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Magneto Call for Price Extension ( is very light weight and easy to understand plugin by FME. This extension has hide price feature which enables the store owners to conceal the price of specific products, and add to cart buttons.

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Magento Call for Price, Hide Prices Extension

  1. 1. FME EXTENSIONS Call for Price User Guide - Version 1.0 Http:// |
  2. 2. Call for Price - User Guide If you need any assistance in installation please touch base with us on our site or through email. We provide installation services as well if needed. Just fill out the form and let us know that you require us to install this module for you. Getting Started! Overview Magneto Call for Price Extension is very light weight and easy to understand plugin by FME. This extension has hide price feature which enables the store owners to conceal the price of products they want. These items are either out of stock or their prices are constantly changing and it is required to confirm about them on call or email before buying. You customer can interact in two ways, either by contacting on the provided contact number or they can drop their query through contact form. Call for Price Module is an interactive tool to keep your customers engaged in your products and to retain the potential ones. It replaces the price block and the „Add to Cart‟ button with personalized message. This option is particularly very important in the case where you are not completely aware of your potential customer‟s needs and instead you want them to show interest in further details of the product or service. This would encourage them to interact and generate a query. This would make them a potential lead that you can convert in the future. With this Hide Price Magento Module, you can alter the message according to your desire. Giving you authority to display any text, encourage new customers with the same effect. You can assign “Call for Price” tag to a single product, product category or subcategory or to whole shop, hence giving you a freehand to manipulate your customer in a meaningful way. This feature can be enabled from the admin backend panel, for details see the step by step portion of the extension. User Guide 2 FME Extensions Support Document
  3. 3. Hide Product Price This is the key feature of the extension. The store owners can desirably hide price of any product according to their need. Once enabled, you can replace the price block with customized messages and/or contact number to allow your customers to interact whenever they want. Hide ‘Add to Cart’ Button You can also hide „Add to Cart‟ button for the products that either are not in the inventory currently and the ones having constantly changing prices. Customers can enquire and confirm about the availability and all other information regarding the product(s). Features  Push customers to Call for Price  Hide price of products and “Add to Cart” button  Disables price and cart functionality from wishlist  Html supported customized messages can be added  Priority can be given to the messages for displaying  Contact number can be added as Tool Tip  Flexible rules can be created for single product, category, sub-category and/or the entire shop  Same conditions as in catalog price rules  Customer information can be stored for cross-selling or promotional campaigns  You can sell products requiring relatively more interaction than just online purchase  You can also install your extension over custom themes on your Magento store   Email template included for easy customization.  User Guide Can be assigned to all product types Alter folder names to support custom themes 3 FME Extensions Support Document
  4. 4. Back End After Installation Once you have successfully installed this Magento extension, „FME extensions‟ will appear in the menu after installation. For your convenience, you will find separate sections for extension configuration and store‟s configuration. Start by clicking on the „FME Call for Price‟ button on the menu bar. Then go to „Configuration‟ section in the dropdown menu. In configurations section, you will find following settings; Configuration General Configuration Using the General Settings configuration, you can enable / disable the extension according to your requirement. Select YES or NO from the drop-down menu. User Guide 4 FME Extensions Support Document
  5. 5. Popup Form and Tooltip Enable You can select either popup form for enquiry, tooltip or both for call for price. These options will be visible in place of price and cart on your desired place. Contact Form Settings       Make form fields mandatory or optional You can choose the desired mandatory fields for the popup contact form. Make sure you do not leave email and comments field empty. You can also write desired message that will be displayed as popup heading. You can also write your desired text f to be displayed in the contact form. If form submission failed or any other error comes then set fail message text. This message can be personalized according to your need Lastly, you can write desired text for a closing message for the customer. User Guide 5 FME Extensions Support Document
  6. 6. Frontend Email Options This option is used to configure emails sent from the frontend by the customers to the store administrator. This option works only if the popup form is enabled. The details are sent on the customer support email provided by the store owner. The frontend email template used is already configured during the installation. Backend Email options You can provide a valid email address where customer queries will be received. The replies will be sent through this email as well. The backend email template used is already configured during the installation. Confirmation Email Message You can set customized confirmation message to customers that will be sent as auto reply. Same or different email can be used. User Guide 6 FME Extensions Support Document
  7. 7. Google Captcha Keys You can also add Google Captcha on the contact form. First enable it by clicking on „Yes‟ from the dropdown menu. Also select the theme for it. Lastly, insert private keys of Google Captcha provided to you in the extension package. After going through with all the mentioned setting, click „Save Config‟ to save all the configurations made. Now you are ready to use Magneto Call for Price Extension with full throttle! How to use the extension properly? Following guide will take you through the functionality of the module. Functionality 1. Manage Rule Start by navigating through the main menu to „FME Call for Price‟ and click „Manage Rule‟. In this section, you can define a new rule regarding any product, product category or product sub-category. Call for Price feature will apply for these rules only. User Guide 7 FME Extensions Support Document
  8. 8. Add / Manage Rule Once you click on „Add Rule‟ button, a rule detail section will open. Here, start by entering the rule information first; mention the desired information, put the status as ‟Enabled‟ and proceed forward. Text (Tooltip Information) The next tab is „Text‟. If you have enabled the Tooltip feature in the settings section, then enter the custom message e.g customer service phone number. This will appear instead of price on the respective product page (see the „frontend view‟ section below). User Guide 8 FME Extensions Support Document
  9. 9. Conditions The last part of creating a rule is defining the conditions. Firstly select „ANY‟ from the drop-down, then click on the „+‟ button to select the parameter of the rule. You can define it either for single product, brand, product category, sub-category or entire catalog. Once the conditions are set, click on the „Save Rule‟ button to save all the settings. Similarly you can create multiple rules to according to your requirements. 2. Manage Contacts Once the rule has been created, your customer can view the Call for Price feature on the set products (as shown in frontend view). User Guide 9 FME Extensions Support Document
  10. 10. You can manage and contact back all the queries your customers have asked. Similarly you can keep in contact with the potential customers via email reply. 3. Frontend View The Call for Price feature will be displayed in the following way to your customers. The Call for Price box replaces the product price block on the product page. The screenshots of catalog and product view page are shown below. Catalog Page View User Guide 10 FME Extensions Support Document
  11. 11. Product Page View Tool Kit If you enable Tool tip feature from the system configuration at the backend, the message set by you will be displayed as shown in the figure. The customer service contact number or any other custom message can be set as Tool tip. Contact Form Once the customer clicks on the Call for Price box, a popup contact form appears. The customer fills the form with the required information about the respective product and clicks the „Submit‟ button. An email containing customer query will be generated and received by the store administrator in the „Manage Contact‟ section of backend admin panel. From there, all the customer queries regarding Call for Price will be addressed. User Guide 11 FME Extensions Support Document
  12. 12. Once the contact made with the customers, you can distinguish between potential and less potential customers. Therefore you can select which customers to hunt and which are to be approached aggressively. Happy hunting! User Guide 12 FME Extensions Support Document
  13. 13. Disclaimer It is highly recommended to backup your server files and database before installing this module. No responsibility will be taken for any adverse effects installation or advice may cause. It is recommended you install on a test server initially to carry out your own testing. Support You can also find Step by Step guide on this Magento Module by visiting the product page on FME‟s website If you need more information or have any questions or problems, please refer to our support section: where you will be able to log a Ticket and support will be provided. If this does not provide the support you require or you are still struggling with your extension, submit a request via User Guide 13 FME Extensions Support Document