The Two Methods of Car Key Cutting used Auto Locksmiths


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The two most frequent methods of car key cutting that are used by the Auto Locksmiths are the mechanical cut key and the laser cut key. While the mechanical cut key is the traditional type, the new cars are driven by laser cut keys.

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The Two Methods of Car Key Cutting used Auto Locksmiths

  1. 1. 1-Mechanical Cut Keys 2-Laser Cut Keys
  2. 2.  The automotive industry is advancing rapidly and is adopting the most modern security system to meet the stringent demand of the enhanced automobile security. The past decade has not only witnessed a swift development in the technology of the car, but it has also seen a rapid advancement in the protective layer of the automobile. Beginning with the simple metal keys that can be duplicated by anyone, the car security keys have reached to their present level of excellence that can only be cloned by auto Locksmiths. Now, the types of car keys that are used by manufacturers are more than ever before and there is a significant variation in the technology within the same makers. The additional electronic supplies that are added with the car key have proved to be much helpful. These digital components have specified the keys and have restricted the access to the car without the appropriate key. Just as the technology of key is developed, there has been a change in the technology of key carving. The key cutting has also advanced to meet the standards of precision. A faulty cut is not only responsible for a resistant key operation, but it can also damage the ignition switch.
  3. 3.   This is the traditional method of key cutting and has been used for many decades. This technique is not limited to the automotive keys, but it is the same one which is used by the locksmiths to carve the keys for your locks, doors and drawers. Until the introduction of laser cut keys, this was the most common technology and almost all of the cars had a mechanical cut key. This key has grooves and pattern on only one side. The metal shaft has a specified pattern on one side and this is why it can be inserted in only one way into the ignition switch. The problem like keys locked in car of such a key was not a problem. This cut can be designed manually and can also be managed by mechanical key cutting machine or die punch. Thus, the cut could be duplicated by anyone and it posed a risk to the car security. Few of the car models are still supplied with this kind of key and it remains a popular technology on the road due to the old cars. But the newer models that have a better security system rely on laser cut keys. The duplication of this kind of key is also less expensive but there is a margin of error if it is not carved by experienced locksmith.
  4. 4.    this is the modern technology in the car keys and the latest models are driven by laser cut keys. Also known as the sidewinder or internal cut keys, this technology has taken over the major share of the automobile market and is the most frequently availed auto Locksmith services. Most of the manufacturers are now using this kind of key in their ignition switch and lock. Though the keys also have built in transponder and electronic chips, it is the metallic shaft which is carved by laser cut machines. Such keys have a pattern or groove on both the side of blank metal shaft. Since the pattern is identical, it can be inserted in ignition either way without any resistance. There are numerous security advantages of such kind of keys. First of all the lock cylinders is difficult to be picked. The picking of lock requires time and skills that are demonstrated by an automobile locksmith in car unlock Service. The other benefit is that cloning of such key cannot be managed by any inexperienced person. The use of expensive laser cutters, computer programming and hardware chips specify it as an area of professional locksmith. The appropriate use of cutters is learned through proper training and experience that is why the vehicular locksmith and the dealers are the best people to make a replacement. The duplication of such key can be expensive due to its specialized technology, but the keys are known to offer long term functioning without any problem. These keys are more precise due to the laser technology and there is less margin of error. This is why it does not impede the working of the ignition switch. For more info