Cogentic Overview 2011 Q4


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Cogentic Advisors - Overview Presentation, 2011-Q4

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Cogentic Overview 2011 Q4

  1. 1. Innovation | Incubation | Investment Cogentic Advisors Primary Service Offerings Overview 2011-Q4 Securities offered through Rainmaker Securities, LLC – Member FINRA/SIPC 500 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 300; Chicago, IL 60611
  2. 2. Our Mission Innovation | Incubation | InvestmentFocused on the convergingsectors of …  Mobile  Consumer Electronics  Media &Entertainment  Social Media  Enterprise IT… the mission of CogenticAdvisors is to help companiesto develop, finance andmonetize their innovations2011-Q4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Page 2
  3. 3. Our People Innovation | Incubation | Investment Leadership Team ROBERT YAMASHITA KELLI RICHARDS ROBERT DOLAN GLEN ANDERSON (Los Angeles/Southern CA) (San Francisco/Bay Area) (Chicago) (New York) MANAGING DIRECTOR MANAGING DIRECTOR MANAGING DIRECTOR MANAGING DIRECTOR Corporate Innovation, IP Strategy Strategic Business Development Private Equity, Private Capital M&A, Private CapitalPrior Affiliates: THX (VP Strategy), Prior Affiliates: Apple (Director, Music Prior Affiliates: Managing Prior Affiliates: Oppenheimer,DivX, PwC, C-Cube, Sony. Founding and Entertainment – 10 years); Director Lehman Bros Prop Jefferies & Co.,member of Pro-MPEG Forum Silicon Graphics; EMI Music Trading Midwest, Head of Stock Lehman Brothers, Motorola, Index Arbitrage, Head of Comcast, Sprint Lehman Bros Tokyo Transaction / Project Support Team JOHNEY KIM DAVID GOLDSMITH JEFF MARSHALL ADAM BORIS (S. Korea and Asia) (Los Angeles) (Chicago) (Chicago) DIRECTOR – ASIA REGION DIRECTOR DIRECTOR DIRECTOR Strategic Business Development; IP Strategic Business Development Strategic Business Development Strategic Business Development Strategy and Licensing; M&A Prior Affiliates: Grant-Tribune Prior Affiliates: Deloitte Prior Affiliates: DBS Comm,Prior Affiliates: Samsung Electronics, Productions, Lorimar TV, Consulting, Oracle Ameritech/AT&T, Northrop,Global Techlink Asia (Founder) Paramount TV and MGM TV Motorola 2011-Q4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Page 3
  4. 4. Our Services Innovation | Incubation | Investment Business Performance Acceleration ™ • Technology CommercializationManaged Technology Lifecycle ™ INNOVATION • Strategic Planning (Commercialization & Operations) • Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation • IP Portfolio Management (Licensing and Protection) • Strategic Business Development INCUBATION • Ecosystem/Partnership Strategy • Strategic Customer Introductions • Alliances/Ecosystem Development • Investment Transaction Support INVESTMENT • Investor Documents/Packaging • Private Placement Investor Introductions • Buy-Side and Sell-Side M&A Support 2011-Q4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Page 4
  5. 5. Our Evolution Innovation | Incubation | Investment Investment Investment Transaction Incubation Support Strategic • Capital Raise Support Business • M&A Advisory (Buy-Side)Strategic Capability Innovation Development • M&A Assistance (Sellers) Technology • Special Situations • Media/Entertainment Commercialization • Consumer Electronics • Information Technology • IP Assessment/Valuation Industry • Communication Tech • Go-To-Market Strategy • Telecom Services Experience • Ecosystem Development • Alliances/Partnerships • Corporate Strategy • Technology Strategy littleBiggy 2004 2006 2008 2010 2011-Q4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Page 5
  6. 6. Innovation (Technology Commercialization) Innovation | Incubation | Investment Service Offering Cogentic Value Client Benefit Technology Commercialization • Intimate TMT Industry Knowledge • Know Market/Opportunity Size Strategy Development • Deep Strategic Planning Experience • Know Competitive Benchmarks • Robust Research Capability • Supports Internal Investment Decisions Operating Plan Development • Strong Experience in Strategy • Quantify Staffing Levels over Time Planning and Operating Roles • Quantify Marketing/R&D Outlays • Broad Operational Strategy • Quantify Capital Needs over Time Consulting Experience in TMT Intellectual Property • Strong knowledge of legal context • Clarify Competitive Differentiation Protection & Licensing • Deep TMT Industry Knowledge • New Potential Revenue Stream Strategy • Strong Experience in Structuring IP • Protection Against Competitive Licensing Agreements Threats Intellectual Property Valuation • Intimate TMT Industry Knowledge • Capital Raise/M&A Timing Decision • Deep Technical Knowledge • Clarify Valuation Leverage Points • Insight into Licensing Environment • Position of Strength with Investor Intellectual Property Licensing • Deep Industry Contacts Throughout • New High Profit Revenue Stream Support (Engage Potential TMT Supply Chain • Cross-Licensing Competitive Licensees and Establish • Strong Experience in Structuring IP Leverage Agreements) Licensing Agreements • Establish “Stickiness” in Market2011-Q4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Page 6
  7. 7. Incubation (Strategic Business Development) Innovation | Incubation | Investment Service Offering Cogentic Value Client Benefit Ecosystem / Partnership • Extensive Strategic Planning • Clarity on Strengths/Gaps Strategy Development Knowledge and Experience • Clarity on Opportunities/Threats • Strategic Ecosystem Analysis • Deep TMT Industry expertise • Actionable Plan to Close Gaps, and • Competitive Analysis • Deep knowledge of Partner Expand Opportunities • Opportunity Identification Capabilities, Strengths, • Strategy Development Weaknesses Strategic Customer • Senior Level (VP/CXO) Contacts • New Revenue Opportunities Introductions Across TMT and Finance • Establish Market/Brand Momentum • Identify Key Customers Sectors • Improved Valuation Case for Equity • Identify Specific C-Level • Senior Level (VP/CXO) Contacts Executives for Introduction with Consumer Brands Partnership Strategy Execution • Senior Level (VP/CXO) Contacts • New Revenue Opportunities • Identify Target Partners Across TMT Supply Chain • Cost Savings / Efficiency / Scale • Establish Priorities • Deep Experience in Structuring Opportunities • Outreach and Establish Partnerships • Establish “Stickiness” in Market Agreements2011-Q4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Page 7
  8. 8. Investment (Transaction Support) Innovation | Incubation | Investment Service Offering Cogentic Value Client BenefitInvestor Packaging • Intimate TMT Industry Knowledge • Regulatory/Legal Coverage• Executive Summary • Insight into investor appetite and • Clarity of Investment Case• Investor Presentation effective positioning to investors • Independent Strategic Analysis• Pro-Forma Financial Analysis • Business Decision Support• Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)Private Placement Capital Sourcing • More than 150 Strategic Investors • Capital Resources to Grow• Financial Investors • More than 350 Financial Investors • Reduction / Diversification of Risk• Strategic Investors (Private Equity, Venture, Mezzanine) • Strategic Investment PartnerBuy Side M&A Support • Knowledge/exposure to Hundreds • Revenue Diversification• Targeting Strategy and Identification of Emerging Technology Companies • Competitive Differentiation• Target Valuation and Selection • Insight into TMT M&A Environment • Strengthening Technology Position• Transaction and Integration SupportSell Side M&A Support • More than 150 Strategic Investors • Resources/Relationships to Grow• Identifying Prospective Acquirers • Access to Top Decision Makers • Scale to Compete• Strategic Introductions at C-Level • Insight into TMT M&A Environment • Exit Event For Current Investors• Valuation and Closing SupportInvestment Due Diligence • Intimate TMT Industry Knowledge • Independent Assessment of Deal• Market, Competition, Financial and • Strong Financial Acumen • Clarity on Investment Potential Management Vetting and Analysis • Well Defined and Thorough Process • Reduced Investment Decision Risk 2011-Q4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Page 8
  9. 9. Key Strengths – Research/Analysis Innovation | Incubation | Investment Investor Packaging  Private Placement Memoranda  Pro-Forma Financials  Investor Marketing Materials  Comparable Transactions Study Research and Analysis  Proprietary Research (Markets, Comps, etc.)  Company Due Diligence Support  Intellectual Property Valuation  Intellectual Property Monetization Strategy 2011-Q4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Page 9
  10. 10. Key Strengths - Relationships Innovation | Incubation | Investment Strategic Relationships for M&A Exits and Customer/Partner Introductions  Nearly 150 Close Relationships  Examples: Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Motorola, RIM, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Qualcomm, Sony, Disney, Comcast, GE Financial Investor Relationships for Syndication  Nearly 250 Close Relationships  Examples: DFJ, Sequoia, Kleiner-Perkins, D.E. Shaw, Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Sevin Rosen Funds, Trinity Ventures, Accel Partners, Opus Capital, VantagePoint, Omidyar Network, Formative Ventures, Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, JK&B Capital, MK Capital, Catalyst Investors 2011-Q4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Page 10
  11. 11. Contact Us Innovation | Incubation | Investment http://www.cogentic.com2011-Q4 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Page 11