Tavares BuzzARDS BAY CenteR WInS AWARDS In the span of three days in May 2011 the Buzzards Bay Center earned three awards for its innovative combination of historic preservation and green, energy-efficient design. The building at 114 Front Street, on the New Bedford Waterfront, was built in 1832 as the Coggeshall Counting House and reopened in August 2010 following an extensive green renovation. Leading the awards, the Massachusetts Historical Commission bestowed its highest honor – the Massachusetts Preservation Award – upon the Buzzards Bay Center for “the careful restoration of the Coggeshall Counting House and its new role as an important community resource.” In addition, the center was recognized with the “George C. Perkins President’s Award” from WHALE, New Bedford’s preeminent preservation organization. The award is “given annually to an individual or organization whose contributions have made a positive impact on the quality of life in 33rd Annual Massachusetts Greater New Bedford.” Preservation Awards Finally, the New Bedford Preservation Society awarded the Elm award, Coggeshall Counting house / Buzzards Bay Center • new Bedford established in 1997 to honor outstanding preservation, restoration, or The Coggeshall Counting House was built in 1832, during Rehabilitation & Restoration adaptive reuse project, the upper floors had been vacant for a vegetated roof that absorbs half of the rain it receives during adaptive reuse of buildings in New Bedford.the city’s famed whaling era, by New Bedford merchant and many years. storms, helping to protect the bay from runoff pollution. Theship owner John Coggeshall, Jr. The four-story, commercial The Coalition for Buzzards Bay, the only membership-based, building, which is the first permanent home for the coalitionbuilding originally had a first-floor chandlery and second-floor non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Buzzards Bay in its 23-year history, also houses the Richard C. Wheeler Baycounting rooms, with the top floors used as sail and rigging and its watershed, chose to rehabilitate the Coggeshall Counting Learning Center, Riggs Lab, and a library and large conferencelofts. The building is a contributing property of the Bedford House rather than construct a new building for its headquarters, room. The Buzzards Bay Center now honors the city’s maritimeLanding Waterfront National Historic Landmark District, andis also part of the New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park. the Buzzards Bay Center. Historic photos were used as a basis to replicate missing original doors and windows, as well as the history, boosts economic development, and raises environmental awareness, while playing an important role in the ongoing 2011 ANNUAL RepORT | 23Over its history, the building had been severely damaged by a lost original cornice. Exterior brick was repaired and repointed. revitalization of the New Bedford waterfront.succession of fires, including a particularly large conflagration The project also utilized several “green” principles, includingin 1939 that destroyed the original hipped roof. Prior to the the installation of innovative energy-efficient technology andList of Contributors: Coalition for Buzzards Bay, Richard Renner Architects, EnergySmiths, Bufftree Building Co., W. W. Reich, Youthbuild New Bedford, Garfield Foundation, MassDevelopment
  • Dr. & Mrs. Barton Tayer Stacy Trahan-Lima Mrs. Suzanne Voelxen Debra Whalen Harry WittLane & Virginia Taylor Margaret Weymouth Trainer Ann E. Vogel Trey Whalley William Wittman &Alexander Teixeira Kathie A. Trainor Mrs. Judith Vollaro Tom Wharton Moira SheaMr. & Mrs. David M. Teixeira Dr. Anthony Traniello Arthur & Joanne Voorhis Dr. Alistair Wheeler Terry WolkowiczMs. Pauline Teixeira Bill & Belle Traver Mr. & Mrs. John T. Vose Jeffrey & Suellen Wheeler Tad WollenhauptBryon Tempesta Pat Travers Christopher Wadsworth Joanna Wheeler Wendy WollenhauptTruman & Mary Terrell Mr. Jack Trifiro Mr. Doug Wainwright Karen Wheeler Eric WoodLouise & John Tervo Mr. David Trinks Col. John W. Wainwright Lee Wheeler Herbert WoodJackie Terwilliger Bruce W. Tripp & Mrs. Ellen Wainwright Eleanor Whelan Joseph & Emma WoodDr. Edward R. Thieler Mr. Carl Tripp John W. Wainwright, III Christopher White & Richard & Carol WoodMs. Patti Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Charles Trippe & Colleen M. Wainwright Jennifer Greenman Robert & Ann WoodJennifer & Joseph Thompson Dr. Leslie Trott & Wayne Walega Ms. Cynthia White Mr. Kinder WoodcockDr. John W. Thompson, Jr. Mrs. Elaine Cumiskey Bruce & Cathie Walker Ms. Deborah White Ms. Geneva WoodruffJohn & Kathy Thompson Ms. Stephanie Trott Mrs. Jeanne Campbell Walker Harry & Liz White Katharine & George WoodwellKenneth Thompson Mr. William M. Truesdale Merrill B. Walker, Jr. Howard White Mr. & Mrs. David WordellMr. & Mrs. Michael Thompson Robert & Sally Truslow Janet & LaVerne Wallace Katherine & George WrightPamela Thompson Susan Tucker Jean Walsh Christopher White Mr. George WrightDr. Eric J. Thorgerson & Kim Tulloch Robert J. Walsh & Betsy White Mr. & Mrs. John Wright Ms. Elizabeth H. Foote Mr. Henry J. Turco Carol Goodman Mr. & Mrs. Peter White Penny WrightingtonCarl & Judy Thornhill Mr. Robert Tweedie Mr. Shaun Walsh Mr. Robbin White Mr. Mark WuenschelLynn Thornton Ellen M. Ugi Steve Walsh John & Linda Whitehead John & Lois WurtsMr. & Mrs. Richard D. Stephen C. Ullian Edgar & Andrea Walters Alann Whitmore Megan Wyatt Thornton Kevin & Donna Umlauf Tom Walters Donn Whitmore Juliet D. XifarasSuzanne Mc Tifft Frederick W. Underhill Ula & Pia Ward Whitmore Family Vanessa YipAndrew & Eva Tillett William J. Underwood, Jr. Mr. Tim Warden-Hertz Anne & Jeremy Whitney Nancy YorkCoyt & Susan Tillman Mr. Nick Uva Dorothy Warr Ms. Kristin Whitney Grace YoungMs. Lisa Timm Elyse Vaccaro Glenn & Tina Warrington Merri Wickman Scott YoungHoward & Nancy Tinkham Ivan & Virginia Valiela Christina Watkins & Mr. Karl Wiedegreen Stewart & Mandy YoungWayne & Kimberly Tirrell Onne van der Wal George Huey Wilbur Family Elizabeth YoungbloodNeil & Carol Titcomb Jeanne Van Orman William D. Watling, Jr. Marsha Wilcon Mr. Larry YuMiss Chris Todd Stephanie Vanasse Mrs. Amy Way Carolyn Willard Deborah ZabelJohn & Nancy Todd Desa Van Laarhoven Yoko Waynen Ms. Janet Willard J.M. ZahlawayMs. Wendy Tolley Ms. Angela Vasconcellos Dana Weaver Amanda Williams Mr. & Mrs. John M. ZakotnikClaire Tompkins Dan & Joan Vasconcellos Mrs. Janice Weaver Dr. Douglas Williams Robert & Katy ZappalaJustin Tonnessen & Family Janice Weber & John Newton Elizabeth Williams Marisa ZarchyMs. Denise T. Tontarski Mr. D. Vasile Joanna & Loring Weeks J. Craig Williams Susan J. ZartmanNancy & Jim Tooley John & Maria Vaughan Simon Weil Richie & Mary Ellen Williams Barbara & Anthony ZeimetzCharles Toomey Christopher Vecchia Thomas Weiss J. Tony Williams Sandra & Don ZekanChristopher & Dena Torino Joyce & Douglas Veilleux Roger & Elise Wellington Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Williamson Erik & Linda ZettlerNinetta Torra-Caggiano Stephen Veilleux Mr. Shane Wells Mr. & Mrs. Jack Willis Mr. Gordon ZhangMichael Tow Mrs. Angela L. Venezia Ms. Gail Welt Mrs. Barbara Willwerth & Michael ZimmermannMiss Emilee Towle Bill & Judy Veno Martha Wenger Mr. Jay Willwerth Karen ZinggMiss Kathleen Towle Dawn C. Ventura Stephen Wenzel Helen & Albert Wilson Susan ZipoliMs. Maryanne Towle Mr. Michael Vernon Mr. Russell Werkman Joan Wilson Jeff & Elaine ZiskMs. Colleen Towne Ms. Peggy Verronneau Robert H. & Marilyn Werner John & Jennifer Wilson Scott ZolkosMs. Eileen Towne Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Vieira Brad Wesley Mr. Ken Wise Mike ZolotasBarbara Traban Eloine D. Vieira Jean West Richard & Kathryn Wiseman Mr. Matthew ZuckermanEllen Tracey Mr. George R. Vigeant Mollie Westrick Mr. Joseph Wisniewski Rod & Ruth ZwirnerRobert & Linda Tracey Carolyn S. Viles Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ms. Kathryn Wisniewski Anonymous (2)Dr. Nicole Tracz-Raposo Mr. Raul Villa Weymouth & Mr. Paul WisniewskiCORPORATIONS Patron Supporter Rose Alley Ale House Cooper Insurance $1,000-$2,499 $500-$999 Southern Mass Credit Union Agency, Inc.Leader Acushnet Company Cape Wind Associates The Great American Rain Custom Cabinetry Designs$5,000 and above Beaumont Solar Co. Chase Cornell Dubilier Electronics Barrel Co. Cuttyhunk ShellfishKeeper Springs Canopy, LLC Edgewood Trust Farms, Inc.Reynolds DeWalt Associate Cornell Dubilier Electronics Gardens Are, Inc. INGSive, Paget & Riesel, P.C. $250-$499 Fiber Optic Center, Inc. Hawthorn Medical Associates Lees Super Market Brennan & FournierPartner Horsley Witten Group, Inc. Horsley Witten Group, Inc. Mattapoisett Boatyard, Inc. Capeway Veterinary Hospital$2,500-$4,999 Joseph Barry Co., LLC Kingman Yacht Center New Bedford Thread of Fairhaven, Inc.Edson International Kingman Yacht Center Northeast Marine Pilots, Inc. Company, Inc. Cataumet BoatsNot Your Average Joe’s, Inc. Nye Synthetic Lubricants Perry, Hicks, & Deshaies LLP Northeast Marine Pilots, Inc. Thompson Farland, Inc. Southern Mass Credit Union24 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  • Tisbury Towing & Lyons PLumbing & Weiss & Hale Financial LLC Hair Freedom Committee to Elect Sean Transportation Inc. Heating Inc. West Falmouth Village Hiller Fuels, Inc. T. O’DonovanThe Wood Lumber Co. Main Street Formals Association Ice Chest Fox Hill Garden Club Matterhorn, LLC Weybosset Research & Isabelle Grace Jewelry LLC Garden Club of GreaterMember Meidlinger Partners Management LLC Joyce D. Lopes Realty Corp New Bedford$100-$249 Moby Dick Marina, Inc. Wiggin Precast Corporation Levin Marine Supply, Inc. Knollmere Beach AssociationAnderson Insulation Inc. New England Group Wonder Bar Lighthouse Marine Little Rhody Aquatic ClubBergie’s Seafood, Inc. Services, Inc. Supply Store MAMIL (Middle Age MenBlazer Realty Trust Member Nine Technology Marion Pediatrics, PC in Lycra)BNY Mellon $1-$99 Northern Electric Motors Marine Systems Technology Massachusetts MaritimeBosworth Insurance ABC Disposal Services, Inc. One Trowbridge Road LLC Markem-Imaje Corporation Academy Agency, Inc. Acres Mowing Pacific Restoration Inc. MedChoice Financial Mattapoisett Friends MeetingBristol County Blueprint Co. Antares Paresky Flitt & Company, LLP Michel Cullum Associates, Inc. Mattapoisett Lions ClubCamp Avoda Bardens Boat Yard Patriot Party Boats, Inc. Morris Financial Services LLC Monument Beach CivicChase Farm Veterinary Bay Fuels, Inc. Pocasset Hardware N. Douglas Schneider & Associates, Inc. Hospital Burr Brothers Boats, Inc. Quincy Auto Auction Associates, Inc. North Falmouth VillageCLE Engineering, Inc. C.H. Newton Builders, Inc. Reardon Brothers Trust Peinert Boatworks AssociationCustom Cabinetry Designs Chet’s Plumbing & Heating Rochester Golf Club Pixels & Pulp Point Connett Associates, Inc.Cuttyhunk Ferry Co. Cody & Tobin Inc. Rogers Gallery & Framery Salt Marsh Pottery Quissett Yacht Club, Inc.Cuttyhunk Water Taxi: Condon Management, Inc. Saltonstall Architects Southeast Commercial Racing Beach Association Division of Triton Sea Dana’s Kitchen Sampson Insurance Real Estate Rochester Golf Club Enterprises Inc. Davis, Malm & Agency Inc. Southeastern Fire Rochester Land Trust, Inc.Dartmouth Fire Protection D’Agostine, PC Sea Fuels Marine Services, Inc. Equipment Inc. Sippewissett AssociationDiligence, Inc. DeTerra’s Landscape Shephard S. Johnson, Jr. Stevens Home Improvement Sisters of the Holy CrossDiversified Financial Design, Inc. & Associates, P.C. Co. Inc. St. Lukes Emergency Room Management, Inc. Duponte Landscape Sid Wainer & Son Stir Crazy Restaurant, Inc. Unitarian UniversalistEast Coast Grill Contractor Silver Lake Productions, Inc. The Westporter Society of FairhavenFatty Knees Boat Co. LLC Eastern Fisheries, Inc. Snow & Jones Walko Chiropractic Physicians Wareham Garden ClubFrank Corp. Environmental Ebas Speech and Language West Island Improvement Services Edwin L. Morse Co. Inc. Organizations Therapy Services Inc. AssociationGlaser Glass Corporation Environmental Operating Sullo Construction Company Acushnet River Safe Boating YMCA SouthcoastGriffith Cranberry Co., Inc. Solutions, Inc. Sylvan Nursery, Inc. Club/USCG Aux 65Iggy’s Bread Ltd. FABCO Industries Foundations Talbot Ecological Land Care Aptucxet Garden ClubImtra Corporation Factius Financial Strategies The Chart Room of Bourne Baker Root FamilyInside Out Home & Yard Fairhaven Lumber LLC Thompson Farland, Inc. Arthritis Center of Foundation Inc. Maintenance Geotech Environmental Triad Boat Works Rhode Island The Boston FoundationJules Catering Equipment Tullius Partners Church of the Messiah The William C. BullittLaplante & Associates, Inc. Green Capacity United Way of Rhode Island The Coalition for Foundation, Inc.Lars V. Olson Fine Gurneys Saw Mill Inc. Warrior Fuel Corp., Hemophilia B CH2M Hill Foundation Homebuilding, Inc. Hadley Insurance Agency, Inc. Home Heating Oil 23rd Annual Meeting The 23rd Annual Meeting on May 5, 2011 marked a new look and name as the membership voted to officially become the ‘Buzzards Bay Coalition’ and update the organization’s logo. Also at the meeting, 2011 Guardian Awards were presented to William “Nick” Nicholson for extraordinary leadership in protecting land in the Mattapoisett River Valley, Jonathan Ettinger, Esq. for his outstanding pro bono legal rep- resentation to protect the Bay from oil spills, and the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary for spurring the conservation of over 300 acres of coastal land in Wareham. The Bay Coalition also honored David Straus as volunteer of the year for his outstanding work guiding the Wareham Nitrogen Consensus process. The evening concluded with a talk by Jon Mueller, Vice PresidentPresident Mark Rasmussen opens the 23rd for Litigation with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in Maryland, onAnnual Meeting at the Buzzards Bay Center. the organization’s precedent-setting work to clean up nitrogen pol- lution in the Chesapeake Bay and the legal and political implications for Buzzards Bay. 2011 Annual Report | 25
  • Community Foundation of Fairhaven Harbor Master Massachusetts Office of John K. Bullard Jason Protami Southeastern MA - New Fairhaven Police Department Coastal Zone Management Perry Burwell James J. Rourke, Jr. Bedford Education Massachusetts DCR MassWildlife, Division of Biagio Caretti Tanja Ryden Foundation Massachusetts Fisheries & Wildlife Ed Carey Ellie ShaverCommunity Foundation of Environmental Police Mattapoisett River Valley Roberta Carvalho-Souza Larry Shwartz Southeastern MA New Bedford Fire Department Water Supply Protection Gale Clark Charlotte D. SmithCommunity Foundation New Bedford Harbor Advisory Committee William Colleary Raymond M. Smith of Southeastern Development Commission New Bedford Harbor Dr. Maureen H. Conte Mary Smoyer Massachusetts - Women’s New Bedford Police Development Commission Dave Curtin Nancy Spindler Philanthropy Initiative Headquarters New Bedford Harbor Alan Daniels Bob SullivanMarion L. Cosgrove Town of Bourne Department Trustees Council Jim & Lynn Deisher Paul Sullivan Foundation of Natural Resources Town of Fairhaven Board Debbie DePietro Lorene SweeneyCove Charitable Trust United States Army of Public Works John B. Dixon Bernie TaberThe Croll Foundation Corps of Engineers Town of Fairhaven Community Kathryn Doan Lee TrippElizabeth Taylor Fessenden United States Coast Guard Preservation Committee Dr. Hugh Ducklow Sam Trotz Foundation United States Coast Town of Fairhaven Ken & Linda Duffy Warren & Betty TurnerEnable Hope Foundation Guard Auxiliary Conservation Commission Bill Dugan Joan UnderwoodFidelity Charitable Gift Fund United States Coast Town of Fairhaven Ben Edgar Dr. Sylvia VatukFish Family Foundation Guard Search & Rescue Department of Planning Courtney Faria Karen WalshThe Grantham Foundation & Economic Development Newman Flanagan Chloe Wardropper Matching Gifts for the Environment Town of Mattapoisett Erika Fox Tracy WarnckeH.O. Peet Foundation BD Matching Gift Program Community Preservation George Funnell Denise WashkoThe Harbor Oaks Foundation Bechhofer/Neave Family Fund Committee Greta Gabriels J.C. WeberHarwood Family Fund Benjamin Moore & Co. Town of Mattapoisett Seth Garfield Benjamin WellingtonRoy A. Hunt Foundation Double-Matching Gift Conservation Commission Priscilla Geraghty Robert H. WernerIsland Foundation, Inc. Program Town of Mattapoisett Water Paul D. Gibbs Cindy WestThe Ives Family Bloomberg LLC and Sewer Department Tom Gidwitz Lee Wheeler Charitable Trust Citizens Charitable Foundation Town of Rochester Debra & Richard Golen Rick WhiddenKenwood Foundation Deutsche Bank Americas Conservation Commission Marne Goodrich Lizabeth WhiteThe Nelson Mead Fund Foundation Town of Wareham Community Marjorie D. Greville Patty WhiteThe Nichols Foundation, Inc. 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Browning William & Sarah Pinney Diane BerubeFairhaven Fire Department Sally A. Browning Lawrence J. Portner Mike Blanchard26 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
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  • TREASURER’S REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2011 (JULY 1, 2010-JUNE 20, 2011) The Buzzards Bay Coalition enjoyed another year of financial stability and growth due to the consistent and very generous support of its membership and supporters. At June 30, 2011, the Coalition’s net as- sets had increased $1.9 million to close the fiscal year at $8.8 million. Donations were up more than 20% from the prior year, benefiting from the surge in capital campaign gifts as we neared the close of the Campaign for Buzzards Bay. We also experienced a strong increase in our event activities, with a 45% increase in gross revenues from our Ride and Swim fundraising events. We were pleased to see that membership revenue remained fairly consistent with the high- er levels set the prior year as a result of the membership challenge and pursuant growth. As expected, our reliance on government grants continues to decline as we strive to build our financial strength on non-government income sources. The Coalition is a very exciting organization served by a most capable and dedicated staff and generous supporters. While we face many challenges in protecting the Bay we love, I am very confident we will continue to be a strong force for its preservation. Copies of audited financial statements are available upon request. Samuel P.M. Gray Treasurer FY11 FY10 REVENUE Donations 3,222,014 2,657,696 Memberships 228,388 236,453 Government Grants 481,173 541,615 Events 115,978 80,029 Investment and Other Income 1,223,248 77,828 Total Revenue 5,270,801 3,593,621 EXPENSES Program Services 2,722,550 2,608,071 Fundraising 427,588 405,134 G&A 242,101 160,540 Total Expenses 3,392,239 3,173,745 Beginning 6,970,150 6,550,264 Increase in Net Assets 1,878,562 419,876 ENDING NET ASSETS 8,848,702 6,970,140 The FY2011 and FY2010 Financial Statements were audited by the firm of Hodgson, Pratt & Associates PC, New Bedford, MA. * 2010 numbers include prior period adjustment28 | BUZZARDS BAY COALITION
  • Dedicated to the restoration, protection and sustainable use and enjoyment of our irreplaceable Bay and its watershed. We work to improve the health of the Bay ecosystem for all through education, conservation, research and advocacy.2011 Board Of Directors StaffTom Gidwitz, Chair, Dartmouth Mark Rasmussen, President/BaykeeperRichard Morse, Esq., Vice-Chair, Woods Hole AdvocacySamuel Gray, Treasurer, Wareham Rachel Jakuba, PhD, Vice-President, AdvocacyJohn K. Bullard, Clerk, New Bedford Korrin Petersen, Esq., Senior AttorneyMark Rasmussen, President, Fairhaven Tony Williams, Director of Monitoring ProgramsHans Brenninkmeyer, Dartmouth Kerri Driscoll, Esq., Advocacy SpecialistChris Demakis, MattapoisettSeth Garfield, Cuttyhunk Watershed ProtectionDan Harple, Dartmouth Brendan Annett, Vice-President, Watershed ProtectionJohn Harwood, Esq., Westport Allen Decker, Esq., Director of Land ProtectionRuss Keeler, Rochester Sara Quintal, Restoration EcologistSamuel Knight, Esq., Dartmouth Jesse Ferreira, Land Protection and Stewardship SpecialistJay Lanagan, New Bedford Education and Public EngagementLouise Mauran Nadler, Marion Rob Hancock, Vice-President, Education and Public EngagementJohn D. Ross, West Falmouth Shannon McManus, Outreach CoordinatorLaura Ryan Shachoy Esq., MarionSandra Stuart Wheeler, Wareham OperationsScott Zeien, Cataumet Maureen Coleman, Vice-President, Operations Stefanie Fournier, Director of Finance Donna Cobert, Director of Membership and Events Lynn Coish, Administrative Assistant Sandy Jarjoura, BookkeeperOur Vision Stasia Powers, Development Assistant Sarah Ashley, Executive Assistant• A Bay shoreline defined by safe swimming beaches, open shellfish Seasonal Staff and Interns beds, and stretches of scenic open Len Boyce, Boat Captain spaces for all to enjoy. Livia Gong, Woods Hole Outreach Manager Scott Zolkos, Baywatchers Monitoring Summer Assistant• Healthy waters that support abundant Ashley Teixeira, Legal Intern – Watershed Protection fish, shellfish, and wildlife populations. Colin Lynch, Legal Intern - Advocacy• A Bay safe from the threats of oil spills, Alexis Rose, Education Intern industrial and sewer discharges, and Katie Metzner, Education Intern ocean dumping.• A watershed where rivers, streams, inland forests, and wetlands that buffer the Bay are protected.The following images were used with permission: 114 Front Street 21 Luscombe Avenue,Cover: Robert Manz New Bedford, MA 02740 Woods Hole, MA 02543Pg 3: Cornell Cooperative Extension 508.999.6363 508.540.5222Pg 5: Marian HowellPg 9: Marian Howell info@savebuzzardsbay.orgPg 18: Bob Hughes www.savebuzzardsbay.orgThis Page: John Robson 2011 Annual Report | 3
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