What We Do                                            STAGES OF INNOVATION helps companies manage                         ...
STInnovation                                                                            Stimulating Innovative Thinking   ...
A modern business has                       FUTURE CAST                                             Representing the futur...
ActionIntell                                                                      Market Intelligence Services            ...
SOI’s tools provide a thorough review    of the product at every stage.Market Feasibility - We identify a needor a problem...
Stages of Innovation                                                                                         THE          ...
LOCAL MARKET INSIGHTSIncrease your customerbase and profits by                              Investment in yourleveraging l...
InfrastructureOPTKS, pronounced optics, providesthe core ingredients to change thebehavior and allow your company tofocus ...
Our industry expertise spans across many diverse verticals
ActionIntell                                                                                                              ...
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Stages of Innovation - Helping companies grow


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Helping companies discover growth opportunities through new products, new markets, and new customers.

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Stages of Innovation - Helping companies grow

  1. 1. What We Do STAGES OF INNOVATION helps companies manage STInnovation Stimulating Innovative Thinking the product lifecycle. Our suite of services ensures your product portfolio stays abreast of the market, ahead of competitors and instep with customers. Our expertise is in providing the right mix of innovation, process, intelligence and research to FUTURE CAST Representing the future, today make better product decisions today and in the future. We integrate deep specialized expertise in market research, competitive intelligence, customer- ActionIntell centric product development, and innovation to Market Intelligence Services help you achieve differentiation, relevance, andLEADING… MENTORING… breakthrough strategies for your product. DOING… Our history of enabling sustainable growth for our clients is based on over 25 years of experienceWe support our clients at every stage of working with startups to some of the largest and their growth best-known companies. We help our clients: We are leaders helping our clients  Accelerate revenue and profit  Increase customer retention Stages of Innovation implement the necessary processes.  Grow market share We are mentors, working with our  Uncover new products and identify new THE FREEDOM clients and their staffs to develop the markets TO GROW strategies and plans for sustainable  Manage a profitable growth portfolio growth.  Monitor the competition Marshaling your resources to grow We are doers, making sure the work gets done right and on time. SOI’s approach is to collaborate with your people ensuring growth is imbedded into the culture and in everything, they do. We help companies find where to make their money, make more of it faster, and sustain its growth longer. Infrastructure OP T KS 866-614-9761 main info@stagesofinnovation.com www.stagesofinnovation.com STAGES OF INNOVATION LLC …it starts with an idea Stages of Innovation through our diverse professional team and strategic partnerships provides an end-to- end solution for all your new product needs.
  2. 2. STInnovation Stimulating Innovative Thinking STInnovation is a structured way of using innovation to solve problems We believe that in today’s complex environment there are multiple inputs and variables and past results affecting your business. Dealing with them individually only partially alleviates the problem. We are concerned with how these things interact.“Success is more likely to result from the systematic pursuit of Contrary to common beliefs that we need to isolate and opportunities than from a flash of genius…” dive deeper, we expand the view to take into account Peter F. Drucker larger numbers of interactions as an issue to be studied. The Discipline of Innovation, HBR 1985 The answer is STInnovation; a new framework for innovative thinking.  Complex Problems  Recurring Problems  Problems with many external or environmental variables  Problems that are non-obvious Customer Facing Internal Stakeholders & Ops 360° - Every Opinion Counts Competitors STInnovation Vendors Customers Consumers
  3. 3. A modern business has FUTURE CAST Representing the future, todaymany roads that it can taketo achieve sustainablegrowth. The more paths The future depends on what you do todaythat are chosen the more Mahatma Gandhiresources are spread thin;the more chance of failure. • Level setting (The State of theIn 4 sessions, Stages of Pre-Session Business)Innovation’s Future Castmethodology enables • Developing Big Messages and Session 1 the Strategy Narrativesenior leaders to envision afuture worth drivingforward that stays abreast Session 2 • Telling your Storyof external trends, aheadof competitors, andanticipates customer Session 3 • Designing the Road Mapneeds. Session 4 • Developing the Action Plan
  4. 4. ActionIntell Market Intelligence Services Competitive Market Customer Growth Scenario Intelligence Advisory Intelligence Planning Planning ActionIntell provides strategic insights on any company, any customer, and any industry in a structured timely manner. The list of our services include: Competitive Intelligence & MonitoringActionIntell is the intelligence & market research  Achieving a strategic advantage by gaining foreknowledge of yourpractice of Stages of Innovation LLC. Since 1996, competitor’s plans is the key to successful strategy development. Ourour clients have relied on us to help them primary intelligence and monitoring services transforms raw data intounderstand the changing landscape of the markets actionable strategies.they operate in. We analyze the market factors Market Research & Advisorythat influence the way the market develops. Our  We provide market analysis to assist with operational and strategiccomprehensive set of services can provide new decision making. We provide pre- and post- commercial due diligenceinsights into your current industry or help you research.identify opportunities in new markets. Customer Intelligence  Having the right intelligence at the right time helps managers be moreOur commercial due diligence practice helps you responsive to identify opportunities, develop winning market entryget the valuation right and validate the target’s strategies or grow an account through Win / Loss analysis.business model. Growth Planning & Strategy  Our proprietary processes reduce uncertainty, accelerate the decisionOur leadership team and research partners set us making process and give your organization the freedom to grow.apart and make us who we are. We bring a wealth Scenario Planning & War Gamingof industry specific and functional knowledge to  At its best data is two dimensional. War games and scenario planningevery assignment to provide actionable results. brings the data to life to help you play through and anticipate competitor moves and industry changes.
  5. 5. SOI’s tools provide a thorough review of the product at every stage.Market Feasibility - We identify a needor a problem in the marketplace that webelieve you can provide a solution for.We navigate complex market structuresin a way that you can deliver a strongvalue proposition.Business Feasibility - Our financialanalysis helps determines where you willmake money, how you are going to makemoney, and what it will take to build andlaunch any product. We thoroughly We help our clients develop and execute growth strategies that are driven byidentify the risks associated with the a superior understanding of profitable demandproduct and provide contingencies.Technology Feasibility - The SOI PD Our approach is to understand the marketplace and the unmet needs first. Onceprocess builds on the principles of speed assessed, we can create the proper business model. At this stage, our modeland quality to determine the WHAT, the Define takes into account the needed product requirements, target markets, andHOW, and the HOW MUCH. We write the necessary positioning in order to fulfill against the unmet need and maximize a products’ value proposition.product specs for your developmentgroup to build. To properly address the opportunity, the right blueprint needs to be created. Here we put our vast experience to work. This begins with establishing the productsMessaging / Positioning - Oncepositioning is established, the solution Design attributes. This stage includes concept development (for new products) or the integration of attributes and features that deliver best positioning withneeds to be communicated with leverageable market benefits.maximum impact. In this stage, SOI willlead the creation of all collateral /support material, sales training and Once positioning is established, the solution needs to be communicated withchannel development elements. Communicate maximum impact. In this stage, SOI will lead the creation of all collateral / support material, sales training and channel development elements.Go-to-Market - Whether you roll out in alimited trial or full scale we provide the At SOI, we make it happen. When launching a new or repositioned product, be itblueprint for success. The SOI NPD in a pilot / beta stage, we provide the blueprint for success. Our expertise extendsprocess reduces uncertainty by ensuring through manufacturing integration through all levels of operations (order to cash,that the proper resources can be Launch customer acquisition, sell through). This is where the “rubber hits the road”. We’vededicated. been there and know what it takes. SOI helps navigate these roads successfully to meet the unmet market needs and drive profitable growth.
  6. 6. Stages of Innovation THE FREEDOM TO GROW Marshaling your resources to grow •Uncertain about the structure of your industry, latest trends Marshaling your Market Strategy that impact your growth or which markets to pursue? resources to grow Competitive •Uncertain about the moves your competitors are making? DistinctionBusinesses thrive in uncertainty andneed to be able to make the right Sales Optimization •Uncertain about where your next sale is going to come from?decisions quickly. A decision is right ifit yields a success rate far greater than •Uncertain how to create efficiencies with key sales,chance. To keep pace with the velocity Process Alignment marketing, and strategy processes?of change and to increase theprobability of success, Stages of Product Portfolio •Uncertain about which products will win and which ones toInnovation has developed a process to Management sunset or stop?reduce uncertainty, accelerate decision •Uncertain how to pull it all togetyher and drive innovation tomaking and give your organization the Growth Planning find solutions for growth?freedom to grow.
  7. 7. LOCAL MARKET INSIGHTSIncrease your customerbase and profits by Investment in yourleveraging local local market insightsmarket customer discovery is aninsights investment in your• Local Market Insights revenue increase! – Target Market Analysis – Competitive Analysis• Product Insights – Product Positioning • Market Insights to identify growth areas• Customer Insights • Measurement system of product/service offerings • Positioning of product offerings that deliver against market needs – Customer Profiling • Establishment/reinforcement of [local market] leadership position via increased – Prospect Development share of market • Increased customer share of “wallet” • Improved overall customer satisfaction (demonstrated by repurchase intention, up-sell and referrals) • Improved marketing and sales programs that stimulate customer purchase
  8. 8. InfrastructureOPTKS, pronounced optics, providesthe core ingredients to change thebehavior and allow your company tofocus on successfully bringing new OP T KS The Right Behavior For Successproducts and services to market.SOI works with your team toestablish the three key ingredientsrequired for success: Oversight • New product development projects require the discipline and the oversight to move a project through the process.MANAGEMENT – A structure must be • Companies need to establish and follow a methodicalestablished to provide the basis forOversight and the right set of Processes approach in order to bring a new products to market faster and at less cost.Processes to be followed. • The methods used need to be easily understood andINFRASTRUCTURE – A strongfoundation needs to be built that Techniques repeatable. Expectations and key deliverables need to be well defined and must add value to the overall project.supports the ideals and culture ofthe company.PEOPLE – You need more than smart Knowledge • Making sure you have the right people working on the project ensures success.people. They must have theexperiences and wisdom to knowhow to apply it. Skills • When it is all said and done the people need to have the skills to execute. Poor execution is the biggest idea killer.
  9. 9. Our industry expertise spans across many diverse verticals
  10. 10. ActionIntell SOI is a customer-centric market research based, innovation and new products management consulting firm. We believe that: Market Intelligence Services  Customers will tell you what they need, how to satisfy those needs and if they are willing to pay to satisfy them.  No matter how large you may think the market is it is rarely all available and accessible due to many other factors that may not be in your control. THE SOI DIFFERENCE  The key to a successful launch is how you segment the market.  Not every product feature needs to be developed and launched in the first DIFFERNCEDIFFERENCE. release. Road maps need to be developed and maintained.  Costs may be prohibitive in the early STAGES OF INNOVATION HAS A PROVEN RECORD OF stages but uncertainty can be reduced with proper segmentation, a defined HELPING BUSINESSES LAUNCH NEW PRODUCTS go to market strategy, and a developed channel strategy.“SOI was a valuable resource who helped the “We have asked SOI to conduct a number ofCatalyst360 leadership team identify new business investigations and analyses. While all have been  Getting the channel right can be moredevelopment opportunities. Their innovation process in the field of education, they have been diverse important than getting the feature setand creative thinking helped drive our initiatives in both the topics and methods. SOI have perfect.forward. I recommend SOI for this type of work.” developed creative, real-world solutions to tricky  Customers find you in many differentRobert Wentling, VP, Strategic Business business intelligence problems. They are frank ways and a multi-channel message andDevelopment at The Hartford about what can and cant be accomplished, and will push us when they think our thinking is too strategy needs to be developed.“SOI did a significant amount of market research for us limited. Good business practices, willing toand helped develop the foundation for our strategic provide good value for a fair price and adapt toplan. SOI has extensive marketing experience, expertise changing priorities.”and insight. They are extremely hard working and very Sam Kingsley, Executive Director, Customer SOI helps and supports companies who dodedicated to their clients. I highly recommend SOI for and Market Intelligence at The College Board not have the skills or resources availableanyone looking for detailed market analysis and support in-house to bring new products to market.in strategic plan development”Steven Graves, VP, Sales & Marketing at Acumentrics