Dte energy driving to best in class retail experience


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Dte energy driving to best in class retail experience

  1. 1. A collaboration of: DTE Energy - Driving to Best in Class Retail Experience Chris Garber-Brown DTE Energy Jacqueline Robinson DTE Energy
  2. 2. Who is DTE Energy? DTE Energy Priorities and Strategies Customer Technology Approach Self Service Channel Strategy Build Organizational Capability Key Points to Take Home Questions What I’ll Cover
  3. 3. DTE Energy is a national energy company with deep Michigan roots DTE Gas DTE Electric Headquarters • DTE Energy is a Fortune 300 company • DTE Electric (founded 1886) • DTE Gas (founded 1849) • Non-utility businesses with operations in 24 states • 260 onsite Customer Reps (CRs) • Currently 70% outsourced • 2.1 million electric customers in Michigan • 1.2 million gas customers in Michigan • More than 9,500 employees • DTE is one of the top contributors to Michigan’s economy Our Businesses Our Michigan Presence Who is DTE Energy?
  4. 4. Nuclear 15% Coal 76% Gas & Other 3% Renewable 6% Profile of DTE Electric • Twelfth largest US electric utility with 2.1 million customers • 12,200 square kilometers service territory centered around Detroit • ~$5.3 billion in revenue, $17.7 billion in assets • Regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) Generation Output by Fuel Type Service territory
  5. 5. Profile of DTE Gas • Eighth largest US natural gas utility with 1.2 million customers • 23,500 square kilometers service territory throughout Michigan • Significant state regulated gas storage capacity benefits customers (~139 Bcf) • ~$1.3 billion in revenue, $4.1 billion in assets Revenue by Type Storage & Transportation 27% Gas Sales 73% Service territory
  6. 6. DTE Energy YTD 2013 Stock Price Performance (Through 7/19/13) S&P 500 18.6% Peers 16.6% DTE 17.0%FY 2012 Earnings Release EPS Actual: $3.94 EPS Consensus: $3.91 Q1 2013 Earnings Release EPS Actual: $1.34 EPS Consensus: $1.07 2013 DTE Energy Stock Performance
  7. 7. 7 DTE Energy Priorities and Strategies
  8. 8. Slide 8 DTE Energy’s Aspirations and System of Corporate Priorities
  9. 9. Customer Satisfaction… a key DTE Energy priority DTE Electric 2012 DTE Electric 2006 Midwest Electric Utility DTE Electric 2013* Midwest Gas Utility * Preliminary JD Power mid-year review JD Power Residential Customer Satisfaction Ranking 2017 Goal 2017 Goal 9 DTE Gas 2012 DTE Gas 2006 DTE Gas 2013*
  10. 10. “Portalized” Website 10 •We benchmarked our existing technology against companies like USAA, Amazon, and Delta, and identified the gaps. •We are introducing retail-centric customer technologies to close the gap and create a step change in customer perception. •Understand each customer’s needs to deliver a personalized experience •Like how Amazon offers book recommendations, we can offer products relevant to your needs •Enable customers to access our website in a mobile friendly format and complete transactions from their mobile devices •Like checking on a flight status while at the airport, you can check on your service or outage status while away from home. •Deliver innovative apps that create “wow” experiences •Like taking a picture of a check to deposit it to your bank account, you can take a picture of a downed wire and report an outage anywhere. We are shifting our customer technology strategies from delivering a first quartile utility offering to a best in class customer centric retail offering. Full Mobile Access Innovative Mobile Applications
  11. 11. Customer Technology Approach Slide 11
  12. 12. Chat WEB MOBILEKIOSK PHONE Customer System Current Architecture Contact History Data Mart Business Channels Assisted Channels Account Manager Marketing Analyst Outage Management System SWIFT Call Rep eMail Service Layer Self-Service Channels Residential Customer Service and Billing Platform: Oracle CSB Customer Communication Work & Device Management Platform: Maximo, PowerTrack Metering Platform: MDM, MVRS Finance Platform: SAP ECC Field Service Platform: Advantex Data: Goldmine SalesForce CSB Commercial and Industrial Billing Platform: Oracle KCS CSB CSO-CR KCS Commercial Marketing Data Mart Residential Marketing Data Mart Financial Data Mart Notification Service Varolii Restoration Calls Angel OpenText StreamServe
  13. 13. Data Stewardship and Business Intelligence Customer Data Warehouse Interaction Center CRM Account Manager Marketing Analyst Outage Management System Demand Side Management SWIFT Call Rep Chat eMail Service Layer Customer Events, Account Events, Service Events, Trouble Events,… Business Process Management Key Transactions: Turn On/ Disconnect, Account Inquiry, Payments, Report Outage, Collections WEB MOBILEKIOSK PHONE Self-Service ChannelsAssisted ChannelsBusiness Channels Billing Platform: SAP CR&B Data: Account, Site, Rate, Service, Bill, Payment, Credit &Collection CRM Platform: SAP CR&B Data: Customer, Account, Agreement, Care Case, Campaign CCM Platform: Open Text StreamServe, Genesys, Data: Bills, Service Letters, Notifications Work & Device Platform: IBM Maximo Data: Work Orders, Asset Management Metering Platform: Itron MDM Data: Meter Readings Finance Platform: SAP ECC Data: GL, Payments, Arrears, Revenue Field Service Platform: Advantex Data: Appointment Book, Dispatching Customer System Future Architecture
  14. 14. Self Service Channel Strategy Slide 14
  15. 15. Approach to our Self Service Channel Strategy Slide 15 Three work streams will enable DTE Energy to shift its customer technology strategies from delivering a first quartile utility offering to a best in class customer centric retail offering Improve and extend our current offerings Improve existing operational fundamentals Deliver greater residential transaction capabilities Introduce new offerings Create a business self service offering Deliver innovative, differentiating experiences Establish organizational capability for sustainability Benchmark and establish a future state organization Operate today with cross functional teams
  16. 16. Improve and Extend Our Current Offerings Slide 16 Source: JD Power & Associates 2013 Utility Website Evaluation Study Number 3 Mobile Web Number 6 Website
  17. 17. Introduce New Offerings 17 Mobile Outage Reporting Customer Energy Awareness Engaging customers as they “desire”
  18. 18. Slide 18 30.4 6.8 6.1 0.839 0.045 0.026 0.022 0.007 $0 $5 $10 $15 $20 $25 $30 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 AvgCostperContact NumberofContacts(MM) Annual Contacts Avg Cost per Contact 83% 90% 71% 82% 95% 60% 62% 83% Web (Mobile & Desktop) Agent Assisted Offices Kiosks Email Chat Mobile (SMS & App) IVR Current Channel PerformanceCSAT
  19. 19. Slide 19 Channel Effectiveness Dashboard We actively monitor the performance of our channels to provide insight to our executive team weekly, with a deep dive on anomalies.
  20. 20. Synopsis of issues resulting in a drop in Web Sat Score: • A new release of the website was deployed on 8/26. • Login issues and Features/Content issues provided the largest driver for reducing the Web Sat score. The second largest driver is Page Loading/Site Error. • It’s observed that the score of “ability to complete objective” reflects the overall sat score. If this score is low, the overall sat score will also be low. 20 81 80 82 73 69 78 83 90 87 72 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 4-Aug 11-Aug 18-Aug 25-Aug 1-Sep September 13, 2013 Weekly Web Score Customer Issues from 8/14/13 – 9/4/13Sat Score FCR 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Login Features/Content Other Page Load/Site Error Update Account Page Load Tracking Customer Satisfaction
  21. 21. Slide 21 Interaction/ Transaction Mobile Web Payment Make a payment A Sign up for autopay A A A Sign up for ebill A A A Account Inquiry Update account information (address, email) A A Learn about optional services and/or how to save energy and money A Sign up for optional services (eg- DSM) A Book an appointment (eg- for meter read) A A A Submit a meter reading A Get account balance A Determine usage A Problem/ question regarding bill A Collections Arrange a payment plan A Case management discussion Outage Report an outage Notify DTE Energy of downed power line Notify DTE Energy of gas leak Inquire about restoration time Turn On/ Disconnect Set up new account A Cancel service A Transfer service A Disconnection or reconnection of power A We conducted an analysis of transactions in our customer channels to identify opportunities to improve and extend offerings. Transaction Inventory
  22. 22. Slide 22 Customer Segment Averse to Technology! Has Some Technology Aptitude Is Ok with Technology, has security concerns Tech Saavy Tech Affluent % 22 % 34 % 9 % 22 % 13 % Characteristics Mails payments or uses office, no IVR or web ID Uses IVR , 3rd parties or kiosk Has a web ID, uses online account inquiry, mails payments Logs in 2-3 times, uses Auto Pay Surfs the website, logs in 8-9 times, makes payments online Technology Acceptance Segmentation
  23. 23. Build Organizational Capability Slide 24
  24. 24. Success Factors to Achieve a Stellar Customer Experience Slide 25 Customer Effort • Degree of intuitiveness and ease of completing transactions in self-service channels • Clear and attractive digital designs that appeal to the customer • Few transactional barriers It is easy! Channel Consistency/ Continuity • Consistent, branded communications and transactions across channels • Ability to perform one transaction across >1 channel It is consistent! Personalized Experience • Recognize key differences across groups and tailor treatment • Communications through preferred channels with personalized messaging It is personalized! Technology Stability • Stability and availability of digital channels and IVR • Safe payment transactions It is available & works! Effective Promotions • Change customer behavior w/ promotions, education, advertising, incentives • Internal Culture and Incentives encourages CSR promotion It benefits me! Organization & Gov • Align organization to a single vision • Clear ownership of self-service channels • Consistent reporting and metrics that align to goals and outcomes • Embedded continuous improvement We’re aligned! In order to become a leader in channel performance and self-service, DTE Energy will deliver on six dimensions
  25. 25. Katrina Pays Her Bill Katrina sees a promotion for the DTE Energy App. She’s been meaning to download the app. While waiting for the bus, Katrina downloads the app. After following a few quick steps, Katrina sees her balance on the app. Katrina goes into her account to view her information. She can choose to pay her bill with various methods: credit card, PayPal, or DTE Energy points. She confirms her payment and sees the balance switch back to $0.00.
  26. 26. Slide 29 Today • Cross Industry customer service leader; Utility leader in cost to serve and self-service adoption • Smaller number of channels with exquisite and consistent experiences • Accountable customer experience point and clear prioritization process • Integrated Multi-Channel infrastructure with incentives to drive migration to self-service • Configurable infrastructure whereby process redesign can be achieved across channels with ease • Multi-Channel Contact Center Centric • Interactions across channels are customized to customer segments and their unique needs • Compared to Utility and Energy service leaders, lagging key adoption and cost to serve • Large number of channels with inconsistent experiences within each • Limited customer experience vision and ownership accountability • Fragmented Multi-Channel infrastructure and culture limiting digital channel adoption • Business limited in flexibility by systems and ability to implement rapid change across channels • Call Center Centric • SMB customers feel they are an after thought and are screaming for tailored service offerings` DTE Energy’s response: Multi-Channel Contact Center Operating Vision Tomorrow
  27. 27. Chief Customer Experience Officer *Strategy & Planning *Channel Integration *Workforce Strategy Payment Account Inquiry Collections Outage TrnOn/Disc End Contact Center Lead Transformation from Call Center to Contact Center, Workforce Training Digital Lead Align Customer Experience Digital Channel Strategy Customer Segment Leads – SMB & Residential Manage the strategy and customized experiences for SMB and residential customers Analytics Lead Customer insights and reporting Shared Services • Workforce Management • Communications & Branding • Marketing • Change Management • IT • Continuous Improvement Establish Organizational Capability for Sustainability Slide 30 Governance Evolution ~ Over the next 2.5 years, DTE will implement a matrix model with lifecycle and channel managers Key Changes: • Customer Lifecycle Leads collaborate with digital channel lead and contact center to design customer experience strategy • Analytics Center of Excellence executes advanced analytics capabilities • Digital channel and contact center lead are responsible for channel management and experience
  28. 28. 2013 portion is funded Currently not funded Investment Area 2013 2014 2015 2016-Beyond Channel Program ChannelSpecific Web Telephony Mobile Emerging Call Center Shared Core Systems Ops & Enhancements Interactive Bill $0.4M Social $3M SWIFT $6M CRM Preference Mgmt. $2.4M CRM Complaint Mgmt. $0.4M CCM Bill/Letter Gen $3M CR&B – KCS and CSB Replacement ~$100MCR&B Bus. Case $0.4M WFO $1.1M SMS $1.4M Infrastructure Design $0.1M Telecom Infrastructure Upgrade $4.5M Account Inquiry $1.7M Business Portal $0.9M Quick Pay $0.2M Outage Tracker v1, v2 $0.8M Cust. Energy Aware $4.5M Payments $2M Mobile Infrastructure $5.3M Analytics Infrastructure $2.1M Energy Awareness $1.4M Content Mgt. $0.7M Other, Police/Fire $1M Moving Center $1.5M $8.5M $8.5M Preference/Contacts $1.6M Outage $1.2M Enrollments $0.8M Service/Moves/Collections $1M Business Transactions and Customization $1.7M Additional Transactions $1.5M Landlord Custom $0.75M New Mobile Web $0.75M OTv3 $0.8M Analytics (“tape”) $1.4M* Payments $1.1M CEA v2 $1M Ops and Monitoring $1M* PMO $0.7M* No Shortage of Gaps
  29. 29. To Fill the Gaps Slide 32 • Added new customer channels: mobile web and mobile apps • Developing an enterprise view of the customer Existing channels were not current with how our customers want to engage with us • Planning underway for SAP CRM&B, implementation starting 2014 DTE Energy’s Customer Information is dispersed in four separate billing related systems • Implemented Open Text CCM system • Implemented SAP CRM system to aggregate data and create a holistic customer view Two of the core system capabilities are largely missing (CRM and CCM) • Implementing a comprehensive data strategy Customer data is stored in multiple systems and is difficult to access
  30. 30. Key Take Aways Slide 33 • Greatest Insights: The cultural and change management effort to take us from a site focus to a customer focus is critical to success. • What did I get right? We decided to do a couple of items to provide a quick return to market (Usablenet and Portal). • What I would do differently. Communication of self-service strategy and roadmaps up front.
  31. 31. A collaboration of: Chris Garber-Brown DTE Energy Garber-brown@dteenergy.com Jackie Robinson DTE Energy robinsonjl@dteenergy.com
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