Wine Tourism 2.0


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A presentation by Robert Joseph to the S African wine & travel media and to winners of the Great Wine Capitals, S African Best Of Wine Tourism Awards. It offers a range of ways to improve the quality of wine tourism.

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Wine Tourism 2.0

  1. The Wine Thinker
  2. Why arewe here?
  3. The guidesays theymake greatMerlot
  4. I wanted togo toLegoland
  5. Apparently it’sall trainedquadrilaterally
  6. We could havebeen in thechateau withthe gardens
  7. I’mhungry
  8. The barrelsare allTronçais oak,I believe
  9. They look justlike the onesin the last twoplaces
  10. Wood comesfrom trees.Maybe I shouldtreat one of theselike a tree
  11. Wow! You get totaste 12 differentclones of PinotGrigio!
  12. So what am Isupposed to do whilethey’re gettinghammered?
  13. This has to be themost boring placein the universe!
  14. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  15. The Wine Thinker © 2013Wine Tourism 2.0A presentation by RobertJosephGreat Wine CapitalsCape Town 2013
  16. The Wine Thinker © 2013Enotourism, Wine tourism, orVinitourism refers to tourism whosepurpose is or includes the tasting,consumption or purchase of wine,often at or near the source.
  17. The Wine Thinker © 2013That doesn’t sound like tourism. Itsounds more like try-before-you-buyshopping.
  18. The Wine Thinker © 2013Enotourism, Wine tourism, orVinitourism is a ludicrously under-developed sector, when compared togolf tourism, garden tourism, safaritourism.
  19. The Wine Thinker © 2013Very few people choose to spend aweek or two visiting wineries.There is no strong Wine Tourismsection in bookshops or on Amazon.
  20. But… Napa does wine tourism prettywell – because they’re into entertainment– and they make money out of it
  21. The Wine Thinker © 2013Wine Tourism 2.0: a combination ofconcepts and trends that focus on givingvisitors more than the opportunity to tasteand buy – and creating and buildingprofitable relationships with them.
  22. To Do List1. Attract more visitors2. Get them to spend more money3. Turn them into regular customers4. Turn them into ambassadors for thebrand5. Learn from them…The Wine Thinker © 2013
  23. To Do List1. Attract more visitors2. Get them to spend more money3. Turn them into regular customers4. Turn them into ambassadors for thebrand5. Learn from them…The Wine Thinker © 2013
  24. Do you charge people tovisit your winery?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  25. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  26. Yes you do…The Wine Thinker © 2013
  27. Time is… moneyThe Wine Thinker © 2013
  28. But if you did charge…The Wine Thinker © 2013
  29. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  30. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  31. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  32. So, let me get thisstraight. For $10 I get totouch a barrel, fondle abottle and shake handswith a real winemaker –but no tasting?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  33. Charging means that youhave to think about whatyou’re giving…And its value.The Wine Thinker © 2013
  34. Charging also means that thevisitor knows where he/shestands.You’re not doing them a favourThey don’t feel obliged to buyThe Wine Thinker © 2013
  35. And you can use two-for-onecoupons (and Groupon) as away to attract new visitorsThe Wine Thinker © 2013
  36. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  37. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  38. Are you approachable?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  39. Yes, youcan tasteall of these
  40. Onceyou’vepassed alittle exam
  41. How about having a sheet ofpaper – or an e-book on aniPad offering your own“Everything you wanted toknow about wine but wereafraid to ask?”The Wine Thinker © 2013
  42. Do you care about thetemporarily disadvantaged?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  43. No, I didn’texactlyvolunteerfor this…
  44. So what do you do forhim/her?(or for any other normalhuman who happens not tolike or want to taste wine?)The Wine Thinker © 2013
  45. Do you really want to makemoney?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  46. The Wine Thinker © 2013I don’t actuallylike wine, but I’llhappily do all mygift shopping inthis winery shop
  47. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  48. 9% of all home-consumptionwine in the US is nowbought direct.A growing proportionthrough wine clubsubscriptionsAverage wine price: $37
  49. What do you say to a visitorwho lives on the other sideof the world – and whowants to buy your wine?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  50. The Wine Thinker © 2013• Sorry, there’s nothing we can do tohelp?• We can bubble wrap the bottles for you• We can ship them?• We can give you the name of adistributor in your country?• You can buy them here and we’ll getthem delivered by that distributor.
  51. Have you been toBuckingham Palace?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  52. Why not?The Wine Thinker © 2013Because you haven’t beeninvited
  53. So, where and how do youinvite people to visit yourwinery?The Wine Thinker © 2013On your bottles?On your website?
  54. Is your URL on yourlabel?The Wine Thinker © 2013Is it visible?
  55. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  56. Are you using a QR Code?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  57. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  58. Are you using it properly?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  59. The Wine Thinker © 2013Where’sthe call toaction?
  60. Is there a call toaction?Does it leaddirectly to:• Your website?• A video clip?• Your Facebook page?• A mobile-friendly Microsite witha menu?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  61. Does it lead directly to:• Your website? WRONG!• A video clip? WRONG!• Your Facebook page? WRONG!• A mobile-friendly Microsite witha menu? CORRECT!The Wine Thinker © 2013
  62. The Wine Thinker © 2013The Wine Thinker © 2013
  63. The Wine Thinker © 2013The Wine Thinker © 2013
  64. Do you invite people to visiton your website?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  65. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  66. How good is your SEO?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  67. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  68. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  69. SEO is a skilled task. Ifyou want to attractvisitors you needkeywords and appropriatecontent on every pageThe Wine Thinker © 2013
  70. Including links to (andpics of) local landmarks,businesses, recipes,history can all build trafficfrom potential visitorsThe Wine Thinker © 2013
  71. Do you want to feed thehungry?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  72. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  73. Do you sell snacks?Do you offer a place forvisitors to picnic?Or BBQ their own food?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  74. Nope! I don’tthink yourcharred burgerwill screw up ourZin
  75. Do you care about food &wine matching?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  76. I need somePinotage! AndI need itNOW!
  77. How about demonstratinghow well particular wines gowith types of (spicy, sweetetc) food?How about giving visitorsrecipes with winerecommendations?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  78. How about demonstratinghow well particular wines gowith types of (spicy, sweetetc) food?How about giving visitorsrecipes with winerecommendations?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  79. The Wine Thinker © 2013Tasting platter at Creation Wines in Hermanus, S Africa
  80. Do you care about thehomeless?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  81. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  82. The Wine Thinker © 2013Tasting 100 OldVine Carignanswas terrific. I justwish there wassomewhere nearhere to sleep itoff…
  83. Do you offeraccommodation at thewineryor recommend nearbyoptions?Do you do that on yourwebsite?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  84. Do they love you at yourlocal hotel?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  85. Good inn-keeper can yourecommend adecent winerynearby?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  86. No sire the onlywinemaker Iknows in theseparts ran off withme onlydaughter !
  87. Do you get on with yourneighbours?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  88. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  89. Recommendpeople to visityour winery?I’d rather eatmy own nose!The Wine Thinker © 2013
  90. Are you charitable?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  91. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  92. Do something forcharity? No Ireally don’t thinkso, thank you!The Wine Thinker © 2013
  93. Do you like children?I bet grown-ups neverget thisbored!The Wine Thinker © 2013
  94. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  95. You could be rightson… That winerydoes look asthough it has aplay areaThe Wine Thinker © 2013
  96. Do you love animals?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  97. The Wine Thinker © 2013I wonder if theyhave American orFrench oak treesfor me to leave mymark on?
  98. Do you offer free Wi Fi?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  99. There it is! TheFree Wi-FiAvailable heresign
  100. And what about postcards?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  101. What kind of experiences doyou offer?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  102. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  103. So this iswhat theymean by avineyardexperience!The Wine Thinker © 2013
  104. I thought I’dbe harvestingwith nubile18 year oldsint-shirts!
  105. What can visitorstaste/buy/do that they can’tfind anywhere else?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  106. Do you offer education?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  107. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  108. Listen carefullyandCONCENTRATE!Do you want topass the exam ordon’t you?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  109. Do you offer cheap/freetraining to local F&B staff?Do you offer properlycharged classes to localconsumers?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  110. How good are you atstarting worthwhilerelationships?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  111. I’m beginning toseriously questionwhether this reallyis the best place tomeet the love ofmy life
  112. How do you go aboutgetting email addresses?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  113. Do you like long-termrelationships – or one-night-stands?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  114. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  115. Do you keep in touch withvisitors?Are you running a successfulsubscription wine club?Do you invite them to “like”you on Facebook?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  116. Do you care what peoplethink of you?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  117. The Wine Thinker © 2013
  118. Do you like experimentingon people?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  119. So, doctor, did heprefer the Cheninor theChardonnay?
  120. Do you test new styles andpackaging – and pricing – onyour visitors?The Wine Thinker © 2013
  121. Attract more visitors• Better visibility of “Visit us” on thewebsite.• Include a Googlemap on the website• “Visit us” on the Microsite• Properly used QR and URL• Facebook• Relationships with localhotels/restaurants/art galleries etc• Relationships with neighbouringwineriesThe Wine Thinker © 2013
  122. Attract more visitors• Offer Library and other unobtainablewines• Arrange events• Use Groupon• Offer food (and make this clear onthe sign)• Be Child and Designated Driverfriendly• Offer things to do and see that gobeyond wineThe Wine Thinker © 2013
  123. Attract more visitors• Offer free Wi-Fi• Offer accommodationThe Wine Thinker © 2013
  124. Get them to spend more money• Charge for tastings.• Ship wine• Sell through your importers/distributors• Sell high value wines they can’t buy in anyother way• Sell other high margin products (art,craftwork, local foods etc)• Sell experiences (eg blend your own wine;prune a vine)• Sell education
  125. Turn them into regular customers• By keeing in touch via Facebook,blog/newsletter/ seasonal videos etc• By signing them up to a wine clubsubscription• By inviting them to events – both atthe winery and elsewhere• By becoming a “hub” of your region(via the website)
  126. Turn them into ambassadors• Get them to “like” you on Facebook –then talk to them there• Offer free Wi-Fi• Offer e-postcards• Sell branded glasses, decanters etc• Offer education• Give them a recipe e-book (and/orsell the print version)• Promote the use of Foursquare
  127. Turn them into ambassadors• Run an Instagram competition• Run a Flickr competition• Make video clips of them tastingyour wine
  128. Learn from them• Ask how them came to be at thewinery and what they most like (andwhat they’d like to see) offering aprize as a reward.• Test newwines/styles/packaging/prices out onthem• Find out what else they like doing…
  129. To Do List1. Attract more visitors2. Get them to spend more money3. Turn them into regular customers4. Turn them into ambassadors for thebrand5. Learn from them…
  130. The Wine Thinker © 2013If you are already doing all ormost of these… thank you forlistening so patiently.If you have other great ideas, I’dlove to hear about them.And if you need help or advice,you know where to find me
  131. The Wine Thinker © 2013Thank youRobert Joseph(
  132. And thankyou fromme!
  133. Oh shutup!Oh shutup!Oh shutup!Oh shutup!Oh shutup!
  134. The Wine Thinker © 2013Thank youRobert Joseph(