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  1. 1. Save $38.94 on a complete Rust Proofing System! the rust-proofing Gun the professionals use 50369ZP 19867 All-inclusive rustproofing Kit has everything to protect your car Complete rust Proofing system This premium undercoating system Kit includes: 19868 includes everything you need to • (20441) multi-use Undercoating Gun completely protect your vehicle. Simply • Two 24” flexible wands and straight and 90° tips Eastwood’s pro gun with 1 quart cup applies use the step drill bit to make an entry • (16008ZP) Rubberized Undercoating. 32 oz. undercoating, HD Anti Rust, sound proofing, hole into a door, sill or rocker panel. • (16017ZP) Heavy-Duty Anti Rust, 32 oz. gravel protection, and bedliners. Sealed cup to Insert one of the 24” wands and spray • (16003B) Unibit drill bit • (29836) 16” rigid wand prevent non-catalysed products from hardening in either Rubberized Undercoating or • (16004) Plastic cap plugs during breaks. Adjustable flow and atomization Heavy-Duty Anti Rust. Then use the • (16003A) Plastic bottle lets you create customized textures. Requires handy plastic plug caps to conceal the 50369ZP Rust Proofing System Orig. $155.93 7-11 cfm @ 45-60 psi. Includes three 5’ long entry hole. The gun can also be used Save $35.94 $119.99 x 1/4” dia. hoses for rustproofing doors, to spray bedliners, sound deadening cavities, beams etc. Optional 60” wand is material and undercoating. Requires 40-60 psi at 16003B 16004 available for hard to reach places. One-year 5-6 cfm. One-year manufacturer’s warranty. manufacturer’s warranty. 20441 Undercoating Gun with Flexible Wands $64.99 29836 16” Rigid Wand for 20441 $19.99 19867 Pro Undercoating Gun $199.99 16003A Undercoating Plastic Bottle $7.99 19868 60” Wand for 19867 $59.99 16003B 1/2” Unibit® Drill Bit $26.99 16004 1/2” Plugs, 25 Pack $6.99Durable undercoatingprotects your caragainst rustEastwood’s Rubberized Undercoatingstands up to the most extremeconditions and protects your vehiclefrom rust, road salt and corrosion.Adheres easily to metal and fiberglasssurfaces and can be top coated withmost paints. Available in convenientaerosol or spray gun ready quart(use undercoating gun #20441).16007Z Rubberized Undercoating, 18 oz. Aerosol $9.99 3 or more $9.49 each 16008ZP Rubberized Undercoating, 32 fl. oz. $15.99 3 or more $15.49 eachHeavy-Duty Anti rust prevents anddramatically slows rust, even in salt water!Spray inside frames, rocker panels, doors, coat suspension or any exposed metal surfacewhere painting is not needed. flows into crevices, then sets as a flexible, water tight undercoat removalcoating. Available in original amber or satin black finish. made easy!16018Z Heavy-Duty Amber Anti Rust, 13.5 oz. Aerosol $12.99 Softens rubberized undercoating 3 or more $12.49 each and tar that can be thumbnail imprinted.16017ZP Heavy-Duty Amber Anti Rust, Quart $15.99 Under Gone loosens the undercoating 3 or more $15.49 each bond so it can be scraped off.16031Z Heavy-Duty Black Anti Rust, 13.5 oz. Aerosol $12.99 3 or more $12.49 each 31130Z Under Gone Undercoating 16032ZP Heavy-Duty Black Anti Rust, Quart $15.99 Remover 17 oz. Aerosol $11.99 3 or more $15.49 each 3 or more $11.49 each62 rust solutions order 24/7 at