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iFly - nước uống thảo dược

  1. 1. Only the best.. Only from Europe... • Stimulates energy production • Improves brain activity • Prevents somnolence • Contributes to general body detoxicification • Has anti-stress activity • Strengthens body defences • Has antibacterial effect THE HIT OF THE SPRING 2011 www.vipgroup.net
  2. 2. Why are synthetic energy drinksharmful for health?Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, overwrought nervous system, weakimmune system, alcohol abuse… One of the reasons we owe “thanks” to forthat are energy drinks which are extremely popular nowadays. The globalvolume of energy drink consumption exceeds 3 billion of litres per year!Young people are the main consumers of synthetic energy drinks. They don’t paymuch attention to their health because of their age. They don’t understand thatthey are wasting their most valuable asset – their health, chasing after the 25thhour in the day in order to please avid and sly money-makers of the energy drinkmarket.More mature people use energy “stimulant” increasingly frequently, trying to copewith the challenging pace of life. Endless emergency works, constant troubles athome, frantic pace of urban life are common companions of a modern person.Everlasting lack of time causes chronic fatigue, transforming a life into a livingdeath. People feel tired when they get up in the mornings.All these factors literally make us use energy drinks. But their help is notgenerous: the payment for a burst of artificial vivacity is problems with immune and nervous systems. As if we take a loan from our health with extortionate interest and, frankly speaking, without planning to repay it.
  3. 3. Regular consumption of energydrinks is:1. Body resource depletionThe main tonic elements for the majority of energy drinks are syntheticcaffeine, theobromine and theophylline whose effect is similar to caffeine’s.In order to ensure faster absorption into the blood, the drinks containcarbon dioxide which gives a pleasant effect of the “pop” and less pleasantconsequences – destruction of the mucous coat of stomach.In the blood stream synthetic stimulators rapidly increase adrenalineproduction increasing heart rate and blood flow rate. Therefore the bloodsupply to the brain increases temporarily, producing the feeling of desiredvivacity. However, this “borrowed” vivacity is quickly replaced by excessivefatigue which causes physical and nervous exhaustion, insomnia and apathy.2. A blow to “target organs”Thoughtless consumption of synthetic energy drinks first of all strikes a blowto cardiovascular system which can react to artificial energy with tachycardiaand changes of pressure. Pop energy drinks, especially those containingalcohol are the most dangerous forheart, liver and other “target organs”,as carbon dioxide heightens the effect of “Cocaine in a can” is a slang namealcohol. of alcoholic energy drinks given byUnfortunately the majority don’t American young people. Alcoholicconsider such drinks as alcoholic. stimulant helps achieve drunkenness fast and at the same time feelThis is a real trap set for consumers, vigorous, sober and active. Theespecially the young ones! Alco-energy scientists believe that mixing relaxingdrinks with a hint of alcohol concealed alcohol with tonic synthetic energyby additives are considered to be tonic drinks is the same as hit the gaspop drinks. It causes various health and brake pedals at the same time!problems, degradation, and alcohol Consumers of alcoholic energy drinksaddiction. face twice the risk of traffic accident or sexual violence.Energy drinks are also harmful forstomach: like any drinks containing
  4. 4. carbon dioxide, they increase gastric juice production and acidity, thus affectingthe state of gastrointestinal system. This can cause gastritis, stomach ulcer oreven to the awful state of self-digestion of the stomach.Pleasing flavour, scent and colour of the drink are provided by flavouringagents, aromatics and colouring agents, but this is a serious blow to liver – avital organ which serves as a filter for the whole body.3. AddictionArtificial “vivacity out of a can” causes particular addiction – many people areliterally addicted to these drinks, using them as a substitution to tea, coffee,lemonades and juices.However it is proved that consumption of synthetic energy drinks lowersintellectual potential and weakens immune system, causes insomnia,persistent anxiety, gastrointestinal disorders, and greatly increases the risk ofcardiac diseases and osteoporosis.
  5. 5. Phyto-toners iFLY - a healthy alternativeof the energy drinksThe best energy substance is a regular sleep, healthy diet and fresh air. However,the modern pace of life doesn’t allow relaxing. Remember: “exams are about tostart”, “I haven’t gone out with my friends for ages”, “hard time at work”, “myeyes are closing, but I’ve got a lot on my plate”. There is no way to do that withoutadditional energy. Besides you can get it without harming your health. But thevivacity elixir must be natural and healthy – like Vision phytotonics iFly.Phytotonics are an innovative approach to increase of the body energy status.The name of the category is derived from two words: phyto – “plant” and “tonic”– “exhilarating, potentiating”.Due to its unique patented formula, the plant elements of iFly phytotonics help thebody synthesise the energy like green leaves of plants synthesise energy under theinfluence of solar rays. Therefore when the effect of the “energy sun” is over, youwill not feel loss of energy, you will not be exhausted or nervous.iFly phytotonics have a range of cardinal advantages:1. Natural vegetal basisPhytotonics are a healthy energy of the nature without carbon dioxide, syntheticstimulators, flavouring agents, colouring agents and additives. A set of fiveindividual packages of iFly contains five phytotonics made on the basis of healingherbs, each of which, along with exhilarating action, has antibacterial effect andimproves health and immune system.Fructose which is contained in iFly phytotonics is a natural fruit sugar, an efficientenergy source which is very good for sportsmen and those having physicallydemanding job.Phytotonics also contain Ñ vitamin which is necessary for carnitine synthesis (thebody needs it to transmit energy).One of the signs of natural components of a product is precipitate resulting from natural separation,as it is in case of fresh juice. Therefore the drink should be stirred before using.
  6. 6. Phyto-toners iFLY - a healthy energy of nature2. Mild effect to the bodyPhytotonics have a mild tonic effect without causing nervousness, overexcitementand insomnia, as it is with synthetic energy drinks, and they help sleep well aftera working day. iFly phytotonics have a balanced caffeine composition and due totheir special formula they act gently, ensuring vivacity as if you have proper rest.3. Excretion of waste products and toxinsSleeping disturbances are often accompanied by unhealthy diet and bad habits:you have no time to think about healthy lifestyle during emergency work and forcemajeure situations! iFly phytotonics help excrete waste products and toxins andneutralise their harmful effect.In this case it is important to understand that body stimulating, even if you usenatural iFly phytotonics with a mild effect gives additional load on “target organs”,which means that any stimulating drink required an antidote, like a motor-cyclistneeds a helmet in case of spin.“Intelligent” food D4X My UnitDose – food-protection will become a perfectaddition to phytotonics. D4X My UnitDose is a fast and healthy way to compensateadditional load related to phytotonics use and get a great set of necessarymicronutrients at the same time.
  7. 7. Phyto-toners iFLY - your wings forevery dayiFly Golden Root: phytotonics with Golden Root extract Action: long-term energy stimulation which launches natural self-regulation and body rejuvenation processes; intense detoxicification. Rootstock and roots of Golden Root (Rhodiola rosea) contain various phenol compounds, sugars, organic acids, ether oils, mineral substances (especially manganese). It relieves physical and mental exhaustion, increases working capacity and body persistence to diseases, and sexual activity.iFly Ginseng: phytotonics with Ginseng extract Action: has antistress and immunostimulating effects, increases sexual activity, and promotes fat burning. Ginseng is a unique natural adaptogene which is characterised by antistress effects, increases working capacity, protects from exhaustion and gives strength.iFly Ginkgo Biloba: phytotonics with Ginkgo Biloba leaves extract Action: increases physical and mental activity, eliminates somnolence, and activates brain activity. Ginkgo Biloba is recommended for use in case of weakened ability to concentrate which is necessary for people having a challenging lifestyle. Ginkgo Biloba extract promotes oxygen and glucose uptake in the brain tissue, improves blood circulation in the whole body, protects nervous system cells from harmful effect of negative factors, regulate vascular tone and elasticity, improves memory and eliminates depressed mood.iFly Yerba Mate: phytotonics with Mate extract Action: long-term energy stimulation, mood improvement, metabolism activation. Mate is an evergreen bush whose leaves are used to make a drink which relieves exhaustion, improves concentration and general tonus. Rich in vitamins B1 and B2 which are necessary for energy supply to the body, and take part in protein, fat and carbohydrates metabolism, regulate blood formation processes. It also contains magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphor and potassium. It helps eliminate excessive weight and discomfort after a heavy meal or a feast.iFly Guarana: phytotonics with Guarana seeds extract Action: helps overcome hangover, supports liver functions. Guarana activates brain activity and increases stamina without causing tiredness. It improves metabolism and digestion without increasing appetite. It will help excrete toxic alcohol disintegration products and overcome hangover.
  8. 8. The research carried out in the Chair of Microbiology of LithuanianUniversity of Healthy Sciences (Lietuvos Sveikatos MoklsųUniversitetas) proved that the plants – components of iFlyphytotonics: Guaranà, Yerba Mate, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng andGolden Root – have antibacterial effect against Staphylococcusaureus ATCC 25923, Escherichia coli ATCC 25922, Klebsiellapneumoniae ATCC 33499, Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 27853and Proteus mirabilis ATCC 12459. Your independent Vision consultant Full name Telephone Order products from internet shop: Tel: +43 2232 762 03 E-mail E-mail: cs@vienna.vipgpl.com Consultant’s code www.visionshop.me BE HEALTHY WITH VISION! www.vipgroup.net