Rdf Ozone Disinfection
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Rdf Ozone Disinfection



Presentation at the Eurowaste 2008 Venice

Presentation at the Eurowaste 2008 Venice



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Rdf Ozone Disinfection Rdf Ozone Disinfection Presentation Transcript

  • RDF OZONE DISINFECTION Ing. Roberto Palazzolo – SRF ENERGY S.r.l. VENICE 2008 - 17/11/2008
  • RDF typical Production routes Drying & Sanification through Sanification and Drying on RDF Bio-stabilization of MSW Aerobic stabilization MSW MSW shredding of Organic fraction Mechanical bio-stabilization Sorting / Refining Inert Metals Stabilized Mechanical Raw Organic Sorting / Refining RDF Fraction Ozone Sanification Metals Inert Physical Drying RDF High quality RDF High quality RDF Dry & Sanitized RDF High Calorific High Calorific Waste Waste
  • Ozone Properties and Production Table 1 Molecular weight 48g/mole Density relative to air 1.66 Specific weight at 0°C and 760 mm HG 2.143 kg/mc Formation heat 34.5 kcal/mole Boiling point -112°C (dark blue liquid) Freezing point -193°C (dark red solid) Corona discharge Low voltage electrode O 2 Discharge section O +O 2 3 Dielectric High voltage electrode
  • Experimental Equipments used in the study Shredder / RDF Ozone testing unit Pilot contact reactor
  • Technology validation in the pilot plant run.......... Oxygen Flowrate 3 lt/min 1E+07 100 1,00E+10 95 90 85 80 75 1,00E+09 70 1E+06 % Removal Efficiency 65 60 55 CFU/g 48 h 72 h CFU/g 24 h 50 1,00E+08 45 40 35 1E+05 30 25 1,00E+07 20 15 10 5 1E+04 0 1,00E+06 blank 24 48 72 hours 0 24 48 72 110 A@1 lO2/min 2E+06 2,40E+05 2,67E+05 2,79E+05 Blank 1,31E+09 9,80E+08 1,50E+09 1,60E+09 1,40E+09 B@ 2 l O2/min 2E+06 2,40E+05 2,67E+05 2,79E+05 A - contact time 12 min 1,80E+06 2,50E+06 2,00E+06 2,20E+06 4,90E+06 Ef f.% A 79,6 77 76 B - contact time 8 min 5,10E+06 5,90E+06 6,40E+06 5,80E+06 9,30E+06 Ef f.% B 89,8 89 88 1,00E+07 1,10E+07 4,80E+07 5,50E+07 1,00E+08 C - contact time 4 min Different O2 (i.e. O3) flowrates Different contact time Contact time: 12 min O2 flowrate: 3 lt/ min
  • Magliano Project : 40,000 ton/y Structure quality RDF Project High .......The First industrial scale 40% 60% Plant will be operated by SRF Energy in the new Magliano (CN) high quality RDF plant One of the most important waste management company in Italy Technology company and RDF-HQ trader General Overview Existing Dry fraction production plant : UNIECO is a 20 years concessionaire Upgrading to High quality RDF production Landfill expansion with biogas energy recovery
  • Magliano Project : 40,000 ton/y High quality RDF Post-processing of the Dry fraction from an existing MBT plant The system is designed in order to meet strict specification for:  Size : < 20 mm (15 mm optional) , size is controlled by the bottom sieve  Odors and Biostabilization: Ozone technology from PRAXAIR is applied  Moisture: Physical drying technology will be applied  Calorific Value: Plastic adding by weight controller has been foreseen  Chlorine: Daily lab test on automatic collected samples will be done
  • Magliano Project : 40,000 ton/y High quality RDF Ozone – RDF screw contactor Ozone Destroyer RDF Capacity: 7,5 ton/h O3 production: 10 kg/h Ozone Reactor
  • Magliano Project : 40,000 ton/y High quality RDF electricity Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity The plant will run using the electrical and heat energy produced by the landfill gas generator. The electricity produced will be 450 kWe, together with Heat up to 650 kWth. Heat Heat The remaining required heat to Heat dry RDF will be produced by a biomass boiler CO2 Emitted = ZERO