The mc guigan qr project

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The mc guigan qr project The mc guigan qr project Presentation Transcript

  • The Wine Thinker © 2013How DoILikeIt? helpedMcGuigan Wines create a newrelationship with UKconsumers
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013McGuigan WinesLeading Australian brand*8th biggest wine brand in the UK*Winner of several Winemaker of the Yearawards*Over 50 SKUs*Sold in most major chains
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013DoILikeIt?Innovative Research and MarketingConsultancy*Founded by Robert Joseph,Judy Kendrick & Hazel Murphy*Client list: Direct Wines, Wines ofAustralia, Pernod Ricard, OriginWines, London Intl Wine Fair
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013The BriefIncrease consumer awareness of thebrand*Associate McGuigan with good food*Give consumers the confidence to tryunfamiliar styles and more premiumexamples of McGuigan wine
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013*Establish McGuigan as being an“accessible” brand that wants to makechoosing and buying wine easy forconsumers*Take the “rules” out of food & winematching*Learn from consumers about whatthey like
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013The SolutionA dynamic microsite and tailor-maderecipe e-book driven by QR Codesand Social Media
  • Consumersareencouragedto scan theQR Code
  • …to find outmore aboutthe wine infront of them
  • They can thentake a look atthe menu,and maybeclick on theRecipe of theMonth
  • Watch thevideoshowing howto preparethis month’srecipe.
  • Read themethod andingredients.
  • Learn whichwine wouldgo best withthe dish
  • Browse therange ofwines
  • Go to the“Fragrant”section
  • Look at oneof the“Fragrant”wines
  • Go back tothe Stylemenu andlook at“Intense”wines
  • And exploreone of theexamples –maybe a styleyou haven’tseen before.
  • Then maybe,learn aboutthe companybehind thewines
  • And theprizes it haswon.
  • Now let’slook at theFree RecipeCollection
  • Learn whatyou need todo
  • Give youremailaddress sothat the e-book can besent to you.And maybe afriend’s email,so that theycan have onetoo
  • Now shareyour tastes inwine. Andreveal yourdislike ofoaky whites.And any kindof red.
  • Share yourviews onyourfavouritefoods. Andmaybe revealthat you don’teat seafood.Or cake.
  • And whatabout yourtastes in otherfoods anddrinks – suchas grapefruit,banana,coffee andchocolate.
  • Okay – so ane-book is nowbeingprepared foryou, butmaybe you’dlike a friendto have one oftheir own.
  • hathatWithin 10 minutes, you should get an emailtelling you that your e-book is ready.
  • Here’s a pageflipebook. With yourname on it.Mickey Mouse
  • An intro section introducing the relationship betweenNeil McGuigan and Masterchef presenter, John Torode
  • An interview with John Torode
  • And one with Neil McGuigan
  • Here’s the range of wines…
  • Most people would get recommendations of redwines with these dishes. Those who don’t like red,however, are pointed to an appropriate white
  • For every recipe, reasons are offered for all threerecommendations, building consumers’ confidence tomatch wines with dishes for themselves
  • Visitors are also directed to the micrositefrom Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare etc
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013And through traditionalmedia
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013Making friends – social media
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013DataWe know how many consumersbought the Chardonnay but arealso interested in Grenache
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013DataWe know what proportion saythey like oaky white wine – orsweet red
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013DataWe know how many of theMerlot buyers are interested infood
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013DataWe know whether Shiraz buyersare also more likely to enjoy blackcoffee
  • The Wine Thinker © 2013ConclusionsSince mid-February over 15,000people have scanned the QR Code.Many more have accessed themicrosite directly.Every half-hour, 24/7, somebody isdownloading their ownpersonalised ebook.