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  • 1. esentationPresent new words to theSs. My name is Dave. This is my father/Dad/Daddy. father/Dad/Daddy
  • 2. This is my mother/ Mum/Mummy. Mother/Mum/Mummy
  • 3. These are my parents. parents
  • 4. That is my grandfather/Grandpa. Grandfather/Grandpa
  • 5. That is my grandmother/grandma. grandmother/Grandma
  • 6. Those are my grandparents. grandparents
  • 7. That’s my sister.And those are my brothers . sister brothers
  • 8. These are my friends. friends
  • 9. This is my aunt, my father’s sister.That is my uncle, my father’s brother. aunt uncle
  • 10. father/motherThis/that is my grandfather/grandmother brother/sister uncle/auntThese/those are my parents/grandparents.
  • 11. 4.Work on 1a Match the words with the peoplein the picture1.mother _c___2.father_____3.parents____ h4.brothers___5.grandmother__g6.grandfather__7.friend_____8.grandparents__9.sister_____
  • 12. 9. Say who they areThis is Jane’s family photo.Jane
  • 13. y in September, the 26th in 2005. Family Day – A Day
  • 14. Follow upWe are Ss now, but one day we will grow up. Wewill have our own family. Can you imagine whatyour family will be like 30 years later? Please draw thefuture family on a piece of paper about your familyon a “Family Day”. Then show the drawing to yourgroup mate. Ask each other about the family members.
  • 15. Exercise  1. My father’s mother is my grandmother _____.  2. My father’s father is my ________.  3. My father’s sisters are my ________.  4. My father’s brothers are my ________.  5. cousins My uncle’s children are my ________.  6. daughter My parents’ ________ is my sister.  7. I am a boy. I’m my parents’ ________.  8. This is my ________ photo. These are parents and this is me.  
  • 16. riod 2 SectionA 3a-4. Warming up T: How are you today?/ How is your father/mother/ grandfather/grandmother/brother/sister/uncle/aunt? S: I am fine/great/OK/very well.
  • 17. RevisionTake out a family photo and let Ss go over thewordsof family members.
  • 18. Survey Name____ Age ______ Class____ Who do you like best in your family? What do your parents like? When are their birthdays? What will you do on their birthdays?
  • 19. grandmother grandfather grandfather grandmother uncle aunt aunt uncle mother father me brother cousin cousin cousin My family