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  1. 1. Copper Weld-thru Primer self-Etching Primerreduces metal distortion is for excellentCopper Weld-Thru Primer is adhesiondesigned to eliminate the corrosion • True acid-etching formulationthat forms between welded sticks to virtually any cleansubstrates. The copper provides bare metal • Enhances adhesion andexcellent adhesion and superior durability of most non-conductive properties that minimize epoxy top coatsthe heat zone, thereby reducing • Available in easy-to-usedistortion and welding spatter. aerosol cans or economical11281Z Eastwood Copper quarts. Etch and prime bare, Weld-Thru Primer, rust-free metal in one step. Aerosol $19.99 Saves time, adheres to steel, 3 or more $19.49 each aluminum, stainless steel, and scuffed galvanized steel.Prevent rust, even on Compatible with most paintready-to-weld subassemblies or auto finishes. Bonds better to bare metals than other primers. Enhances adhesion of non-epoxy topcoats. Great base for high-build primers or spotstored outdoors repairs. Quarts pre-thinned for spraying. Not for use under Chassis Black.Bloxide is a weldable rust 16014Z Self-Etching Primer, Gray, Aerosol 16 oz. $14.99 3 or more $14.49 each preventative that ensures x-ray 16009ZP Self-Etching Primer, Gray, Quart $19.99 3 or more $19.49 eachquality welds. The 16108ZP Self-Etching Primer, Gray, Gallon $69.99 aluminized coating 16114Z Self-Etching Primer Black, Aerosol 16 oz. $14.99 3 or more $14.49 eachacts as an oxygen 16109ZP Self-Etching Primer Black, Quart $19.99 3 or more $19.49 eachbarrier that protectsagainst rust. It alsoforms aluminum Dissolve rust in one easy stepoxide in the weld with Eastwood’s Fast Etch!puddle which reduces The Fast Etch one-step process effectivelyporosity and pin-holing. dissolves rust and leaves a protective zinc-The use of Bloxide® eliminates re-cleaning of phosphate coating on the surface. Spray, brush,subassemblies prepared for welding even after wipe or dip Fast Etch onto rusted parts; thenthey have been in outside storage for several for maximum results, wipe treated parts withmonths. It is an excellent weldable primer paint. Eastwood’s PRE (10041Z) to neutralize the Fast16050Z Bloxide Aerosol, Etch. Fast Etch is an excellent metal prep for net wt. 12 oz. $30.99 powder coating and painting. One gallon will 3 or more $30.49 each16055ZP Bloxide, Quart $20.99 treat 200-300 square feet of metal. Also available 3 or more $20.49 each in Gel for vertical and overhead surfaces.51080ZP Bloxide, Gallon $69.99 19416Z 16 Fl. oz Bottle $15.99 20558ZP 1 Gallon Gel $38.99 19418ZP 1 Gallon Bottle $36.99 21721ZP 5 Gallon $149.99* *Special shipping charges may applyCold galvanizing preventsrust on bare steelFormulated with 93% pure zinc. NEW stopWill deter rust even if scratched.Ideal for use on bare steel and inside rust from thesurfaces of body panels to provide inside outlong-lasting rust protection. Not for Formulated with toughuse as a primer. Phenolic resin that16006Z Cold Galvanizing penetrates, converts and Leaves a Compound, Aerosol, encapsulates the rust dull-green 13 oz. $12.99 on the internal frame protective 3 or more $12.49 each surface. The addition of coating Zinc Phosphate in theHigh Build Primer is coating seals the surfacegreat for spot repairs and assures no future corrosion will occur.If you’ve ever block sanded down The viscosity is formulated to assure “creep” and penetration under even theto bare metal, here’s an easy way to heaviest of surface rust. This is a must-have coating for any frame or subframe.touch up. SEM’s High Build Primer If not treated the exposed metal surface will continue to rust and begin to showSurfacer provides superior adhesion as paint flaking, pin holes or even worse – structural frame failure. Includedwith fast film build and flexibility with each can is our 18” long “Conical Nozzle” that applies a radial spraywhen priming steel, aluminum, pattern to assure complete coverage. Simply insert the nozzle into openings,urethane, plastic and other similar bolt holes, etc. and spray. It’s that easy! 2 cans will coat a standard sizesurfaces. Sands easily with 320 - 400 frame – we recommend 3 for truck frames.grit. One aerosol covers about 15 square feet. 12515Z Eastwood Internal Frame Coating, 14 oz. Aerosol $19.9950056Z SEM High Build Primer $15.99 Order toll-free 800-345-1178 rust sOlutiOns 63