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Sodexo Jobs of the Future
Sodexo Jobs of the Future
Sodexo Jobs of the Future
Sodexo Jobs of the Future
Sodexo Jobs of the Future
Sodexo Jobs of the Future
Sodexo Jobs of the Future
Sodexo Jobs of the Future
Sodexo Jobs of the Future
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Sodexo Jobs of the Future


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  • 1. Six Jobs of the Future that will Impact Quality of Life
  • 2. JOBS OF THE FUTURE OVERVIEW What kind of careers should our kids be preparing for? The job titles may surprise you. It goes without saying that 50 years ago, nobody would have known what a Director of IT was, or had the slightest idea what to make of a Sustainability Manager. So what are those future jobs that we’d be hard pressed to imagine today? How about an energy harvester, or perhaps a mobile biomass therapist? Based on trends in technology and the needs of an ever-evolving work force, we have highlighted six jobs of the future from The Futurist that will impact quality of life.
  • 3. CHIEF EXPERIENCE OFFICER (CExO) The CExO will be responsible for all of the experiences offered, to both employees and customers, and for the outcomes. This position will be created because businesses will have realized that, for all of the stakeholders of any enterprise, “It’s about the experience!” People will decide to be associated with companies based on how it feels.
  • 4. ENERGY HARVESTER While the search for ways to store the energy from heat and vibrations has been going on for many decades, Energy Harvesters are motivated by a desire to address the issue of climate change and global warming. Energy Harvesters will use this motivation to develop the processes by which energy is derived from external sources.
  • 5. OFFICE CONCIERGE As work and workers become increasingly mobile, there will be many more kinds of workspaces. The Office Concierge will proactively help managers and teams determine what kind of space they need for which time periods, and will direct the rearrangement of desks, chairs, technology, and even walls to meet the specific individual and collaborative needs of the workforce.
  • 6. TALENT AGGREGATOR Large organizations will continue to shrink down to their essential core functions, depending on contractors, outsourcers, and contingent laborers to get needed work done. The entire economy will become more project-based. Talent Aggregators will maintain databases on thousands of independent “free agents,” assembling (often on short notice) the talent needed for any given project.
  • 7. GLOBAL SOURCING MANAGER As the economy becomes more global, organizations will have many more choices to make about where to get what resources— whether they be physical, informational, or human. A Global Sourcing Manager will be a logistics expert who understands supplier relationship management, energy costs and tradeoffs, international customs requirements and other legal factors, overall cost considerations, and project deliverable timelines.
  • 8. ORGANIZATIONAL QUARTERMASTER The Organizational Quartermaster will provide staff (and contractors) with the resources they need to get their work done—whether it is technology, Web access, office space, office supplies, training, other employees, or any of the many other things it takes to produce work effectively and efficiently.
  • 9. CONCLUSION Watch Michael Norris, Chief Operating Officer of Sodexo North America, discuss what employers and employees can learn from these findings. Then join in the discussion at #workplacetrends..