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LC Balance

  1. 1. Only the best… Only from Europe…LCBalance EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL BLOCKS formation of the „bad” cholesterol in liver. PREVENTS penetration of the „bad” cholesterol from gastrointenstial tract. DECREASES formation of the HMGCoA ferment involved in cholesterol synthesis. FACILITATES prophylaxis of the atherosclerosisand the cardiovascular deseases. PRODUCT LINE DIRECT HIT
  2. 2. Why is cholesterol calleda „silent killer”? The word „cholesterol” is practically not an epitome of evil. In certain doses itheard everywhere today. It is on the lips is vital for our body and thoughtless fightof fussy housewifes in supermarkets, con- with cholesterol may be harmful to yourversable presenters on TV shows, serious health. In fact, cholesterol contributes todispencers in pharmacies, weary doctors the synthesis of hormones and formationin hospitals, hoarhead reserchers at con- of cell menbranes in a body. It is vital for theferences and symposiums. Even those who synthesis of bile acids facilitating digest ofare mainly indifferent to a healthy way of greasy food. Shortage of cholesterol raiseslife might have heard about cholesterol the risk of depression, apathy and mayas one of the major causes of atheroscle- even cause oncological diseases. It dete- The WHO’s (World Health Organization) forecasts are not very encouraging: if there are not any changes cardiac diseases will have swept away 23, 6 millions of lives becoming the only major cause of death by 2030. riorates brain performance, and weakens resistance to infectious diseases. However, the principle „the more, the better” fails to operate in the context of cholesterol. As soon as total cholesterol exceeds the norm the useful substance turns into an enemy and killer. Moreover,rosis. it takes the form of the most dangerous The risk of atherosclerosis someways type called a silent killer, because trouble-leads to almost most cases of cardiovas- some degeneration takes a symptom-freecular diseases taking life of millions of course without giving a warning signal topeople year after year. Cardiac maladies take treatment or, at least, medical ex-tops the ten of the world major mortality amination.causes. A person may feel fine while the level of At the same time cholesterol in itself is cholesterol is inevitably going up deposit-2
  3. 3. ing its excess in the form of atherosclerosis (coronary heart disease, stroke) cardio-plaques in vessels (if they are defected by vascular and cerebral atherosclerosis, af-any reason). fection of lower extremity arteries, aortic Gradually plaques get harder. Their con- dissection, and type 2 diabetes.vex and uneven surface aggravates blood The atherosclerosis risk group is ex-circulation forced to go trough a narrow tremely huge because the clearance ofpassage. The most dangerous are malig- major vessels slows down at the age ofnant plaques having a massive cholesterol 17 and, therefore, a group of quite youngnucleus and a thin layer of connective tis- people is vulnerable enough to acquiresue. Once tissue has disrupted a plaque stable stiffened plaques in vessels at thelike an abscess breaks into vessel lumen. age of 20.A body forms a thrombus to close vascu- Risk may be increased by overweight,lar disruption. However, in many cases a bad habits and genetic disposition to earlythrombus blocks not only disruption but a malignancy. More than 250 millions ofvessel itself causing infarct or stroke. people in the world belong to the last cat- The consequences of vascular dysfunc- egory.tion are really virulent: hypertensive dis-ease, acute (infarcts, strokes) and chronic 3
  4. 4. Can we self-control cholesterol level in blood? Where does a deadly dangerous sur- out of cells that is why such cholesterolplus of cholesterol come from? Choles- is labeled as „good”.terol enters a body from two sources: up „Good” cholesterol must be present in ato 80% is produced by liver and about 20% body in enough quantity. As to „bad” onecomes with food. However, not all types it shall not exceed the definite limit.of cholesterol are equally harmful. Let’s start with the fact that being afatlike, i.e. insoluble in water, choles-terol travels along vessels in tandem withproteins. Such tandem is called „lipo-protein”. Lipoproteins differ by densityand effect. The so–called atherogeniclipoproteins of low density are directlyinvolved in the formation of plaques andthat is why cholesterol created by suchtandem is known as „bad”. Quite opposite, lipoproteins of high den-sity withdraw the excess of cholesterolRespective blood tests helpful todefine the level of your cholesterol up to 200 mg/dl – ideal; Total cholesterol: from 200 to 240 mg/dl – border-line; over 240 mg/dl – high. up to 35 mg/dl – low; Level of high density from 35 to 60 mg/dl – border-line; lipoproteins: over 60 mg/dl – normal depending on cholesterol index. up to 130 mg/dl – good; Level of low density from 130 to 160 mg/dl – border-line; lipoproteins: over 170 mg/dl – dangerously high.4
  5. 5. CHOLESTEROL It is not enough just to identify an en- products containing trans fat (spread,emy. It is necessary to find a proper way margarine, hydrogenated oil).of fighting against it. Low cholesterol diet However, as has been mentionedhas been the tool of control for long time above we obtain only 20% of cholesterolbut up-to-date research doubts its ef- from food. None of the most rigid andficiency. well-balanced diets is able to combat It is true indeed that butter, liver, shell- endogenous 80%. It means we are ablefish, eggs contain a lot of cholesterol. to control ourselves only a small part ofHowever, it excessively „deposits” only the the bodies of 30% people tend to have a Obviously, in our control for cholesterolproblem type of lipid exchange. British re- there is no point to forget about a healthysearchers have calculated: cutting down way of life observed by very little groupof a day-night consumption of cholesterol of people in spite of warnings. Physicalto 100 mg reduces the level of cholesterol activities, giving up bad habits, properin blood only by 1%. dietary facilitate the reinforcement of The only diet influencing the level of vessels and, thus, decrease the risk ofextraneous cholesterol is the limitation disruption followed by forming of plaques.of saturated fat (fatty types of meat) and Unfortunately it is not enough for a global solution of the cholesterol problem. “Bad” cholesterol LDL Plaques on Vascular walls Exogenous vascular walls cholesterol Exogenous cholesterol “Good” Cholesterol HDL 5
  6. 6. LCBalance is a reliable partnerto control cholesterol The best experts of the company „Vi- of „bad” cholesterol without decreasingsion” have spent more than one year the level of „good” cholesterol below theto study the problem of prophylaxis of required norm.atherosclerosis and cholesterol con- The new BAFS contains Polycosa-trol from all sides. A long scrutinized nol regulating the level of cholesterolwork resulted in a principally new BAFS in blood by slowing down its intestinaldesigned to control „bad” cholesterol absorption. Polycosanol decreases theentered the market at the end of XXI formation of ferment HMGCoA involvedcentury. The product efficiently guards in the synthesis of cholesterol almostour vessels against „silent killer”. by half. The new product LCBalance (from Natural components of plant mem-English LCBalance means Level of Cho- brane cells - phytosterols constitute thelesterol Balance) is a quick and qual- second part of the product LCBalance.ity solution of the problem. It controls They block the synthesis of cholesterolexternal sources and internal reserves in liver diminishing the level of „bad“of cholesterol regulating the quantity cholesterol. BAFS Vision LCBalance decreases the level of cholesterol in two ways: BLOCKS release of „bad” cholesterol in liver (intrinsic factor – 75-80%). PREVENTS entry of „bad” Cholesterol from intestine tract (exogenous factor – 20-25%).6
  7. 7. These two LCBalance components, like HIGH CHOLESTEROL IS A SOUNDplummets of weigh-scales, facilitate to REASON TO CHANGE RATIONkeep the required balance of cholesterol ina body immediately reacting to overweight If your cholesterol level is higher:or underweight. Reduce to minimum the consump- tion of fat meat, sausage products and butter. Don’t forget about fish giving pref- erence to fatty types (salmon and mackerel). They contain fatty acids omega-3. Exclude products containing trans fat, spreads, margarine (thoroughly read labels – these components under name „vegetable oil” may be hidden in sweets, bakery, ice- cream, instant soups and noo- dles). Include into ration more legumes (peas, beans, lentils) and cereal products (oat bran is especially Experts advise to undergo effective for decreasing the cho- cholesterol tests to determine lesterol). the level of cholesterol in blood starting from 20 at least once in Consume fresh vegetables and 5 years. The prophylaxis of bad fruit as much as possible especially cholesterol-related diseases pitching in carrot and apples. shall be started at the same age. Control of the cholesterol level is Eat garlic: three cloves of a garlic vitally required for people over 35. per day capable to decrease cho- lesterol by 12-15%. 7
  8. 8. Today there are no doubts that total choles-LCBalance terol rise in blood and, in particular, choles- terol contained in low density lipoproteins is the key manifestation of atherosclerosis. N.N. Anichkov’s statement, a founder of atherosclerosis studies, that „there is no EVERYTHING IS UNDER atherosclerosis without cholesterol" („All about Cholesterol”, 1915) has been proved CONTROL by modern scientific research.Your independent Vision consultant It is recommended to consult a physicianFull name before application.Telephone Order products from internet shop:E-mail Tel: +43 2232 762 03 E-mail: cs@vienna.vipgpl.comAdviser’s code BE HEALTHy TOGETHER WITH VIsIon!