Sonic codes and convenstions


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Sonic codes and convenstions

  1. 1. Sonic thehedgehogCodes andconventions
  2. 2. The Character himself The Premises of Sonic is that he is 1) aHedgehog and 2) very fast andmaneuverable. In reality hedgehogs are slowand only show at night butsonic is a one of a kind andputs reality aside to be acharacter for all ages.
  3. 3. game playGame play in the Sonic series tendto have a very fast pace and somelevels can be done in under aminute is very fast. However thereare also the usual planning where togo and puzzle aspects which helpsslow the pace down a little so thegames would not be all speed sinceif not careful you will lose all livesvery easily.The tradition continued in the 3Drealm though other game playaspects came around like collectingitems, setting records and collectchoas emeralds. Storylines are inthe games though they arn’t reallywatchmen based since everythingfeels childish at times.
  4. 4. Beginning gamesThe first game in the seriescame out June 23rd 1991on the SEGA mega driveand used as SEGA’smascot to battle withNintendo’s mascot, Mario.As time went on moregames in the series cameout for the mega drive andbecame one of the mostpopular series of the early90’s. The first game alsobecame packaged withmega drive at the time.
  5. 5. Later games an 3Dfuture.As time and technology invideo games and consoles,Sonic moved on with thetimes to go with the times.These included addingstories, voice acting, gameplay changes, more contentthan the old games and waysof grabbing players attention.Some games in the 3D dayswhere good...
  6. 6. Others not so good.
  7. 7. ComicsIn 1993, 2 comics under the Sonicname was released, one in theUSA by Archie comics which is thelongest running video game basedcomic and one in the UK byfleetway which ended in 2002lasting 223 issues.The comics were made of coursefor fans of the series as well as away to get newer fans of Sonic orget more kids into reading comics.The comics tend to get mixedreviews from critics and fans butsales are pretty decent. Since thefleetway comics are no longeraround the Archie comics aredrawn by artist Patrick Spazianteor SPAZ for short who also workedon teenage mutant ninja turtles ofdreamwave comics.
  8. 8. Cartoon and AnimeformatAs well ascomics, Sonic’spopularity came incartoons and anime.1993 there wasAdventures of Sonic thehedgehog, 1994Saturday moriningversion, 1999 Sonicunderground, all 3 wereamerican madecartoons,1996 and 1999saw the Sonic Moviewhich was an animeOVA and in 2003 SonicX came out being animeand the longest of theSonic TV shows.
  9. 9. creatorsSonics creator goesby the name YujiNaka, a Japanesecreator who was giventhe programing anddesigning of Sonicback in 1990 and1991.What he createdwould make an impactto gaming fans andhimself.He was a part of theSonic creating teamSonic team untilleaving Sonic Team tomake Probe for indygames.
  10. 10. MerchandisingAs well as games andcomics, Sonic has good lot ofmerchandise which can rangefromplushies, shirts, wallets, cardsand Toys which gets confusionon who creates them thoughTOMY seems to be doingmajority of them.
  11. 11. Character designSonic has had 2 designs in his time.His short, black eyed, 1991 look andthen in 1998-1999 Sonic had aredesign looking taller, slimmer andhaving Green eyes.The new look came in SonicAdventure which seemed to be areboot of the series since theDreamcast came out and Seganeeded a game to give them a headstart. In 2011, to mark the 20thanniversary, Sonic Genarationscame out with BOTH versions ofSonic for both old and new sonicplayers.It should be noted though thatpeople on the internet have manynegativity on Sonic’s green eyedlook meaning flame wars tend to
  12. 12. Allies and friendsTo keep ideas for the Sonic Series, intime more characters wereintroduced as time went on.Tails, Sonic’s best freind started onSonic 2 who can fly using his Tails asa chopper, Knuckles, who was onSonic 3, who can float for a while anda guard of an island, Amy who wason Sonic CD who acts like Sonic’slover and Cream who started out onSonic Advence 2 who was the youthand fan of him. Later games in theseries including early times, couldhave you play as Sonic friends, eachbeing teamed with Sonic or havingtheir own gameplay for example inSonic adventure 2, Tails used atransformed plane and used it as awalking tank to make through the
  13. 13. Enemies and RivalsLike a lot of superhero based kids products, veryhero needs a Villain and that goes by DrRobotnic or Eggman just for laughs who’s maingoal like many villians is taking over the world.(OF COURSE!) In Terms of Rivals, Sonic’s mainone is a Black Hedgehog named Shadow, Acreated hedgehog who uses the ChaosEmeralds to harness the power of chaos controlwhich gives him time stopping or speed abilities.
  14. 14. segaSonic’s Publishers are thejapanese comany called SEGAwhich used to create Videogames consoles up until 2001where games wentmultiplatform. Sega are alsoresponsible for games such asTotal war, Yakuza, Crazytaxi, Virtua fighter, VirtuaTennis, Daytona USA, House ofthe Dead, Phantasy star, out-run, Shenmue, Shinobi, supermoney ball, streets ofrage, Valkira chronicals andmany more.
  15. 15. Competition from others.As I did state Sonic was made to beSEGA’s mascot because of therising popularity of Mario, theMascot of Nintendo. However therewere also many other video gamemascots Sonic had to deal withincluding Pac-man, Rayman, MickeyMouse, Megaman, Klonoa and justabout many other mascot thatpeople could catch on.Pretty much as you would think thebattles between Mickeymouse, Bugs Bunny and Felix thecat. Some may say a mascot iscopycat idea but it helps to try andget younger audiences to playgames for having likeablecharacters.
  16. 16. AnniversariesTo mark the series manyanniversaries, Sonicteam and SEGA tend toshow it to fans and makegames marking thoseaccessions.Sonic Adventure 2 for the10th anniversary, Sonicthe hedgehog 2006 forthe 15th anniversary andSonic Generations forthe 20th anniversary.Right now the series hasreached its 22’nd year upto this presentation andhas lasted 2 decadesstraight.
  17. 17. CrossoversSonic has also beeninvolved in crossoversincluding being with Mariofor official video games ofthe Olympic games andMegaman in a brand newComic bookstoryline, either as fandomor creative ideas fromcreators and writers.
  18. 18. Future of SonicAlready a batch new Sonic games havebeen announced for Nintendo’s WiiU, thefirst being Sonic Lost worlds and thesecond being Mario and Sonic at theOlympic Winter games in Sochi, Russianext year with a good chance of Marioand Sonic at the Brazil 2016 Olympicgames in the next 2 years, a third hasbeen announced but That is still beingplanned. Also Sonic games are on Appleproducts and Sonic the Hedgehog 1 hasbeen played on by multiple devices andconsoles ever since 1991.
  19. 19. That was my presentationThat was mypresentation, Thank you forwatching and Imopen forfeedback on thesubject matter.My next codes andconventions willbe about how farMarvel has gonesince the 1940’s.