Guía 8° básico inglés


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Guía 8° básico inglés

  1. 1. Liceo Andrés Bello A-94 Unidad Tecnico Pedagogica English Department Teacher:Daniel Pérez Worksheet on line Name Grade Score Points Final Score Mark Uses of An / A and The • The articles a / an are used before a singular countable nouns. We use a before nouns which begin with a consonant sound and an before nouns which begin with a vowel sound. A dolphin an elephant an university (consonant sound) an umbrella (vowel sound) An helicopter (h is silent ) a house (consonant sound) • With uncountable or plural nouns. We can use some. Some chocolate some eggs • The article the is used a second time in the sentence: He gives me a knife and a spoon. The spoon is dirty. I bought a pen and some paper, but I left the pen in the shop. • when only one object exists: the earth, the sun, the River Thames • before the names of rivers, seas, oceans, mountains, deserts and groups of islands: the Nile, the Mediterranean, the artic, the alps, the Sahara, the Bahamas. • before the names of musical instruments: the piano, the guitar, the violin. • before nationalities and names of families: the Chinese, the Italians, The Smiths, The Browns. • before the words morning, afternoon, evening: I go to school in the morning. • Exercises: Write “the” where necessary. a) _The__ Amazon i) _____ USA b) __a___ guitar j) _____ book in the picture is red. c) _____ Andes k) _____ sea is blue. d) _____ tennis l) _____ Mike is a good student. e) _____ Sahara m) _____ Mississippi is a river in America. f) _____ earth n) _____ baskeball is a nice game. g) _____ Pacific ocean o) _____ Thames is a river in ____ UK. h) _____ sky
  2. 2. Write “an”, “a” and “the” where necessary. a) The_ Acropolis is in ___ø__ Anthens b) I have got ____ umbrella c) ____ Sophia is from ____ Italy. _____ Italians are nice people d) Mr. Smith is ____ teacher. He is in _____ classroom now. e) ____ Sally is ____ actress. She is ____ good actress. f) ____New York is in ____USA. Complete the text with “an”, “a” and “the” where necessary. Jim is from _ø__ Scotland. He’s got ____ two brothers and ____sister. They live with their mother and father in ____ big house in ______ countryside. Jim has lots of hoobies. He likes ____football and he plays _____ guitar. He has ____ red bicycle. Every day he takes his dog for ___ walk in ____ the park. His dog’s name is ____Spot. Clare lives in _____ Liverpool. She is _____ secretary. She works in ____ office. She goes to work in ____ morning. She starts work at 9.00 and she goes ____ home at 5.00 in ____ evening. She likes her job because her boss is _____ kind man. Worksheet on line Name Grade Score Points Final Score Mark 1) Complete the sentences using the following verbs: Cause (s) – connect(s)- drink(s)- live(s)- open(s)- speak(s)- take(s) Claudio ________________ German very well. I don’t often _________________ coffee. The swimming pool ______________ at 7.30 every morning. Bad driving _________________ many accidents. My parents _________________ in a very small flat. The Olympic Game ________________ place every four years.
  3. 3. The Panama Canal ________________ the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. 2) Make the negative sentence. Example: He remembers my name. He doesn’t remember my name. 1. I study French. _______________________________________________________________ 2. School finishes at two o’clock. _______________________________________________________________ 3. You copy from other students. _______________________________________________________________ 4. We think English is easy. _______________________________________________________________ 5. My friends play volleyball. 6. I watch TV on Saturday morning. _______________________________________________________________ 7. She speaks Chinese. _______________________________________________________________ 8. The dog likes cats. _______________________________________________________________ 9. They listen to pop music. _______________________________________________________________ 3) Write the words in the correct order. Then complete with short answers. Example: Students / the text? / do / at / Do / your school Do students at your school do the text? Yes, they do. 1. live / at / you / Do / school? ____________________________________________________________ No, _______________ 2. in / students / Do / the canteen? / eat ____________________________________________________________ Yes, _______________ 3. to school / your brother / on Saturday? / Does / go ____________________________________________________________ No, ________________ 4. 4. live / near / Do / your friends / you? ____________________________________________________________ Yes, ________________ 5. at / school / finish / Does / three o’clock? ____________________________________________________________ No, _________________ 4) Write the words in the correct order.
  4. 4. Does / go / she / What time / school / to What time does she go to school? Example: 1. you / When /your / homework / do / do _____________________________________________________________ 2. Simon / go / Who / to /does / school with? _____________________________________________________________ 3. What / teach? / teacher / does / this _____________________________________________________________ 4. like / they / do / English / why _____________________________________________________________ 5. do / grandparents / live?/ Where / your _____________________________________________________________ 6. uncle / do / How often / visit / you / your _____________________________________________________________ 5) Rewrite the sentence putting the adverb given in brackets into its proper position. Example: He plays on the computer. (always) He always plays on the computer. He listens to the radio. (often) _____________________________________________________________ They read a book. (sometimes) ____________________________________________________________ Pete gets angry. (never) __________________________________________________________________ Tom is very friendly. (usually) _____________________________________________________________ I take sugar in my coffee. (sometimes) ______________________________________________________ Ramon is hungry. (often) _________________________________________________________________ My grandmother goes for a walk in the evening. (always) _______________________________________ Walter helps his father in the kitchen. (usually) _______________________________________________ They watch TV in the afternoon. (never) _____________________________________________________ Christine smokes after dinner. (seldom) ______________________________________________________ 6) You ask Liz questions about herself and her family. Write the questions. 1) You know that Liz plays tennis. You want to know how often. Ask her. How often ___do you play tennis_____________________________________________? 2) Perhaps Liz’s sister plays tennis too. You want to know. Ask Liz. _______________________ your sister ________________________________________? 3) You know that Liz read a newspaper every day. You want to know which one. Ask Liz. ________________________________________________________________________ ? 4) You know that Liz goes to the cinema a lot. You want to know how often. Ask her. _________________________________________________________________________? 5) You know that Liz’s brother works. You want to know what he does. Ask Liz. _________________________________________________________________________? 6) You don’t know where Liz’s grandparents live. You want to know. Ask Liz. _________________________________________________________________________?