Wine on Vine - How Twitter's new Vine platform can be imaginatively used to market wine


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A brief presentation by Robert Joseph, demonstrating an innovative way to communicate the flavour of a wine...

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Wine on Vine - How Twitter's new Vine platform can be imaginatively used to market wine

  1. 1. The Wine Thinker
  2. 2. The Wine Thinker © 2013Wine on VineA brief presentation byRobert JosephJune 2013
  3. 3. The Wine Thinker © 2013In January 2013, Twitterlaunched Vine as a platformfor sharing video-clips
  4. 4. The Wine Thinker © 2013True to themselves, the peoplewho made us expressourselves in 140 characters orfewer, now want to us tomake videos of no longer than6 seconds.
  5. 5. The Wine Thinker © 2013We are also supposed toproduce these clips with oursmartphones (or tablets) usingthe (free) Vine app
  6. 6. The Wine Thinker © 2013People who dismissed Twitteras a crazy idea may pause toconsider that the Vine app hasgrown to be the most popularon the Apple app store.The Android version is aboutto be launched
  7. 7. The Wine Thinker © 2013Movies such as Wolverinehave been promoted on Vine,as have major brands such asGeneral Electric, adidas,AT&T, Volvo, Pepsi-Co, GAPTropicana and Dove.Branded Vines are said to be4x more likely to be sharedthan branded videos.
  8. 8. The Wine Thinker © 2013(Whether these clips were allmade using the Vine app isopen to question, but a rough-and-ready look is certainlypart of the Vine DNA)
  9. 9. The Wine Thinker © 201310m Vines were posted inApril 2013. The #1 trackedVine over the month-longperiod (by Harry Styles ofOne Direction) had 47,000tweets; the 100th most-sharedVine in this period had 1,400tweets
  10. 10. The Wine Thinker © 2013While working on my about-to-be-published Wine ThinkerSocial Media Handbook, Ithought that it would be onlyappropriate to explore howVine might work for wine.
  11. 11. The Wine Thinker © 2013An obvious solution will bethe 6-second video tastingnote.I plan to produce some ofthese in the Le Grand NoirLanguedoc vineyards when Ivisit in June 2013, afterVinexpo.
  12. 12. The Wine Thinker © 2013However, I think I may havefound a rather more originalalternative.And certainly one that is moreuseful internationally.(If it looks a little blurry, it’s intendedto be watched on a phone)
  13. 13. The Wine Thinker © 2013Talk to me…Robert Joseph(