Rachel McCollum, Parsons Design + Management, Senior Thesis Poster, Spring 2009


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Rachel McCollum, Parsons Design + Management, Senior Thesis Poster, Spring 2009

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Rachel McCollum, Parsons Design + Management, Senior Thesis Poster, Spring 2009

  1. 1. Beyond Labels The Beyond Fashion Backpack Line The beyond backpack line offers several different fea- tures. One of the most important aspects of the product is the interior witch is designed to be customized and fit the individual’s personal needs. The next aspect is func- tionality. The backpack offers young women a new al- ternative to carry her things and distribute weight evenly across the back, thus avoiding back and shoulder pains from carrying a heavy purse. The product is also designed to be reversible. The straps of the backpack clips off so it is a reversible item that can be used for the day and the night. In addition, the backpack will reveal one’s self identity bag and is a completely original piece. The Individual: Focused on Self Identity and individuality Social Environment: Improving social Parents: Increasing surroundings communication BLOOM Community: Fashion Industry: Forming a support Creating a more group positive image The Function: Creating an object with Experts: National personal functionality Association for Self and symbolism Esteem Socially Responsible: Helping Women in vari- ous parts of the world Rachel McCollum Parsons The New School For Design Department Design and Management Senior Thesis
  2. 2. Bloom Redefining Fashion The Problem The Facts The Opportunity The Solution Today women in western society are exposed to an in- Young women that battle with self-confidence and body I found that there is a real need to create a fashion The solution presents an interactive web site and cus- creasing amount of media that is invading the lives of dissatisfaction issues struggle through life changes and line that advocates self esteem and supports individual tomized backpack line for young women. Individuals young women. The unrealistic airbrushed female body in many cases can result in desperate states such as dis- needs. There is no existing fashion line that promotes can seek advice from experts, connect with others and has become the standard for beauty in western society. orders and psychological problems. Only two percent of self esteem directly into the lives of young women. This have the opportunity to express their individuality. Bloom This creates a constant pressure for young girls to de- women around the world describe themselves as beau- case presents an opportunity to create a fashion line that is a socially responsible company advocating for wom- sire an unrealistic beauty standard. I found the me- tiful. Eighty one percent of women in the U.S. strongly is socially responsible in women’s issues as well initiat- en’s rights and self-esteem issues. The web site will al- dia and fashion industry have a prominent influence on agree that “the media and advertising set an unrealistic ing change in society and beauty standards. This issue low for women to form a community with professionals creating these values for young women today. Unfortu- standard of beauty that most women can’t ever achieve. involves various different aspects that must be taken into while supporting self-esteem. In addition, the product nately, the term “beauty standards” has become manipu- Seventy six percent of women wish female beauty was consideration such as individuality, family, sense of com- line presents a new fashion concept which is unique and lated. Therefore I found that there is real need to create portrayed in the media as being made up of more than munity, and society. Therefore the intervention will focus advocates individuality. Bloom will merge with existing a healthier outlook on beauty standards and to bring a just physical attractiveness. Fifty percent of teen girls on a multiple levels of media and will concentrate on in- organizations that promote self-esteem and women’s more positive image to the fashion and beauty industry. wished they had more support. teraction and meeting the individuals specific needs. rights issues in order to create a line beyond fashion. Community Customizing Self Awareness About Bloom My Account Registar NASE IWTC Search Shopping Cart Customize About Bloom My Account Registar NASE IWTC Search Shopping Cart Customize About Bloom My Account Registar NASE IWTC Search Shopping Cart Customize About Bloom My Account Registar NASE IWTC Search Shopping Cart Customize The Exterior The Interior Your Creation Co m m h Step Three un alt ity He Material Prints Step Two Step One Sign your bag ss ne Ad re vic a Aw e Community REDEFINING FASHION WITH SELF ESTEEM REDEFINING FASHION WITH SELF ESTEEM REDEFINING FASHION WITH SELF ESTEEM REDEFINING FASHION WITH SELF ESTEEM The web site Community is a network of NASE, IWTC, bloom, mothers, and our members to share their concerns, ideas, and issues to the table. The point of the bloom community is to link women from all different back- grounds and provide a useful platform for young women to communicate, Congratulations! participate, and increase their self awareness. The purpose is to empower Pockets You have made a difference helping women around the world and your bag is a one of women with support, education, and work together to help individual needs a kind! This backpack will be designed specifically for your needs and represents your or concerns that might not be found elsewhere. Furthermore members can keep in touch with the other friends, experts, and role models on the com- ----------- ----------- ----------- ----------- personal style, function, and individuality. Furthermore, by purchasing this bag you have munity. Pockets become a member of the National Association of Self Esteem and International Women’s Community working to empower women and support women’s rights in underdeveloped countries. This bag is handmade made with the finest quality fabrics and design qual- $ 485 Friends ---------------- ity. Furthermore, a donation of the profits will go to helping these organizations. Log Parents Silver Sequence $250 ---------------- into your account and learn about the bloom community and find out how you can National Association For Self Esteem Grey Snakeskin $200 participate. Women’s Campaign International 2 pockets $35 bloom bloom bloom bloom The exterior The Interior Authenticating Connecting The first step of customizing the backpack is to choose The next step is where the customer gets to create and The last step is authenticating the backpack. The cus- The bloom community is to link women from all different the outside material. There are various materials that customize the inside of their backpack. The individual tomer will sign their name on the label to have an in- backgrounds and provide a useful platform for young differ in price and quality. Once the user has decided is able to choose from different materials, zippers, com- scription inside the bag. Thus the bag is not covered women to communicate, participate, and increase their what type of material they want to use there is an option partments, pockets, and special features that best fit the with any label, but rather initials of the customer. This self awareness. The purpose is to help individual needs to add accessories and pockets on the outside. individual’s needs. makes the product completely original and authentic. and empower women with support. About Bloom My Account Registar NASE IWTC Search Shopping Cart Customize Customize About Bloom My Account Registar NASE IWTC Search Shopping Cart Customize About Bloom My Account Registar NASE IWTC Search Shopping Cart Customize About Bloom My Account Registar NASE IWTC Search Shopping Cart Co Co Co m m m Co m m lth h m un un alt m h a un m ity ity alt He He h ity un alt He ity He s ss es ss Ad n ne re ne Ad ss Ad vi re a re vi ne ce Aw a v a Ad ce ic Aw re Aw e vi a ce Aw Awareness About NASE Wellness About WGI REDEFINING FASHION WITH SELF ESTEEM REDEFINING FASHION WITH SELF ESTEEM REDEFINING FASHION WITH SELF ESTEEM REDEFINING FASHION WITH SELF ESTEEM Women’s Group International is an international non-governmental Bloom supports all organizations that are striving to make a differ- organization that provides communication, information, education, The bloom web site offers communication and awareness on wellness ence and act as a catalyst for expanding the definition and discus- NASE’s mission is to improve quality of life by creating, facilitating, and and organizing support services to bloom and other women’s orga- and health issues. This is supported by the NASE organization to work sion of beauty. supporting a positive change in individuals and their communities through the application of the principles of self-esteem. nizations. Bloom and WGI are working to improve the lives of women, towards improving self-esteem. particularly in underdeveloped countries with women working in low- The Dove campaign is aiming to make women feel beautiful everyday NASE consists professional members that are experts in psychology, nutri- income or suffer from human rights abuse. This page offers young women articles and communication concerning topics by expanding stereotypical views of beauty. They use real women, tion, speaking, writers, business people, educators and trainers who are such as health, diet, and exorcise programs that are from an experts point not professional models of different ages, shapes, and sizes to pro- committed to the development of personal worth, responsibility and integ- WGI works with bloom in the production process of the Beyond Fashion Back- of view. Girls are constantly being bombarded with new fad diets or see ex- voke discussion and debate about today’s typecast beauty images. rity in families, schools and the workplace. NASE is committed to integrat- pack Line. With these two organizations working together we are providing tremely thin models in advertisement that is giving young women the wrong They are challenging the notion of Beauty and helping women recog- ing self-esteem into the fabric of American society, so that the development great jobs for the local women in Colombia. These women are provided health ideals. What bloom offers young women is on the contrary to this. Girls nize problems in today’s stereotype of women. This is a statement all of personal worth, responsibility, and integrity become paramount and with good wages and health benefits to better these women’s lives. Bloom can say goodbye to fad diets and exercise fallacies but will learn a holistic ap- about making women feel good. They show the evolution of advertis- commonplace in families, schools, the workplace, and the government. and IWTC work to increase the participation of low-income rural Colombian proach to take care of the mind, body, and soul. There will be several articles ing and proves how distorted our perception of beauty is in our world. National Association for Self Esteem is an important aspect of the bloom women in all aspects of the development process, particularly in the economic that talk about alternative ways to exercise such as Yoga to dancing or How to web site. Bloom works together with this organization to create a web site arena. The goal is to strengthen the institutional capabilities of women and take care of your skin to what is the best diet for you. The purpose of this is work as advocates of change. to educate young women on what are real health standards and how to take that fully integrates self-esteem and communicates to young women. NASE www.dove.com will provides their skills and professionals to communicate to the user. The care of their bodies. Furthermore, users can learn from the various articles and aim is to create a web page that every individual has a positive experience studies posted on this page, if you have a question you can actually contact and to mote awareness, leadership, and advocacy for improving the human them and get personal feedback. condition through the enhancement of healthy self-esteem. Contact a Nutritionist bloom bloom bloom bloom Contact a Fitness Trainer Contact an Expert Self Esteem Charity Wellness Awareness National Association of Self Esteem is an organization Bloom and Women’s Group International are working Bloom web site offers professional communication on Bloom supports all organizations that are striving to that has a team of professionals that collaborate with together to improve the lives of women in underdevel- subjects such as lifestyle, health, fitness, advice, or any make a difference and act as a catalyst for expanding bloom on the interactive web site. These professionals oped countries. These women work in low-income or concern that a member may have. Bloom members are the definition and discussion of beauty. Bloom will have give advice to young women on any individual concern. suffer from human rights abuse. Part of the profits of the able to read educational articles from the group as well links to this groups on the web site to display their active backpack go to help these women. as communicate directly through e-mail or messenger. campaigns and promote awareness. Rachel McCollum Parsons The New School For Design Department Design and Management Senior Thesis
  3. 3. Beyond Fashion The System Map Displayed below are all the stakeholders involved in the intervention. By critically examining the situation, I have placed each element in place of how it intervenes to the individual. These seven elements are crucial to cre- ate an intervention that will be effective in the individuals life. The primary relationships are the individual, the web site and the backpack. The secondary relationships are forming a community with National Association of Self Esteem, Women’s Group International, and intervening in the fashion industry. NASE Women’s Campaign - - - - - - - - - The Fashion Industry International - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Web Site Individual Family - - - - - - - - - Community Backpack Web Site - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NASE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (IBM) --------------- Production - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Back Pack- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Target Group- - - - - - - - - - - - -Community- - - - - - - - - - - - - -Emotions - - - The web site will National Association Application service Production is in The backpack collec- Young women have The interactive plat- Young women feel a promote individuality of Self Esteem is provider: IBM man- Colombia working tions are designed the opportunity to form on line will create sense of community and provide a plat- an organization that ages and deliv- with local organiza- to be customized on create, individualize, a community where and support from the form for communica- supports individuals ers application of tion ( WCI) to help line. Users can ex- and increase their - young women can online service and - tion between profes- through the applica- communication and women working in press their individual self awareness all communicate with products. sionals and young tion of the principals maintains security low incomes a new style and functional- while purchasing the parents, experts, and women. of self-esteem. online. job opportunity ity. backpack online. other friends. - Women’s campaign Features: The target group is The web site Com- After purchasing and The Bloom web site NASE will be provid- The functional ap- International works 1.) Comfort browsing the online plication service girls aged 14-24. munity is a network has two important ing their skills and with local organiza- 2.) Individualistic service, the target provider delivers a The aim is to com- of NASE, WCI, par- features. professionals to tions to increase 3.) Function audience has had single application, municate to this ents and our mem- 1.) Offers a new communicate to the awareness of 4.) Stylish the opportunity to ex- providing a particular group and empow- bers to share their alternative to fashion user online. The helping their local press their creativity web-enabled func- er them with self concerns, ideas, and where users can cus- aim is to create a women at national Benefits: by designing a one tion for the bloom awareness and to issues to discussion. tomize and style their web page that every and regional levels. 1.)After customers of a kind bag as well web site. it presents critically examine the The point of the own personal bag. individual has a posi- Bloom will work with purchase bag they as knowing that their the best-customized role of developing in- community is to link 2.) Increase aware- tive experience and this organization to are members of the purchase has gone solution, offering dividuality. Further- women and provide ness and commu- to promote aware- - help the local artisan bloom community to a good cause, and specific strategies for more, the goal is to a useful platform for nication between ness, leadership, women with good 4.) 15% of the becoming a val- networking of cos- increase awareness young women to, individual, parents, and advocacy for jobs and more se- proceedings go to ued member of the tumers. about false beauty increase their self and society. healthy self-esteem. cure lifestyles. charity bloom community. ideals. awareness. Rachel McCollum Parsons The New School For Design Department Design and Management Senior Thesis