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3-Gun DeVilbiss® Kits take care of all your painting needs.

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  1. 1. tackle any paint job with Multi-gun 3-gun DeVilbiss® Kits take DeVilbiss® 3-gun Kit care of all your painting needs 3 guns to paint them all! Kit includes 2 large HVLP guns, From graphics and touchup to full repaints, this is the ultimate 1 detail gun and: StartingLine setup from DeVilbiss®. And for the most complete • 1.3mm fluid tip for large gun system, we’ve bundled the DeKups® starter system and the 3-gun • 1.8mm fluid tip for large gun set to provide you with everything you need to start painting at a • Two 600ml aluminum cups great price! One-year manufacturer’s warranty. for large guns • 1.0mm fluid tip Large guns require 13 CFM @ 30 psi, for small FREE Small gun 8 CFM @ 30 psi Chip detailing gun Chart! • 250ml nylon paint cup for small gun • Regulator and tool kit 20491 DeVilbiss StartingLine 3 Gun Kit $189.99 50205 DeVilbiss StartingLine 3 Gun Kit and DeKups Starter Kit Orig. $289.98 Save $9.99 $279.99 50205 Work with less mess! Use the DeKups® Disposable-Cups System Save clean up time while making it easier to use your gun at any angle with the DeKups® disposable cups system from DeVilbiss®. Now you can avoid paint spills and eliminate cup cleaning. DeKups® are inexpensive and easier to use than other disposable systems because they lock on the gun better and are a snap to remove and replace. Our Starter Kits come with everything you need to start painting today. 29953 34 oz Starter Kit (29953) 24 oz Starter Kit (29954) • 2 Reusable Cups and Collars • 1 Reusable Cup and Collar Cup and Collar Replacement Liners Starter Kit • 32 Disposable Liners and Lids • 8 Disposable Liners and Lids (2 each) and Lids (32 each) • 10 Funnels • 1 Funnel 9 oz. 11732 ($11.99) 11733 ($39.99) NA • 10 Filters • 1 Filter • 10 Shaker Plugs • 5 Shaker Plugs 24 oz. 29955 ($12.99) 29956 ($49.99) 29954 ($44.99) • 10 measuring Guides • measuring Guide 34 oz. 11734 ($12.99) 50206 ($59.99) 29953 ($99.99) • Starting Line and Finish Line • Finish Line Gun Adaptor Gun Adaptors Find DeKups paint gun adapters and accessories online – keyword: DeKUpS Binks® M1-g gravity- Spray heavy coatings like DeVilbiss® FLS-Bg gun Feed HVLp gun for bedliners and body fillers sprays bases and clears, top coats with this DeVilbiss® and includes 3 tips Includes 93P air cap, FinishLine gun Here’s one gun that sprays 1 liter cup assembly, gun Ideal for spraying heavy bases and clears. Three holder, and instructions. coatings such as bedliners tips, 1.3mm, 1.5mm, and Constructed with and sprayable body 1.8mm allow this HVLP stainless steel internal fillers, like Slick gun to spray light color components and Sand™ and USC’s coats to primers. Fits an anodized body High Build Primer. virtually all your for corrosion Includes a 2.2 mm automotive refinishing resistance. Requires tip, 20 oz. acetal cup, gun needs. Includes 1 liter 10 CFm @ 18 psi. 1.4mm lube, filter, and instructions. aluminum cup, gun hook, tip sprays base coats, Requires 12.5 CFm @ 23 psi lube, and fluid filter. Requires clear coats, single stages, and for 10 psi at the air cap. One-year 13 CFm @ 23 psi. One-year water-borne coatings. One-year manufacturer’s warranty. manufacturer’s warranty.manufacturer’s warranty. 34287 DeVilbiss FinishLine 50738 eVilbiss FLS-BG FinishLine Gun D FRee 34160 Binks M1-G Gravity Feed FLG-648 Gravity Feed Chip Chart with 3 Tips $199.99 HVLP Gun $379.99 waterborne HVLP Gun $159.99 with every 50198 FLS-BG and DeKups Kit paint compatible gun! (50738 and 29953) Orig. $299.98 Save $9.99 $289.99 34 painting Order 24/7 at