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ROI Management and Measurement on Social Media
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ROI Management and Measurement on Social Media


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Fifth iMedia - seminar presentation: 'ROI Management and Measurement on Social Media'

Fifth iMedia - seminar presentation: 'ROI Management and Measurement on Social Media'

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. AGENDA 1. 10 Social Marketing Facts of 2012 2. Measure Social Media Benefits 3. Social Ecosystem tool – Fifth iMedia 2
  • 2. 3
  • 3. 4
  • 4. Brands Usually Post Photos on Facebook 5
  • 5. Facebook Users Like on Average 36.7 Pages 6
  • 6. 7
  • 7. 8 Countries with highest growth of Facebook users
  • 8. Facebook Trend - 60.4% Mobile Penetration 9
  • 9. 10
  • 10. 11
  • 11. 12
  • 12. 13 Top 3 Reasons Social Media ROI Measurement is Rare Unclear Objectives Too Many Metrics Difficult ROI Measurement
  • 13. 14
  • 14. 15 Social Media ROI - "Mission Possible" Plan:
  • 15. 16
  • 16. ENGAGEMENT RATE IS GOLD Why is Engagement Rate the #1 Social Metric? When we talk about Engagement, we are referring to the activity on your page, to fan interactions to your post types, etc. There are several types of Engagement metrics: Interactions – Like, Comments, Shares, Replies, Rewteets, and so on. Reach – the percentage of fans that have seen your post from your Page. Engagement Rates – a formula for quantifying brands’ success 17
  • 17. ADVERTISING VALUE 1. Online Social Mentions 2. Social Web Traffic Referrals 4. Social SEO Improved Search Rank 5. Social Influencer Online Mentions 6. Social PR Mentions CONTENTS VALUE Articles Photos Videos RESEARCH VALUE • Research Value - Social Insights SALE VALUE • Social-Aided Conversion SOCIAL MEDIA ROI
  • 18. Advertising Value - Online Social Mentions: GOAL: Grow Awareness, Reduce Ad Costs (CPM, or cost per 1,000 impressions, could also be used.) Example: Estimated 150,000 social impressions Display ad costs per impression (CPI) of $0.008 (or $8 CPM) => Equivalent display ad impressions value = 150,000 x $0.008 = $1,200 No of brand/product Online Social Mentions X (CPI) Equivalent Display ad impression Costs = $ Display Ad Impressions Value 19
  • 19. Advertising Value - Social Influencer Online Mentions: GOAL: Grow Awareness, Reduce Ad Costs No of Social Influencers X Average Social Network Reach X Notable Online Brand Mentions X = $ Paid Endorsement Ad Valuevolumeorreachnetworkad costguestspecialorspokemanpaid$ Tier paid spokesman fees by respective social influencer levels. Document tiers with labels (e.g. A-Level, B- Level, etc.) to make historical tracking easier. Social network reach and ad reach should ideally be equivalent since pricing tiers may vary. (This formula adjusts for network reach differences assuming endorsement costs are the same regardless of ad volume.) Example: 5 industry influencers (B-level) an average social network reach of 5,000 making 10 notable brand mentions at an equivalent paid spokesman (B-level) cost of $1,500 each with an ad network reach of 10,000 = $37,500 equivalent paid endorsement ad value. 20
  • 20. Content Value - User-Generated Content (UGC) Articles: GOAL: Grow Awareness, Improve SEO, Aid Conversion (Social Proof), Reduce Content Costs • Tip: Tier creation costs by content quality (e.g., length, sentiment, images, uniqueness) and/or Domain Authority levels. • Example: Estimated 5 stories discovered at an equivalent content value of $350 each = $1,750 equivalent content article value No of online stories or articles with significant brand focus or mention X $ Equivalent Content Creation Costs = $ Article Value 21
  • 21. 22
  • 22. Appropriate tool: Appropriate tool: Appropriate tool: Appropriate tool: -Planning your campaign and Risk Management -Gain insights about every conversation happening online about your brand, products, competitors and industry trends, and respond in real time. Empower marketers with tools to manage and schedule posts and publish content with social apps — all supported by analytics and insights. Multi-platform dashboard to measure, compare and maximize social media performance Multi-platform dashboard to measure, compare and maximize social media performance Listening Community Get your Message out Optimizing Cost Reporting
  • 23. 24
  • 24. Manage well brand name and set up business plan for digital marketing 25
  • 25. 26
  • 26. Technical features | Analyzing & processing data 27
  • 27. Technical features: chart 28
  • 28. 29
  • 29. Manage, monitor and track large scale marketing campaign  Send mass messages via a large number of influencers  Filter and select suitable influencers by demographic  Collect detail data and fully report 31
  • 30. Detail in Influencer’s friends, analyze by gender of friends, age of friends… 32
  • 31. 33
  • 33. 35
  • 34. Cookie tracking technology allows our advertisers to leverage website visits and re- target ads to those users on Facebook FACEBOOK EXCHANGE 36
  • 35. Optimized CPM? Optimize their campaigns based on the following goals: Actions: Page Likes, App Installs, etc., You can specify actions using conversion specs. Reach: Number of times an impression was served to a user for the first time in a day. Clicks: Number of clicks received. Social Impressions: Impressions with social context, i.e. with the names of one or more of the user’s friends attached to the ad who have already liked the page or installed the app. Conversion specs : • Page : Page engagement (Like, comments, share, play video, view photo, link click…) 37
  • 36. MOBILE ADVERTISING + 15% higher click through rates + 30% cheaper clicks + 63% increase in likes + 22% increase in comments + 6-8x more fan engagement
  • 37. 39 OPTIMIZE CPM
  • 38. 40
  • 39. 41 Fifth iMedia provides a multi-platform dashboard to measure, compare and maximize social media performance. With user-friendly visual reporting on the most important social media metrics •Fan Growth •Social Interactions •Engagement Rates •Question Response Rate •Industry Benchmarking •Post Response Rate •Competitive Analysis •Monitor Response Time
  • 40. 42
  • 41. 43 Compared to the previous month's data, find out how well your posts are doing. We look at 8 specific aspects of your post performance, including: • Lifetime • Affinity • Timing • Virality • Engagement • And more!
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